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Trump Prepares To Take Humanity On A New Adventure

Every time some external force threatens the complacent stability of society and looks likely to break through the veneer of normalcy which disguises a nature within us all red in both tooth and claw, I remember Hitchock’s Lifeboat and remind myself of the nature of horror films.

Paint-by-numbers English teachers used to say that stories had three formats: man versus himself, man versus others, and man versus nature. Horror movies use all three in sequence, which is why they are so complex. They are movies about denial, group echo chambers, and finally, discovering first principles.

A good horror film features mysterious events that slowly knit together into an obvious change to normal life that thoroughly interrupts it: the oblivious, prosperous, and reality-denying suburbs have been invaded by a Grendel-like beast, demon, ghost, or disease.

Then, the protagonist must deal with his doubt concerning his own perception. He sees and understands that an attack is underway, but his social group and family do not. Even more, they do not want to get jostled out of their comfortable life, so they attack him.

Once he beats his own self-doubt and mental disorganization and becomes committed to defeating this thing, he then has to figure out who his team really is. That is, if he has a dozen friends, two might be functional enough and sane enough to fight monsters with.

The rest, like most of the characters in Lifeboat, constitute small furnitures found in darkened rooms that do nothing but bark the shins. They are the roller skates left on the stairs. They resemble holes dug near forest trails and never filled. All they do is fail and destroy.

Your first task in a disaster, then, is to figure out who you stand with and conversely, who you are going to allow to die because they are totally useless for anything but socializing. Great for pub conversation, bad for saving the world = a natural selection event (NSE) must take place.

America is now gauging who needs to stay and who must go. We know that a large portion of our population has conspired to steal an election, lie about it, and to set in motion the political forces that will disenfranchise and subjugate us, meaning those who want the preservation of traditional America.

Donald Trump came about when America was long dead, having committed suicide in the 1860s then turned on itself again in the 1930s and 1960s, finally finishing the job in the 1990s, creating such a mess that a Bush interlude nearly saved it, then deciding instead to race back into the void.

Normal people have for decades been accustomed to the situation getting worse year after year, but being unable to do anything about it, since we now have a permanent swing vote of diversity that favors socialist-style policies and rejects Republicans.

In addition, that coalition adds the pop culture people, who are generally lost youth from broken families seeking revenge on the culture that birthed them, since they fully hate it. These people have only a will to destroy, dominate, and humiliate others. They are out for revenge.

We are learning in this cycle of history that our enemy is not government per se, but that government is one of many forms that collective will to compromise in order to achieve unity takes, and that this causes the same cycle that Communism, Fascism, and National Socialism did.

That cycle leads to a death spiral as more bureaucracy leads to fewer options and higher costs, at which point wealth cannot concentrate, precedent restricts decision, regulations make everything more slowly, and bloat consumes the system while driving out the productive.

I wrote about this years ago as Crowdism, or the tendency of human groups to engage in intellectual herding behavior, which causes them to deny reality so that they can pursue individualism, or the idea that each person is equally important independent of their actions.

Once you adopt Crowdism, your society becomes a life support system for individuals, not an effective civilization. It drains itself of wealth and energy and destroys its best people, at which point it reverts to third-world status and becomes yet another neurotic failed empire.

All human civilizations so far have gone out through Crowdism, so it might be the most significant issue for civilizations past basic agriculture.

Civilizations die because they make life easier at the same time they set precedents of method, which causes people to see method as more important than having the right goals, at which point compromise takes over, aided by social feelings (the desire to defer, flatter, and make equal).

That backfires because at that point, people argue over method disconnected from its goals, which means that we are no longer thinking of why we do things, and we inevitably compromise and adjust our methods to whatever everyone can do, which leads us back to where we were before civilization.

In the twenty-first century, we are seeing the consequences of socializing taking over humanity. When people socialize, they focus on methods like flattering others and compromise instead of goals, so any sense of productive goals are lost.

At that point, people dicker down the methods until they are what every large group wants, which is anarchy plus free stuff, and the resulting lack of standards makes society come apart in an outbreak of narcissism and neurosis.

With the Obama years, the prole-rule era peaked and began a rapid decline. At the same time, consumerism began to die, since we had invented no new essential technologies for some time, and now focus on selling entertainment and convenience products.

Consumerism died for many reasons, but the most important may be the business cycle itself. New technologies sell with high margins and low expectations; some years on, consumers expect those technologies to be inexpensive and reliable.

The great boom in inventions — cars, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, radios, computers, phones, HVAC, and even packaged food — died as competition increased and margins collapsed. This led to corner-cutting and invention of “new” things supported mostly by advertising, but those did not hold the interest of the audience.

As usual for humanity, we have built a great support structure based on everyone needing a job and money, and very few of them contributing essential things like productivity, agriculture, defense, and leadership. We are toppling under our dead weight.

The dead weight has allied itself with our foreign enemies, namely China, in order to destroy this society and replace it with one where everyone has guaranteed income: Big Tech becomes utilities, media becomes government, socialism pays out monthly checks, and so on.

Like most ideas that please most humans, this one is illusion, and it takes awhile to get past the initial boom caused by reorganization in order to see that, at which point it is too late. Society is forced to militarize and become authoritarian to force socialism to barely work.

Those of us who oppose this simply want a normal life where each person keeps what they earn. We recognize that the rich are few, and ultra-rich are generally only produced by government action, so we figure that removing most of government will keep us from tyranny of all sorts (mob rule, oligarchy, or authoritarianism).

The big point here — all of the above — is that history is on our side because we are the productive and we have articulated what is going on and why we oppose it. We are going to break free from the dead weight because they need us, but we do not need them.

This takes us to the events of today. The Supreme Court has punted on the lawsuit by the states against the cheating states:

Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections.

This, of course, is nonsense, since Texas will be ruled by whom these other states select, and thirty million Texans just had their votes over-ridden by the acts of a few bad actors. Texas has an interest in fair elections; that was part of the contract by which it joined the United States!

Alito and Thomas dissented, of course, since they realized how destructive this will be. However, there are more paths to power than this one case, including other cases before the Supreme Court. Bush v. Gore, which I predicted from day one (via Gab) as the course that this election would take, was a lawsuit between the candidates to force the state to comply with its constitutional duty to count votes equally.

In this case, the electoral college will move forward, but that does not change Supreme Court ability to oversee the case, and of the House to intervene, among many other remedies. Team Trump has other options on the table.

The Supreme Court tends to punt cases on procedural grounds like this when it does not want to get involved, which usually means no consensus can be reached in the court, or when it feels that it should take another case instead.

In particular, much as in Bush v. Gore, the lawsuit may involve the state in question itself, meaning that a suit like the Georgia suit may be where the decision is made.

If the Supreme Court fails, other avenues exist. For example, with the evidence gathered, Trump can sue any number of states, including from other states, for fraudulent contracts. The electoral college can stage a rebellion; the House can intervene; the Supremes can be reached with any number of state and local cases which get appealed upward.

Instead of panicking, as people on social media seem to be doing, it makes sense to stay resolute. If not this, something else. If not that, something other. If government entirely conspires to shut this down, civil suits will be the remedy. This may be a long fight, as Trump warned.

Most likely here we are seeing a tale as old as time. A republic gave too much power to its security services and was compromised by them with the help of foreign powers; they attempted a takeover and, in doing so, surrendered all legitimacy to government.

SCOTUS refusing this case has just kicked off the next stage of the war to save America from itself. This means that we will have to recognize what has failed, the country will fully polarize, and states will start pulling away.

Joe Biden tore apart the political structure by attempting this brazen theft. Trump is using this opportunity to show us everyone who is bad in government, everything that is bad about mass democracy and pop culture, and how angry and desperate the dead weight are.

Get ready for a rippin’ ride. This goes much farther than the election, and it will not stop with this election. Obvious fraud cannot stand without also invalidating our government and causing a total fracture of this nation-state.

This means that we are ready for a new adventure. We are leaving behind the people who are dead weight and the bureaucracy that supports them. We are going to be throwing away systems that have become corrupted. This starts with a demonstration of how ineffectual our government is at purging itself.

Trump has planned a multi-tier strategy. If not this thing, then another. He will continue to fight this within the courts, whatever the electoral college does. If he is deposed, then the information about the election fraud comes out.

As said before: the Left has no path to victory. Even if they win, they lose. If Joe Biden is crowned emperor by China, the NSA/CIA, and the Deep State, then America breaks up. Biden goes to jail, or the legal systems invalidate themselves. America goes into a dive until Trump is restored.

For the first time in its history, the United States appears as a conquered nation, and everyone knows that China is behind it. Everyone knows that domestic Leftists are dead weight, and regular Americans want them and their diversity support system gone. Everyone knows that this is endgame.

If anything, letting the Deep State con the courts, dominate the state legislatures, and bully ordinary people into complying shows how not just broken but failed the American system has become. This legitimates more extreme actions, including a Congressional revolt and armed insurrection.

Trump has ended Clown World. It lost its legitimacy with this election, which suddenly gained millions of votes by digital machine and old-fashioned ballot stuffing, and has doubled down on its corruption, which means that it faces open revolt by its own people.

We are leaving behind the old way; it failed, and the people who are stealing this election are trying to hold on to the failed system for their own criminal purposes. Whatever happens, the response cannot waiver, because Trump and everyone else who sees it has failed will take us away from this.

Right now, there is only one thing that we must do: we must not cuck; we must stay resolute and clear. The election was obviously stolen, and the propaganda exists because the theft was obvious. The system has obviously failed. We need to clear out just about everyone and start over.

If he can, Trump will salvage the election through the courts or Congress and then begin criminal prosecution. If not, those two actions — the elections and the prosecution — will converge. No matter how much Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Xi think they want that, they do not.

Now is the time for light spirits. The demon has revealed itself, in our horror movie. We can see the people who are in denial and are dead weight, and we the protagonists need to defeat our own doubt, misery, fear, and fatalism. Then we can slay the monster and return victorious.

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