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Disrupting the Titanic

Watching a civilization die must be like being a lookout on the deck of the Titanic. You see the iceberg far ahead, and call out, but everyone else is asleep. No one listens and soon inertia takes over entirely.

Right now, the media blitz seems to be falling flat. Yes, the usual neurotic fanatics are jazzed, but everyone else seems a bit underwhelmed. Many of them voted for Joe Biden in order to “return to normal.”

By that they mean the Obama years, having barely noticed the improvements made since that time, because Obama was the socially correct answer. Like Clinton, he addressed every under-represented group and focused our nation on the underdogs, forgotten people, and marginalized.

He will further pursue the American version of Communism, which involves government as an industry which sends our labor overseas so that everyone can work in an office job with an important title doing very little of anything. Social media rose on the huge number of people who can scroll through a timeline all day without anyone noticing something vital failing to be done.

For those of us who are more focused on external reality than social influences, however, the “back to normal” impulse means a return to a failing civilization. Trump gave us four years of interruption in otherwise consistent decay, degeneration, and loss of competence.

Societies tend to spread costs as they grow; this is also calling socializing costs. This means that you create jobs for everyone, money for everyone, and roles for everyone, but in the process, you paralyze dynamic action and strap everyone in to a roller coaster which ends in a brick wall, both economically and culturally.

Spreading costs works by the same principle as insurance, unions, and collective punishment. Instead of individuals facing harsh accountability, everyone is “safe” but suffers an increased burden of small costs which add up to all of us owning nothing and liking it.

Over time, societies break down. Deleterious mutations accumulate. They grow too quickly, and produce lots of people who have no particular skills unless taught repetitive tasks. In addition, they accumulate a huge group of people who want to have guaranteed careers, safety, and lack of risk, since to these people life is a purely material task with no concerns for honor, gloral, or moral rectitude.

In other words, civilizations drown in their human waste production. Instead of keeping the good and forwarding those on to the next generation, civilization guarantees that everyone survives and breeds, and over time the insane, sociopaths, selfish, narcissistic, incompetent, and criminal grow to dwarf the functional people.

This group — the 47% of Mitt Romney gaffe fame — demand subsidies from the functional. Over time, this breaks down the functional group while the dependents swell in number, and the society cannibalizes itself through class warfare and bureaucracy. All human civilizations die this way.

Entropy of this nature, represented by the Titanic, shows us what we are working against. If you give a civilization time, it will proliferate in complexity unrelated to the task of survival, and chokes itself with its own excessive bloat and the incompetence of the people that jobs, careers, ideology, and cradle-to-grave government nurture as its best defenders.

This is the “normal” that Biden, Obama, and Clinton represent. Go with the flow; do not rock the boat. Continue the decay while stealing all that you can. Let civilization destroy itself, because that is popular, and this benefits you as a public servant, even if you guarantee that you will never be sung as a hero.

We can look into that more in a moment, but first we should explore one possible reason that Trump wanted to exit quietly without encouraging reprisals:

President Donald Trump’s most powerful advisor, Jared Kushner, approved the creation of a campaign shell company that secretly paid the president’s family members and spent almost half of the campaign’s $1.26 billion war chest, a person familiar with the operation told Insider.

Trump’s campaign leaders even launched an internal audit of the shell company and operations that were conducted under former campaign manager Brad Parscale but never reported the results of that review.

It is possible, maybe even likely, that Kushner went ahead with what seemed like a good plan — based on a Mitt Romney invention, no less — but has like most financial guys made a killing at the expense of those to whom he had a fiduciary duty. Trump would have escaped liability, but Kushner would not, which is difficult when he is your son-in-law.

The broader plan seems to be a version of a Trump favorite, revelation. That is, he demonstrates how those in authority are not as competent or benevolent as they pretend to be. As I wrote in the early days of this election theft:

Consequently, Trump refuses to smite these people. He did not go after the rioters. He has not had anyone arrested, at least not directly. There has been no spate of hiring. He knows that the Left wants him to act like a tyrant, because that will fit into the Leftist narrative and seem to “prove” it.

Instead, Trump and his team have launched a series of legal challenges that may not even be decided by the time his second term is over. This keeps the Right in the role of Innocent Victim, and forces the Left to reveal itself as Cruel Aggressor.

Trump just showed a nation that November fourth ended the American empire. You cannot be a superpower without the goodwill of the world, and that goes away once your political system demonstrates that it is corrupt. When the China candidate wins and everyone in power acts in lock-step to promote that Narrative, you no longer serve as an aspirational goal to others, but a warning. Pax Americana ended with the Biden presidency, and so did American prestige.

We will see the true costs of this in coming months. In particular our pocketbooks will suffer, as world focus turns to Europe and China and away from the third-world banana republic that the USA has become. We are no longer the top brand of the world; having discredited our own political system, and revealed instability, we are a washout pretending to be a champion.

The world finds itself planning for a post-American future. Sure, for now, the accolades for Biden roll in, which sounds good until you realize that the rest of the world wants America to have the weakest candidate possible. We fall, they rise, thanks to our discontent and disorder.

Many of them resent us for our power during the postwar years, much of which was positive despite some notable missteps, and look for a time when their nations will be more important. Obama was a favorite for them, too, until they started to see the effects of his policies wreck the world economy and international politics.

As part of his process of revelation, Trump showed us that America is permanently divided to the point where half cheer an election theft, looking forward to stealing from the other half:

Immigration has produced a situation where we have “two nations warring in the bosom of a single state.” There’s America on the one hand and Anti-America on the other.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 electoral coalition was barely half white. Subtracting Jews and homosexuals (maybe 3-4% each—Trump appears to have lost Jews by about 70% and homosexuals by 70%, despite having Jewish grandchildren and despite pandering to gay marriage), less than half the Democratic party vote at the Presidential level is what might be called generic Americans.

In other words, politics boils down to pro-majority versus anti-majority, as always happens once diversity is introduced. Since being anti-majority fits with the anti-hero “cool” that appeals to whitish Leftists, many of our people have seated themselves on the Left to cheer for the “good” (humanism) to win over the “evil” (realism).

Conservatives by nature are realists. We accept the world as it is, taking on faith that it is good, or at least can lead to good. Leftists want to remake the world in the human image based on a notion of unity through mutual tolerance, which amounts to making good and bad the same for the sake of compromise, peace, empathy, tolerance, pluralism, “we are all one,” and so on.

As realists, we recognize that equality, diversity, and a society where everyone wins are suicidal pipe dreams. That is, we can force them to occur, but the price will be higher than we can anticipate, and results will thus not just be bad but catastrophic, as they were after the French and Russian Revolutions.

The Left hates our vision, since our vision results in principles and standards, and since we all measure up to those differently, hierarchy arises. That is the opposite of equality and they hate it, therefore they oppose realism.

Trump has revealed the Left as the enemy, and shown who exactly is in collusion with them, which makes our goal less finding the right candidate and more a quest for not just regime change, but system change.

After all, we can admit that the American empire has fallen because of what we recognize as a stolen election:

A CNN poll, released on Sunday and conducted by SSRS between January 9 and 14, shows that 75 percent of Republicans do not think that Biden won the election legitimately, compared to 1 percent of Democrats and 36 percent of independents.

One cannot overcome division like that. Left and Right not only want different types of civilization, but now cannot agree on the same reality. As I wrote some time ago:

The backlash coming will deal brutally with them not directly, but by dismantling their political machine both here in America and abroad. Much will be revealed. Trump had four years to plan for this and brought on an anti-Mafia task force to destroy this political machine.

We have not yet seen the results of this task force, probably because if the courts, media, congress, and bureaucrats rejected all of the surface-level evidence he has provided so far, we are not ready for that point.

In the meantime, Trump has realized that his target is not the Left alone, but that he must first remove the old guard of the GOP who are committed to the William F. Buckley vision of conservatives as “voluntaryist Christian libertarians” who watch society decay but hold on to their churches, personal fortunes, and moral integrity. This is the Benedict Option, and it leads to your civilization dying. In the bigger picture, QAnon may or may not be a LARP, but conventional conservatism certainly is.

As Lindsey Graham opined:

“I hope people in our party understand the party itself. If you’re wanting to erase Donald Trump from the party, you’re going to get erased,” Graham told Fox News just hours after the inauguration Wednesday of President Joe Biden.

Graham suggested any notion of excising Trump from the Republican Party “would be a disaster … The one way Democrats can survive is for the Republican Party to crack up. The best way for the Republican Party to crack up is try to move forward without Donald Trump.”

This means that we find ourselves in the first phase of a Third American Revolution, which begins with resistance while we purge the Right of all of those crypto-Leftists who snuck in under the influence of Buckley.

This means a broad rejection of modernity, which means egalitarianism, a system which in turn promotes deference to external things like procedure, rules, social opinion, trends, emotions, and optics.

America must reinvent itself as a realist society in order to survive this onslaught. If we remove the focus on the external human world, we find ourselves looking at natural order and our gut instincts — intuition — instead.

No one wants to admit it, but our civilization has been in decline for quite some time. Every year gets worse in terms of the quality of experience, but we have more money and gadgets and power, so we blew that off for generations.

Now people are fully miserable. Our smartest are not reproducing at replacement rates. Existential misery can be seen in how cynical people are toward jobs, daily life, and our institutions. We have been in debt for decades with nothing to show for it; inequality is increasing, despite all that way pay. Normal life now requires more obedience to tedium than ability, and consequently, we have selected for smooth incompetents over capable people.

Wherever egalitarianism is adopted, the process follows this path. The core of egalitarianism comes from the fear of conflict, and the idea that we can appease it by extending the same rights to all, whether they are good or bad. That creates a bourgeois mentality of avoiding conflict and offense, and that quickly creates an echo chamber that resembles a vortex, steadily increasing its strident calls for equality even as its policies fail. It refuses to accept any solution except more equality, so it creates its own problems and eventually runs out of energy and collapses.

In my view, what has happened yesterday was not an inauguration, but the final stage of a trap. Jiao Bai-Den will walk into this and produce the evidence for his destruction. Trump walked away from an unwinnable situation in the system in order to attack the system, much as Bannon and Farage did.

There is a rhythm to these things. You can go in, make things better, and then when people begin to flake out, back away to let the disaster play out. This proves you right and builds a movement based on doing what you said should have been done in the first place.

As I said some time ago:

His legal teams will hit several layers. First the irregularities and local cheating, then the laws and policies changed to swing the vote, then the corrupt voting machines, and finally the connections to organized crime, the Clinton-Obama-Biden political machine, international finance, and China.

If the system will not accept the obvious irregularities and refuse to inspect them, much as it refuses to notice that a 3:00 AM vote dump and tally reversal is a classic sign of a stolen election, other methods must be attempted.

As it stands, the Left has no path to victory. They have won the presidency, much like Theresa May took over when Brexit loomed. They will exercise their power. It will turn out to be bad. Then the rest of the attack can come forth.

In part, this gives us a chance to form a movement based around the old Reagan slogan “Make America Great Again,” which gives us a positive goal instead of the fatalistic Buckley gibberish about standing athwart history and screaming for it to stop. I suggest we consider forming The Conservative Party in order to kill off the GOP:

Under the aegis of conserving our liberties, so that we can live voluntarily conservative lives against the grain in an increasingly liberal society, the GOP traded away America in order to get along with its colleagues, directly and indirectly transferring control of our society to China.

Since the 1960s, the GOP have become essentially a party of pro-defense “Christian libertarians” following the example of William F. Buckley, who wanted to preserve liberty so that we could live conservative lives despite civilization heading pell-mell into the abyss of tyranny and collapse that Leftism always brings.

We can no longer do this. We need a conservative alternative, and we should call it The Conservative Party to acknowledge its roots and differentiate it from the Republicans, who are more interested in preserving the procedures of the Republic than acting toward what will be good results for all of us.

This party will have a simple philosophy:

  • Natural rights instead of human rights or civil rights
  • No wealth transfer from one group to another
  • An end to all immigration and globalist control
  • No debt spending, reject Keynesianism for Austrian economics
  • Exile of anyone who participated in the election theft or groups responsible

That translates into an immediate plan for our survival: abolish the three-quarters of government that goes to entitlements, shut our borders, and withdraw from international finance while treating multi-national corporations and dual-citizenship people as foreigners who do not have our best interests at heart.

Our plan should be to recapture local communities and put this in action immediately, raising Constitutional challenges to federal power, while calling for a Convention of States to enshrine our values in law.

At this point, We The People need to stand up and create a pressure wave. We are the hippies now, calling for escape from an oppressive system which is equal parts corporate stodginess and Communist control.

More than that, this gives time for the slow leaks of information in which Trump specializes to take effect. The dump of Spygate documents and other reports will do nothing but weaken America, which is already weakened by the world realizing that we are a third-world banana republic kleptocracy out of control.

Perhaps we did not get the military coup that we hoped for. Perhaps many feel that the plans have been abandoned and the country lost. In the big picture, however, the battle is only beginning, and from it will emerge a new America.

We have to face the fact that our government changed in 1866, and since that time it has rushed headlong into diversity and therefore, the erasure of the heritage majority. Since that time, everything has gotten worse.

Every society dies by class warfare. We do not need to go that way, if we so choose. But first, we must see the horrors that have been created, and how useless our system is to oppose them. Only then can we get what we need: both regime change, and a change from this broken system to something more functional.

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