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USA Prepares To Fend Off China-Narcissist Coup

For most of my life, intelligent people have felt a pervasive sense of dread when living in this society. We know it cannot end well, and that it is in fact run generally by bad people, which leads us to suspect that democracy is just the latest iteration of a tacit worldwide human conspiracy to destroy anything good so that we can all be happy in stupefied mediocrity.

You never know where to start with a mess like this. Most people seem happy to shut out the dread and just keep working, earning, and buying worthless junk to fill the void of hope and confidence in their souls. Do we blame consumerism? Capitalism? Government for making it all possible with entitlements, so people have nothing to do but buy landfill bait?

At the core, as with every change in history and human evolution, we find an idea. For us in the West, it is the Enlightenment, or the idea that individualism replaces natural order. Before the Enlightenment, people lived to fill out a destiny in their niche within a contiguous hierarchy composed of humans, nature, and the gods. After the Enlightenment, we each lived for ourselves.

Naturally this makes a grim society, but only the higher-IQ types — above 120, at this point — can perceive this. Many of them self-destruct, either explicitly with suicide or implicitly with self-destructive behaviors like drug addiction and marrying thots, because the stress of an existence held in so much doubt terrifies them.

Doubt after all is the weapon of the enemy. People without doubt live well and need nothing, so they have no use for people who want to be usurpers and take over the power structure for their own ends. To such people, it makes no sense to act outside their place in the hierarchy; they get more benefit from maximizing their position, whatever it is, within it.

For example, if you are born a peasant, no need to aspire to be a king. Be a reliable peasant. You will always have food, your social group will respect you, and you will encounter no problems beyond your mental ability to digest and solve.

Some however always want more. Unaware that they are incompetent, they seek power. Something in humanity always desires this, and realizes that to get it, it must render everything else into ruins so that it cannot compete with the need of the ego for domination.

When we see this phenomenon (hubris, or solipsism) at the heart of human behaviors, we finally see why everything has gone wrong. The herd won out over the exceptional fewer, and humanity is driving itself toward lower and cruder states so that it can be accepting of everyone, for that feeling of peace through including each person. This, we think, means no more conflict.

And yet, that is a scapegoat. We blame the external lack of peace for our internal lack of peace, not realizing that one only achieves peace by banishing doubt. In turn, one only banishes doubt by having faith in life, which requires seeing the wisdom of its structure, including hierarchy.

We in America and the world had four years of freedom from doubt under Donald Trump. Even if you hated him, you knew what he would do; even if you disagreed with it, you knew that there would be no catastrophic consequences for normal people, the nation, nature, or humanity.

With Joe Biden, the doubt returns. The bad old pattern of humanity wanting to destroy the world for being a living counter-example to our own personal supremacy returns; we get more container ships across the sea, more bureaucrats in power, China ruling the world, and of course, more prosperity-reducing policies that in turn make us all into bitter, angry, resentful, and frustrated wage slaves.

Biden brings the return of human futility. In the name of the individual, we will fear not being accepted, so we must subsidize everyone, which just destroys any desire to rise above, be creative, invent new things, make things better, or be prosperous. We celebrate futility and negativity.

All of this will be cloaked under the usual “hope and change” verbiage to fool the many who cannot tell the difference or do not care. They give in to the inner abyss: a desire to consume, subjugate, and destroy so that they feel better about life. They scapegoat life for their own emptiness.

When we look at this psychology, we see narcissism. People who have doubt tend to make themselves into little deities and reject the world in turn. It is like the scales of justice: injustice displaces just, bad displaces good, and illness displaces health. So too does narcissism hate reality.

Watching the recent press conference, I was struck by the attitude of the press corps. They were eager, smug, and aggressive in saying the words that they knew their audience would recognize. These are the people who were good at school, bad at life, popular with human resources, and unpopular with their coworkers. They hate reality and prefer their little world of rules, inoffensiveness, and control. They are classic Dunning-Kruger cases on a mission for revenge.

Not surprisingly, most of the Biden audience (which we might call Biden-COVID-China fans) fit within this same profile. They do not trust life, but they like their weird byzantine human systems and the power they get from having official titles, good grades, and kudos from management for having reported that neckbeard redneck deplorable ignorant inbred rural racist bigot on the swing shift team.

This means that they do not care about the consequences of their actions in the long term so long as they gain power in the short term. This is a very dangerous mentality. For them, appearances matter more than reality, because fundamentally, they do not care about reality, only their social status.

We can see this in America today. People wear masks and gloves, despite those having failed to cut back the rising number of COVID-19 cases, and very few people dying of COVID-19 alone (about 6%) while most casualties have other comorbid conditions which helped to kill them or solely killed them, stressed by COVID.

It is all theater. Like the TSA and like Black Lives Matter, this is an exercise in social status signaling, or appearing to be better than you by doing the “right” thing instead of the real thing. These are people drugged on moral superiority and social approval. It is all based on appearances.

In the meantime, we are seeing that Joseph McCarthy was right: America has a problem with Communists within its borders. If you go far enough Left, you end up at Communism or the step right before it, and these people do not mind flirting with that known source of historical doom. They just do not care.

Those of us who have some inkling of what is actually going on realize that these people are incompetents and they are dangerous because they think only about what they desire, in a symbolism, appearance, and social approval sense, and have no idea the damage it will do in reality.

In my view, the Biden presidency will never occur simply because the damage will be too great. Every company and resource in America will be downgraded in value as we fall to banana republic status, no one will trust American value, and China will take over as the world superpower, a massive downgrade. Everyone loses, except at the pub where they get to explain how they finally fought the rich (or White, or male, or Christian, or whatever) and won!

This election follows the Obama election, another centerpiece of narcissism. They just wanted to get a Black guy into the White House so they could feel better than all their friends and neighbors. “Eckshually,” they could say, “we are all finally equal.”

After the election, no one cared what Obama did. It was all symbolism. Most of his speeches, if you read them, are nearly incoherent and consist of repeated phrases and rhythms. He hits buzzwords, but says little. Who cares? The media covered for him, and his constituency felt warm fuzzy feelings.

The same would be true of Biden. Americans would find themselves working long hours to pay for the 47%, but living in increasingly ugly and negative conditions, while those who inserted themselves in the system became as super-rich as Nancy Pelosi, Warren Buffett, and Joe Biden.

Once you understand that socialists are merely criminals, everything makes sense. They want to be able to steal, make that stealing look good, con others into self-destructing, and get away with it. The audacity of the scam makes them feel like geniuses. It must be addictive.

Criminals have had a field day in America since the end of the second world war, mainly because normal people figured that we had politics sorted and everything was going to be smooth going. The fact that it was not should have alerted them to deep structural problems, but the sleep of democracy is a deep one.

Like Reagan, Trump represented a brief pause in the decay because the voters finally woke up to something being off. Carter was praised by the media, too, since people in the media exist to make their audience feel good, and city people watch and read obsessively.

We now enter a dangerous time in America: if we accept this election as legitimate, we basically self-destruct. This will not happen through boogaloo so much as through a complete lack of legal authority, declining international status, and further social fragmentation.

Trump will likely prevail because he is knitting together several threads at this point, bringing us to a point where it becomes obvious that handing this to Biden will produce disaster:

  • China. We cannot remove Chinese fingerprints from the election, voting machines, and Democrats, no matter how hard we try to rationalize it. China wanted a Biden-Harris win and most likely compromised numerous US systems to do that. This means that Trump, who is still president, has the authority to stop that scheme using regular police, federal law enforcement, or military law enforcement. You cannot let another nation steal your election and remain a sovereign nation. In addition, he is charged with protecting this nation from subversion, so it would be an impeachable offense for him not to arrest and charge those responsible.
  • SCOTUS. The Court rejected one challenge, yes, but more are coming, and at some point, the legal chaos will be extensive enough that appeals are going to head to the Supreme Court. At that point, they cannot punt and still retain any sense of legitimacy. If they want to remain consistent with Bush v. Gore, the courts can rule only one way on this one.
  • Legislatures. We are already seeing this, with seven states sending alternate electors; it can get even gnarlier, in that Congress will have to resolve the dispute:

    Some people believe the GOP’s reluctance to support efforts in the battleground states of Michigan and Pennsylvania to begin processing mail-in votes before Election Day is tied to the fact that they have Democratic governors and Republican-controlled legislatures. If disputes over mail-in votes are dragging on in court when it comes time for the Electoral College to meet on Dec. 14, it’s possible legislators could put up their own slates.

    Those disputes would land in the lap of Congress, and don’t expect objections to come only from Republicans.

    What would a Congressional outcome look like? The vote goes to the house:

    If neither candidate gets to 270 electors due to disputed ballots, the House would have to decide the election.

    Though the House has a Democratic majority, such an outcome would almost certainly benefit Trump. Here’s why: In a concession to small states concerned their voices would be marginalized if the House was called upon to choose the president, the founders gave only one vote to each state.

    That voting procedure gives equal representation to California – population 40 million – and Wyoming, population 600,000.

    This arrangement favors Republicans.

    Congress will have to look at what future they want for the nation. Backwater third-world colony of China, or superpower? This one becomes easy to decide.

  • Criminal. Enough evidence exists to charge people with criminal conduct and even more, to charge organizations with that conduct, reaching those in charge of those organization if they are aware of it. Trump has evidence of coordination within the US and beyond our borders. Even if Biden walks into the White House, he is walking into a trap. The ensuing legal charges will take down many people along with him, which is why some are already distancing. These charges can be brought in state courts as well as federal, which means that even the Swamp cannot protect the Democrats.
  • Markets. America is heading into a long depression made exponentially worse by our dropping international prestige. When every asset in the country drops proportionately at the same time, people are going to feel the pain, and they are going to put pressure on their elected leaders to make things right. This will not be ideological so much as practical: the Trump plan works. The Obama-Biden plan does not.

Trump is going to keep releasing information or prompting its release. He is going to keep appointing people who will actually look into things and find wrongdoing. He is holding the ultimate cards here, and he will use them to bring down the Democrats.

As each day passes, he gets more popular support behind him, including from former Biden voters who realize how they were sucked into supporting China and criminality by the “anyone but Trump” mental virus that spread among the aimless and consequently emotionally excitable people out there.

Americans have not forgotten:

  • The 3:00 AM vote removals and “found” votes.
  • The media presentation, Izvestia-style, in the same exact language.
  • The massive social media censorship.
  • The connections between the Bidens, China, and Ukraine.
  • The refusal to audit obviously fraudulent votes.
  • The many videos and testimonies of vote fraud in many counties.
  • The hacked voting machines and dubious USB drive transfers.
  • The recounts that found anomalies or could not reproduce results.
  • The COVID-19 panic necessitating mail-in votes which are prone to fraud.

Even from the thirty-thousand-foot view, this is obviously a fraudulent election and the world knows it. That means that if they get away with this, America gets seen as a dangerous banana republic ruling the world through nuclear terror, and no one will want to do business here.

Now we see more revelations of hacks coming forth. To my mind, this is not coincidental. As Team Trump builds its case, it is going to leak and uncover more parts of the puzzle, slowly revealing not a competent election, but a disintegrating democracy lashing out at those who might discipline it.

The SolarWinds hack, for example, hammers home to everyone the idea that a foreign power compromised the management system used by most of government and industry, which means that they had access to just about everything.

Americans are getting used to the idea that things were much worse than they thought, and in the hands of vicious criminals. This in turn makes it easier for them to see what happened in this election, and support rectifying it with a Trump victory.

On the larger scale, that of history, we are seeing a sea change event: people are moving from a society based on external control, even passive methods like profit motivation and social ostracism, toward one where we select people with the right stuff inside, namely a strong inner motivation to do what is right.

This means that the world is turning away from Leftism and toward a more neutral commonsense reward of function. Where the twentieth century was a war of symbols, the twenty-first kicks off a period of caring about mental self-discipline and alertness to reality.

The Joe Bidens of the world are creatures of the old order. They specialize in manipulating large groups with absolute symbols of good and bad based on equality. Trump shows us the new way: large groups rewarding those who make good results by being competent, realistic, and morally aware.

This is bigger than Trump, or even this election. Our old system — market socialism, globalism, and civil rights — has failed. In the quest to make everyone equal, we made everything bad, and so we are now moving away from that ideals.

In its dying throes, Leftism has thrown a few hail mary passes in an attempt to hang on to power. As Trump reveals more of the forces acting behind the scenes in this crisis, those are being revealed, and people are turning away from them because of the horrors they will bring.

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