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Sometimes people ask, how do I know when I am on the right track? My answer involves getting all the relevant data on the table and figuring out what sort of process has been going on.

While the Left blitzes us with FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Despair) about the Trump vote fraud investigation and court cases, let us renew our knowledge of what has happened so that we can know what process has been going on, so that then and only then can we fit details into it.

First, a massive media blitz occurred. All of media fell into lock-step, including for the first time Drudge Report and Fox News. The seat of conservative media vanished with that single step, leaving us relying on Breitbart and Newsmax.

Next, a massive social media blitz occurred. All conservatives who were actually effective and not just effete careerist Buckleyite “Christian libertarians” who are content to lose so long as the donations keep rolling in, just like their churches have long ago abandoned the hope of winning and focus only on expressing fatalistic and melancholy self-pity, were removed. This was done under the pretense of whatever rules — anti-harassment, bad language, fake news — could be marshaled, but no one cared about the real reason. It was a conclusion looking for a justification, not a goal seeking an implementation.

Then, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris waged the least sincere presidential campaign in history. They showed up in a few places and read the teleprompter. They gave a few interviews. The press was content to carry them on the “we’re not Trump” ticket, and everything else was repeated Obama dogma.

During this time, we had nearly a year of race riots over killings that later turned out to be not so clear-cut. George Floyd died of a drug overdose; Breonna Taylor helped her ex-boyfriend murder people and sell drugs. Ahmaud Arbery was guilty.

Also during this time, a conspiracy of governors and mayors took China at its word, assumed that COVID-19 was the end of the world, and shut everything down so that mail-in ballots would be required, despite increasing evidence that COVID-19 is only a threat to those already sick and dying. We had lots of nurses to TikTok dance and mask Karens to wag fingers at us, but almost no one mentioned that Vitamin D, zinc, and physical fitness could save just about anyone from this disease.

All of this came on top of four years of disproven scandals: RussiaGate and the golden showers dossier, SpyGate where our intelligence services got a pass for spying on a candidate, the IRS cracking down on conservatives, Stormy Daniels, fake rape accusations, and an impeachment on highly shaky grounds.

During this time the Leftist press never hesitated to tell the worst type of lies, half-truths, while labeling any mention of the missing facts as “fake news” and censoring it anywhere they could, especially on social media, while destroying lives of those who spoke dissident opinions. They have gaslit us for years and now moved on to revenge, intimidation, and destruction of the careers of those who fail to toe the party line.

Then there are the election results. Ballot-stuffing, ballot-destroying, tricks to invalidate Trump votes, mysterious flipped votes, statistical anomalies, excluded election monitors, poll workers filling out ballots, and the dead and dementia patients voting tell us that this was not a legitimate election.

No one does this amount of stuff if they are going to win the election anyway. They do it to beat you into submission so you just go along with their plan, which makes them feel smarter and superior to you because they successfully abused you.

We have seen this before. Bullies do not seek power, but the feeling of having shattered another person and gotten away with it. Serial killers enjoy taunting the police through media. Organized crime loves its brazen acts, which makes it appear more powerful to those who fear it.

This is not real power. When Vladimir Putin steals an election, he gets 90% of the votes and there are no evidence trails or suspicions. These are the acts of a desperate, unstable party that knows it has failed in its past century of rule and is being replaced by populism.

These are the acts of an unstable third world Communist regime which knows that its published facts and figures are lies, that its economy and social milieu are unstable, and that if it has competition from the US and EU, it will collapse sooner rather than later.

We are in the midst of an attempted coup. We either choose China/Biden, or survival/Trump, and with Trump, we get off of the Leftist mania and compulsion that has gripped us for years and go back to what we know works, even if it is not “woke” or “equal.”

We are fighting for our survival. So are they. Their backs are against the wall and they are taking absurd risks.

If anyone believes that the 3 AM vote dump that “won” this election for Joe Biden was real, that the subsequent fraudulent acts by states to keep their rigged votes “certified” is sincere, or that in a race where Republicans won across the board, Trump lost, they have not been paying attention.

Trump specializes in playing weak when he is strong. If he allows his staff to prepare for transition, it is to save them from what will be done to them if they do not, and also to buy time. His enemy grows bolder and has no idea that it is stepping into a trap.

Consider, for example, that if Joe Biden is in fact working for China, even if indirectly and he does not know it, he will commit the mother of all felonies if he starts receiving intelligence briefings. So will any who worked to get him there.

We can win this one. It takes resolve, and for us to stop cucking and being like those churches, accepting defeat and deciding to just make themselves feel better through charity and wealth. That is the behavior of a heroin addict, not a winner.

We want to be winners. We can stop gossiping, stop doubting, and form a resolute front. We can say that this election was stolen loudly and clearly, based on the abundant evidence, and win this one for Trump and our future.

If we do not, Biden will be Obama II. Foreigners will flood our lands. Corrupt bureaucrats will take over what is left of our government. Big Tech will keep its monopoly and make more deals with China, sealing its subservience to their government.

We can choose life, and we should, if we believe we are legitimate. We owe nothing to the world; we owe survival to ourselves. This begins with standing firm and rejecting this stolen election, demanding recounts and legal accountability, until the rightful winner is inaugurated president — again.

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