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Why Everyone Should Support Trump

If we give 2020 any name, it should be the year of revelation. This year we learned many things which were, if not outright hidden, at least not mentioned while glossing over them with happy thoughts instead. You know, like writing “Live Laugh Love” on the wall of a crack house.

We learned that our experts are hysterical, neurotic, and power-hungry idiots, from the twerking TikTok nurses through the doctors and “experts” who passed along one crazy proclamation after another. COVID-19 is not killing the necessary people; it is hoovering up the diabetics. “We” will survive, but now we have checkpoints, mandatory vaccinations, QR codes to verify your jab, and other aspects of total control in our lives. The experts and doctors used COVID-19 as an excuse to seize total control, which is what peasants do when offered power.

We learned that our political leaders at the lower levels are complete incompetents. Unable to do anything about COVID-19 but further the panic, shutdowns, mask orders, and other neurotic delirium, they converted communities into wastelands by destroying the economy and making everyone paranoid. We suspect they did this because the command came down from the Goblin King at the DNC that we needed lots of mail-in votes this election, so everything must shut down and panic must reign.

We learned that diversity is a dead letter. Asian-Americans have found that Affirmative Action is discriminating against them, which shows that they will behave just like African-Americans when they have the numbers; Jewish Americans turned on Trump, the most pro-Israel and yet pro-peace president ever, because he was not Leftist; all minority groups voted more for Trump, but still mostly for the Left. This shows us that minorities always vote against the majority. Also, they always blame the majority for their own problems, like murder accessory Breonna Taylor dealing drugs or fentanyl overdose George Floyd passing a fake $20 check. We cannot make diversity work because it never works, in any form. North Ireland and the Balkans are about to kick off again, too, to underline this historical lesson.

We learned that the Democrats are incompetent nerds running crime families, not altruistic saviors of the poor. None of their policies work, so they figured that they would throw the world into a Great Depression 2.0 and sell out to China in order to stay in power, while importing millions more impoverished low-IQ people in order to get permanent voters. These tyrants are not wizards, but crude and idiotic criminals whose methods work only because the votards are even stupider.

We also learned that we find ourselves in the midst of a full-on Communist coup, not by organized revolutionaries, but by an informal network of miserable, angry, and fatalistic people spread across industry, media, education, government, and finance. These people want one world government based on socialism so that they can sell even more of their junk products, instead of accepting that they should be out in the fields picking the turnips. These are hateful, incompetent people whose plans never result in the idealized Utopia they use to sell this nonsense to others; we see, finally, that democratic and consumerist systems of civilization produce huge numbers of aimless, deracinated, unhappy, and pretentious people whose only uniting value seems to be an impulse to destroy. In saner times, we call these “brats” and “losers,” but it becomes hard to do that when you are talking about at least half of your population.

As of right now, things are getting interesting with election 2020:

  • Pennsylvania halts further vote certification:

    Greg Teufel, Kelly and Parnell’s attorney, says the General Assembly had no authority under the state Constitution to enact no-excuse mail-in voting, and it’s reasonable to stop certification until that issue is resolved by the Court.

    As I said earlier, we are in Bush v. Gore territory: whoever changed the parameters for voting or vote-counting without a legislative act well in advance that could be reviewed by others is going to lose.

  • Group files emergency petition in Wisconsin after identifying 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots
  • Nevada Judge to Hear Trump Team Evidence

    “We will have whistleblower testimony showing that overnight, the disks that were used to hold votes would magically have votes appear and reappear on the same disk.”

  • Sidney Powell files lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan alleging mass voter fraud

    Dec. 8 is the deadline for resolving election disputes at the state level. All state recounts and court contests have to be completed by this date.

    If you wonder why Team Trump waited two weeks, this is why: they left the vote-counters with only a week to respond, and gathered the data needed to present credible challenges in all of the disputed states.

  • Federal appeals court letter on suit over Georgia election: This court may lack jurisdiction

    That question seemed to indicate the 11th Circuit judges are wondering how they could provide the injunctive relief Wood originally sought – a restraining order stopping Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger from certifying results – now that the results have, in fact, been certified.

    The lawsuit appeared before the certification, and now will seek to overturn the certification, which is based on:

    The central argument of Wood’s lawsuit was that an agreement between Raffensperger and Democratic organizations in March, to settle lawsuits by the Democrats over how to apply signature matching rules, had unilaterally and unconstitutionally altered Georgia election law.

    Back to Bush v. Gore: by settling lawsuits, they adopted a de facto pose of not verifying signatures, allowing an election steal. The courts will either bump this to SCOTUS or reject the certification.

Remember that in Bush v. Gore, it took 35 days for the courts to find Bush the winner, despite congratulations to President Gore from the media and celebrities. We have the exact same situation now, with AP and the rest of the media claiming that Trump is attempting a coup.

The Leftist cries out as he strikes you.

In the meantime, most on the Right know little about Constitutional law, politics, or business; they know only what they wanted done right away by fiat, as if Trump actually were a tyrant or dictator.

They forget that he is working in a massively complex and burdened system and has to out-maneuver his enemies.

We should look instead at the major Trump triumphs:

  • Better than all other options. Pre-Trump, you could choose a cucked establishment conservative or a Leftist. Did you really want President Hillary Clinton? Do you really want Joe Biden? What about the other crazies on the Left, like Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang? Any of these would destroy not just your lives, but the future of your civilization, with incompetence and theft. Don’t even get us started on neurotic bumbling larcenous nerd Bernie Sanders.
  • Stopped the coup. If not for Trump, Hillary Clinton would have waltzed into office on the strength of her name alone and have picked up where Obama left off. This would have not just finished the economy but imported the eleven million illegal aliens that Joe Biden now wants to import. The Democrats want to run a South American style mixed-race kleptocracy. Obama had purged anyone who was not a good Leftist from the rolls, and Hillary would have done a lot more in building up a permanent bureaucracy.
  • Began the end of political correctness. Before Trump, talking about limiting immigration was taboo, as it has been since the Clinton years. Talking about demographic replacement got you immediately deplatformed. Mentioning China meant that you got dropped from social media and never mentioned in media again. Speaking the grim truth that socialist-style entitlements like Obamacare were ruining the economy was viewed with suspicion. Even saying that perhaps identity politics had gone too far was viewed with suspicion. The mind-lock was almost complete, and then Trump mentioned these things, and now they are back on the table after the Clinton mental virus takeover.
  • Immigration. Trump cut back on H-1Bs and illegal aliens coming over the border both, reducing immigration to its in decades. Even the Communists admit that he has slashed illegal immigration to its lowest point in 17 years.
  • Pushed back on China. Modern China — the People’s Republic of China — will be like the Soviet Union, a short-lived experiment. China was 32 years younger than the USSR, and the USSR failed twenty-nine years ago, giving China a few years left before its instability surges. Trump argued for “America first,” meaning that instead of sending labor abroad, importing it, or acting to please the UN and EU, the US should act for what we need, which is self-sufficiency. This cuts off the Chinese money supply and will accelerate their collapse without a shot being fired. More than anything, Trump publicly identified China as the subversive agent that it was, started sending home their spies, and cutting out their espionage arms from America. Like Washington, Trump rightly fears “entangling alliances” whether with the parasitic EU or the outright subversive China.
  • Forced the Deep State into the open. The permanent bureaucracy — people who ran government like a political machine or organized crime guild, persisting between administrations, creating a “UniParty” effect and forcing everyone to toe the party line of diversity, globalism, and world homosexuality — stayed in the shadows because it could be more effective there. Trump identified them, and began hiring and then firing their members, flushing out people each time based on alliances. Finally, the monster that the “military-industrial complex” had become became evident.

You can see why they have to get rid of him. An organized crime gang funded by China and rogue billionaires like Big Tech has bet yuge on globalism, and requires that American corruption and unlimited immigration continue in order to stay in power. Trump threatens all of that.

He knew for years that these people were stealing local elections and bullying people from both parties into compliance. In fact, they bullied anyone with guts right out of the GOP, leaving behind the type of simpering saccharine cucks that former the Lincoln Project and Never Trump groups.

He also knew that to nail them, he would have to lure them into the open with something so big it was unforgivable, then produce clear evidence, and finally, take them to court not to jail them, but to take their money and power and fire all of the people they have installed in our government.

We could be talking about a couple million people leaving government service. We are almost certainly talking about civil lawsuits that will wreck companies like the DNC, which could find itself on the hook for every dollar spent by its opposition in stolen elections.

Right now, the game seems to be dueling lawsuits. However, here as usual, Trump does not play by the rules. Instead of launching One Big Lawsuit, he has fired off a fleet of local suits, essentially bogging down the process and forcing the painful revelation to the public of all of the details.

The states will fight back and, in doing so, make themselves legally liable. Anyone who certifies a fraud that they should know — if they are doing their jobs — is a fraud, becomes complicit. Anyone who is part of an organization involved in fraud, that knows of the fraud, is complicit.

Lawsuits take time. This one, like Bush v. Gore, is headed to the Supreme Court. If not that, the House of Representatives will choose, and some on the Left will defect in order to avoid deadlock. Either way, Trump is going to win.

That is the long game. Biden/China counted on Trump being as lazy as everyone else and avoiding the conflict, but I think Trump is quite enjoying the act of saving America, and he wants to continue doing so. He also wants to use this election as the ultimate bait to lure in his enemies.

We already know that the election has been proven dubious; even if a tenth of what Team Trump alleges can be proven, it shows us a country out of control and an election which lost all legitimacy. When you know that widespread vote fraud occurred, how can you take an election seriously? Which votes do you consider “true” when so many are false?

Some on the Right criticized Trump for not jailing Hillary, firing the Deep State, and acting as unilaterally as Obama did. They forget that Trump faces an audience primed to see him as a dictator, and if he acts like one, it will turn on him. He also thought strategically.

Instead of removing the people who he knows have cheated on elections for two decades, he warned them. He kept his behavior sane. He avoided abuse of power. He now comes to election 2020 with clean hands and goodwill. He also is not persecuting anyone, since he gave them a free pass on the last couple elections.

He knew since at least 2012, but most likely 2008, that hacked voting machines and massive ballot fraud were being used to steal local elections. He came up with a plan: threaten the organized criminals running America so much that they would risk stealing an election with foreign help.

That lands them in all sorts of hot water. If he can get the lieutenants to testify against the kingpins, which he does by offering deals instead of prison to everyone in their organization from the mail room on up to the elite, he can use RICO to nab the coordinators of this act.

If he can tie them to China? They might go to jail for a long time. More likely, instead of jailing former presidents, he will strip them of their money and power and send them to motels in Miami to live out the rest of their days in insignificance. They will sign agreements to abstain from politics.

Trump and his team have been planning this trap for years. They knew exactly how to spring it, and how to use technology to observe and catch it in real time. The lawsuits are his first attack, but also a distraction, from the real case that he intends to prove.

Consider how this shakes out. He could have sent Barack “Baby Doc” Obama and Hillary “Madame Mao” Clinton to prison for a decade, but that would have convinced everyone that Trump was a vengeful tyrant. Instead, he will nail them for a much more massive crime.

If he proves the DNC is connected to organized crime and China, he can remove anyone connected to the DNC from office by either threatening prosecution or firing them for their connection to an organic crime espionage ring. Look for a massive exodus of the Deep State then.

Since most of them are aware of the scam, he would end up in that case with a mandate to cut out all things Chinese, and a majority of Republicans in House and Senate. This would enable him to do things like pass Constitutional amendments.

If he does, one of those forbidding affirmative action, negating the Fourteenth Amendment, implementing a flat tax, and banning all wealth transfer programs — taking from one group to give to another — would pretty much yeet socialism, communism, and anything farther Left than Eisenhower out of American government permanently.

If he catches China interfering in an American election, he has a blank slate to not just cut off trade with China, but to demand that our allies do the same. After all, we would defend them if they were similarly attacked.

At this point, the wheels are in motion and the drama is just beginning. The first connections are becoming clear. The other side, arrogant but defensive in its need to seize power quickly, continues compounding its error and making its culpability even clearer.

Big Tech runs the risk of being found to be agents of the Chinese government. At that point, they may find themselves owned by the American government; their previous CEOs will find themselves getting sued very aggressively by the shareholders who have lost billions on the deal.

At this point, we see the Left continuing to bash out its narrative that Trump is staging a coup, deflecting from their own attempt at a coup. However, this is not sticking, just as the “dancing the streets” after Biden proclaimed victory did not stick, and they are beginning to get worried.

They should worry. However, that will not stop them. At a certain point in time, a political machine, organized crime organization, some billionaires, Big Tech, and at least one foreign power tried to steal an American election. As this comes to light, all of them will burn.

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