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Ironically, the Democrats just ended American democracy. People can no longer afford to have faith that this system is counting votes accurately and indeed, are wondering how many times before it got manipulated by an LBJ or Clinton to sway the course of history.

They shake their heads of course. Oh no, not in the first world… America… the West! It could happen somewhere else, sure, where people are poorer, dumber, and less accustomed to functional institutions.

Then they stop. It slowly dawns on them that their country has been stolen from them, and that in fact it may have happened long ago, and that what they thought was a thriving, successful place was in fact a dying civilization rationalizing its own decline instead of attempting to counteract it.

After all, my rule is that whatever people tell you about themselves reflects only what they want you to believe, not what they believe, which is usually the opposite. The guy who buys a BMW wants to convince you that he is successful, and needs to because he doubts it himself.

America just descended into third world banana republic territory, and it was not Donald Trump who did this. Instead, the Democrats by waging a four-year campaign to destabilize, destroy, and terrorize, culminating in the COVID-19 panic and race riots based on George Floyd overdosing to death, have set the stage for the collapse, and their repeated vote fraud has capped the mess off.

It’s over. Democracy has died yet again, and now we are just waiting to see who will seize what is left. If Biden gets his way, America becomes a vassal of China; if Trump gets his way, heritage America will be able to break free and keep thriving while the new diversity America implodes as it will do regardless who wins. Diversity, equality, and entitlements (market socialism) are not stable and will end themselves because the West has finally run out of money and options; the long run of Leftism has come to an end because it spent all the cash and wrecked everything good, so it has no line of credit. It will collapse and they will stage a coup.

That is, if they have not already. Stealing a presidential election by summoning masses of mail-in votes, especially when you clearly planned it months in advance, is a ballsy move… but also a desperate one. It means that Pelosi et al. know that the country is out of cash, the scam is up, their links to organized crime and China are about to be revealed, diversity has collapsed, and that they have one last chance to seize power and use the compliant media to lull the sheep back to sleep.

They figure, like all Leftists, that as long as they have the power, they can fake the economy. It works the other way around; as long as you have the economy, you can fake the power. Both the Soviets and the Jacobins found this one out the hard way.

This means that we have reached endgame. Trump offers a way forward, but everyone else has failed and are watching their legacies disappear. They will be remembered as the weak people who tried to steal everything as all of their plans crumbled around them. They need Biden/Harris to avoid that fate.

Instead they plan a silk glove coup. Nothing will change, except that your taxes will go up, everything will be of inferior quality, and you will never hear any dissent. It will be like lying down in a warm bath, slitting your wrists, and feeling your body temperature equalize with that of the water. Painless, even.

They will steal everything, since they are organized criminals, and then run off to Switzerland or Argentina with suitcases of bearer bonds or gold certificates. They do this every time democracy collapses because the same type of people run Late Stage Democracies.

We saw them appear early on in America. They ran “political machines,” or conspiracies that manipulated local politics to the point where they became uniparty areas. These machines controlled their candidates and bought votes like a Mafia, ensuring their own survival on the backs of the middle classes.

If you spoke out against the polical machine, you got de-platformed, meaning that no one would talk to you for fear that they, too, would be made unhirable or worse, beaten or killed by the thugs associated with the machine. Political machines are a type of organized crime, run by mafias.

These first appeared in 1820s America when the Irish diversity showed up, preying on those who had a foreign identity and therefore, were willing to act against the majority. This brought about our civil war, since the northern machines depended on textile money to prop up their taxes.

The machines never met a war they did not like. Each war killed off more of the founding stock and brought in more foreigners, which diluted, obscured, and eventually erased the culture of the nation. Political machines believe in democracy because it, too, specializes in erasing structure and replacing it with an aimless, angsty, nervous, and narcissistic crowd.

Shopkeepers loved the decay as well. More warm bodies means more business. Fewer standards means more products. And social breakdown? A crowd of grey race people with no standards will have nothing for itself, so seek meaning in products.

The voters loved it too. Each stage in the breakdown meant fewer obstacles to their self-expression. Why have social standards, behavioral norms, ideals, and culture at all, if you just want to let your narcissistic ego fly free? Breakdown is freedom, each step closer to anarchy.

Most importantly, however, the social scene loves breakdown. People are rarely exceptional, but they want to appear to be so, simply because that way they stand out from the crowd. Nothing makes distinction quite like a rebel who endorses anarchy and decay.

If anything, the coup in America came as it always does, from entropy itself. Humans by acting selfishly will destroy anything if not held in check by a dedicated caste of aristocrats. People are inherently self-destructive because they are oblivious to anything except the self, which makes them anti-reality, which means that they keep experiencing rude awakenings when it turns out that reality, not humans, is actually in control.

Our best people do not behave like that of course. They see the wisdom in reality — this is the “transcendental goal” that conservatives bang on about — and pursue it because it represents the most intelligent thing any of us will encounter. Call it nature, God, gods, or logic, but the structure of this universe exceeds our wildest dreams and remains shrouded in mystery because even our amped-up monkey brains cannot grasp more than a little bit of it at any time.

Trust the human ego to intervene. “This little bit,” it screams, “represents the whole! And therefore, I can treat it as if it is the whole, and I can force you to do the same, too, if you want to be my friend.” This is called Crowdism and it is found in common between social groups and political machines.

We talk glibly of “regulatory capture” when speaking about government. This means that if you are a government making rules about industry, you can either talk to the people who know what goes on in that industry, or guess. Obviously you choose the former, since the latter always ends in tears even within your term of office, but that means that the people regulating industry are those who have made a name for themselves in it. Slowly the government and industry swap people back and forth, and everyone gets to know each other, and soon they are dedicated to compromise, which means that regulations favor industry because otherwise there would be no compromise, and since industry is many firms where government is one, that means that industry wears down government.

The same thing happens in government. The people meant to keep an eye on the organized crime gangs like the Clintons find themselves cooperating with the Clintons, and then taking a few harmless payments here and there, then suddenly there is talk of blackmail, and soon they are fully enmeshed within the gang. Who killed Seth Rich? Probably someone who just wanted to have a successful career and put his kids through college so they could work as museum curators or artisanal tobacconists somewhere.

These warlords are not in complete control. They know, as does anyone successful, that no one is really leading the ship in democracy; there are different big dogs that you must avoid and periodically satisfy, but no one has any direction in sight. They are all just advancing their own careers. The bourgeois truth is that no one cares about the future, only about how much they can pile up and get out. Now we know that the ex-hippies are just as bad about this as the tuxedoed, cigar-smoking, fountain pen wielding industrialists. Everyone just wants to succeed. No one is steering the ship.

To someone of that mindset, you might as well steal everything you can, because otherwise, someone else will. The voters have no clue and to be honest, are so intellectually lazy and cowardly that they deserve to get ripped off. So you take everything that you can, retire early, and get to someplace where money buys autonomy. And each time someone does this, society gets a little worse, expectations fall lower, people care less, and everyone gets dumber. This is how civilizations die.

The Left attempted a coup, but the real coup occurred years ago. Maybe it was in 1866, but probably before even the 1820s; someone had to decide, after all, that diversity was the hill America would die on. By the 1950s, it became clear that the last opposition to worldwide organized crime was dead, so they might as well enfranchise the third world so that they could fully dominate the voters, and therefore, rob them doubly blind.

America birthed itself out of the idea of religious freedom, but that quickly became extended to multi-ethnicism, at which point it went to multi-racialism as a matter of consistency. Why did the West disintegrate in the 1960s? Why, the the changes made in the 1950s of course:

Black Americans continued to face institutionalized discrimination. Following the Second World War, returning black servicemen, who had faced the same risks and dangers as other soldiers, were not prepared to tolerate discrimination and added their voice to the fight for civil rights.

In 1955, a black woman named Rosa Parks was detained for refusing to give her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama. This action provoked outrage that led Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to form the Montgomery Improvement Association. An embargo of the Montgomery bus system ensued that lasted until the Supreme Court ruled that segregated seating was unconstitutional.

The history of continued voter intimidation and other civil right incidents eventually prompted President Dwight D. Eisenhower to coax Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957. This provided for federal prosecution for anyone preventing others from voting.

That was presented to you as a Great People’s Victory. After all, we were more equal, and as you recall from above, democracy, organized crime, shopkeepers, and careerists all benefit from more breakdown therefore like more individualism, including freedom (anarchy).

The Left quickly saw this as their new ticket:

In March 1965, a voting rights march was brutally broken up by Alabama state troopers. The incident, captured by television reporters, prompted President Lyndon Johnson to call for legislation on voting rights. He detailed the many ways that were used to deny voting rights to blacks and, in 1965, the Voting Rights Bill was approved. This act banned devious tactics used to limit voting rights. The last remaining legal barrier, poll taxes, was banned by the Supreme Court in 1966. Modern history shows that it took almost 100 years before black Americans achieved full, protected voting rights.

Why would people not want Blacks voting? They see themselves as ethnic Other, like the Irish. That means that they will vote to steal everything that they can from heritage Americans in order to benefit themselves while smashing down another group.

As said around here many times, diversity starts in innocence but quickly becomes malevolent. Other groups here can either hate their origins and assimilate, or preserve their origins and be outsiders, but either way, they will be guided by resentment.

Not wanting to admit that they are here because their own civilizations failed or sold them, they turn on the majority culture, and if given the vote, will vote for more free stuff. That benefits the organized criminals, since they make their living by getting paid to hand out the free stuff and “protect” “the people” from those who would stop them.

Men like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage have seen through this scam and threaten to upend it. That disturbed the organized crime structure, so it has lashed out by cheating. In doing so, it let itself by manipulated by Trump, who has carefully refrained from any tyrannical act so that he has clean hands while the organized crime structure reveals itself by its dirty ones.

That means that for election 2020, the election going well would be a bad thing; it would mean that the organized crime power structure approved of the results. The election going badly means that the fight has been joined, and Trump is closer to ejecting the organized bourgeois hippie criminals from the throne they ascended in the 1960s.

In theory, fewer White men supported Trump, mainly because instead of being pro-White, he reached out to Other groups. This shows us the problem of sophomoric thinkers, or those smart enough to know the basics but clueless when it comes to multiple levels of thought. Trump avoided being what his enemies said he was so that his enemies would stand out as liars, and tried to bring everyone to the same page so that we could see how impossible it really is. While he has been doing this, he has cut immigration and H-1Bs to historical lows, ended the teaching of critical race theory in government, cut China out of our future, restored our economy from its Obama-Clinton long-term sickness, appointed conservative judges, and steadily revealed the lies of the Left.

These idiotic sophomoric White men would have wanted a nice National Socialist candidate who would have come out and proclaimed a White republic, at which point he would have united all of his opposition and moderates against him. His presidency would have ended in flames, at which point these same brave bold White men would have continued collecting firearms and posting angrily to the internet. Impotent people behave the same way always, and the National Socialists are no different from the Neoconservatives in this view. Dreaming of an ideal future, whether Hitler or Christ, they ignore what they should be doing now.

Others bought into the social jive. This holds that it is more important to behave correctly than to get results; if racism or censorship would save your family from a burning house, such people rationalize, that would still be unacceptable. This is an old dodge, namely scapegoating in a different form. They want to set up a world where they are blameless but everyone else is wrong, so they can say, “See? I told you so!” in some daydreamed and inevitably non-existent pub conversation of the future.

Humans interact socially, and socializing leads toward scapegoating external forces for the failings of individuals, which creates (1) self-pity (2) egalitarianism and (3) utilitarianism all in the same moment. When someone experiences difficulty, people blame those in power or the system or nature or even the gods, but not that person, and they argue that he does not need to change, but the world must to accommodate him. This reverses natural selection; in natural selection, we adapt to reality; in human socializing, reality adapts to us. Unreal and untrue as that is, it remains perpetually popular because humans are focused on themselves in the current moment by the nature of their intellectual limitations, with only a few breaking free.

We should celebrate the Leftist non-coup. It has awakened us to what has happened, how dead Western Civilization is and how badly rotted the corpse is, and what we must do to fix the situation. We have to seize power, depose the organized criminals, end diversity and entitlements, and start over with some government that lacks the backdoor of human narcissism. Only then do we have a future, and those who are unwilling to face this are unworthy of life or being listened to at all.

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