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Day of Wrath

We have a big week coming up, and it begins with people realizing that liberal democracy has hit rock bottom here in the West. Any society that finds itself experiencing an election which is so obviously dubious as this one, with stopped vote counts and 3:00 AM vote dumps, will experience regime change.

No one can have faith in democracy or America for as long as this contrived result stands. Trillions of dollars of value will be lost, and the world will become a vassal of China, which means that it then joins many other states which have experienced the dramatic rise and sudden fall of Chinese rule.

Few want to say it out loud, but the Asiatic method of rule simply does not work. It has been failing for millennia: quantity over quality, with centralized control, and everyone motivated solely by self-interest and fear of the tyrant. This makes for good mobilization and then collapses over time.

Democracy in the West has appointed to us a number of leaders of entirely dubious agenda. Like the twerking Tik Tok nurses, they are careerists, meaning that their goal is to advance their own fame so they get more money and power. Beyond that, they have no plan.

Such people think only in terms of their own lifespan. Leaving good things for the future never occurs to them. They want to be rich and powerful and well-recognized, and they intend to succeed at the System in which they find themselves. Systems create people like this at all levels.

In the past we called them nasty names like egghead, bean-counter, yes-man, System man, blockhead, and square. These are the bourgeois: people whose only goal is their own profit and therefore, people who are dependent on being both inoffensive and dramatic enough to get noticed.

Their families serve a purpose, which is to make them look good, just like their job titles. They want to have money, power, and social status, and they have no concern for what goes on after they die. These bugmen are the Nietzschean “last man,” and the post-WW1 generations have mostly been made of them.

In the West, we do not built an Asiatic tyranny from the top-down, as they do in Asia, but from the bottom up. When you gather enough bugmen in one place, they demand what every human group wants, which is to placate all complainers and keep the flow of wealth coming.

In doing so, they have created an unbearable civilization. Equal parts libertarian and Communist, it makes everyone into a wage-slave, with each person hoping to extract enough wealth to be comfortable, which generally means being totally withdrawn from society while still shopping at its stores.

COVID-19 revealed the total failure of liberal democracy in a year when the West, tormented by the invisible enemy of its own decay, went totally insane. Not just our institutions, but our government, experts, doctors, and even essential workers demonstrated a complete lack of clue.

When we look back on this time, we will visualize Tik Tok twerk dancing nurses in the midst of a pandemic created on paper while China stole an election, Big Tech hide the data, and mainstream media gaslit us. For what? For their careers. For their jobs. For their egos.

Trump offends these people because he has un-done thirty years of “progress,” which means liberalization, or the removal of standards so that people can grandstand and flatter in order to compete for social attention. To the System man, that is ideal.

No wonder our downfall manifests in something that is both capitalist and socialist in nature. It is not about political systems, after all; it is about the ego. People who want to draw attention to themselves and be offensive choose compromises, and our “libertarian Communism” is the most compromised of all.

The shopkeeper wants the poor to have money to spend; he also wants to be able to make as much as he can, passing on the tax costs to the same customers. For him, high taxes and socialist-style entitlements are a win, just like the “free market” is.

However, it turns out that a system dedicated to the solipsistic self quickly collapses because nothing holds people together. There can be no goal; there can be no standards. Behavior devolves to the lowest common denominator, with Communist ideals and the rules of a business setting.

This system was headed for collapse long ago, since it was based on our previous collapse, when we overthrew our kings because the wealth they produced had made so many people that those people then starved. It was always going to be death, since democracy is a lowest-common denominator.

Now that we see that utilitarianism — compromise, pacifism, rationalization, and doing whatever most people want, including democracy — ends in consumerist Communism, we know that we have hit a “Berlin 1945 moment” for the West after the French Revolution.

Even more, we see the end of the postwar order, in that all the stuff that we fought for has turned out to be toxic and suicidal.

Populism will win, and Trump will win, because our alternative is to lift the gun up to our forehead and blow our brains all over the wall. Rule by China is suicide, just like rule by the Mongols was suicide for Eastern Europe and rule by Muslims was suicide for Southern Europe.

The Left has no winning strategy. If they successfully steal this election, they reduce the value of what they have stolen so much that it will be nearly worthless. They do not care; they are bought for pennies on the dollar, with the votard taxpayers footing the bill for the rest.

America without a functional democracy will be the death of democracy, since America is considered to be the leading example of democracy in the world and the society that delivered us from fascism in WW2. America with a disputed election, no matter how much propaganda they make, will be a failed state.

If America self-destructs, China will take over, at which point the value of America will be vastly reduced to that of other third-world societies in the New World, much as happened to Argentina and Venezuela. The great payoff will never come for the Left.

Not surprisingly, the political class is taking all that it can before bailing out. This is the end. The recent COVID-19 relief bill included all kinds of pork so that politicians could get kickbacks. For them, a 1% return is good; it is not their money they are spending, after all.

They cannot tolerate Trump because he revealed that the past thirty years have been a lie. If those were a lie, then we were all suckers, and this outrages people so much that they blame the messenger. The Clinton takeover of America destroyed it, much as was predicted.

With COVID-19, we see a society where just about everyone at every level is incompetent and tone deaf. Our experts had no idea how to handle this thing, so they did the “safe” thing as instructed. Our rule-following zombies yelled at people for not wearing masks or “social distancing.”

Everyone behaved as you would expect in the last stages of an egalitarian society. When you are equal, you have the right to nothing; you are given equality, and anything above that, you must seize. When given the chance at power, whether Dr. Fauci or Tik Tok nurses, you seize it and abuse it.

None of these people are biologically and genetically fit for power. They are proles, serfs, helots, plebes, and peasants. The middle classes used to call them “street people,” meaning those who work menial jobs because no matter how much education they have, they lack some circuits to have any meaningful capacity for judgment and analysis.

Prole-rule in the West started with the French Revolution, officially, but it was clearly at the wings. We tore down our aristocracy by letting the middle classes take over, at which point they figured out that they had no concept of how to rule. Solution: democracy!

With democracy, the most numerous group won out. About ninety percent of any population are proles, or those who need to be told what to do or they screw it up. Another nine percent can follow a general rubric, and these are your middle classes and artisans. A rare few have any significant analytical capacity.

Democracy made horrible decisions for a hundred and fifty years, and at that point, people started blaming capitalism for the problems of democracy, since it is easier to blame a scapegoat than to admit that we all have the vote and we all are screwing it up, or at least are in gridlock.

This shows us a familiar human pattern: we make a bad choice, then rationalize it because of the sunk cost or work already put into it, and then justify that rationalization with airy theory and symbols to make ourselves feel better about failing.

Anyone who voted for Joe Biden wants us to continue failing; these people are denialists, or those who resist change by insisting that there is no problem. The Brexit and Trump audience realizes there is a problem and wants to start paring down democracy, government, and socialism.

Naturally, the powers that be could not allow that to happen, which tells us that they realize at some level that history has turned on them. They had seventy-five years after WW2 to deliver the promised Utopia, and they have delivered dystopia instead, not that we really liked society before WW2 either.

The West has fallen. If it is to rise, we must remove the parasites first, and then implement order. Donald Trump recognizes this as do those who work with him, so they set a trap for the entrenched uniparty bureaucracy that runs this country by mastering the political system, hoodwinking the voters, and when those fail, using vote fraud.

My feeling has always been that he has three prongs — calling out local counts to get them adjusted, a Bush v. Gore style Constitutional case, and finally, the SIGINT his team captured the night of the steal — and he keeps using those in order, each time proving that the system is irretrievably corrupt.

Not just the local authorities, but Congress and the courts, have failed him. The media refuses to mention key stories and repeats Chinese-style propaganda instead. Social media removes anything but the official narrative and penalizes those who step out of line. Celebrities curse him.

If you ask me, this makes him smile. He has placed his enemies where he wants them: all in a row, all repeating the same stuff, and so all immediately identifiable.

Trump is doing what he described doing in his book when he wanted to make a business deal. He offered something good, then increased the pressure while revealing everything else as an inferior option. Eventually, people panic and flip to what he offers, since it is the last real value left standing.

Two months ago, Americans danced in the streets. This made everyone feel really good. CNN was trumpeting the great patriotic news of Trump being gone, so we could “return to sanity” with the Obama- and Clinton-like Joe Biden.

Since that time, we have seen that our national computer infrastructure is totally hacked. We have seen the head of the Intelligence Committee sleeping with Soviet spies. More data has come out on the Biden crime family corruption in Ukraine, and ties to China.

Trump is going to keep ratcheting up the tension. He wants us to sweat. He wants us to look around and realize that every other option but a second term for President 45 is a total error. He is going to keep releasing information about how wrecked everything is until people scream, “enough!”

At that point, people will start going to jail. He gave them five years to knock it off, generously avoided prosecuting them so that he could tackle more immediate problems, and was willing to let bygones be bygones. Now he is out for blood, and he will get it.

Consider that on top of his strong case in the courts, Trump wins if the other candidate is disqualified:

(c) An individual acting as President under subsection (a) or subsection (b) of this section shall continue to act until the expiration of the then current Presidential term, except that —

(1) if his discharge of the powers and duties of the office is founded in whole or in part on the failure of both the President-elect and the Vice-President-elect to qualify, then he shall act only until a President or Vice President qualifies; and

When the evidence comes out about Joe Biden and China, he will no longer be a candidate; he will be a defendant. Everyone connected to this theft, the crime families behind it, the organized crime laundering its money, the Chinese government supporting it, the media promoting it, the social media concealing it, and the political parties sponsoring it will no longer be eligible for office.

That is how you drain the swamp in one fell swoop. You connect them all to the big steal. You distract them with runny hair dye, Lin Wood spouting off about Epstein on Twitter, and Sidney Powell tearing up the legal system.

But they got the information they needed. They got it all, on the night of the election. They intercepted the communications. They used powerful computers to contact-trace the networks. They have turned participants into informants, and the sealed indictments are about to become very hot.

This week will be a wild ride. There is no need to fear, only to show support. Congress needs to look out there and see a country on the verge of revolt, and it will crack and cave. The courts will cave. The media will flee. Havana airport will bustle with American defectors.

China attempted a coup by using the Left to seize control. It has failed. Despite what “everyone” in public says, the wheels are turning. Expect carnage, chaos, weeping, and the end of liberal democracy as the system that everyone trusts. A brave newer world awaits.

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