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Enter Into The Catacombs of The Third American Revolution

If you are freaking out about the current election debacle in America, ask yourself one question: do you think Donald J. Trump is competent, or not?

Those of us who think he is competent will note that this is a man who criticized election theft since 2008, pointed it out in 2012, documented it in 2016, and saw it devastate the Right in 2018. Competent people with that knowledge, and the power of the US government behind them, can trap elections.

Right now Trump is playing his weak, old, sad, and despondent game. The leaks have started again about him wandering enraged around the White House dressed as Napoleon, invoking ancient Babylonian gods with an amulet made of bone and quartz. He wants to appear weak.

Since I believe he is competent, I imagine that he envisioned this entire scenario in advance. After 2016, the Left knew that they needed to steal more votes; the Trump wave exceeded that, again, so they brought in the fake ballots, water leaks, and hacked voting machines to fix this.

Everyone in the Establishment loved it. Trump represents the first challenge to their authority in seventy-five years, and they do not like it. Since America went diverse, we have no culture, and so people have no loyalty except to their own career and the power, wealth, and status that it brings.

Francis Fukuyama wrote that with liberal democracy, humanity had found its final system of government, which brought sheer existential terror to our middle-of-the-night awakenings. What if it just goes on and on, forever, doing the same thing?

We know that we are circling the drain here in Western Civilization. We go through the same patterns again and again, with bad results but unable to break free because we are confined by loyalty to equality. Thus we repeat the same failed attempts, and fall back on the same negativity.

Trump wanted to save us from that and simply cut loose all of the stuff that was failing (globalism, immigration, bureaucracy, affirmative action, and entitlements). This way, we could rise again and go do great things instead of trying to solve insoluble problems like poverty, drugs, and racism.

In his view, the third American revolution began because of too much society. The ability to be mentally free and have time to think, to explore life, had gone away, replaced by waves of red tape, nanny state rules, and obligation to work constantly because everything was expensive.

That expense came from the tendency of bureaucracy, like insurance, to spread risk among a group, which means that when you work, you are mostly slaving away to pay taxes to support others, including bureaucrats and the underclass. This bogs everything down and drives up costs.

However, breaking down this model meant that the 47% who do not pay taxes would lose out, and the rest of us who do would find ourselves free of too much tax, job, and paperwork. Trump knows that loose informal systems with low overhead are how you make great nations.

The 47% might as well include our bureaucrats, media, teachers, baristas, pundits, professors, lawyers, and clerks, all of whom are dependent upon a government-based economy. Those regulations hire people, and that forms a huge group who are now the biggest lobby in the country.

Other lobbies intrude as well, such as China, unions, CAIR, MADD, the Irish-American lobby, AIPAC, every industry, and the insurers. All of these join with the bureaucrats and permanent underclass in opposing Trump. To them, he was the worst thing ever and the sum of all their fears.

He also knew that the Democrats had been taking money from China for at least thirty years, that they had paired up with ideological Communists, and that they would steal the election and do their best to drive him out in shame and disrepute for daring to challenge their power.

I think he engineered a trap. He laid in wait with his team, captured evidence of conspiracy with foreign powers to steal an election, and then distracted all of us with the little details of this steal. He caught them on the night of the election, and probably again in the Georgia runoffs.

When they certified Joe Biden as president of the United States, making way for him to get highly sensitive materials that he would pass directly to China, these people completed their felonious treason. They had successfully stolen the presidency.

Of course, they will not get far if their candidate ends up in jail, which is why they are talking about twenty-fifth amendment and impeachment again. They fear what Trump knows. They realize that he is going to take the next two weeks to destroy them, with leaks and finally prosecutions.

They have not yet figured out that it is they, not the mob that rushed the Capitol, which has done irreparable damage to America. Let this sink in: America is no longer the leading light of the world. Its democracy has failed. Its system has self-destructed. It has gone the way of the Nazis and USSR.

Trump has used his powers of persuasion to show us that not only is American democracy dead, but democracy and equality naturally lead down this path. He has debunked the notion of equality is good, and showed us the need for hierarchy, since human groups are like America, self-deluding.

Future historians will look at this moment as a time when the trajectory of history changed. Liberal democracy, sensu Fukuyama, no longer filled the position of future; instead, it began its slow fall into the past, like a used-up stage falling away from a moon shot rocket.

The first American revolution was a war for independence, not a revolution. The second one took the form of a Civil War, where the dissidents fought for the restoration of the older order, distrusting central government. Our third also concerns a crisis of central government and mob rule.

Joe Biden stealing this election just made China the only superpower standing. The USA has dropped out, since it is self-destructing as its power structure clings to rule despite its obvious incompetence. It is permanently divided between denialists and realists, and cannot be put back together again.

Even more, it got to this stage because its system failed. Democracy always swims Left because democracy is based on the egalitarian assumption of equal minimum reason, and consumerism ran out of room as margins decreased when profitable technologies diverged from useful technologies.

Consider the old riff about doctors: if they cure you, they no longer get paid by you. Remember planned obsolescence, or making gadgets designed to die early so you had to buy more. Our system has run out of room to maneuver, thanks to bureaucracy and taxes, but even more, has collapsed of its own success.

We can kick the can down the road a little further, but we have to face the fact that we are out of money, in debt, and our old industries are dying. Big Tech is dying; none of the miracle gadgets from the last century make money anymore. The world has moved on from the bubble in which democracy grew.

Our system died of its own weight, not just in terms of government, but a society based on near-anarchy where trends could run wild, creating massive innovation but then failing to integrate this into a functional society. Over time, democracy destroyed our people.

We went from a civilization of great art, wisdom, and self-discipline to a slobland of “educated” but conceptually aphasic people, with garbage art and culture, in which the sexes are estranged and families more resemble totalitarian states than loving unions.

In other words, we are having regime change because the old Establishment failed. This results, as Samuel Huntington put it, in outbursts of creedal passion in which Americans seek to reconnect to their roots or at least, the original goal of this place:

The observation that the United States was defined not by blood but by a set of political principles is commonplace. Huntington pointed out that every 50 years or so, American society was aroused by a renewed commitment to the principles of liberty and equality and, in the grip of what he called ‘creedal passion,’ Americans would attack the government by demanding that it actually live up to those principles. Huntington noted these periods of passion: the Revolution, the Jacksonian era, the anti-slavery movement of the 1850s, and the first wave of feminism and the call for direct democracy…at the turn of the twentieth century. Starting in the 1950s and contining into the 1960s, there were the civil rights movement and the second wave of women’s liberation. On the basis of this cyclical understanding of American politics, in 1991 Huntington presciently predicted another wave of creedal passion in the second and third decades of the twenty-first century, when the invevitable frustrations with reforms would lead to calls for authoritarian efficiency.

Our current outburst concerns a system that has failed by becoming what it swore not to be. It has reversed itself and in so doing, destroyed the social contract that gives it legitimacy. People no longer trust the American government, way of life, or industry.

After the last Civil War, we put in a series of hacks to force this system to work with the requirement of diversity. It took a century, but those eventually detonated, resulting in a Soviet-style regime based around equality and diversity which took off in the 1990s after the USSR fell and we no longer feared going too far to the Left.

Those hacks changed this society from the protector of a culture, enshrined in natural law, to one where government is dedicated to ensuring the “equal protection of the laws” in all areas, including private relationships. This was our path to decay.

Diversity destroyed our culture, erased our memory, and made us aliens in our own lands. Standards eroded quickly, along with behavior and goals, as we tried to accommodate other cultures within our values framework. Trust evaporated, as did hope.

The Trump presidency consisted of people attempting to roll back many of the bad decisions made between 1866 and 2016 in an effort to steer off Civil War by restoring the America that was last functional. This irked everyone dependent on the system.

Trump has given us a few moments to cool down with an un-concession concession speech. That is, he talks vaguely about a new administration, says how hard he fought, and then tells us that the adventure is just beginning.

Despite most people going into a black pilled mode of mood, this fits with what we know: he plays weak when he is strong, and plays strong when he is weak, and he has compiled information about the election steal that he could not reveal in his speech on the sixth.

In my view, this changes nothing, other than revealing the nasty side of the Left, continuing what Trump has done his entire presidency: reveal people and things.

For him to act against the Left, he needs an America in a state of shock at how bad things are. He needs us to see that the media, courts, Congress, experts, and bureaucrats are in lock-step telling us a lie. He needs us to realize that American has fallen, and that the old empire is over.

We are no longer a first-world nation, but a kleptocracy run by China. Republicans will never win elections again, and those in office now are the same fools who talk about procedure and making “the System” work, when in fact it has turned on them by sheer demographic reality.

Right now he has employed a classic Trump tactic: sow doubt until misery is achieved. The Left is furious that he did not concede, and the Right is demoralized that it seems that he might have conceded or at least sent mixed messages. Everyone is slowly realized what Xi/Biden rule will mean.

He faces a demoralized people. For a long time, what is popular but unrealistic has won, and the people do as they usually do in democracy, selecting smooth liars instead of benevolent leaders. We have had no hope for our entire lives, since everything always gets worse because people elect lies and liars.

Once upon a time the world looked up to America. We were the leader of the free world, the system that everyone wanted to emulate. That died when Congress decided that it would accept an obviously fraudulent election. The old America died, and the new one has not yet arisen.

Americans face a rude shock. The talking faces on television told them that a Biden win meant our international standing would rise, our economy would improve, and life would be good again. They are going to find out within the next forty-eight hours that the opposite is true. Fooled again!

The Constitution has died, since our courts will not defend it. The notion of a free society has died, since cancel culture has become the norm. The hope of an America where you can have a better life is dead, at least for White and White-ish people, since we are just here to pay taxes and die.

The damage will be vast, and people are about to feel it hit. The markets, so sure that a Biden win was what they wanted, will now reel in terror as they see the values of assets plunge. But they were promised the opposite, how can this be? Bad leadership and instability destroy value.

People by their nature attempt to destroy society in order to increase their own power. People seek power that they should not have because they are unstable inside, and hope that they can fix this with outside pressure. In groups they demand illusion, and for their pains, get tyrants.

Our democracy had a nice long run, but it has come to the end. Broke, incompetent, unstable, dominated by a silk glove Chinese invasion, having overwhelmed the Constitution, with a ruined economy and a society permanently divided in a dozen ways, American democracy died with Joe Biden.

Humans pursue illusion in order to feel better about themselves. In doing so, they become hostile to reality, and set up situations like democracy where mass approval dwarfs reality. At some point, reality comes knocking, and those civilizations collapse. Nothing lasts forever.

In my view, Trump is backing down after being dealt a crushing blow — public outrage, fanned by media, over the Capitol invasion, a metaphorical parallel to what China has done that the public has not noticed — and regrouping.

He has immediately thrown all of the country into depression, and they are now re-assessing. The Left should be celebrating, but doubt has now invaded their minds. The Right is feeling great pain, and this will transmute itself tomorrow into a white-hot rage.

We all know what must be done: America must be rebooted, since our old System failed. At a bare minimum, all of the changes after 1790 need to be undone, repatriation must occur for the diversity, and lots of people need to go to jail for the damage they have inflicted upon us.

At that point, we probably need a convention of states to patch the Constitution so that socialism, diversity, equality (Fourteenth Amendment style), and large government become illegal. We need a flat tax. We need states able to deny entry to those from other states, if need be.

Should we get there, we can talk about long-term solutions like replacing the executive and legislative branches with a monarchy, and allowing for a caste system instead of the anarchy of freedom, liberty, tolerance, pluralism, utilitarianism, and pacifism.

As Trump has said, this is only the beginning. If one method becomes foreclosed, we have others. The third American revolution is the bell that once rung, cannot be un-rung. We recognize that America died yesterday, and we look forward to doing something about it tomorrow.

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