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Liberal Democracy Enters its Endgame as Trump Rises

Watching martial arts superstar Bas Rutten back in the 1990s was refreshing. Some burly bad-ass would leap in his face and start throwing punches, which Bas would bat around while drawing back. Then he would kick the legs out from under his opponent and take him to the ground to choke him out.

We are in a fight for our lives right now. It was clear on November third that Donald J. Trump was winning re-election by a large margin. Suddenly, the voting stopped; in the morning, the count showed him losing. We all know that this was not a legitimate election.

This takes us to a place that no one wants to be, namely the realization that our government is illegitimate. If votes can be faked by the millions, your vote and my vote are meaningless; like the TSA and diversity training, this is just pretend for the sake of appearance. Nothing is real.

In fact, this follows decades of “clown world” where nothing has been real. We work at jobs where most activities are make-work, and little happens if we do it wrong; we support leaders who posture at fixing unfixable problems, then watch as taxes and costs go up and nothing changes.

Slowly people are realizing that our modern system has run its course. When you get to the point where an election is decided under dubious conditions, all of the media makes like a Soviet newspaper and refuses to cover the story, censorship suppresses even mentioning it, and lives are destroyed for speaking against the presumed consensus, then not only is your democracy over and your society headed for regime change, but your civilization has failed.

All civilizations go down this path when they over-civilize. The basics of civilization provide great benefits: functional institutions, universal standards, and end to squabbling, and stability of production. Then the System becomes an end in itself as people realize they can use it to achieve wealth, fame, and power by speaking lies that fool most people.

All of these lies center on the Big Lie, “equality.” Equality means that everyone is reduced to harmlessness because each person is important, therefore no matter what bad stuff you do, you will not face any real consequences (barring the obvious murder, rape, assault, and physical theft). You cannot violate the autonomy of another simply because they are bad, stupid, or insane; you must tolerate them.

Equality means pluralism, or agreeing not to make decisions in a forward motion, but instead to satisfy everyone in the group by allowing them their viewpoints. As with all things liberal, or those which “liberalize,” this relaxes standards so that everyone can be accepted as valid or a member of the group in good standing, which means that you cannot kick people out for incompetence or moral degeneration. Equality is appeasement and effectively states that good and bad are equal, in the name of keeping the peace.

Keeping the peace might be the most important bourgeois, or shopkeeper-mentality, value. This appeals to people who have given up on humanity and just want to be able to collect their own wealth while society continues decaying. Apparently, dooming their descendents to lives of poverty and tyranny does not bother such people, but this viewpoint is popular among the middle classes, who make their money not through direct production but by flattering others so that they buy products. From this comes the mentality of “don’t rock the boat” in which you do what you are told, ignore consequences, and make sure that everyone “feels” good about the situation rather than focusing on what is real, true, and known in your inner self or gut instinct.

Through this method equality destroys unity. You no longer choose standards and goals; your standards and goal are one and the same, namely to support everyone so that commerce can continue. This is a social standard, not a political or economic one, based in the need to be sociable (inoffensive, welcoming, uncontroversial) in order to sell stuff and have people support you in public. It shows us the triumph of fear of reality over common sense, and results in the cynicism of middle class dads everywhere, who tell you to stop caring about the world and start focusing on building your career.

If you wonder why consensus is so important in this society, consider it as a replacement for unity. In the utilitarian formulation, what most people think will make them happy is more important than results in reality. In democracy, what most people will vote for is more important than how it turns out in reality. In marketing, what most people think a product will do for them is more important than how well it works. Social approval becomes a replacement for both reality and inner knowledge, and government Systems are based on that backdoor into human consciousness.

Your average person loves this, since it provides them with an excuse to do nothing. The root of the bourgeois mentality comes from taking society for granted and accepting the consensus at face value. This means that you keep earning money and ignoring problems, and you blame government or some other group when things go wrong. That in turn keeps the System afloat, since no one will criticize the system, lest the herd turn on them and socially ostracize them for being against equality.

All of the people that you know have grown up in a society where those who preach equality get rewarded, and those who fail to get plowed under and discarded. Equality is the mental virus that corrupts all human activity because it pleases most people, since every individual wants protection against the rest and equality seems to guarantee that, but it does so at the cost of making us all slaves to perpetuating the illusion of equality.

It takes just a couple of centuries to destroy any society. I remain convinced that nature designed this self-destruct mechanism into existence in order to destroy insane species before they could rise to a really dangerous level of power; if not checked, all human groups adopt equality and end up as hominids living at a subsistence level shortly thereafter. The third world shows us the results of this, since most of the third world consists of the remains of once-prosperous societies that adopted equality and committed suicide.

This means that Western Civilization — the host to your sub-civilizationa, whether you are in the UK, US, EU, or antipodes — has been dying for some time and now is fully dead. The System has shown us its real colors, and we realize that it has always had corruption, but now the corruption has won out and nothing good remains. It took the Obama years to show us the symptoms of a dead civilization: the news says that everything is great, the leaders and experts agree, but everyday life is dreary and prosperity slowly leaves, as if someone had attached a needle to the arm of society and was siphoning away its life-blood.

Normies — people who still buy into society and its products at face value — can be counted on to fight viciously against this idea. To them, their prosperity comes from equality, and their individual need for protection against the judgment of those who know better comes from equality, too. They obey the bourgeois idea of ignoring problems in order to focus on their careers, and as costs rise, they simply take the money out of someone else. They demand raises, slack off at work, cheat on their taxes, and otherwise keep as much as they can, thinking themselves clever. In politics, they become denialists who reject the obvious truth that society is in decline simply so that they can continue their own pursue of wealth, power, and status.

Dislodging this obstinate reality-denial takes a tragedy. In fact, most human changes require tragedies, since humans hate change, having built their self-image upon success in what is and therefore, seeing any change as a threat to themselves and the “fiction absolute” they tell themselves that says that life as they are living it right now is the best option that they have. People choose to believe they are winning, and therefore rationalize their failure, which causes them to defend the dysfunction around them. Many people remain denialists, but fewer than there were before the rise of Donald Trump.

Since the beginning, it was clear to me that Trump would win re-election because of his massive positive popularity. Biden had negative popularity, namely that he was “not Trump” and all of those who paid too much attention to the drama in the socially-motivated media had been conditioned to reject him at all costs. They even openly discussed crashing the economy in order to boot him out of office. To a denialist, the change agent represents the worst possible outcome, because he will force them to change, and that makes them livid with apoplectic rage. On the other hand, Trump had positive popularity, meaning that people saw in him a chance to drop the failing parts of our system and move forward to opportunity, prosperity, sanity, realism, and more time off instead of working the treadmill to pay taxes so we can borrow money to bribe the underclasses not to revolt.

Trump will capture the presidency through several methods. We know from his past activities that he tends to think and work on multiple levels, such as the three levels that he has attacked this election: local irregularities, systemic problems invoking Constitutional law, and finally, the criminal charges that need to be brought against those who coordinated to steal this election with foreign powers; at least, those criminal charges need to be brought if this republic hopes to retain any sense of legitimacy to its own people and foreign powers.

Based on what he wrote (or dictated) in his books, Trump likes to avoid being taken seriously, and then work through a pincer strategy. With one hand, he makes what he wants seem more desirable, and with the other, he wrecks everything else so that soon, his strategy is the only one desirable. His genius comes forth in slowly raising the pain threshold of every other choice, which makes the option he offers less painful in relative contrast, which causes people to choose it. He specializes in leaks, press manipulation, and attacks on other options to make them appear invalid.

Currently he has raised the pain level to disturbing heights. Most of the country now believes that this election was stolen, the press has covered it up, the courts are intimidated and will not act, China is behind this, the Deep State is the real military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about, and that corruption is so deeply embedded in American government that it must be essentially destroyed. They are also seeing, although less clearly, that the post-WW2 order which America has adopted is in fact a fatal path, and that we need to reject the dogma of freedom, liberty, equality, and diversity in favor of one based on reality, no matter how unpopular it is with the proles or the chattering classes.

One might wonder who released the information on the SolarWinds hack. One might conjecture that revelations of Eric Swalwell being in bed with a Chinese spy while heading the intelligence committee came from the same source. One might even come to distrust all of the news reports about how Trump is slacking off or in a mental fugue over this election. On the contrary, he seems unconcerned, and in fact, looks like he is having fun. He is doing what Donald Trump loves to do: build empires by taking wrecked things and making them golden. He enjoys humiliating the pompous little sociopaths who abuse whatever power they are able to steal, mainly because he sees such people as obstacles to change. He intends to beat these people by denying them what they want to steal this time, revealing their paired incompetence and tyrannical aspirations, and then replacing them with something more functional, guaranteeing that they are remembered as total failures by history.

Right now, we see several threads:

  • Local: Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona show strong signs of illicit vote counts. Local courts and authorities have fought to hold back the tide, but as Trump introduces more evidence into public consciousness, these people are finding their resolve wane. They only need to make a good show of fighting him for the crime cabal running the Left to leave them alone, and soon it will be easier to admit the fraud than to keep defending it and run the risk that Trump will win, and therefore, they will go to jail. In particular, finding 200k potentially fake votes in Pennsylvania flips the state to Trump, and the ongoing drama in Georgia — where a Leftist judge just dismissed an attempt to police the voter rolls — destroys faith in the official process. In addition, the states are now beginning the rebellion against the theft:

    According to State Rep. Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon), 17 lawmakers sponsored and participated in the analysis.

    Ryan says they found that 6,962,607 total ballots were reported as being cast, while DoS/SURE system records indicated that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted.

    What is significant here is not the number of votes found, but that lawmakers are feeling pressure for their constituents to interrupt the process. Bullies like Biden/Xi win when they manage to force everyone else to agree to something obviously not true in the interests of keeping the peace, consensus, compromise, and social equanimity; when people stand up to resist, bullies tend to melt away because they never have a contingency strategy, only raw aggression based on deception. This will encourage other states to do the same, and could do something of strategic importance: interrupt or inhibit the certification of votes, meaning no electors present in Washington on January 6.

    Others are preparing to take the fight to the Congress with an objection to certifying these results:

    A number of GOP senators are preparing to reject the Electoral College’s vote count next month. As the House and Senate get ready for the formal count on January 6, a group of Republican House members are planning to object to the results.

    The group, led by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Al.), would need at least one senator to side with him to force a debate on the matter.

    Potential sympathizers include incoming Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Al.) whose campaign was endorsed by the President, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.).

    The rich drama of a tragic comedic unfolds here: we either certify the lie, and thus dedicate our future to a lie, or we oppose the lie, and risk going against trends and popularity to do it. My feeling is that Trump owns the GOP now, so the only future for these people rests in supporting Trumpism, since anything less Right-wing is going to be rejected by the core of their voting base:

    The poll asked: “As the Republican Party reorganizes itself next year, should it be more like President Trump or more like the average GOP member of Congress?”

    Republicans picked the “more like President Trump” option by 72 percent to 24 percent, while conservatives split 67 percent to 28 percent.

    Women leaned against a Trump future, with just 35 percent picking the “more like Trump” option. So too did the “moderates” between liberals and conservatives, who picked Congress over Trump by 58 percent to 21 percent.

    If as seems likely, the future where a candidate wins involves getting the core audience and picking up most of those women and moderates who will accept it, then these candidates are feeling pressure to support Trump and carry on his policies, starting with his second term.

  • Systemic: Trump already won this one with the SolarWinds hack being released. When the system that oversees the voting machines has been compromised and the company that makes the operating system that they run on has also been compromised, it seems ludicrous at best to insist that this was a secure election. Most likely, more leaks will occur here in the coming days, which will decrease faith in the election and raise the pain of insisting that it was legitimate.
  • Constitutional: Trump has a few avenues here. Some have pointed out that the Vice President counts the votes, and Pence could avoid counting votes from states where vote fraud was evident:

    The 1800 Presidential election was a contest between Jefferson, Aaron Burr, John Adams, Charles Pinckney, and John Jay. Jefferson, as the current Vice President, was the President of the Senate when it came time to count the votes. And he counted them in his own favor!

    Come January 2021, Vice President Mike Pence will be presented with the sealed certificates containing the ballots of the presidential electors. At that moment, the Presidency will be in his hands.

    And there is nothing stopping Pence, under the authority vested in him as President of the Senate, from declining to open and count the certificates from the six disputed states. If they are (as more than 70% of Republicans believe) certificates from non-electors appointed via voter fraud, why should he open and count them? As Harrison noted, “the certificates that the President of the Senate is to open… are those of the electors, not those of non-electors.”

    Alternatively, Pence could simply avoid counting any disputed votes, or count too few, which would throw the contest to the House:

    Under the Constitution’s 12th Amendment, the House would select the next president and the Senate would pick the vice president if no candidate has a majority of Electoral College votes.

    There is also the possibility of a state-based revolt:

    If the leaders of divided states can’t agree on the results of the election, they could each send their own slate of electors to Washington, leaving it up to party leaders to determine which group to recognize from a given state.

    All three scenarios seem to be in play at once, in addition to ongoing attempts to get this one before the Supreme Court. If SCOTUS ever takes the case, which it is fighting to avoid doing, this one will go the way of Bush v. Gore, meaning that he who engineered a system for cheating loses. SCOTUS wants to avoid having to address the issue of cheating itself, since if it does, it will have to hold the votes invalid, either requiring another election or discrediting the Biden tally, at which point Trump becomes president.

    In addition, we should consider that Trump has carefully avoided some of the other remedies. The Bush v. Gore approach is a fourteenth amendment one, based on the idea that if you allow vote cheating in one state, it displaces votes in another, denying those people the due proportional representation of their vote. Trump can still argue other legal violations or treason.

  • Criminal: Over the past few years, Trump has steadily been declaring more of Chinese industry off-limits because of its connections to the Chinese government. This means that anyone receiving money, including honoraria and consulting fees, from these companies is aiding a foreign government. If they did so after these laws and EOs passed, they did so knowingly and willingly, as did anyone who collaborated in an effort promoted by these companies.

    Trump specializes in gathering intelligence. Giuliani specializes in rounding up the infrastructure of organized crime outfits like the Mafia, and then busting them all at once, using RICO to force lower echelons to testify against higher echelons and for higher echelons to go to jail for the dirty work their lower actors did. My guess is that Trump found a black budget, assembled a special team, and sent them off to a boring anonymous location to prepare to capture financial transactions and communications between the actors here and their paymasters in China.

    Most likely, this used contact tracing. Of all the technologies humanity has invented, contact tracing may be the most powerful, because it looks at what someone is doing with all of their communications, public and private, as well as who they know. It synchronizes activity to show a picture of what is going on, allowing you to see who is collaborating, even if they are hiding it. The algos there have gotten quite advanced indeed, since they pick up on casual connections and by looking at the bigger network, inference who the likely actors are. Trump recently installed cell-busters in the Department of Defense and undoubtedly has a few powerful computer networks grinding away on who knows who. Remember those 20,000 sealed indictments? Those enable sealed warrants, which make it entirely legal to grab phone traffic, cell phone locations, CCTV, and other forms of communication in order to see who is linked to whom. He can identify the conspirators this way and build a case around them.

As has been said around here before, the Left has no path to victory: even if they win, they lose. If Biden ascends the throne, he will be arrested by actions set into motion before the ceremony, since at that point he will have completed an election theft at the command of China; when Trump resumes power, he will prosecute all of the people he held off from busting for four years in order to encourage them to do something truly reckless that would leave a data trial a mile wide.

Should the Left defeat all challenges, and intimidate or corrupt all actors, they still lose. If Biden becomes president, America ceases to be a superpower, which immediately destroys massive amounts of wealth and propels the USA into dysfunction. At that point, handing the presidency to Trump will be the least painful solution, and it will be done by the same Swamp creatures who participated in the theft. Remember, criminals are not stupid, but not aware of anything but themselves, so they have no idea that they can be caught or that their actions will result in something that harms them. They have no plan for what to do if things go wrong, and no way forward except to keep bullying us by forcing us to accept obvious lies as a sign of our submission. They are pathological, and this is their defeat.

Right now we have a bunch of drama going on about the COVID-19 stimulus bill. Trump cleverly engineered this one: he signed it, but then redlined it and sent it back. Mitch McConnell has now insisted that the vote on amending the bill not focus solely on redistributing $2,000 to citizens instead of $600, but that it also include the president’s other concerns, namely § 230 of the CDA and voter fraud. This places the Democrats in the position of either rejecting everything, and thus being the force that kept the American people from desperately needed aid, or accepting everything, and in doing so, endorsing some of the changes that Trump may use to put them in jail.

It is high comedy out there.

For those with doubt, remember how obvious this election theft was, and how bad the Obama years were. The forces of the worldwide markets — not Wall Street, which makes its money by reselling instruments, not producing anything — favor Trump winning because he will make greater prosperity for all of us instead of draining our wealth to China as happened under the Clinton-Bush-Obama globalist NWO scheme. They will also heavily punish a nation that clearly has no functional democratic process and downgrade investments, and those investments are about to start fighting back. They have also come to distrust China, which has made it clear that it will invest in order to extract wealth and send it back home, impoverishing the world.

Consider this sober but exuberant analysis of the failure of a Biden pro-China policy:

The Trump presidency introduced an alternative to the spent consensus of the 1990s: call it vulgar realism. Unforgivably, Trump succeeded where the foreign policy professionals and the amateur politicians had failed.

Trump recognized that “Chimerica” had become a chimera. No stranger to how one hand washes the other, he drew an explicit link between a foreign policy that refused to take Chinese ambitions seriously—respectfully, even—and domestic policies that encouraged the outsourcing of production. He also understood that the Cold War principle of dissuading Russia and China from forming an alliance still applied. Unlike Obama—and, we can assume, unlike the Biden administration—Trump knows that China, not Russia, is the real threat to American power.

The era of presuming upon the infinite extension of the post-1945 American-led order is long gone. So too is the luxury of believing that lines drawn in the sand and sea decades ago enjoy universal credulity. The new administration might continue the revision of American foreign policy that Mike Pompeo did much to advance. If the world is splitting into American and Chinese spheres, each with its legal norms, then economic and strategic policies must be aligned.

In the WW2 order, which really was the WW1 order, itself a descendant of the wars for democracy which followed the French Revolution in 1789, America is the single superpower and everyone follows it because of goodwill, since it defeated the threat to the current order of liberal democracy (democracy, civil rights, and market socialism, generally). If America has a disputed election, that order collapses. If China takes over, that order not only collapsed but becomes seen as a disaster, since Chinese rule worldwide will be no more successful than Chinese rule in China, which hangs on a razor-edge, bolstered by fake statistics and artificial market forces.

No one wants a transition to the Chinese order, and even those who hate the American order realize that the Trump version of this order allows them national autonomy. They are not being forced into a New World Order Xenophile Occupation Government (NWO/XOG) but are, under the Trump policy of nationalism for all connected by trade and common interests in stability, able to exercise national autonomy. In fact, he encourages this, liberating them from shlocky bureaucratic creations like the EU which were formed to counter American power. Everyone benefits under Trump; China benefits under Biden, and everyone else loses.

This means that the arc of history favors Trump.

In addition, the leaks keep coming. It turns out that the Biden corruption in Ukraine has not gone away:


  1. Evidence of withdrawal through financial “holes” of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people, laundered with the help of banks and laundromats in various jurisdictions and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company belonging to Biden family.
  2. New recordings of conversations between the persons who appear to be the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and former US Vice President Joe Biden, testifying to external governance.
  3. We will also unveil colossal corruption schemes related to the procurement of coal and gas, due to which Ukrainians pay 30% higher utility tariffs. At that time, the highest officials of Ukraine and the United States participated in these schemes.
  4. We will also make public the facts of embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars of technical assistance provided to Ukraine by the US state, as well as evidence of deliberate sabotage of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.

This makes it look like Trump was right all along: this election theft was engineered to hide the acts of the Biden Crime Family (BCF) and their allies, much as the RussiaGate and impeachment false scandals were created to derail the world from recognizing what was occurring.

Trump is sitting on a goldmine. All of his enemies are operating in collusion, and they are doing so with a foreign power, which is why he has authority to have them arrested, even for seemingly non-crimes like publishing opinion pieces, censoring the news, and ducking important stories.

You can be an accessory to a crime, after all, for pointing police in the opposite direction than the one that a fleeing suspect with whom you are colluding took. You can be indicted for using public statements to skew stock prices and make a profit. If you aid a foreign power by any means, you can be indicted and if the case is proven, will be convicted.

It turns out that many of these bad guys are working together and taking money from Chinese companies and agencies which are linked to the government, such as the media companies bought by China:

A host of corporate media outlets including CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and MSNBC have participated in private dinners and sponsored trips with the China-United States Exchange Foundation, a Chinese Communist Party-funded group seeking to garner “favorable coverage” and “disseminate positive messages” regarding China, The National Pulse can reveal.

Other outlets involved in the propaganda operation include Forbes, the Financial Times, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Reuters, ABC News, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, AFP, TIME magazine, LA Times, The Hill, BBC, and The Atlantic.

The relationship is revealed in the Department of Justice’s Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) filings, which reveal a relationship spanning over a decade between establishment media outlets and the China–United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

The trap is encircling the Left and, besotted by their vision of Trump as an angry incompetent peacock, they will never see it coming.

If Trump can prove collusion, and the SIGINT data captured the night of the election likely proves it, he can rope all of these people in and purge them from American government and industry using purely legal, gentle means instead of an authoritarian approach.

Anyone connected to this theft will find themselves dispossessed of wealth, power, and status. This will be better than shooting them, since it will take the one thing that they obviously care about more than life itself. That is the Bas Rutten kick: instead of fighting them face to face, Trump will kick their support out from under them, and take them to the mat, where he will lock them down and take their victory from them.

With them will go the myth of liberal democracy. Once touted as the solution to totalitarianism, monarchism, and racial animus, it now proves to have brought forth the worst in those, just more slowly, which allowed a slow takeover of the world that we are only slowly awakening from to find ourselves in a dystopian postmodern wasteland.

As far as confidence in Trump goes, consider this: if left to natural markets and cultural forces, how would the world look today? It would be recoiling from the horrors of Communism and the European Union, the excesses of American Leftism, and the extremes of fascism and national socialism. It would emphasize strong cultural communities, or nationalist ones, and an end to globalism, diversity, and open borders. It would support families instead of anti-poverty efforts, work locally instead of focusing on foreign aid, and would opt for tradition instead of theory.

That is the wave that the Democrats and China are trying to hold back. They had a narrow window from the 1990s through today to achieve total control, and this is their last gambit. Expect Trump to have to use the “Samson Option” — leak, declassify, and publicize the crimes of sixty years of Chinese-influenced government — to destroy enough of the US government that the Swamp loses its power, the Obama-Clinton gang cannot intimidate, and Chinese espionage fails in its aims.

In the long term however, this looks like a brilliant strategy by Trump. He risked everyone on a gamble, and while everyone was busy saying nasty things about him, he caught everyone in the conspiracy acting together, and he now has enough evidence to remove them at the start of his second term.

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