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Donald Trump came out of nowhere because he saw the USA as being like an insurance project: a property occupied by those who are not making the most of it, it could with a little improvement become much more valuable, which would in turn help him and everyone he knew.

This caused great panic in the Establishment, because all of them benefited a great deal from the cozy relationship where Democrats produce vast bloated programs, Republicans pretend to fight them, and then everyone agrees on how things will be and then goes off to the bar to celebrate.

Politicians can do this because the law is cumulative. Once you pass enough Leftist laws, like the Fourteenth Amendment, Hart-Celler Act, and Civil Rights Act of 1957, you are locked in to passing more Leftist laws because your social movement that approves of these laws has increasing momentum.

In addition, you must consider procedure, especially that outside of written law. In America, that means finding enough donors to sponsor your campaign, and then enough allies to get things done, so that you can do what every careerist does: make a name for yourself by passing more laws, however useless.

This means that Washington moves according to rhythms. Where you are in the election cycle determines everything; the quality of your bills determines nothing; the celebrity value of the topics on which you are legislating determines how famous you get and through that, how long you stay in power.

If you do not get a strong brand and acquire the right donors, you are toast. They call the recognition of that “professionalism,” but really it means working the job instead of having the job work you. Figure out what is required, and check off that list, and you succeed.

This requires not caring about the consequences of your actions. Does the bill work? Who cares, it is popular. Anyone who does not accept the status quo — market socialism, world police, diversity, equality — as good gets filtered out long before they have a chance at any higher positions.

Denialists see this as a feature, not a bug, of democracy. In theory, the politicians are accountable to the people, so the politicians do what is popular. In reality, politicians realize that the voters are nitwits who like being lied to, and become very cynical and manipulative people.

To these careerists, their relationship with their coworkers is more important than any ideals they may have. This is a job, not a calling. They do it for the power, because with that they can get money or anything else they want very easily.

In addition, they use different vocabularies. Leftists are at home in egalitarian systems, and democracy is one, because to them, the popularity of an idea is all that matters. They want the power of having a mob of people behind them, as opposed to facing a revolution head-on.

Conservatives tend to view government as a business, which it is. To them, the point is to keep the business from running into full dysfunction or bankruptcy. They are not bothered however by a certain amount of debt, bloat, and incompetence, because this is the nature of government.

The only good leaders we have are dabblers in politics. They are not as slick as the true professionals like Bill Clinton, mainly because they are not criminal. To them, politics is a means of achieving certain ends that will benefit the nation, because this the path to glory.

Trump took the path to glory by being the best American president in recent memory. It remains unclear whether he is walking away, but if he did, no one would blame him. He fixed everything within reach, established a conservative beach-head in the courts, and gave the Right a vision again.

He borrowed this vision from an old Reagan campaign slogan, “Make America Better Again.” This re-directs conservatives from trying to preserve the past by rejecting the Left, and orients them toward the idea of improvement instead of defending the status quo that is already rotted, as democracy does.

This means that instead of being oriented toward the past, conservatives point themselves toward a future. This vision can compete with the power of Leftism, which is its simplicity: it is based around a single idea, equality, and uses everything else as a disposable means to that end.

“Make American Great Again” (MAGA) means that we have hit rock bottom and failed, and that we need to take our focus from egalitarian (socialist, diversity, feminist) programs and focus on function, infrastructure, and research. It seeks to improve the value of America as a real estate property.

Its power comes from the idea that we must suspend procedure and rhythm and instead look toward a new goal; it rejects the methods of the current system because it rejects its implicit goal of self-perpetuation at all costs. It replaces procedure with goal, and aims for quality over inoffensiveness.

That made the American political structure obsolete. Trump specializes in making deals by revealing how bad things are, offering a better option, and then trashing the other options so that eventually he stands out ahead. He did that, but he had no allies on the inside. Everyone was corrupted.

As a persuader, Trump specializes in revealing things, or showing us what we know in our gut but could not articulate. He helps us see. In short order, he revealed that the Left were in fact rabid Communists, that government works for itself at our expense, that the 47% just want free stuff, that the rule of law has died in America, and that a cabal of corrupt people and political machines manipulate Washington like a toy in order to stay in power forever. He revealed that procedure had not just replaced goal, but was actively excluding it, and that the courts, Congress, bureaucrats, spy agencies, and everyone else who takes a government paycheck is seemingly in on the scam.

He showed us that our “most secure election in history” was in fact hopelessly compromised through the SolarWinds hack and foreign manipulation of voting machine software. He demonstrated how the political establishment has no problem with this situation, and actively encourages it. He uncovered how Republicans are weak because their business model relies on getting donations to be the loyal opposition, not to rock the boat.

He uncovered how in Washington, the prevailing wisdom is that heritage Americans are a bad and terrible thing, and the sooner we replace them with Chinese, the better. Our industry leaders have given up on us, mainly because government and unions have wrecked our labor, and they are looking overseas. They view our people as stupid, easily deceived with fake idealism, and generally oblivious to the real issues at hand (they may have a point, at least with the majority). They idolize the foreign, and hate the domestic. They have no loyalty to America; their only loyalty is to power, and they view the US as a crashing ship in which the only smart people are the ones stealing all they can and running off to a gated community somewhere.

However, he faces a stopping point, which is that “a crisis avoided is a crisis ignored.” Meaning that if, like Reagan, Trump were to patch up this mess of a country, he would only do so in order to hand it over to the same group of people. We need not just regime change but a change of system. Whatever happened after 1790, something went wrong — observers like myself point a finger, but probably not the index finger, at the Fourteenth Amendment — and now the system has become exactly what it was designed to avoid.

Let us look at his Farewell Speech:

Now, as I prepare to hand power over to a new administration at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning. There’s never been anything like it. The belief that a nation must serve its citizens will not dwindle but instead only grow stronger by the day. As long as the American people hold in their hearts deep and devoted love of country, then there is nothing that this nation cannot achieve.

What is this movement?

Above all, we have reasserted the sacred idea that, in America, the government answers to the people.; Our guiding light, our North Star, our unwavering conviction has been that we are here to serve the noble everyday citizens of America. Our allegiance is not to the special interests, corporations, or global entities; it’s to our children, our citizens, and to our nation itself.

His hand was somewhat stayed by a Reichstag Fire likely organized by the Democrats, who with compliant Republicans like Mitch McConnell of the well-connected Chinese wife fame, have threatened to vote to impeach Trump and therefore, preclude him from future office.

He intends to be back in 2024, but first, he is going to savage any remaining faith that we have in our government or military. Much as the SolarWinds hack devastated our faith in national competence, and the election theft destroyed our belief in American democracy, he will ruin any belief in the rest of the System.

At that time, he will encounter a new America, one that is no longer a superpower. The world was watching this election, and they saw what happened. You do not have a 3:00 AM vote dump that reverses the tally and remain an example that others look up to. You become an example of failure.

The world knows now that China owns America, through Wall Street and Big Tech and the political machines of the Clintons and Obamas, and for that reason, the American brand has collapsed. We are no longer their ideal. They no longer aspire to be us. Our fortunes will radically change in response.

It used to be that people followed the American lead. But, much like the later days of the Obama presidency, a Biden presidency would mean an America that no one followed. The Obamas of this world do not care; they are there to cash in and destroy as much as possible, because they hate you.

The environment in which Trump found himself reminds me of the Dashiell Hammett story “Nightmare Town.” In this story, a lost traveler finds himself in a very odd hamlet in the hills. Eventually he realizes that he will get no justice there because the place is a colony of criminals.

Who do you go to for help when you are wronged? The police are criminals; the judges are corrupt; the journalists are on the take. What can you trust? Only finding a gang to protect you, and committing crimes for them. Even the hotel maids are trying to kill you. The only option is to escape.

Trump wants to cultivate an audience for this change, and for that, he seems to have — for now — placed his criminal prosecution of the guilty on hold. Perhaps that will change. However, following the populist model as demonstrated by Nigel Farage, the goal becomes to exit government and reach an audience.

He can still bring out the data that he trapped. He is a competent man, and his team are all competent. They know how to bring about this downfall. This may not be the right time, while the media is still operating as a propaganda organ of China and the corrupt Democrats.

Right now, however, arresting the guilty will result in an immediate impeachment vote, foreclosing his ability to get back into office and fix everything. He knows that if he is elected in 2024, it will be a massive slap in the face to the Left, and give him carte blanche to do what he needs.

Most of us hoped for something more immediate. We wanted Joe Biden to ascend that podium, and as he reached out for the Bible to swear upon, to see the handcuffs descend with a final click. We want Hillary in an orange jumpsuit, Barack under house arrest, and the Chinese spies deported.

Instead, we have to look at the situation as it has unfolded. Trump has significantly damaged the Chinese economy, despite their dubious figures to the contrary. He has placed Biden in a position of having to publicly make pro-China moves, revealing how America has become a Chinese vassal state (and likely has been for thirty years).

On the other hand, the Democrats ended American democracy on November fourth. This dubious election, whether viewed casually or in-depth, reeks of corruption and an organized plan to steal the nation. The real story however is how courts, congress, law, and industry wanted it to happen.

In one of his final acts, Trump declassified the Crossfire Hurricane documents related to the Watergate-bigger-than-Watergate, the Obama-led spying on the Trump campaign:

At my request, on December 30, 2020, the Department of Justice provided the White House with a binder of materials related to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Portions of the documents in the binder have remained classified and have not been released to the Congress or the public. I requested the documents so that a declassification review could be performed and so I could determine to what extent materials in the binder should be released in unclassified form.

I determined that the materials in that binder should be declassified to the maximum extent possible.

You cannot “re-classify” materials. Once out of the bag, they become public, accessable via Freedom of Information Act requests, if not published by government authorities. Here he has dangled a carrot: does Biden attempt to block this release, and in doing so, admit his complicity in the theft? If so, he brings about massive potential legal penalties on himself, if we can find a court in the Nightmare State willing to risk the case.

Trump has also created a massive movement behind him. This group will not forget; almost eighty million strong and growing daily, they oppose the System. If you wanted conservatives as the new hippies and new 1776 alike, this has now become manifest.

We are going to come back strong on the Right, not as the opposition party, but as the revolutionary vanguard of the Third American Revolution. This group intends to replace the GOP, since the GOP was not just what obstructed Trump, but was ultimately the group that decided to remove him. Without that swing vote, this never would happened.

This suggests that perhaps all along, Trump knew his target: the Republican Party. He saw a rotted property in Nightmare Town that could be made into something powerful, of quality and enduring value. He wants to wage a hostile takeover and renovate the Right into a fighting force, instead of compliant janitors for the disasters created by the Left.

Such a move would get us out of the loop where Carter makes a moribund economy and weak nation, and then Reagan fixes it, only so neoconservative Bush and neo-Communist Clinton could resume where Carter left off, but with a vengeance.

I still hope to see the cuffs go on Biden, Obama, Hillary, and someday, Xi, but this would defeat the need that Trump has at this time. He must work outside of the System in order to return to it with the power, allies, and funding that he needs, so that he cannot be bought or obstructed.

I do not view this as a defeat. Instead, it is proof. If they can Huey Long the best president in my lifetime, it means that government is both overbearing and desperate. That means ripe for regime change.

When that happens, we have to look at how the System works to see how such people get power and make cabals like the one running Washington in the first place. From that, we get System change.

He and Giuliani may still unveil their RICO case against the guilty parties collaborating with China. However, with what has transpired, that goal now has to take a back seat to the newly-expanded target.

The last seven days show us the Trump plan changing direction dynamically in response to Republican betrayal up through January sixth, and show us the direction that the Right will take in the near American future.

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