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Why China Went Too Far In Attempting An Election Theft

Whenever one needs a measure of politics in America, it becomes time to log off the internet and go for a walk. When you make it down to your local traffic nodal point, commonly known as an intersection, stop and listen.

It gets very quiet when instability is present.

During the last government shutdown, cars became scarce, and people walked in groups silently, not talking. The presence of edgy hipsters, minorities, and out-of-towners decreased. It felt like the 1980s around here, mostly long-faced Cromagnon-triangle featured Anglos being nice to each other.

Sure, there was a slight increase in bad behavior from elderly men driving aggressively. From the bumper stickers, they seemed to be ex-hippies who had given it up for a “fulfilling” career and now found themselves enraged that their Utopia was not coming, nor would it be what they wanted if it did.

We see this any time the 1960s order starts fading. In the 1960s, Americans voted to give up on being ourselves and to instead become citizens of the world, dedicated to the concept of equality. This was national suicide disguised as altruism and enlightenment (as all good cons disguise themselves).

By 2016, the consequences of this act had become visually clear: everything was ruined. Families, jobs, neighborhoods, national competence, education, the military, the economy. Obama made this clear when he induced a permanent malaise economy.

Finally, the voters saw what they had done, or rather, allowed to be done to them. They realized that they prefered pre-war America, and want to roll back the changes and get to something like that, while taking a hard look at the assumptions the Left used to get into power, like equality and civil rights.

People do not understand power. Everyone seeks it, but most do so by following existing power, which creates herd motion as they try to get close to the power center while avoiding those outside of it. When a System takes over a society, people see their only chance for power as being through the System.

The herd therefore creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. It sees the power that will come through revolution, or liberalizing all time-honored standards so that any behavior is acceptable; then, as everyone conforms to this power in order to become powerful, it comes to be.

That creates the appearance-based society in which we live. People cling to that which they think is going to succeed, in the hopes of success. When that power seems to be failing, those people stay off the roads, out of the stores, and in their little enclaves.

Leftism brought in an age of corruption with “political machines,” a type of organized crime which operated by buying votes and scaring its opposition into silence. These took over in the 1960s with organized criminal Lyndon Baines Johnson becoming president.

Since that time, they have only become more powerful. People cling to this System in the hopes that it will hand out favors in the form of careers, and “educated” people vote for the System to continue taxing, spending, bribing, and coercing people into compliance.

Groups of humans suffer from collectivized individualism: each person, hoping to make a career, imitates what seems to be succeeding and demands that others do the same. They always want the same thing, equality, or “treat good the same as bad” so that the herd will grow and so will their careers.

Such things kill societies. At the same times these spring, enemies surround them, and find out how easy it is to buy into these political machines. Domestic enemies arise too, mostly people for whom success is not enough, since what they really desire is revenge, like Jack Dorsey or Warren Buffet, on those that they blame for their own misery.

China stole this election by buying its way into the DNC and funding the riots that wrecked America, sponsoring the worldwide COVID-19 panic while faking their own epidemiological data, and forcing big media and social media into line from fear of being excluded from Chinese markets.

They then thought they could fool us by appearing to be reasonable:

November 09, 2020

China declined Monday to congratulate Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election, saying the outcome of the vote was still to be determined.

While incumbent Donald Trump has yet to concede and has launched several legal challenges, many world leaders congratulated Biden and running mate Kamala Harris after the Democrats were declared winners at the weekend and spontaneous celebrations erupted across American cities.

And yet, just a few days later, China embraced Biden as the winner:

November 13, 2020

China congratulates Joe Biden on being elected US president, says “we respect the choice of the American people.”

How clever of them to hold off, then appear to give in, as if they were deflecting from having engineered this coup themselves with the help of the “Deep State,” a type of expanded military-industrial complex that wants to turn all of America into a political machine for profit.

The Deep State providing an assist, with career bureaucrats proclaiming loudly that the election was in fact secure:

The groups, the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council Executive Committee (GCC) and the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (SCC), said the election was the most secure in U.S. history.

You know the old saying, “the fix is in”? When you get the people in Official Authority to agree to fake something, then the evidence disappears, and the falsehood becomes accepted as Official Truth, and other people will then turn on you if you do not repeat it.

Recall this from The Great Gatsby:

“Meyer Wolfsheim? No, he’s a gambler.” Gatsby hesitated, then added coolly: “He’s the man who fixed the World’s Series back in 1919.”

“Fixed the World’s Series?” I repeated.

The idea staggered me. I remembered, of course, that the World’s Series had been fixed in 1919, but if I had thought of it at all I would have thought of it as a thing that merely happened, theend of some inevitable chain. It never occurred to me that one man could start to play with the faith of fifty million people — with the single-mindedness of a burglar blowing a safe.

“How did he happen to do that?” I asked after a minute.

“He just saw the opportunity.”

“Why isn’t he in jail?”

“They can’t get him, old sport. He’s a smart man.”

This means that officially, the American election was fine, so China could certify it. All of American media had been doing so for the previous ten days, including Fox News, which had recently decided to join the Leftist herd as a means (one presumes) finding a new audience.

How are they all profiting? From China, which is both a huge market and a massive source of cheap labor, allowing the West to scoop up huge profits, tax them, and keep borrowing, which makes it strong in the short term and weak in the long term, which is fine with China.

The markets boomed in response:

“The recent vaccine headlines have clearly been a positive but there is still uncertainty and concerns regarding shutdowns,” Carter added. “Biden’s recent indication that the U.S. economy may remain open certainly helps market sentiment.”

How could that be of importance, unless it was widely known that the governors and mayors in these areas locking down their citizens are acting in concert with Biden? This is how a political machine works: you do what it wants, or it destroys everything you have until you cuck, duck, and roll over.

China took the excessive risk of manipulating elections because it knew that it will be over soon if it does not. The Deep State and the Democrats know the same. Populism reveals things that we knew were true, like Demographic Replacement and the economic malaise of the Obama economy. After that, the pig cannot be stuffed back in the barrel, and society and its markets will react to that.

Unless, of course, you can paper it over with an election in which a political machine strongman wins and proclaims that he will keep the free money flowing. Everyone likes that idea, even if they should know that this will mean more of the deep economic and social sickness that Obama brought.

China is more unstable than most realize, and is on the verge of regime change because of that instability, which is why China is dangerous to those that it can manipulate into going along with its own con, a type of political machine it operates at the UN and through international markets:

Xi Jinping’s China is an infirm colossus that will be frustrated by unmet ambitions. A strong but frustrated country poses a special kind of danger. This is the China Nightmare.

Although China was ruled by a dictatorship before Xi’s ascent, he has made a radical bid to obtain almost total authority over his country’s affairs. In doing so, he has paralyzed the normal functioning of the state’s bureaucracy.

Under Xi, the Chinese government’s goal is to replace the U.S. alliance system with a new network of strategic partnerships with China at the center, and to propagate a “China model” of economic and political governance. It wants to create a new world order based on what it calls a “community of common destiny” that reshapes global institutions to be more compatible with the CCP’s own authoritarian governance, diminishing the influence of Western-style democracy as championed by the U.S. and its allies.

In other words, China has trouble governing itself, but if it can eliminate the competition, it will rule the world. This is the prize behind the US election, and this is why money flowed from China into American pockets in order to ensure that the “right” people won.

Business, like the Democratic Party, switched loyalty from heritage Americans to the third world simply because there are more of them. Where heritage Americans have learned from the past century and dropped out of consumer culture, the third world is just beginning its learning curve.

Our businesses — or at least, the badly-run ones, which is most of them — now support diversity at home and Chinese globalism abroad. They want the US to fall, so that they can liberalize standards and run the world. Big profits come home, and the bureaucrats and politicians can always retire to Switzerland with their suitcases full of bearer bonds.

When a society dies through equality, and especially when it adopts diversity, it becomes “every man for himself.” You no longer have a culture or even a national identity; you are simply a giant shopping mall with befuddled mall cops, and whoever steals the most and gets out, wins.

The Democrats moved to defense this week. They remain confident mainly because every established voice of authority seems to be in their camp, so they figure that between the Hart-Celler minority voters, the clueless Millennials raised on Communist propaganda, the soy boys enraged at their endless do-nothing jobs, the boxwine thots furious at their lack of families, and all of the Ahab-esque aging hippies who want revenge on the previous System more than anything positive, the Democrat message will win out and Trump will be blown out.

This shows us our future: either we go with Trump and remain a first world nation, or we support Biden and join the Chinese globalists in their empire of failure, one in which we will be second-class citizens quickly replaced with third world immigrants.

So now we have the media, Big Tech, much of industry, much of government, and forty percent of the population which has cast its lot with China. If this election goes to Trump, they all lose hugely, not just because of what Trump will do to permanent interrupt their takeover, but from the ensuing legal battle, including civil suits which will bankrupt them.

After all, if Trump can prove that the election was stolen, the press knew it was stolen, and that they went ahead and said otherwise in an attempt to manipulate people, he can nail them for defamation. Democrats will get hit with fraud, which will include the cost of every campaign run against them.

In my view, something bigger is going on here. Our intelligence agencies got caught a decade ago for inserting backdoors in telecommunications equipment used worldwide. Why would they not do the same for voting machines?

This allows our political cadre to manipulate the world with a few keypresses, and extend its reign of distortion across the globe: do what Leftists/China want, or we destroy you in an election and take your country.

How many Democrats will be out of office in the USA, and how many leaders in Europe and beyond? If this scandal springs, many people could be going from business suits to prison jumpsuits in short order. Economies will collapse. Financial empires will fall. China will implode.

The confidence of Team Trump suggests that they did more than find irregularities; they just kept us occupied with those for a week or so. They found a message, specifically between those coordinating this election, possibly even from China. That makes this a whole new ball game.

That fact that the Left — crypto-Communists using Communist tactics — are using deceptive means of hoodwinking us tells us that while the fix was in, they are still nervous. You can never destroy all of the evidence, especially when your crime spans East to West.

The Left have something to cover up.

So much makes sense in this scenario. The panic over COVID-19, a disease which only kills the sick or elderly, forced us to go to mail-in ballots, making accurate counts nearly impossible. That shows us the first Leftist act of complicity.

The riots, which were mysteriously funded and promoted, with rioters traveling between cities and receiving payment for their activities, were designed to induce panic so that voters would go back to the last stable model they knew, the Clinton-Obama years.

The media blitz and social media censorship existed to control the narrative, but also show us how desperate social media has become. The dot-coms have been slowly dying since it became clear that they are advertising to nobodies. The big rich days for them are over, just as with the media, which grew huge repeating press releases and public statements in the 1980s through 1990s, but then suffered once the internet exploded competition and made its time-delayed statements less valuable.

At the end of the chain, for the real cui bono, China gets to fund its dying system with the wealth of the West, much as Asiatic tyrants since the days of the Mongols have attempted to do. Like the Mongols, China possesses an unstable system which will eventually implode.

The Left unites itself with a simple idea: revenge. They want to crush the people who are doing better than they are, and those who could create the great nation with nothing more than hand-axes and gumption. They want to destroy us so that they can feel better about ourselves.

They sense that they are losing the normies. Those people, who believe advertising and “experts,” trust their history textbooks, read the media and believe it is truth, and so on, are now slowly realizing that they are not in a healthy country, but a dying one, and that the political machine in charge is actually very bad news.

The Left wants to beat the normies into submission and crush us. They derive great pleasure from the idea that they could steal an election, have us know it, and still beat us in the courts and through laws. They want the victory of being triumphant hypocrites smashing down those naturally above them.

For this reason, they are willing to risk it all, just as China is. Humanity has reverted to its simian ancestors, and what we see now is an animalistic snarl, a desire to tear down that which has risen above and assert the will of the many against those who actually know what they are doing.

Those of natural talent, after all, are anti-liberal. They do not relax standards, but create them. They build wisdom. They enforce reality. They reward the good, and punish the bad. All of this the Left and China stand against, and want liberalization, or “good” and “bad” treated the same, instead.

China went too far stealing this election however. That they would take this desperate move, and that any Americans would collude with them, reveals not only that they are incompetent, but that they are motivated by base lusts and emotions. They are not competent or stable.

The backlash coming will deal brutally with them not directly, but by dismantling their political machine both here in America and abroad. Much will be revealed. Trump had four years to plan for this and brought on an anti-Mafia task force to destroy this political machine.

If he wins, America will find itself reborn, having liberated itself from the colluding group of criminals, carpetbaggers, and parasites that have ruled it for decades. Then it will have to decide whether it wants to rise again or not.

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