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How Modernity Ends

We know modernity is ending because if we look at all human systems as attempts to survive as groups, it has failed to produce prosperity. Despite high wealth, people in first world countries do not reproduce at replacement rates. This means a lack of fundamental faith and joy in existence.

Happy countries have big families, lots of free time, and independence from the tedium of red tape and having to worry about fixing other people who are dysfunctional. The West had a brief run of this while taxes were still low, but then the socialism cycle began.

What you tolerate, you get more of; what you focus on, you create; what you subsidize, you increase. Where in the 1950s people could breeze through life with minimal tedium, the group of dependents has grown in order to take advantage of the free stuff from government. They will keep growing.

This places modernity — the union of democracy, equality, civil rights, and market socialism, or free markets with high taxes to fund socialist-style entitlements — in the same death spiral that took out the Soviets and post French Revolution republics.

In response to this, populism has arisen based on the simple idea that government is self-serving and expands itself through the mandate offered by those anti-poverty and anti-racism programs. Populists say that our unelected bureaucratic elite has created a self-perpetuating political machine that runs all government and persists between elections because it only admits candidates who are loyal to it.

Like the 1980s Reagan/Thatcher revolution, the primary aim of populism consists of removing government and the socialist-style programs that enable it. These programs, entitlements, which consist of payments to citizens or in-kind payments, have been the source of government growth and its largest expansion since 1950:

Between 1930 and 2012, state and local government receipts grew from 8.0 percent to 13.0 percent of economic output, while their expenditures rose from 9.1 percent to 14.8 percent of output. For the overall government sector from 1930 to 2012, receipts increased from 11.1 to 26.4 percent of gross domestic product, (GDP) and expenditures rose from 12.1 to 35.6 percent of GDP.

The numbers here also do not include most of the costs and benefits of government rules and regulations…For example, one study estimated the regulatory costs imposed by the federal government were $1.8 trillion in 2013, which would be well over half the size of, and in addition to, the federal taxes and other receipts reported in the NIPA data.

After 1950, federal budget deficits became the rule instead of the exception. As can be seen in Chart 1, Washington has habitually run deficits since 1950, except for a few years at the end of the 20th century when the federal budget was briefly and barely in surplus.

We can afford entitlements or wars, but not both. Much of the conflict since the 1960s, with a “peace party” and a “war party,” involves where we spend the money: on entitlements, or maintaining a military presence to avoid the periodic oopsies of world wars.

This shows us following a slower road to what drowned the Soviets. As costs increase and requirements for performance decrease, the economy slows down into a permanent malaise which, while it may report high values, does not translate into prosperity for citizens or a healthy market.

At the end of the day, politics and leadership devolve to money, since some wealth is necessary for a nation to exist, and higher wealth correlates with happier citizens and better productivity. Non-producers end up as third world nations, with most living at subsistence levels or barely above.

This means that modernity will end because it is going bankrupt and has no prospect for change. More modernity means entitlements will forever expand, leading to the same death cycle that took the USSR and the French Revolution.

Populism sprung up after the 2008 financial crisis — which was caused by diversity programs — when it became clear that modernity had run its course. It had nowhere else to go but further Left, and this means heading into third world poverty and consequent disorder.

If you wonder why the Left are nervous in this election, it is because they realize that they either seize power soon or are getting yeeted out of power by market and historical forces. The world has run itself into debt with entitlements, regulations, and taxes.

We know now that the Left — “Democrat” is a temporary incarnation — attempted to steal election 2020 with hacked voting machines, mail-in ballots, and minority poll workers who assiduously faked votes and threw out conservative votes whenever possible.

This means that modernity has reached its endgame. The parties are desperate enough to risk open coup. There are no Clinton years of prosperity to go back to, only either socialism or breaking out of modernity entirely.

Our immediate future shows us President Trump continuing to spring his trap. He knew the Left would cheat on this election, so he got famous anti-Mafia lawyer Rudy Giuliani onboard, moved people into position, and refused to stop the bad actors he knew would be involved.

He gave them rope, and now they have hung themselves, although they do not see it yet. The Trump assault on this stolen election will come in several waves:

First, he will focus on technicalities to clear them out of the way, including the usual mishaps. This phase is almost complete.

Next, he will look into the obvious systematic fraud by poll workers and Dominion Scorecard and Hammer software. This part has just begun.

After that, his team will peer into the networks of people who are connected by the two. This will implicate a number of people who thought themselves untouchable as part of an organized crime group which spans the Left and the Deep State and operates political machines toward that end.

At this point, a number of people will find that they have an ugly choice. Subpoenas dig into networks and reveal names. Those names then can choose to either roll the dice with ten to twenty in a pound-me-in-the-ass prison, or testify against those above them and then go into Witness Protection.

In other words, the same way Rudy rolled up the mob: work upward from the base, build a case, and then connect the dots and use that to move up the pyramid until you find people will to testify against the ringmasters and show us where the bodies are buried.

This organized crime political machine has operated for decades without being caught because it systematically destroys evidence and terrorizes anyone connected to it, just like the Mafia. It operates on a code of silence with blackmail and bribes.

Trump cracking this will be a masterstroke, but it will have immediate consequences.

First, the Democrats will be revealed to be an entirely illegitimate party based on raiding the public purse for private enrichment. Expect people to suddenly notice that public servants earning a few hundred thousand a year are making tens of millions in consulting fees and kickbacks.

Next, anyone connected to this machine will find that law enforcement has probable cause for looking into their affairs and writing subpoenas. Information will come too light, or more likely, the systematic destruction of information.

This will pierce the veil of Deep State immunity. Any connection to this conspiracy will result in investigation, which means that all the bureaucrats who have gone to their government jobs and worked as DNC operatives all day will face potential charges.

Depending on how far back the fraud can be proven, many elections will be invalidated. We might see a Red Wave like never before as many if not most Democrat victories are invalidated, giving those positions to Republicans by default (a disqualified candidate means the other candidate has run unopposed).

Even more, many government positions will become open as fraud investigations result in bureaucrats and generals being sidelined or prosecuted. Even if they are not convicted, this is grounds for their dismissal under Trump’s recent executive order about government employees being at-will hires.

Now on to the press. Generally, a defamation suit requires that you prove that someone wrote something untrue, knew or should have known it was untrue, and did so for the purpose of ruining the reputation of someone else.

If a conspiracy is proven, this provides a motive to attach to every one of those cases in the press. When messages come to light showing journalists conspiring with other Leftist activists, coming up with talking points to counter obvious truths, that proves defamation.

One wonders what kind of civil suits could be launched in that environment. Every Republican defamed can sue The New York Times for example, which will find itself under an onslaught of hundreds of millions of dollars of judgment. Newspapers will close in bankruptcy.

Then other civil suits can come out as well. If you steal an election on which your adversary spent millions or billions of dollars, you have defrauded him of that money. The DNC may also find itself headed into bankruptcy when these lawsuits bubble up like foam in a flood.

This will have further repercussions as well. If Trump proves, as Giuliani asserted today, that China was behind this event — and we know China funds the Clintons — this becomes a question of conspiring with a foreign power against the United States. That falls under treason, but also under some handy Cold War statutes that will file these people away for good.

Expect further crackdowns against China. Trump will have a carte blanche at that point to do anything he wants to China. Since his goal is to make America self-sufficient, he will use this to obstruct or raise the costs of Chinese imports. Globalism will reverse.

Across the rest of the West, people are going to start looking more closely at some of the political success stories in recent history. How many had funding? Also protests will be scrutinized, since someone paid a lot of money to keep riots raging in America for six months.

Then we encounter the crisis of COVID-19, which will be revealed to be a mass panic fanned on by Leftist activists and bureaucrats. We will find out why flu deaths dropped to zero while reported COVID deaths surged. Many people will lose jobs over this.

Trump will come back to an America broken and disspirited by the fact of massive election cheating and organized crime running the country for decades. It will also be thirty trillion dollars in debt, with ten times that amount in infrastructure spending set aside to fund diversity, affirmative action, anti-poverty, and entitlements programs.

Trump will finally have the mandate to do two things: first, invalidate large segments of American law, and possibly with his cohorts in the Senate campaign for amendments to the Constitution to permanently transform our government in this way, and second, to finally repeal the entitlements — free education, EMTALA/healthcare, social security, welfare, housing, and other free stuff from grubmint — that have choked our economy for a century while buying up Leftist votes.

Lots of Leftists are going to find themselves out of jobs and, if they worked with the DNC, under a cloud of suspicion and possible legal investigation. This is what happens when you work with a Mafia and the whole scheme finally gets sprung.

Policies like affirmative action, which add thirty percent to the cost of everything by demanding the employment of millions of people as political tokens, will go away. Trump, as a race-blind kind of guy, will support meritocratic hiring but not political tokenism. The courts will likely agree.

When entitlements and affirmative action either lessen or end, things will look bad for consumerist corporations, or those that make their money selling cheap and disposable luxury items to the masses. People will start saving for their own retirement instead of spending every paycheck wantonly.

Big Tech will lose out as well. It makes its money from people sitting around doing nothing at work all day, which leaves them with time to scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Amazon. Those people will no longer have jobs created by that 1.8 trillion in regulations, and will find themselves more actively applied.

Bread-and-butter work will soar, since we will no longer be a “service economy” that does a whole lot of nothing but has meetings about it every two hours. There will be less demand for fluff, and more demand for productivity: agriculture, industry, research, construction.

As happens with conservatives — although ultimately Trump is a moderate — this will result in America becoming self-sufficient. As taxes and entitlements fall, costs will go down and opportunity will go up. Expect a smaller paycheck that goes farther, in safer communities with better quality food, education, medicine, culture, and housing.

Immigration will change. Four more years of Trump will kill the H1-B scam, where Big Tech companies hire five cheap Indian or Chinese engineers to replace one talented native one, and remove the US as a destination for emigrants. A lack of free stuff will drive away the low-talent labor.

As fewer immigrants come in, the rest will sense that they are no longer in the land of easy opportunity, and many will leave in order to find a more stable position. Thanks to the renegotiated NAFTA, opportunity in Mexico will be high, and many will go there.

Trump, fresh from a victory against organized crime, will have a mandate to patch the backdoors. With luck, he will turn to the Constitution, and repeal the Fourteenth Amendment, since this changed government from the protector of rights to the creator of them, which made it a Soviet-style intrusive state.

Perhaps these proposed changes will also code into the Constitution some other smart ideas: a flat tax, so no one votes how to spend the money of others, a limit on borrowing except during wartime, and maybe the simple statement that no law can exist that takes money from one group to give to another group.

Many people spent the last four years complaining about Trump failing to lock up Hillary Clinton, which would have been a repeat of the Bill Clinton impeachment, or doing things for White people. He will do better: he will defeat the Left and move us back toward the center.

It will take many baby steps to fix the West. The first, populism — which rejects globalism, diversity as a goal, socialism, and political machines — will give way to many others. Not all solutions are political, and a cultural wave will do the hard stuff.

However, Trump has made a glorious start and with this election trap, he has opened the door not to just a triumphant second term, but the fundamental reinvention of America.

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