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In the end, it was just like an abusive family. A legitimate request was not just unherd, but denied, and those making it were gaslit by just about everyone. This ensured that they would go polar when the time comes.

Polarity, as it turns out, is the Achilles Heel of control, or the use of power to subjugate people by limiting the methods they can use and therefore, reprogramming their minds. Control means power for its own sake through crushing of the spirits of others.

Control by its very nature employs a polar strategy. You obey the authority or you are destroyed. The problem with this happens when you note where the authority has been wrong, in the tiniest of details at first, and then “flip,” or go from conformist obedient supporter to enraged extremist radical.

The Left refused to listen. We presented the raw evidence of a third world style stolen election:

  • Fake pandemic to force mail-in voting.
  • Tons of extra ballots floating around.
  • Insecure voting systems (and, as it turns out, OS hack through SolarWinds).
  • Vote count stops after Trump wins.
  • Furious “discovery” of ballots all night long.
  • Mass media will not report anything but denials.
  • Social media censors anything but official story.
  • Courts, bureaucrats, and politicians deny.

The fix was in; we saw it, we know it. This was an obviously stolen election, and no one would listen to the reams of evidence produced by the Trump team, thinking that they could win even more hugely by crushing our spirits by forcing us to accept this lie.

In Congress, the critters talked about shame and optics most of all. It looks third world to admit we had a stolen election; never mind that it is third world to accept a stolen election. Mitch McConnell took instructions from his Chinese wife.

They also talked mostly about procedure. They want to preserve the way things are done by following the rules, which is convenient if you do not want to alter an already corrupt event. They wanted to brush it under the carpet and move one.

Never mind that all of their arguments were begging-the-question fallacies. Every statement needed to start with, “assuming that these votes are legitimate…” It is not democracy and regular function if the votes are fake and we keep the machine going by accepting them.

The entire thing was a snowjob. The people in government do not want change; the people who have been steadily winning since WW2, the Left, do not want change. When change came, they conspired to conceal and obstruct it so that these bureaucrats can continue their reign over us.

Like Brexit, the Trump movement consists of a pushback against the large bureaucracy. We do not want a government dedicated to equality, a mission which gives it license to micromanage our lives, steal our wealth, and replace us genetically and culturally with foreigners.

America was founded on the opposite principle of welfare, social security, affirmative action, drag queen story hour, medicare, urban housing, and public education. The idea here was nature: reward the good, and eject the bad. And, as our Framers wrote in a 1790, only “free White people,” meaning ethnic Western Europeans (Nordid-Cromagnid-Dalofaelids, a.k.a. “WASPs”).

Trump came out and gave a speech that, while good, was unsatisfying. It laid out a summary of what he had discovered so far, and promised that today was just the start. In doing so, he stole the thunder from the electoral college and Congress. He asserted order, while they are just obeying orders.

In doing so, he revealed our politicians in this country to be like our middle managers. They think they are smarter than they are, and their methods are in fact amateurish and childish. They depend on using their power to control us for their own sake, instead of for ours.

A cabal has occupied American government during the postwar years. At first we thought it was the military-industrial complex, but it turned out to be bigger than that; instead, it was the usual revolution, brought on by the corrupt and heading toward Communism so they can have total control.

All tyrants take power by claiming to be defending “the people.” Communism claims to bring equality, so it appeals to idiots who fear that they will be downranked for their mediocrity or venality, and this forms a giant social trend that overwhelms society. This feeds the bureaucracy.

If you wonder why so many wealthy people intend to be socialists, think about wealth above a certain level as being a lot like e = mc2: wealth converts to power, and only power safeguards wealth. Without power, someone just takes your wealth, so you must take over the group most likely to do that. It is like regulatory capture, on a huge scale; capitalists become Socialists in order to protect their wealth and make more of it, this time guaranteed by being the only monopoly in town.

This shows us the abusive family that humanity becomes when we are all part of the same civilization based on something other than a hierarchy of ability. Everyone is equal, so no one can be booted, so we have to compromise with the insane, incompetent, idiotic, neurotic, and sociopaths.

As of now, democracy in America has ended. When a system hits this level of internal division and lack of faith and goodwill, it cannot lead, even if it can still impose its rule through threats and rewards. It falls apart from within. America 1945-2016 is doomed, and only Trump can save it with his populist vision of an America of low taxes, few regulations, high national confidence, self-sufficiency, and an end to the diversity obsession.

Leftists do not realize that they are the Establishment now. They took over in 1945, and with exceptions for Nixon, Reagan, and Bush, they have ruled consistently. With Clinton, they took over and Republicans settled into a role as janitor, coming in to clean up after a Leftist president and set things back to minimally functional.

This gives everyone in the Uniparty a job. They view it like a football game: one side has the power, and the other side plays defense. When you get a chance for a field goal, take it; if not, go long when you are on top, and dice it up in little plays when the momentum is against you.

You cannot have an election with this many irregularities and still be a functional democracy. The Left likes to play otherwise; their argumentative strategy is to simply pretend the election was good and plug their eyes and refuse to listen to any data to the contrary.

In reality, any election turned by 3:00 AM votes, with more votes than voters, with so many fake votes, and with a media that denies it and courts that refuse to hear it, would appear to most people as corrupt and banana republic. This one does, but internationally, no one has said it yet.

They will.

They will also act accordingly. America has been permanently weakened and has lost superpower status thanks to the Xi/Biden election theft. No one will treat us as the shining city on the hill, the leading democracy, or an example of a functional nation anymore. We are obviously crashing hard.

All of them told us that Trump had damaged America; it turns out that the effort to remove Trump irreparably damaged the American brand. No one is going to trust this floating burning soap opera of a failed state anymore. We cannot lead the world like this.

As I have said before, Trump specializes in creating situations where his enemies cannot win because if they win, they lose. For example, if they deny him a building permit or tax remittance, their city loses enough value that they crash. He makes opportunity and punishes those who get in his way.

He has faced four years of a French Revolution in American government. Everyone knows that he is upsetting the apple cart, or rather, the pork barrel. Everyone knows government will get smaller and weaker, and teachers, unions, bureaucrats, et al., will no longer have power and money.

As a result, he could give orders, but no one would fill them. He could make rules, but people would ignore them. His staff had loyalty to him, but most of the government represented a group tantrum of the entrenched bureaucracy against the president.

This scared the Stockholm Syndrome Mouse Utopia middle classes, who just wanted to get function back. Stop the fighting, they always say. Live in peace and business, and if the high cost of that is socialism, we just want to sell more junk to morons and invest it in real estate.

There is a lot more at stake here than anyone in DC realizes. If America does not have a functional system of government, investment will flee this place. That is fine with Biden, who wants to send all of our labor and money to China, anyway, but that will cause an economic crash bigger than anything before.

When that happens, the borrowing stops. That shuts the USG down for good and puts it out of business. No one is going to buy American dollars when China is the only reigning superpower, the US is less functional than Mexico, and the nation is in the hands of obvious reality-denying sociopaths.

Nations like ours who face a “silk glove” coup from a foreign power, in this case China, find that everyone in their power structure is intimidated into compliance until enough dissidents stand up to make the uniformity of control over those in office melt away.

Trump threatens that. If he gets ahead, the System gets rejection, and China (and those billionaires) need to control the System in order to stay wealthy. Trump will un-do the fortunes of everyone who got big after the Clinton years, and institute a more competitive US that will destroy China economically.

Most of them simply want to avoid rocking the boat. Systems are replacements for reality, which means a rejection of reality, since they view reality as competition for the fake symbolic reality that they want us to adopt instead. Too much realism means that the System comes undone, and all of those bureaucrats need to find new jobs.

When the Congresscritters spoke up, they rambled on a lot about unity and bipartisanship. This is their way of advocating that we have more loyalty to the system, including its entrenched pork and lobbies, than we do to end results, or how this makes our future look.

Does Mitch McConnell care about the future? He has enough money for his kids to be fine. He will be out of here in a decade, and beyond that does not concern him. Does Nancy Pelosi? She is grave-bait as well. Rand Paul just wants to advance his career and be the cool stoner rebel president some day.

These are the creatures that make a system abhorrent. They are in it for themselves, which requires that they work with others, which in turn requires that they abolish their own beliefs and standards and go with whatever makes their coworkers in the media, Congress, bureaucracy, business, and China happy.

Society brainwashes us by making us pay more attention to the System than reality. We can talk all day about the legality of challenging votes and sixty-two court cases, but the reality is that we are about to become a vassal state of China. That must end, by any means necessary. That is the bottom line.

The Left preaches unity when convenient. They forget that they divided us by moving their allegiance off-shore and deciding that we should be ruled by a foreign power, and not for the best interests of the historical American nation, which they want to erase by slow genocide anyway.

In realityland, the USA just ended. Its democracy had its two centuries and change, but then ate itself, as democracies tend to do. This has ended the US as a superpower, and made it an impoverished third world dystopic wasteland. We have to fix this, or just give up now and focus on palliative care for the terminal state of Western Civilization, like the last two generations did.

Everyone in public has already been filtered. The ones who are motivated by something other than raw self-interest have been filtered out; the only ones who get ahead are those who want to work within the System. This is the nature of a meritocracy.

In 1866, government asked, “Do you want equality?” The voters nodded enthusiastically. We got the Fourteenth Amendment, which turned government from a libertarian basis toward a Communist one, since its primary goal was to shape us into an equal population, not care for us.

Since it had adopted equality, we could no longer have hierarchy by competence, so we created the meritocracy, where those who got ahead at school, tests, and spending twelve hours a day on the job got all the money and everyone else had to suck eggs in a rural poverty zone.

Meritocracy rewards obedience, above all else. You sit there and do the stuff, especially if it is meaningless, to show that you are reliable and conformist. Then you get rewarded, even if you do a mediocre job, because the point is not to achieve anything, but to signal obedience.

In a meritocracy, only the obedient get ahead. They hate themselves for being spineless jellyfish, and they channel that into a hatred of everyone else. Including — especially — their constitutents, who they see as clueless moronic rubes just ripe for exploitation. Deplorable, even.

They hate us because we would be good with a Reagan-style America, or even an 1840s Jackson-style America, or even the 1790s “White Supremacist” America. We do not need equality; we actually produce things and value, so we will always be fine.

But the children of the meritocracy, you see, they need the System. Whether they are Amazon or Walmart selling junk to people buying it with government bucks, or the barista at Starbucks getting paid because harried sararipeople hustling to their pointless jobs, they need the System to be anything.

So now you see the conflict that divides us. It is the System people, who are denialists who want to go back to the Clinton-Obama-Carter years, versus the producers, who want to go back to function, including nationalism. It is the 53% who produce versus the 47% who simply and solely consume.

Their problem is that now, this issue will not go away. Americans, just like Western Europeans, have woken up to the fact that our governments want to replace us, literally at a genetic level, and want to crush culture so they can crush us and only the System remains.

In the meantime, we have some strong evidence on our side:

  • The Navarro Report and part one of the same on election irregularities.
  • The Lott Report on the broken statistical model offered by the official figures.
  • The compilation of local election theft, dead voters, mass-mailed ballots, blank ballots, procedural failures, excluded monitors, and so on.

Each of these is strong enough to win. So is the Bush v. Gore case that Trump keeps trying to get a court to hear. However, these are not his focus; these are the proof not of an election steal, but of a System steal.

As opined here before, Trump wanted to drain the swamp, but knew that from past investigations into the Clintons, it is almost impossible to nail these people because they systematically destroy evidence by hiding behind a wall of incompetence, obscurity, and chaotic behavior.

Like most criminals, they like filth, disorder, vice, corruption, and laxity (“liberalization”) because these help hide their criminal deeds. In this cloud of chaos and ineptitude, nothing indictable stands out, so they get away with it each time.

Consequently, Trump dangled the election on a stick for them. They took the bait, not once but possibly twice in Georgia — I have not yet looked at the figures — and each time, he and his “shadow team” caught the data.

In my view, Trump has two teams. The public team exists to force us to see how corrupt these people are by revealing the pattern of criminal behavior and then showing us how no one in this silk glove coup compromised government will even address it.

The big story of this election theft is the blackout. Media would not report it; instead, they ran Pravda-style fairytales where white knight Joe Biden defeated the loathsome, bloated, and evil billionaire from the sewers of New York. Social media banned it. Courts wouldn’t touch it.

In showing us this daily, the public team makes us aware that we have been conquered. The private team, probably resembling Richard Marcinko’s Seal Team Red more than anything else, hang out in secluded areas and trap SIGINT for use in the most powerful tool invented since the 1970s: contact-tracing.

Contact-tracing is how they nabbed Ghislaine Maxwell:

She was located using global-positioning-system (GPS) data from a phone that had made calls to her lawyer, sister and husband.

The basic idea is that if you figure out who people interact with, and who those people interact with, you can do a statistical sort and see relatedness, which tells you what “cells” (autonomous cadres) are operating within a territory. It helps bust terrorists and organized crime, too.

I think Trump captured dialogue between the kingpins and paymasters in this game, and got contact-tracing information on all the players, then captured them on tape. He has enough to use those twenty thousand sealed indictments he filed a couple years ago.

This comes straight out of the Rudy Giuliani playbook. If you think his court cases are hasty, consider that they may not be his day job, which would be to trap and eliminate Deep State cells. Only then can he get to the big bosses and take them down with RICO suits.

Trump is either incompetent, or this is what he has done. No signs of incompetence have manifested so far, so I think he is simply forcing people to reveal themselves now. He is letting them get away with their scam. He will still be president when he springs the trap and they all go to jail.

Take heart. This is a good time to be alive. The scam has been revealed, the silk glove occupiers have been revealed, and we the people who want Traditional America back (instead of Amerika, the Soviet-style ersatz occupier) are not going to go away. Neither are these issues.

January Sixth was not the end-all be-all. It was simply another demonstration while the shadow team prepares the final assault. The arrogant, pretentious, and most of all criminal political elites will never see it coming, and when they do, it will be too late to do anything but flee to China and beg for mercy.

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