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Leftists Are Slowly Realizing That They Have No Path To Victory

It got quiet out there again. A few days ago, activity picked up to that kind of frenzied pace that suggests people distracting themselves. It happened right after the Barr announcement, when that failed to be the magic bullet that made Trump go away. The complex reality set in moments later.

Now people are back to depression (mental, not economic, although that too is coming) behavior. They are staying in, watching the news obsessively, drinking too much screw-top wine, and generally feeling pretty bad about things. An ominous quiet descends.

Slowly it is dawning upon the Left, not so much the leadership but the supporters, that this is not going to end well, and therefore, it has already ended, and not well for them. In fact, they are only seeing the first swells of a wave.

As said here before, Trump now has two tasks in front of him: secure the presidency and terminate the Swamp. The first will be a Constitutional case, and the second will involve a variety of methods. At least some of those will succeed, and that is enough.

The Supreme Court established a solid standard in Bush v. Gore (2000):

Equal protection applies as well to the manner of its exercise. Having once granted the right to vote on equal terms, the State may not, by later arbitrary and disparate treatment, value one person’s vote over that of another. See, e.g., Harper v. Virginia Bd. of Elections, 383 U.S. 663, 665 (1966) (“[O]nce the franchise is granted to the electorate, lines may not be drawn which are inconsistent with the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment”).

…The recount mechanisms implemented in response to the decisions of the Florida Supreme Court do not satisfy the minimum requirement for non-arbitrary treatment of voters necessary to secure the fundamental right.

…The record provides some examples. A monitor in Miami-Dade County testified at trial that he observed that three members of the county canvassing board applied different standards in defining a legal vote. 3 Tr. 497, 499 (Dec. 3, 2000). And testimony at trial also revealed that at least one county changed its evaluative standards during the counting process.

…The recount process, in its features here described, is inconsistent with the minimum procedures necessary to protect the fundamental right of each voter in the special instance of a statewide recount under the authority of a single state judicial officer.

In other words, any state action which does not treat all voters the same falls afoul of this standard, including last-minute changes to how things are done. You will note, if you read carefully, that Trump and Giuliani hit on each one of the examples given in the case in their own public complaints.

We have many examples of the state doing things differently for different classes of voters, the biggest being that mail-in voters were not subjected to the scrutiny that normal voters faced. This means that the great Leftist election theft of 2000 is going to go badly in the courts.

For example, look at how state legislators made unequal voting through changes to the vote procedure in Pennsylvania:

Democrat PA Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar asked the Democrat larded Supreme Court for more time to count ballots than by the original Election Day deadline.

She also requested all mail-in ballots be accepted whether signatures on ballots match voter rolls or not. In both cases, Democrats granted the Democrats requests.

Hundreds of thousands of unsupervised mail-in ballots came flooding in to be counted days after Election Day with Donald Trump ahead in Pennsylvania by over 600,000 votes at the time.

Miraculously, that epic lead would not only evaporate, but Joe Biden would supposedly take the vote lead nearly a week later.

Couple this with the obvious election fraud in Michigan, the weird disqualification of voters in Nevada, the dual residence voters in Georgia, and the many instances of voters finding that their vote had already been cast via mail-in ballot, and you have a situation where Trump will win.

Of course, something could go wrong. If I were team Trump, I would assign a security detail to every family member of everyone on the Supreme Court. I would offer them pardons for anything that comes up in blackmail, if that is legally possible. Organized crime political machines play rough.

Trump has to get this case to the Supreme Court, and the best way to do that is the laborious procedure he is now undergoing. He is taking these cases to the states, forcing them to either give in or engage in the fraud as well, and along the way, he is revealing people.

We might call Trump the Great Revealer. His modus operandi is to observe a situation, note what is bad, offer a better solution, and then see who figures it out, and reward them. Along the way, he forces the others to reveal their hand by opposing this better solution, showing that they have motivations other than the ostensible task.

Right now, Leftist politicians across the states are busily revealing themselves as entirely partisan and unconcerned with the truth of the matter. For them, in their little social bubbles and the professional circles that cross-promote their members, getting Trump out of office is the sole moral good.

The rest of us see it differently. Cheating on an election is bad enough, but if there are links to ACORN, Iran, and China as alleged, this means an international crime syndicate stole an American election so that it could favor foreign enemies over the interests of America.

You cannot screw up more than that as a politician. Trump has revealed that these people are entirely fine with a Chinese election steal by organized crime political machines and their billionaire Big Tech handmaidens, showing that these people are not just inept, but corrupt and destructive.

Right now, however, the international election theft takes second chair to the big question, which is introducing enough evidence to make this into a clear case of election suppression of Right-wing voices. Like the impeachment, the tone-deaf Left seems to miss how this looks to the world.

Even more, Trump, Guiliani, Ellis, Powell, and Wood get to publicize this evidence and enter it into the record. Since the Left will not even consider it, this evidence goes into the record as unopposed. That makes it a part of any future legal actions, with the assumption that it likely has weight.

This sets up a clear path for Trump. The state courts and appeals courts will slam down hard on him, he will appeal to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court will cut and paste in the Bush v. Gore decision, unless someone holds their families hostage in a New Jersey warehouse or something.

Supposing the Supreme Court does not act in favor of Trump. What, then? Then Biden assumes the White House, and Trump goes on a lawsuit binge. First he sues for financial damages, probably hitting the DNC, ACORN, the Chinese government, possibly the Iranians if they have any American money left, the billionaires, and the states. All that evidence goes onto the record in those trials, too. Civil courts have a lower standard than criminal courts, so Trump stands to gain back everything he spent on the election. He can also sue the DOJ and states for refusal to enforce their laws, and request the relief that those laws actually be enforced. The state attorneys can only punt so long by claiming a lack of evidence without committing professional malpractice, so they will be forced to investigate. This will cost them time and money. Even if Trump loses most of these suits, he will still recover a great deal of money.

What, then? America will immediately face the pain of having a discredited leader. Biden will be unable to get anything done, which is fine by China, but not by American business, which will find itself getting destroyed on the international stage. Nor will this be fine with the American people, who will see their nation getting treated like a criminal vassal state of China. Any allies that America will still have at that time will either back away or quietly ignore most of what comes from Washington. Biden will be the worst kind of president: one that no one trusts, and no one wants to work with. America will find itself unable to borrow more money, and will go into a default, followed by bankruptcy proceedings. No one is going to lend money to a criminal state except other criminals. No one who is not criminal wants to deal with the criminals, so America will find itself very alone and ranked very low by the markets, causing trillions in losses. If you think the COVID-19 economy is bad, wait until you see the discredited Biden economy. Those in power know that this will be the case, and they would like to avoid it, so “something” will come up to remove Biden, most likely impeachment, since if Trump proves that Biden participated in election fraud or was elected by it, removal is the only remedy, and business as well as most Americans will support it.

Supposing the Left got their absolute wet dream: Biden takes over, imports new voters, enacts his pro-China and pro-globalism policy, and throws Trump and his supporters in jail. At that point, the world will react to America as they did to Nazi Germany, and America will be forced into war shortly thereafter because other states will be treating it like a threat and refusing to play nice. The discredited Biden presidency followed by tyrannical actions would result in immediate world political chaos, and America would find herself fighting yet again, this time without support from the competent military, business, or citizens. This scenario probably ends in mushroom clouds or at least a good nerve gassing of one major city. Wars between nuclear powers where no one can afford to lose end in radical defensive postures and consequently, paranoid responses with weapons of mass destruction. In the meantime, since they cannot jail 74 million people, the remaining Trump supporters will be engineering legal challenges and regime change. America will disintegrate as its war fortunes wane.

If SCOTUS punts, and Trump does not go immediately to jail, which he would not even if charged since it would take several years for the trial, he will roam free with lawsuits that bring both heavy civil penalties and criminal charges. Not every judge is a Democrat, and some of them have some guts and enough mental wherewithal to sequester their families in Switzerland for the summer. Whatever Trump spent on the election, if the election is found fraudulent under the lighter standards of a civil court trial (“the preponderance of the evidence” versus “beyond a reasonable doubt” in a criminal court), the DNC will find itself paying out in damages. Others who lost elections may join in. A billion dollars in penalties would end the DNC, but Trump may also sue Biden and anyone else who participated in the fraud.

This means that most likely, SCOTUS acts according to stare decisis — deference to previous legal opinions — and Trump wins. If not, he destroys the Democrats and Biden in civil court, and possibly forces the states to bring criminal charges against anyone who participated in or validated this sham election. Undoubtedly, at least one of these people will roll over and give evidence, meaning that the charges are going to go all the way to the top, and whoever is behind this mess will find themselves facing huge costs and then, huge judgments levied against them.

If we add all of this up, it means that the Left has no path to victory here; even if they win, they lose. Their entire plan consisted of stealing the election and using media power to force Trump to concede, but by pure stubborness and thinking ahead, he has defeated them. They have already lost, and may be planning to flee to Cuba where they will be safe from nasty US extraditions and can continue to wage their political jihad against the Right. How many of them have Florida homes and private planes? Cuba is just ninety miles away, and no doubt the Communist government there will light up a 3:00 AM airfield for such heroes of the Revolution!

Leftists attempt gambits like this all the time. If they win, they gain massive respect in their peer group. As narcissists, it never occurs to them that they might not win; their whole strategy is to browbeat others into accepting what is an obvious theft, and then making those others into inferiors by forcing them to reject their own principles. Bullies thrive on this. It is not enough for them to, say, steal your cell phone. You have to know they have stolen it, and others have to know it, and you have to be unable to do anything about it. That humiliates you and makes you into part of their stable of beaten followers. You will do anything they say at that point because you are beaten and your only path to power is through them. This is how people like the Bidens, Clintons, and Obamas think. They are fundamentally narcissistic bullies who enjoy humiliating and deconstructing the personalities of others. For this reason, they assumed that they could bully their way into power and then give Trump an ambassadorship to South Africa to buy his silence. Bullies make innocent people into Stockholm Syndrome victims, and that is what the Left hoped to achieve here.

The insanity of all of this can be explained by the personality of the bully. In Detroit, back in the day, there was a homeless guy downtown who smashed car windows to toss the cars and see if there was anything of value. This being Detroit, people had nothing of value in their cars, even removing the radios simply to end the attraction. He might get $5 from a car where he did $500 in damage, but he did it night after night to dozens of cars. He probably cost the economy a million in total, passed on by workers to insurers and from them to the ordinary citizens also paying insurance, but he got a charge out of it. During the day, he was just another homeless guy. At night, he reigned over the streets, forcing all of those ordinary people to accept him and suffer under his power. He was king!

Leftists feel the same way. They might destroy an economy worth a hundred trillion dollars to steal a few billion in sum total. If China pays directly, it might take only a few million each for most of the participants and a quarter-billion for the big dogs. They assume that the world will continue as it did in the past because they are narcissists, and narcissists assume that the world they remember in their heads from when they were young will never change, no matter what they do, not that they care anyway. They will always be fine, because to them, having money means that they are immune to all of the consequences, even if China marches tanks through Washington and declares all non-conformity illegal.

They are short on Option B plans. They know what they want, and they have done their best to make it happen, but victory requires that Trump concede or at least give up and let the media, Deep State, and Big Tech usher him out of office. Since he has stalled and thwarted that process, the Left now faces accountability. Normally they get away with this by systematically destroying all evidence in their way — it only looks suspicious if you only destroy the evidence that you know could convict you, but if you wipe out everything, you just look tidy — but it looks like Trump set up a special team to trap them and he got some SIGINT that will convict them. If the Left does not steal this election, and Trump returns to office, things will go badly for them.

A second-term president Trump will likely do two things: first, he will find someone in the DOJ who will take these cases to court, and put them in charge of the DOJ, and fire them and find someone else, ad infinitum, until someone hauls these Leftists into court. This will work because now there will be an opportunity market in four years of prosecuting Leftists, with the added bonus that if you succeed, there might be four or eight more years under the next president. Second, he will invoke certain espionage acts to cut off China at the knees, starve any country foolish enough to work with China, and fire from government service anyone connected with this election fraud. That means thousands if not millions of people leaving government employment with a black mark on their records. This is why Trump used the election to drain the swamp: if he catches the Democrats doing something massively illegal, like collaborating with foreign powers, he is completely justified in doing what McCarthy could not do, and firing anyone connected with the Democrats who participated in this event. They fear this more than criminal prosecution; it will deprive them of their wealth and power, making them little people again. To a narcissist, this is worse than death.

In addition, another big game seems to be afoot: changing public opinion. At the time of the election, many people voted for Biden who would now avoid ever repeating that mistake. They have seen above all else, collusion, meaning how media has been in Soviet-style lock-step in repeating terms like “baseless” and “unproven,” censoring stories on the Hunter Biden laptop of deest, deplatforming Right-wingers, and otherwise behaving like tyrants. They have seen Big Tech censorship, the pro-China and pro-globalist corporate stooges that Biden wants in his cabinet, and the jubilant response by China to the prospect of a world without Trump. They no longer trust Biden. An election held tomorrow without Dominion voting machines would produce an even bigger landslide for Trump. Even the dead might change their votes.

Even more, people have awakened to the notion that the Left is a vast criminal conspiracy, that most of the Right is compromised, and that the permanent bureaucracy in Washington wants to keep things this way and will spent us into oblivion so that they can steal what remains, then fly off to Cuba or Switzerland with suitcases of money. To them, the rest of us are detestable, stupid, even deplorable chumps who must be victimized and humiliated, then reminded of their failure from afar. Narcissists are fundamentally unhappy people because they exist in a duality; they are aware only of themselves and what they want, but they are bored with that and seek playthings, so they torture others in order to gain a sense of supremacy. They want to feel vindicated in their self-worship by destroying everything else and then standing atop the smoking ruins, proclaiming that the rest of us would have done what they did, if we were not such stupid inbred uneducated flyover dirt people. Their “happiness” requires our suffering.

This leaves the Left with two choices: go to jail now, or be thrown out of power later, since they have set up a situation which they cannot control. Being narcissists, the people in power are not aware of this, but those under them — people who have also inevitably been bullied — are starting to see the light. This means that soon the tyrants will lack foot soldiers, and find they have traitors within the gates. At that point, and only then, will they realize that the crisis has come upon them. They will fight to end because their unhappiness and rage knows no other outlet, but they have taken too much too fast and this time, they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Following what Giuliani did in his previous investigations, Trump probably set up a team years ago in secret. They met in older government buildings under some name like “Animal Husbandry Advice Group.” They had no significant titles. To everyone else, they looked like failed bureaucrats. He probably recruited broadly from military, law enforcement, and industry. Their goal was simple: trap the signals that showed what the Democrats were doing. They hoped to be able to connect, using contact-mapping software like the Kraken, the actors in this drama with the kingpins. They want to find people who will testify. In the end, they will prevail through doing lots of grueling, detail-oriented footwork that no one else wants to do. This group was unknown to the Swamp and to the DNC, and still remains anonymous, mainly because that information comes out in the criminal trials.

We hear nothing from the leaders of the Leftist group at this point, other than continued propaganda to claim Biden as president and claim that Trump is making unproven, baseless, and self-serving accusations. It is hard to miss these things, since every social media platform, news site, college, scientific paper, and celebrity statement seems to use the same language and say the same things. However, Trump has produced enough credible information, and the Left has denied it consistently enough despite it being credible, that trust in these things is eroding. Even if the Left wins, then, they are going to lose, because they have debunked themselves and left behind more evidence than they intended to. They gambled everything and have lost, and although the leaders do not see it yet, the man on the street sure does.

It is a nice quiet night out there. Doubt, depression, fear, and anxiety hang heavily over the land. Each passing day makes the disaster worse, and to the normal person, makes Biden worse. Who would gamble with a whole country, just for his own power? The same type of antisocial narcissist who breaks car windows to steal spare change. The same type of people who ran the Communist empires, killing thousands to keep the power secure and ruining the lives of millions just to stay in office. The Left hoped to bully us into compliance, but since that has not worked, they now face the courts and worst of all, mass defection from any belief in their legitimacy.

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