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How Scorecard and Hammer Stole Election 2020

The United States Presidential Election has perhaps been dishonestly stolen via the impact of advanced cyber technology. An advanced invasive program is alleged to have materially and substantially altered the outcomes in favor of Joe Biden and to the detriment of Donald Trump. This allegation is not yet proven to an unimpeachable level, however it reminds us starkly that we need to actually tally the election before we talk about who needs to gracefully concede.

A number of people are subjecting the real-time vote counts to time series analysis for deltas. One significant, supportable, but not yet definitively proven allocation is that a computer program combining two algorithms substantially altered voting tallies in several states to the detriment of Donald Trump and to the benefit of Joe Biden. The two algorithms were named Scorecard and Hammer. Scorecard is purported to be an invasive hacking program that gets into election software and gives the code access to aggregate tallies. Hammer is described as a subroutine or function that randomly selects a set of actual recorded votes and then can alter them in two manners.

Hammer can then either flip a vote from one candidate to another, or delete it from the entire set of tabulated votes. Thus, a flipped vote benefits the beneficiary a net two votes, while a deleted vote is only worth a net benefit of one. There is at least one, heretofore unaudited account of how this technology was used for Joe Biden and against Donald Trump in a number of states. The alleged level of hacking was sufficient, if not necessary, to literally flip the outcome of the election.

Here is the extent to which STEM-fueled chicanery is believed to have occurred. The total projected fraud is twice the sum of flipped votes plus the total of deleted votes, IAW the described functioning of Subroutine Hammer.

The second chart shows the current election tally maintained on Decision Desk HQ. It assumes all results are valid as currently tallied and that no recounts or reviews of counted votes will be permitted. Based upon this scenario, the following certified results would be used to populate The Electoral College in December.

Adjusting the current Decision Desk HQ count by the alleged level of computerized fraud gives us an entrely different outcome. We can project this by taking the final margins and adjusting them in Donald Trump’s favor by the extent of the alleged computerized vote fraud that is alleged. This table follows below.

Pennsylvania, Georgia and Virginia flip outright from Biden to Trump. Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona remain probably Joe Biden wins, but are razor-thin margins that would probably trigger hand recounts of every ballot in each state. This is a flip of 49 votes from one candidate to another with a large enough magnitude to make the vote margin too large to even trigger most automatic recount laws. This moves 31 more electoral votes from solidly won to within a 1% margin which generally, but not in all jurisdictions, triggers recount eligibility. Either candidate is assumed o request recounts where they are legally entitled.

Taking the Decision Desk HQ results as gospel gives an election won by Joe Biden 306-232 in the Electoral College. Assuming the computerized fraud is accurately alleged and proved, we get an election that stands Donald Trump 281, Joe Biden 226, and an addition 31 Electoral votes in recount with Joe Biden favored to take them when recounts are complete. This would mean the dishonest application of cyber technology directly reversed or perhaps pilfered the outcome of Amerika’s 2020 Presidential Election.

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