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Donald Trump, Generation X Style President

When the planes hit the twin towers on 9/11, Generation X shrugged and laughed. We knew this was coming; we had told people for years. No one would listen, and instead they gaslight us with some drama about how diversity was going to save the world.

They reigned for the 1990s, the liars. They endured the 1980s with clenched teeth as Ronald Reagan tried to catch a tenth of the damage the 1960s had done as was halfway successful. He saved us from the big bad, the Cold War, which had all of us certain that nuclear holocaust was imminent.

However, he could not undo the double streams of our downfall because each was protected by one party:

  • The Left wanted diversity, socialism, affirmative action, feminism, and promiscuity to become mainstream. These things erase organic culture, family, faith, and heritage, so the Right opposed them.
  • The Right wanted more business, military, and Christian influence on American life, which produced a sick hybrid of the “Protestant work ethic” with the soulless bureaucratic job wrapped in a million red tape rules.

The Right reacted to the 1960s, in which the Left dominated culture by combining the traditional American emphasis on libertarian-style “freedom” with the post Civil War notion of “equality,” creating a prole-formula of “freedom through equality,” which makes no sense.

That reaction brought us a Right that ceded cultural and social ground so that it might preserve function, but in over-emphasizing that, it made us a society of corporate jobs where saying the wrong thing would ruin your career and you worked ten hours a day because a dozen people wanted your job.

Social order fell apart. When you get even a little diversity — of any form: ethnic, religious, cultural, racial — in your society, standards relax or “liberalize,” causing them to become irrelevant as they expand to enclose the standards of all of the groups in the society.

Standards only work because they are semi-arbitrary guides to behavior. When one group goes to pray on Sunday, and the other on Tuesday, the result is not that you have two holy days, but that the concept of holy days goes out the window. Worship whenever, we say, so that we are never the aggressor telling you that your religious practices are wrong.

Back in the 1980s, we saw the last stand of Western Culture as this diversity liberalization (this is why the Left loves diversity: it abolishes standards and erases groups, leaving only lonely people seeking a cause to make life bearable) destroyed every aspect of our culture. Art, sex, wisdom, debate, conversation, religion, and even language fell under the blade of the need to be inoffensive to a mixed group, and to tolerate every group and every person. We learned that tolerance means that good and bad are equal, since outside of gross transgressions like murder, we accept any behavior, so long as they have money to pay for it, of course.

This meant that by the 1990s we had a generation in despair. The Grateful Dead got on the radio with “Touch of Grey” and soon every corporation wanted to appeal to the new normal, the ex-hippies. They combined hard profits with social justice (a renamed “socialism”) and created a new ethos of loving your job because it was more than a paycheck, it was a calling. And yet, there was nothing to rebel against, because while the buildings were still standing and the old names remained, nothing was left. Every position of power was filled by Clinton-style hippies, and in each one, they were busy erasing the organic Ethnic Western European Nordid-Cromagnid-Dalofaelid (EWENCD, pronounced “evinced”) and any of the elements of its culture.

By the end of the 1990s, most of the heritage American population had withdrawn from society entirely. They went to their jobs, but were black boxes. They made polite conversation, were friendly, and did what was required of them, but then they were gone. The sense of America as a group effort had been killed by diversity. Like most great events, 9/11 changed nothing, but revealed what had been going on for some time.

People found themselves confused about how these terrorists could walk among us. Obviously, most Americans feared being accused of being “racist” more than they worried about jihad taking down some large buildings. Our organizations, packed with Clinton appointees, seemed to be unable to respond to emergencies for which they were not trained, nor could they figure out what was relevant in the information coming across their desks and share it. Consequently, despite having much more warning than at Pearl Harbor, America failed to act, even though stopping the attack would have been relatively simple (and using methods like the Israeli security profiling checklist would have stopped such attacks). At this point in America, careers mattered more than reality, so people sought to avoid controversy and pursue excessive displays of loyalty to the ex-hippie herd, who were believers in equality and its attendant (diversity, pluralism, tolerance, pacifism, compromise, utilitarianism) tributaries, and if that meant letting a few terrorist attacks go by, it could not matter, because no one could be blamed.

The writer William Gibson noted that a dark shadow fell over America around 9/11. Being a Leftist, he chose to believe that it was some fantastical conspiracy theory where George W. Bush was a tyrant who would bring about the fascist corporate state, but history punched the lights out of that one. It turned out that the dark shadow came from within, a terminal spirit disease showing itself, in that we were a population ruled by doubt, fear, and a defensive apathy that kept us from connecting to the fact that our civilization was in free-fall decline. The disease had been with us a long time, since at least the time of the Mongol invasions, and reflected how our society had prospered after centuries of being poor, and in doing so, attracted parasites from all over the world. Our dark shadow was a lack of hope based on the fact that our civilization had no sensible order, which meant that we lived in doubt and expected the end at any moment. Our darkness came from our embrace of anarchy and individualism, since that creates a society with no standards, and therefore no sense of itself. Diversity merely feasted on that.

When doddering George H. Bush announced the “New World Order” on September 11, 1990, he simply amplified the Reagan notion of ruling the world by economic forces instead of direct military action where possible:

Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a new world order — can emerge: a new era — freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony.

Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we’ve known. A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak.

America and the world must defend common vital interests — and we will. America and the world must support the rule of law — and we will. America and the world must stand up to aggression — and we will.

His point was not globalism, but global American hegemony defending the rule of law, common vital interests, and anti-aggression; this was basically the same idea that we enshrined in our propaganda during the world wars. Bush did not present a radical plan, but an old one, rooted in both our Revolution which claimed to be against tyranny and the French Revolution, which sought to make “the strong respect the rights of the weak.” In many ways, this was simply the maturation of liberalism, or the idea of individualism instead of natural order, so that our version won out over the Soviet version which was rapidly declining. The torch of Leftist passed from Europe to the United States.

Clinton took that further, as Leftists often do, combining “workers of the world unite” with what big business has always wanted, an abolition of national borders so that business can expand and both exploit foreign resources and sell our products abroad. For business, government and unions had become a persistent problem, so starting with Lee Iacocca in the 1980s, it began offshoring and outsourcing abroad for labor, importing assemblies to bolt together here and brand with high-cost first-world labels for mostly third-world labor. This let us trade on the brand of the first world while utilizing the expense curve of the third world.

At this point, it became clear that what Francis Fukuyama feared was true had come to pass: the world had standarded on liberal democratic market socialism, or democracy + civil rights + free markets + entitlements, and nothing would ever change. It would just keep going on and on, forever. Generation X had always suspected this, and it deepened their malaise; every year, they knew, things would be worse, until we were just another place like South America, Canada, Southern Europe, or Eastern Europe where everything is corrupt, nothing is excellent, and yet we still must act out pretend roles as if it was a first-world society with functional institutions. Samuel Huntington argued that history always advances and therefore divisions would emerge in this fungible human world order, based mostly on religion but also on ethnic group, and that therefore, people would begin to fight for their culture against all others; Robert Putnam pointed out that diversity erodes social trust and creates societies of people “hunkered down” in their fortress homes while bearing an attitude of violent pre-emptive apathy toward the world; Ted Kaczynski showed us the psychology of Leftism, and how they adopted a pose of victimhood in order to not be attacked for their non-productive behavior, while adhering to a symbolic belief in equality to disguise that fact. We saw glimmers of hope, but nothing much else.

After 9/11, we relied on Bush II to clean up much as Reagan did by defeating our enemies and restoring a world order where America led. While he eventually took this too far, the objections of that era were more of the nature that people saw the enemy had been defeated, and this prompted a public demand to forget the 3,000 victims of 9/11 and go back to the old Clinton order (via Obama) of reselling third world products with our pricey first world labels, calling ourselves a “service economy” so we had an excuse to screw around all day on Facebook. Apathy had won at a crawl. Our lack of culture turned into a democratized celebrity culture where everyone stunted on social media for attention, assuming that civilization was as Fukuyama said it was, permanent, and required no contribution from us. The movie Empire Records captures this view perfectly, even if the filmmakers seemed to endorse it. It was as if we had been caught in the 1990s forever, rejecting the 1980s when the WASPs almost recaptured their society from the ravages of the 1960s.

This meant that Generation X never had much hope. We saw a world based on insane assumptions, pursuing symbolic goals, and denying reality, whether through the divorces of our parents, the robotic adults of 1980s teen flicks, the nuclear holocaust threatening to erupt at any minute, or the completely meaningless existence of corporate jobs, consumer shopping, and the ritual of democracy. Much as in Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451, people lived through vicarious experience and distraction; much as in 1984 and Naked Lunch, those who expressed something outside of the social orthodoxy were suppressed by others so that those others could rise. The end stage of human society turned out to be a true endgame.

For Generation X, our experience consisted of disorders for which we now have names: gaslighting and the Stockholm Syndrome. We were surrounded by more powerful media than had ever existed before, a system capable of repeating the same lie through thousands of outlets, knowing that people would repeat it to one another as a means of being witty or clever. When a television comedy show made fun of Reagan, you could be assured to hear the same comment for the next fourteen days from every celebrity, politician, professor, pundit, expert, and even all of your friends. Social control was complete. A few opinion-makers ruled society, even if not wealthy, and they exercised this power to make themselves into demigods, seemingly unconcerned about what this did to the little people.

During our time, diversity went from a rare thing — a couple kids in your class who were Black, Korean, or Mexican — to something that invaded every area of life. Just as how in the 1980s one could justify any action or program by claiming that it helped “the poor,” now you could make any idea or proposal into a winner by claiming that it helped further multiculturalism (as diversity was called in the past). Our society rededicated itself to diversity, much as in 1866 it redirected itself toward equality, and in 1968 toward pluralism. The gaslighting told us that this was a good thing leading to success, but we began to see that as compensatory behavior, a denialism designed to hide our screaming descent into the abyss for long enough that older generations could die with their fortunes intact. There was a cruelty in their actions, too; they hated us for having more life left than they did, since as individualists they believed both in nothing higher than the individual and no personal immortality, and thus to them death was the end not just of themselves but of everything. As Nietzsche pointed out, the human desire to set up an “objective” universal space of truth, values, and communications promptly created a human-only world with no room for reality, nature, or God.

Donald Trump came from an older generation than X, but he was more like us than we realized. He grew up with high-powered parents who were never there, like us latchkey kids; he saw the incompetence of government, the insanity of the Left, and the power of denial up close because he was not just working in the system, but powerful in it. Then he experienced the Clinton years, and watched all of the industry flee and the moribund, Carter-Obama style economy move in during the second Clinton term. By the time Obama came around, Trump had seen the endgame of Western Civilization: equality means you can do anything, and if something goes wrong it is not your fault, so if you have not seized the wealth and power, you are broken; this creates a society of narcissistic sociopaths.

He now faces the most difficult test of his power. He recognizes that things have been bad for a very long time. He knows that in order to win against the Swamp, he must avoid falling in the trap of the Clinton impeachment and Benghazi hearings. That is, when you oppose people who hide behind the rules, destroy evidence systematically, and confuse all efforts by working like organized crime lords through in-person meetings off-the-record only, you cannot pursue them after the fact. You have to catch them in the act, and you have to catch all of them at the same time doing the same thing. Only then can you get what you want, which is the conviction of the whole group, which gives you an excuse to fire everybody except those who can demonstrate that they were not part of the scheme.

For this reason, he has to play weak. He has to get beat up and look like he is without a clue. He has to embolden his enemies to do even more horrible things by letting them get away with their earlier transgressions, or so it seems. He must play the fool and lure them in. He successfully misdirected all efforts to understand what he was doing with a series of lawsuits, appeals, and testimonies that were ignored, censored, or denied. He wants to show the American people that China rules this country through its industry, which wanted badly to be active in China, and to do so, had to sell itself to the government there. He wants to show that our press is a propaganda agent of China, that our judges are cowed by Chinese influence, that our industry bows to China, and that the Democrats want a Chinese takeover so that Leftism rules forever. Our foe is not the Uniparty; the Uniparty is what happens when no one can oppose one party because they have too much money. We should fear one-party rule, because that is what Democrats have intended since WW2 or earlier, and they have been able to come very close with Chinese money.

The rise of Trump caught them off-guard, so they have been retaliating against him in fear. They are in denial, and they depend on the denial of the herd in order to rule, but Trump showed us a path to the future that did not involve denial, mainly by removing Leftist taxes, immigration, globalism, and over-regulation. He is a moderate, at the core, who simply applies common sense: when things go wrong, peel back the last few decisions you made, and start where you were before things started going wrong. This threatens to upend the whole apple cart, and will wreck the complex political machine that Democrats erected with FDR, JFK, and LBJ. Trump is about to un-do seventy-five years of domination of the government by far-Left ideologues and business interests, and the Democrats have gone into overdrive mode to try to stop him.


Let me tell you a little story.

Long ago the shopkeepers found that they could overthrow the kings. The power of the kings came from their position of being closer to God because of their natural ability, and the shopkeepers needed an alternate explanation for their rule, so they came up with the “will of the people.” This means that you take a group and ask what makes them happy; they will shout random answers since they do not know, which means that you offer them a compromise. They get more power, and thus more money, or more money, and thus more power, every year. They will support you in overthrowing the kings, being Dunning-Kruger serfs and therefore having no idea of what they are doing. You can then rule in perpetuity, turning to the people whenever you need more power and claiming to defeat a perpetual enemy like poverty, racism, classism, ableism, sexism, alcoholism, drug use, or missing socks in the wash.

This split society into two groups, the popularity party and the realism party. Any time the realism party got too popular, the popularity party would claim that the realism party was taking something from the people that they wanted, usually the ability to do whatever they wanted and face no consequences while getting subsidized for doing so. Culture resisted this for a long time, and religion did what it could, but over time, no one can resist the tide of social popularity because it comes from all angles. A lie will travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on, as the saying goes, and when that lie comes from most of the population, it quickly overwashes the truths and replaces them. Societies drift from reality and then become hostile to reality, because if it is shown that these societies were living for a lie, everyone feels stupid, and this thought makes them very angry.

They kept that going for centuries. When they ran into trouble, the solution was always to add “more equality” so the “will of the people” could assert itself against the onslaught by the meanie realists. However, each time this was done, the society came closer to death. When good and bad are equal — instead of saying that we should do good to the good, and bad to the bad, under equality we do good to both good and bad, a form of pacifism — meaning cannot exist, and soon people become selfish, mean, and bitter. Over time, the apathy grows, as does the sabotage. Vandalism becomes common. People turn into whores, adopt materialistic viewpoints, and spend most of their time trying to be more clever and ironic than one another, so that they can be popular, because popularity means power and thus, money.

Sometime in the 1960s, a Chinese businessman flew to New York, and then Chicago. He stopped at many homes, and repeated the same offer. China was growing important and wealthy. Only those who did what China wanted would be able to take advantage of this wealth. This required not only obeying, but passing along some kompromat, which means material that would destroy the person if it was released. In this way, China bought and blackmailed itself into power simultaneously in industry, government, media, academia, and even the military. The Chinese have been doing this tactic for thousands of years, and have practiced it to an art form. At first, China did not have much excess money, but their leaders realized that for the price of one battleship, they could disable a thousand. As China grew wealthier in the 1990s, they moved up to funding presidential candidates, and they had kompromat on thousands if not tens of thousands of people.

These servitudes passed on from father to sons and daughters. After all, who wanted to be left out of the greatest opportunity for power, money, and status in history? You have to think of your career in times such as these. In the 1960s, they erected diversity policies, which China knew would fragment the country. They encouraged dissolution of the family. They used their captive judges to break American law in a thousand places. Everywhere they went, they used altruism as a cover story for waging destruction upon the American nation. Eventually, by the late 1960s, they achieved a popular uprising in the name of Communism lite, and were able to seize positions of power and importance. Those who were not already compromised had midnight visits from people who pretended to be from organized crime groups. These explained the choice: either come on board, or face the risk of violence or, worse, having your career destroyed by those who are already part of the cult.

Like martial artists, they took advantage of the inertia of a society leading to altruism anyway, because every individualist loves altruism since it allows him to make a public symbolic gesture of goodness that conceals all the bad that he is doing. Even more, no matter what he is doing, he can claim that it advances equality, the policy form of altruism; the rioters destroying American cities for “civil rights” understood this inherently, and claimed racial grievances any time they wanted new TVs. Crowdism joined Communism, itself a descendent of Crowdism, in tearing apart a once-strong nation, but it rotted it from within. On the surface, everything still looked like it worked. People took the system at face value and worked within the procedures and rules, deferring to those instead of looking at the road ahead. This enabled the Chinese and hippies to twist the rules, forcing everyone to invoke their own distant future doom.

In the 2008 election, many votes were stolen, but it was realized that this system was inefficient. Finding dead voters, dementia patients, homeless drunks, ex-cons, and ghetto dwellers to bus in to polling stations took time and money, and was relatively easily detected. They came up with a new scheme: use algorithms to change the vote. They recognized that, since voting was anonymous, all they had to do was generate a stack of ballots, and no one would ever know if these corresponded to real people or not. When these were digital, it was easy to hack the underlying operating system and digitally edit the contents of the hard drive, so that the software running the voting machines had no idea it was being played. If that failed, they could do it at the hardware level, swapping out a drive and sticking it in another machine to edit the numbers, then passing it back. The whole system was insecure, sloppy, and best of all, comprised of fifty different varieties.

The seeming popularity of the Left brought a great number of people on board because people feel best when they are betting on a winning horse named “the arc of history.” They want to believe that they are participating in something significant. They crave making their mark upon history, even if through destruction. China hacked America through its voting machines, but also through its individualistic ego. “The Westerner, so independent,” said a Chinese general. “We will destroy what they believe in, making them serve themselves, at which point they are easily bought, coerced, bullied, or dosed in propaganda.” Similarly the 2012 elections were taken, using the new technology. Then came 2016, when an unexpected landslide caught the manipulators unawares, and they stole too few votes and therefore, lost. This setback riled those in China.

They had set up a network at this point. In America, political machines in the big cities bought votes from the poor and clueless, and ensured that local bureaucrats, police, and poll workers would do what they were told. Unions provided funding and a connection to organized crime, which leant muscle and would intimidate any who would not comply. Organized crime in turn managed the kickbacks, by which government floated out huge payments to companies for work that was often not done or partially done, and those companies then hired or paid consulting fees to politicians or family members. Everyone got rich, just as the Chinese promised. They also created the greatest money-laundering empire in history, allowing Mexican cartels to swap money through the businesses providing kickbacks, receiving in return untraceable cash for a fee. Much of this was used to invest in Silicon Valley, creating lifelong relationships with those firms in exchange for the ability to open up shop in China.

Donald Trump saw all of this, and acted. This is a binary: either he is competent, and he did what is rational, or he is not and he did not. No evidence so far suggests that he is incompetent or weak. I cannot claim to know the future any more than you can, but based on his competence and the resources available to him, I suggest that this happened.

He hired Rudy Giuliani to prepare a team to take down the organized crime, political machines, unions, and spies through the type of RICO cases that Giuliani had used to take down the New York mob. He assembled a small but highly competent team of military officers, spies, and law enforcement who were using contract tracing software — this is the technology of our era — which enabled them to see which people interacting with others and track the structure of this criminal organization that way. This group lay in wait for the 2018 and 2020 elections, as well as possibly the Georgia elections, and captured lots of signals intelligence which they were able to correlate to show patterns. These patterns revealed a conspiracy. Even more, they tracked back across the sea not to Germany or Italy, but to China, or at least Chinese personnel operating in Russia or Switzerland. Trump had connected the foot soldiers to the kingpins and paymasters.

Now all that was left was a maskirovka, or deception. Trump had to keep everyone looking anywhere but where he was acting. With twenty thousand sealed indictments, he could “John Doe” the participants in the election fraud and get warrants to tap their phones, CCTV, and internet. That however produced a lot of information, and getting that into the form of final indictments would take even more work. Even more, Trump feared what would happen when he acted. The population might fear it was experiencing a coup, so he had to show them that the bad guys really were very bad. This required him to play the fool and let them beat the heck out of him.

He went out there with his court cases and evidence, just like some dumb guy who took the system at face value, which is how the Democrats see him, by the way. He got turned down every time. He made speeches and presented the evidence, only for social media to censor it and media in lock-step to refuse to mention it, instead repeating like Chinese or Soviet propaganda the same phrases, arguments, zingers, and characterizations designed to make him look bad, weak, and stupid. He went out on the Capitol lawn and made a low-energy speech presenting no new information, looking weak, and then let the Left have their Reichstag fire, knowing that they would then move to destroy him and the Right. He let this play out so that at the time of this writing, the censorship has intensified to Communist levels.

This presents a problem for the Left. Trump knew that as a Right-wing leader, he had to avoid appearing like Hitler; the same applies to the Left, except that they have to avoid appearing to be like the Soviet and Chinese Communists. Right now, they are behaving exactly like the Chinese Communists, who are repressing dissent in Hong Kong the same way they are doing it here. The Left, emboldened, has stopped being cautious. They feel victory in their grasp. They have even stated that they want to arrest Right-wingers and put them in gulags, err, “re-education camps.” They have deleted every Right-wing site from the internet that is of any size, removed Right-wingers from social media, and have begun destroying lives. They let the rioters into the Capitol to manufacture an event that they felt would give them a justification for destroying Trump.

Mysterious leaks confounded them. How had their scam of hacking SolarWinds, orchestrated by the NSA who gave intel directly to China, been revealed? Perhaps the commando team that Trump had assembled knew their stuff after all, and trapped SolarWinds traffic with the elections. That should have warned them. So should the warnings from Trump, Sidney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani. But, drunk with power and obsessed with death, the Left did not listen. They blamed Russia, which is partially true, since the Chinese have kompromat on Vladimir Putin going back to his days in the USSR. Russia plays the fall guy, and hosts the Chinese teams, who work from a building owned by a company with connections to government that rises only slightly against the Moscow skyline.

When the Democrats try to inaugurate Biden, they will have completed the crime. They will have stolen an election by fraud for the benefit of a foreign power, which is treason, and numerous espionage laws cover this. Trump has spent the last four years in part clearing out certain sections of government, and within agencies, that are loyal to him, even if in contradiction of the will of their employers. These people operate in secrecy and are probably lie detector tested daily to see if they have been compromised. China, Clinton, Wall Street, and Obama have probably never heard of these people, who are LARPing as inconsequential paper-pushers.

When the time comes, the indictments will come out. The cuffs will go on. All Trump needs is a court, somewhere, that will hand down these charges. All he needs are a few people with mid-level authority in government to achieve his goals. He is not incompetent, and he does not want to go down in history as a has-been; even more, he knows that he and his family will be jailed or worse if he does not succeed. He has competent people with him who are playing the fool in public to fit into the Leftist stereotype of the Right, and even crazy Lin Wood who takes bong rips and posts QAnon mashups knows what is going on. Their job is to distract, convincing the Left that Trump is insane, while he prepares his ultimate takedown.

It will happen quietly. Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the next president of the United States. There will be dancing in the streets on CNN again, but muted this time, because everyone feels the gravity of regime change and the terror of having these weird, disconnected, and robotic people ruling over us. Most of America now stands with Trump, having seen that the Left intends to go full Communist while hiding that fact. Then, weeks or months later, he will move in to strike, using people that his enemy never anticipated would come into play.

We know that this is the final battle for our future. Do we remain a free nation, or become a vassal state? Only time can tell. However, Trump has never been anyone’s fool, and any of us would have done the same thing in his position. He has lured them out, made them reveal themselves as the horrors that they are, and he will let them have their victory, for awhile, knowing that it in turn inaugurates their defeat.

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