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Courts Push Trump Toward The Samson Option

In my dream a young man works late at night in a small office in a forgotten wing of the White House, writing intelligence reports. The door opens and three men in black balaclavas and black military fatigues point weapons at him.

The march him down the hall, right past the Marine guard. The man looks up and sees sweat running down the face of the guard; he is frightened, and will not look at the invaders or their victim. The man looks ahead to the elevator that will take him down to the catacombs below the White House.

He had noticed earlier in the day that the elevator doors seemed to frequently get stuck if the button for the lower level was pressed. Swallowing his fear, he gets into the elevator with them but then, as they relax for the journey, hits the lower level button and steps out. The doors close and jam.

He walks into the Oval Office. He tells the President. The wary man before him says, “They come every night. No one will stop them, because everyone has something to be compromised. Family, friends, a secret spot by the lack that can be burned into toxic mud. No one can be trusted.”

He walks in front of the window, moonlight spilling through his hair. “We have to take out the structure before they get to everyone,” he says. “Our people are afraid. We are going to have to take it down at the roots. And I want everyone to remember, that I did not want this, but they made it inevitable.”

Waking up in sweat, one finds oneself back in the same dreary reality. Our days are ruled by dread and doubt in this interregnum, daily suspended in confusion by uncertainty over the future and distrust in our ruling institutions.

We are right to distrust them. The Supreme Court refuses to take cases, the lower courts refuse to enforce subpoenas and ignore evidence, and everyone seems to be caught up in a mass trend that says it is socially unacceptable to consider anything but a Biden win.

Sheep follow each other in herding patterns, after all. When those who are successful seem to be doing the same thing, others simply imitate them, and so soon you create a society which refuses to see anything but its own pretentious, self-serving affirmation of “keep on doing what we have been doing.”

In this society, you get ahead by affirming the dogma. When we say that history is defined by ideas, this is what we mean: each age has some idea to it that, if you implement it in your work, will rarely get you criticized and will usually get you rewarded.

The idea of the twentieth century turned out to be equality, especially civil rights, market socialism, and democracy. These took over so that by the last quarter of the twentieth century, liberal democracy became the de facto system of human government everywhere, spreading American-style cities across the globe.

By the end of the century, Mozambique looked roughly like Maryland, where at the start of the century the two were exotic to one another. Every place has roads, phones, sewers, cops, the same cars, the same products, and so on. The idea of our age — equality, liberal democracy — dominated the world.

For this reason, we are seeing very few people willing to turn against the inertia of this idea, or its increase and further domination. Farage and Trump, as people suggesting another direction other than the two sides (more order, more free stuff) to this idea, are seen as interlopers and opposed.

Every time humans set up a civilization, they start to lose knowledge of why they do things over time, so they set up a System to remember that for them. Systems operate on rules and methods, with it being assumed that the goals will be unknown, non-extant, or known only to a few (esoteric).

People learn to do what the System rewards. This means that they internalize its ideas. They also want to get along with other people working in the system, so they tone down any ideas they have which might conflict with the dominant idea.

We have now seen multiple state, federal, and even Supreme Court judges punt on the Trump lawsuits to introduce his evidence against that the election was stolen in 2020. That this has happened, coupled with the media censorship and propaganda, tells us that American democracy has died.

However, we should not be surprised, since the people involved are just working within the system. Among those who are insiders, it is considered beyond question that Trump is bad and must be removed, therefore stealing the election is not bad, but good.

When SCOTUS punts on this one, you are seeing each member of that group think, “Can I afford to have most of Washington be my enemy?” When a lower judge kicks it away, you are seeing her think, “Can my career afford this?” And on down the line; no one will touch that which offends most of the group!

Systems — even simple ones, like in your group of friends down at the pub — display enormous resistance to change because they are motivated by individualism. Everyone wants his career to succeed, her name to be popular at the bar, their special interest group to win. Through unity around a centralized command structure, Systems create division and make selfishness triumph.

Trump realizes that what we need now is a System dump, meaning where we drop basically everything but life support and then rebuild. We have populated our System with careerists, and they will never do anything but support the System. He has just proven this to the American people.

Did anyone else notice the events of this week? SCOTUS turned down the Texas lawsuit, and then Trump announced that he was going to take things in a different direction. An utter bloodbath has followed, but not in government:

  • Two million Chinese spies.

    Ms Markson said the leak is a register with the details of Communist Party members, including their names, party position, birthday, national ID number and ethnicity.

    Ms Markson said the leak demonstrates party branches are embedded in some of the world’s biggest companies and even inside government agencies.

    “Communist party branches have been set up inside western companies, allowing the infiltration of those companies by CCP members – who, if called on, are answerable directly to the communist party, to the Chairman, the president himself,” she said.

  • SolarWinds hack.

    CISA believes the attack began at least as early as March. Since then, multiple government agencies have reportedly been targeted by the hackers, with confirmation from the Energy and Commerce departments so far.

    CISA said those behind the attack used network management software made by SolarWinds, a Texas-headquartered IT firm, to breach the government networks.

    As many as 18,000 SolarWinds Orion customers downloaded a software update that contained a backdoor, which the hackers used to gain access to the networks.

    Even more, they have managed to penetrate Microsoft:

    Like with the cyberattack of SolarWinds, hackers infiltrated Microsoft products and then went after others, Reuters said, citing people familiar with the matter. According to the story, it’s not immediately clear how many Microsoft users were affected.

    “Like other SolarWinds customers, we have been actively looking for indicators of this actor and can confirm that we detected malicious SolarWinds binaries in our environment, which we isolated and removed,” Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s corporate vice president in charge of communications, said in a statement he posted on Twitter. “We have not found evidence of access to production services or customer data.”

    Most people have no idea of the size of this hack, which may be one of the biggest intrusions ever:

    The results of that operation came to light on Dec. 13, when Reuters reported that suspected Russian hackers had gained access to U.S. Treasury and Commerce Department emails. Since then, officials and researchers say they believe at least half-a-dozen U.S. government agencies have been infiltrated and thousands of companies infected with malware in what appears to be one of the biggest such hacks ever uncovered.

    Seven government officials have told Reuters they are largely in the dark about what information might have been stolen or manipulated — or what it will take to undo the damage.

    Does this sound like anything in the past? It might resemble the Stuxnet worm that took out Iranian nuclear facilities a decade ago:

    Because the computers are air-gapped from the internet, however, they cannot be reached directly by the remote attackers. So the attackers have designed their weapon to spread via infected USB flash drives. To get Stuxnet to its target machines, the attackers first infect computers belonging to five outside companies that are believed to be connected in some way to the nuclear program. The aim is to make each “patient zero” an unwitting carrier who will help spread and transport the weapon on flash drives into the protected facility and the Siemens computers.

    It’s not clear how long it took Stuxnet to reach its target after infecting machines at Neda and the other companies, but between June and August the number of centrifuges enriching uranium gas at Natanz began to drop. Whether this was the result solely of the new version of Stuxnet or the lingering effects of the previous version is unknown. But by August that year, only 4,592 centrifuges were enriching at the plant, a decrease of 328 centrifuges since June. By November, that number had dropped even further to 3,936, a difference of 984 in five months. What’s more, although new machines were still being installed, none of them were being fed gas.

  • Google down.

    In a statement, a Google spokesperson said: “Today, at 3.47AM PT Google experienced an authentication system outage for approximately 45 minutes due to an internal storage quota issue. Services requiring users to log in experienced high error rates during this period. The authentication system issue was resolved at 4:32AM PT.”

    This, of course, reminds us that in the past, re-routed traffic has afflicted the internet, and if that re-routing were intentional — that is, coded into the product by its makers — then an interruption there would cause a major outage:

    The internet intelligence division of U.S.-based tech company Oracle has confirmed the results of a 2018 study by the U.S. Naval War College and Tel Aviv University that accused China Telcom, one of China’s biggest state-owned internet services, of rerouting internet traffic from sources in North America, Europe and Asia through Chinese servers before sending it to its intended destination, ZDNet reported Nov. 6.

  • Coronavirus scam.

    The documents reveal that China’s censorship on information about the outbreak began in early January, before coronavirus had even been decisively identified, according to The Times. A few weeks later, government authorities doubled down on anything that suggested that China responded to the virus poorly, including the February 7 death of Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, who originally alerted authorities about the new viral outbreak.

  • Government shutdown.

    A last-minute proposal by GOP Senator Pat Toomey to wind down some of the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending programs stalled negotiations over the relief bill by Friday morning. Democrats worry that slashing the Fed’s authority could be destabilizing for the economy and damaging for the incoming Biden administration.

It looks like things are moving behind the scenes. One thing is for sure: Chris Krebs, the guy who told us that election 2020 was the “most secure election ever,” has quieted himself. It turns out that while he was making this assertion, his network was owned and had been for six months.

SolarWinds manages networks, which means that it is sort of like the boss for those networks. If you can imagine a CTO instructing everyone in a company to install a virus, this is what happened with that hack. Almost certainly it spread to secondary products.

Almost certainly — despite damage control propaganda to the contrary — these included both Microsoft Windows and Dominion voting machines. A hack of this nature can edit data on hard disks directly, so it does not need to enter fake votes; it simply changes the total numbers, silently and invisibly.

Even more, SolarWinds is installed extensively throughout the US government, as are Microsoft products. If those are compromised, someone has access to all of our information.

Who would do something like this? It would require resources to be this clever, and so most likely, a state actor. We have to ask ourselves: does that mean China, or one of our own three-letter agencies?

Although the media blames Russia, they blame everything on Russia, which has denied responsibility for this attack. If it were China, that would be embarrassing. If it were a three-letter American agency working with China and the DNC, well, that would be the classic formula for a coup.

Most coups require a foreign enabler. Someone needs to supply the money, tools, and background information, such as kompromat which can be used to blackmail people — even Supreme Court judges — into complying.

In my experience, the only people with blackmail information are either insiders or those with enough spycraft and personnel to track people of importance for some time, looking for what they hide. A foreign nation can employ an army of forensic accountants and surveillance teams.

It would also help them a great deal to have access to all of the emails and computers on Earth, such as those compromised in this attack. Not surprisingly, many of our nü-elites seem to agree, which is why they limit access that computers have to their private lives:

Yes folks, Zuckerberg tapes over his webcam. The billionaire made the (accidental?) revelation in a Facebook post intended to promote Instagram reaching its latest milestone of half a billion monthly active users.

In the picture Zuckerberg posted, of himself framed by a cardboard Instagram UI (cute), his laptop is visible in the background. And as Christopher Olson pointed out, that laptop has some weird accoutrements:

3 things about this photo of Zuck:

Camera covered with tape
Mic jack covered with tape
Email client is Thunderbird

…[T]he FBI’s director, James Comey: “I put a piece of tape over the camera because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera.”

Perhaps it was a widely-known secret that the people in charge had access to everything. At the very least, people “in the know” seemed to act as if they did.

Equally conjectural, of course, is the idea that Trump has, in response to stonewalling by the courts and Congress, decided to start unleashing what he has found. That will devastate confidence in the American system and prove prima facie that election fraud has happened.

No one does a hack like this without some purpose.

Krebs got owned in a brutal way. He used the usual Leftist dodge: reduce the task X to what we measure Y, and if Y was fine, declare that then obviously, X must be fine. He said that according to what he measured, the election was secure.

That legal sleight-of-hand allows him to turn around and say, “I never said that the NSA and China had compromised our entire intranet. We did not look for that as part of Y, since that is someone else’s department entirely.”

As I have said before, Trump knows how to push situations to the point where the parties come together to make a deal because it is less painful than not having a deal. An interregnum, where we are unsure of who our leaders are, is painful, and Trump is making it more painful as the days go by.

The Left counted on the same thing. In their view, they would lock down the country with a fake pandemic, stage race riots across the land, steal an election, and then take advantage of the fact that most people prefer answers right now, even if mediocre, to answers in the future.

Half of the people bleating on about a Biden presidency simply want the pain to be over. Trump has taken over from the Left, and is increasing the pain. To this, he may have added vast uncertainty, as we see all of our crucial systems have been compromised. That strengthens his case.

Then we have a bit of confusion for Biden as Trump interrupts the transition process. This was first reported with drama as the Pentagon canceled transition meetings:

According to a scoop from Axios, Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller has ordered the Pentagon to “halt cooperation with the transition of President-elect Biden” — a move that has Defense Department officials baffled.

“A top Biden official was unaware of the directive. Administration officials left open the possibility cooperation would resume after a holiday pause. The officials were unsure what prompted Miller’s action, or whether President Trump approved,” Axios reported.

Official sources quickly explained this away as a normal holiday vacation. However, it seems that not everyone agrees that there is anything normal about this cessation:

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team said Friday that they did not agree to a two-week break in critical transfer-of-power discussions with Pentagon officials, despite an assertion from the acting Defense Secretary that both sides had agreed to take such a “holiday pause.”

“There was no mutually agreed upon holiday break,” Yohannes Abraham, executive director of the Biden transition, told reporters Friday. “In fact, we think it’s important that briefings and other engagements continue during this period, as there’s no time to spare.”

The Biden team learned of the delay on Thursday, Abraham said in a briefing call with reporters, where he urged Pentagon officials to resume the meetings and information-sharing critical to national security and continuity of government.

This would make sense, for example, if you thought that things would be vastly changed by January, and you wanted to make sure that no more state secrets went to someone who would then take them directly to China.

As it is right now, Trump has stalled the momentum of the Left. Their assurances that our elections were secure have been shattered, as has the myth that there cannot be fraud or manipulation of these voting machines; the government is headed to shutdown; our vaunted Big Tech companies may be finding themselves cut off from their Chinese control networks.

All of this is conjectural, of course (and my lawyers sighed some relief right there). The real data remains hidden behind data center doors, and the press only knows what people talk about. However, it seems to fit a pattern we have seen from Trump before.

Every confidence scam — a ripoff — requires that the “mark” (the target) be greedy. He wants something that makes life really easy, and he wants it right now. Once he expresses enthusiasm, you know you have got him on the hook, and then you reel him in.

The scam that the Left has going relies on us wanting the election drama to just be over. If the above is even partially correct, Trump has just ensured that we jump out of that loop, and starting wanting to knock what the heck is actually going on.

We should remember that there are two cases here: an election in dispute, and accusations of espionage. Trump team members have said that foreign powers engineered this election theft:

CBS News Senior Correspondent @CBS_Herridge reports that @DNI_Ratcliffe has “told CBS News that there was foreign election interference by China, #Iran, and Russia in November of this year [2020].”

We always hear about Iran and Russia, but China seems to be a new one. That one, the media will not touch. And yet here it is. The second case involves people going to jail for a long time for having collaborated with not just the DNC political machine, but a hostile foreign power.

As I have said before, we think of these as the first case leading to the second, but more likely, Trump has staged something previously unknown in American history: he used this election as bait to lure out the Swamp, the Obama-Clinton political machine, their organized crime allies, unions, media collaborators, their Chinese masters, and perhaps even the Mexican cartels who are helping launder money to pay bribes to American journalists, politicians, bureaucrats, and rioters.

If he has done this, Trump will accomplish as the first act of his second term what he has long promised to do, namely drain the Swamp. RICO suits implicate both the higherups and anyone participating in that event; such people can no longer be in government. Media revealed to be compromised by China, and reporting false information to that effect, can also be reached; they helped in the scam, after all, so are accessories at least, like a witness who tells the cops the bank robbers ran the other way. Anyone who is connected to any of the organizations involved will have to leave public life. Trump can ensnare and destroy two million careers in a single act, cut American government back to a tenth of its size, and debunk whole swathes of anti-poverty and anti-racist programs as the kickback generators they are.

After all, and we should make this clear, he is facing an attempted coup. A foreign power has attempted to conquer the United States, with the aid of our domestic political machines and hideously corrupt crime families like the Biden crime family (who appear crafted in the LBJ and JFK model). Did anyone wonder why no one went to jail in Trump’s first term? To catch people like this, you have to catch them in the act; afterwards, they delete all the evidence, smash the hard drives, and Epstein the witnesses.

They want him gone because Trump has upset the System. As long as the idea of our age continues to be liberal democracy and civil rights, all of these people will have jobs and, more essentially, be important. Like the twerking Tik Tok nurses, they get to be in power and have everyone turn to them for help and support. They become not just wealthy and powerful, but also revered. This salves the need in the soul of every little man like Anthony Fauci, namely that of suppressing the pain of being unimportant, unexceptional, and generally, irrelevant.

With the great quest provided by the ideology of equality, these people can Be Someone. They get to have fancy titles, perks, and get quoted in the press. They dine among the elites, live in the best neighborhoods, and write books that all their buddies agree are really important. For some reason, the cosmopolitan East Coast has always had this kind of polo club culture, but in the hands of lesser people than the WASPs who pioneered this, it has simply become a penis-measuring contest based on fame and power.

If populism has a single idea to counter the singular notion behind Leftism, a.k.a. egalitarianism, it is that of function. Trump wants to take government away from an ideological quest to make us all equal, and make it more into a functional entity like a concierge or mall cop. He wants it to protect culture and business, not engineer them and use the profits to both fundamentally transform America into a socialist state, and pay tons of bureaucrat salaries and kickbacks.

Consequently, following the model time-honored by American intelligence services, they staged a “color revolution” against him. It begins with the perception of popular discontent, through race riots. It proceeds through a lockdown of public life, so that real information is scarce. Then comes the media blitz, international attention, the media riding in to save the day, and then somehow, an election is rushed and the “good guy” wins. That dominates the nation and makes it a slave to whoever staged the color revolution.

When we write the postmortem on liberal democracy, we are going to find that there were a lot of these. People suffered for generations under them. Many died as a result. But, as was the point, they enabled those in power to stay in power by removing any competition. If someone comes up with another way of making civilization work, and it works better than what you are doing, you lose control of your people and face possible revolution. Much like Big Tech buys its competitors, then strangles their products and sells off the ruined companies, Big Government buys its competitors, drains the nations of wealth, and then trades off the husks for political favors.

The important thing to remember about Leftists is that they are bullies who were nerds. They were nobodies, and found a way to be somebodies, and to do that they invented their ideology. The need for power came first, and the ideology exists only to justify it and conceal its actual origins, namely the lack of mental organization in these people that causes them to revert to their lower desires such as a need to dominate others and have wealth and power in order to feel good about themselves. Leftists are not happy people; in fact, they are miserable, which makes them easily become addicted to filling that void with external stuff: gadgets, fad art, titles, perks, and Being Someone.

In a functional America, these people will go back to being nobodies. They will manage small stores. They will collect Beanie Babies. They will live short lives of pointless drama, then die of preventable diseases, and be unmourned because the reason that they were nerds in the first place is that they are entirely dedicated to themselves and tone deaf oblivious to the rest of us, nature, common sense, reality, and of course, any idea of what makes people happy and improves life.

As someone pointed out, the psychology of Leftism has no actual goal, but uses altruism and compassion as its adornments in order to conceal that sublimated impulse to destroy:

Because they are devoted to a theology of self, the hypocrisy of the left is almost as consistent as clockwork.

Leftists only feel good through a negative: removing something, hurting someone, dominating some group. They do not find joy in life, only through replacements for life, like the proxies of wealth, power, and social status. Trump will take all of this from them.

He knows this, and he knows how to manage people like this, just as he managed the petty bureaucrats of New York City and Rudy Giuliani took down all the big mob families at once: you stop taking them at face value, and start treating them like common criminals, using their greed to con them into going too far, at which point you trap them and then say, “Well, I can make all of this go away for you, but you have to do something for me in return…”

Everything that we have seen so far from Trump has involved layers of deception, misdirection, and misinformation. He probably calls up the press office every few days and asks them to find another mailroom guy to “leak” another story about how Trump is angry and sad and will not leave the White House. He knows how to appeal to the greed for power that animates these people; he sees them as knuckleheads wasting their time fighting over shiny objects when the only real power consists of doing things that people authentically admire.

He knows how to feed them things that will turn off their brains. While the courtroom drama has been playing out in public, he has had free reign to investigate whatever he wants in the background. He has time to form teams, lay in wait, and catch China, Clinton, Obama, Buffett, Zuckerberg, and whoever else might be involved with their hands in the cookie jar. He has time to gather evidence and write up indictments.

His actions so far have revealed the enemy. When someone claims an election has been stolen, the sensible thing to do is look into it. Examine the data, explore the narrative, and sort out what is there, sure, but instead all we have seen from the Left, the courts, government, and their media allies has been to stonewall, censor, conceal, delete, refuse, and otherwise reject any possibility of election theft. They have made themselves look guilty, and the more layers of Chinese spies in American government and Chinese-or-NSA hackers in the core of our secure communications he reveals, the more these people are seen to be part of this coup attempt.

By the time January 6 comes around, people are going to want to know what the heck happened. They will want this so badly that it hurts. Why? He has presented us with high drama and an interesting mystery. He has brought out all of the enemies he claimed were against him, made them behave like marionettes in doing exactly what he said they would do, and shown how they are acting as if controlled by the same central authority.

As I have said before, Trump will attack through three layers: procedural, legal, and criminal. The first layer will involve straightening out recounts to narrow the (fake) Biden lead, the second to force states to stop enabling fraudulent votes, and the final, to arrest or at least debunk everyone responsible and get them out of American government, media, and industry. While the Left has been busy fighting the first two layers, Trump has moved ahead with the third.

Inertia is on his side. At first, inertia favored just getting Biden into office so that we did not suffer an interregnum; now, the interregnum has destroyed basically everything that we thought we knew about our society and political system, and so the pressure builds toward just getting Biden off stage. Sweep that embarrassment — the time petty Irish criminals and Chinese con men almost stole our nation — into the dustbin of history and move on.

Why does everything seem to be going wrong, then? Keep in mind that Trump has two options remaining: Bush v. Gore II in the courts, which are so far resisting but might change their tune after the revelations this week and the accumulation of just a bit more inertia pain, and judgment by Congress, which is going to favor what benefits the nation, much as it did during the now-debunked fake impeachment brought about through the fake Steele dossier as part of the fake Russiagate investigation:

Republican electors in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico cast alternative slates of votes for President Donald Trump on Dec. 14, as the certified Democrat electors in the same states cast votes for former Vice President Joe Biden.

While there’s precedent for dueling sets of electors casting votes in a presidential election, the number of states involved in the action sent the 2020 election into uncharted territory. Democrats successfully executed the same gambit in Hawaii in 1960 by casting an alternative set of votes for John F. Kennedy after the state’s governor certified the electors for Richard Nixon.

The dueling sets will likely trigger a contested electoral vote count in Congress. Each slate of electors can be challenged with the approval of one member of the House and one senator. Both chambers of Congress would then retire to debate and vote on the slate.

Note this tiny bit of comedy:

“They saw it with their own eyes. And they wouldn’t be bullied into saying anything different,” Biden said.

Per Brett’s Rule, this means that they were in fact bullied into lying (as is the norm with political machines, organized crime, unions, and China). No one wants to get Seth Riched, but it is easier to threaten them with never having a career again.

Congress will find itself facing a government that has been shut down, massive public distrust in the political process, evidence of fraud and hacking, and a government paralyzed by broken security:

It’s not clear exactly what the hackers were seeking, but experts say it could include nuclear secrets, blueprints for advanced weaponry, COVID-19 vaccine-related research and information for dossiers on key government and industry leaders.

Many federal workers — and others in the private sector — must presume that unclassified networks are teeming with spies. Agencies will be more inclined to conduct sensitive government business on Signal, WhatsApp and other encrypted smartphone apps.

“We should buckle up. This will be a long ride,” said Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder and former chief technical officer of the leading cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. “Cleanup is just phase one.”

The only way to be sure a network is clean is “to burn it down to the ground and rebuild it,” Schneier said.

They are going to have to reconstruct the federal government networks from the ground up, everything new out of the box; at the same time, it would also be convenient to remove all those Chinese spies and anyone else we think is run by China.

Trump has set the stage. He gave them multiple chances to own up and back off, but they will not, so now he is justified in using the Samson Option: bring down government upon him, and then offer to clean up the mess since everyone else has failed, just as he did with the NYC postal skating rink:

He told us that he would do this in his book where he details the New York skating rink that he renovated. Government fought him; he made offers; he pointed out problems. Then, he waited and provoked by raising the value of nearby properties. Finally, government gave in, and Trump got all he wanted.

He is a real-estate developer who realizes that America is currently an under-valued property, and can be made more highly valued by replacing the unproductive with the productive. If he brings back American self-esteem and gets us back to the top of world production, America will be worth ten times as much.

Obama operated by a different principle, namely trying to pacify everyone with gifts while trading away American preeminence for a position like that of Canada, being liked for being weak.

We have a binary solution set here to the question of “what the heck is Trump doing?”

Either he has no handle on things, or he has things handled. If the latter, he brought the full force of the most powerful office in the world to bear upon trapping, documenting, and preparing to prosecute an election theft.

We have no reason to expect he did nothing. So far, he has always been ahead of the game, and kept the Left baffled while he maneuvered several moves ahead of them. He showed us this with his “covfefe” riff: typing one word into Twitter kept the press busy for weeks while he limited immigration and cut regulations.

They missed what he was doing, all of it. All of them missed all of it. This pattern has played out time and again in his administration.

Many of us never believed that Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and others actually left the Trump administration. They just went into the field. Similarly, Rudy Giuliani probably assembled a scratch team to capture this event on tape so he could prosecute all of them at once, later.

Can I prove this? No, of course not, but it seems the most likely outcome given all of the data so far.

The delayed DNI report drops next week, but it has been pre-empted by the events of this week. Almost all of the critical internet infrastructure of this country has been hacked by a foreign power. Nothing seems to be working correctly, and people are behaving as if they are compromised and afraid.

Keep in mind the executive order that Trump unleashed on September 18, before the election:

All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in: any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security:

(i) to have directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in a United States election;

(ii) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, any activity described in subsection (a)(i) of this section or any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(iii) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property or interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order.

Where does this come from? Classic organized crime busting: seize their assets and their networks collapse, and then they have no power, and you can turn their organizations against them. Notably, this extends to anyone complicit in enabling the coup, including media.

The Left staked everything on this election, which shows us how vulnerable their position is. With every day, more people defect from ideology and turn toward function. Populism is winning not through the big candidates, but through a massive cultural shift against the horrors of the twentieth century.

We do not want the Nanny State anymore. We do not want “free” stuff that goes to a 47% who pay no taxes and absorb all of it. We do not want to be told how to think, that we must tolerate people we do not want to be around, or that we are bad for succeeding where others fail.

We are tired of government that preaches racial equality while trying to import third-world voters to replace us. We no longer have faith that the best way to handle race relations is more giveaways every time a Black criminal gets shot by the police.

We want function. We want a small government that minds its own business and leaves us to ours. We want less democracy and more focus on what works, instead of what is ideologically correct. We are tired of being ruled by foreigners.

My guess is that Trump will increase the pressure and pain as January 6 approaches. At the point where all seems lost, Biden will be inaugurated, which will complete his criminal act of stealing the election. RICO suits will come out. Lawsuits will fly. Many will exit Washington.

We have no choice except to keep our faith in Trump at this time, much as we did through the impeachment and all the other previous false accusations. He has saved this nation by cutting taxes and red tape, halving immigration, and getting us out of perpetual wars for democracy.

By allowing himself to seem defeated, Trump will invoke the Samson Option, as part of trying everything else he can to save this country from itself (and China). He will destroy everything so that he can rebuild from the ground up, and he will have his second term because that will be the least risky option once everything else is wrecked and debunked.

As the old saying goes, a tragedy averted is a tragedy unnoticed, and the same is true here. If he had simply drained the Swamp, no one would have supported him; it would have been portrayed as a man attacking innocent bureaucrats who just want to enjoy their tuna fish sandwiches in peace.

Now, instead, he has revealed the grotesque breadth and bloat of our crisis. Each day brings more revelations of how incompetent and ruined the American government has become, and each action that the Left has to take to counteract this reveals how truth agnostic they are.

If he pulls this off, an old era of American government will end, and with it, its guiding philosophy will die. Equality, civil rights, the Nanny State, socialism, anti-poverty, and anti-racism will hit the bottom of the dustbin of history. We will be able to breathe again.

Personally, I have faith that he can and will do it, and warn you only to be ready for chaos and horror ahead, followed by a renewal of order. If things play out as I think, we will be entering a new American century full of promise.

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