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Ceremony of the End

Somewhere between honest and dishonest, a word should exist for people who are simply truth-agnostic, meaning that they are focused on something other than realistic and accurate heuristic depictions of the world. They are anti-realistic, but not aggressively so, meaning that perhaps we call them arealistic.

Arealistic people are fond of saying, “everything must end at some point anyway,” which is their way of disclaiming responsibility for keeping good things alive. To them, things are good when those things serve immediate needs for these people; otherwise, they are irrelevant or bad.

It is time that we remind America of that saying. Everything must end, and American government just ended itself. The phony electoral vote count in Congress, after the courts denied all hope of relief and the media refused to even report on it, was a ceremony confirming that end, not a new beginning.

Donald J. Trump went on social media yesterday to issue what looked like a concession speech. It was designed to have that effect, calming down the high emotion of the time so that America could focus on what a Biden presidency would actually mean.

Biden in the White House would mean that China rules the world, having fully taken over the USA and helped to steal its election, probably with SolarWinds and Dominion technology. It would mean the end of the USA as a superpower, and a new world order based on global trade and allegiance to China.

A Biden presidency would mean that the US would no longer be a non-socialist nation, but go further into the rabbit hole of straining its most productive to provide for an ever-expanding list of third world voters. It would mean more diversity, more censorship, and more endorsement of degeneracy.

Americans need to make a crucial measurement now: how do we feel, and what do we think, about this? In theory the Left should be celebrating, exulting and dancing around the streets like they did when the fake election results were first announced. They are not.

Instead, they are angrily plotting to remove Trump via a second impeachment or the twenty-fifth amendment, both of which will fail because they will be obvious partisan headcounts. With dominance of both houses, the Left has the votes, but they know that this will reveal too much of what they are.

It is as if, suddenly, the Left realized that a Biden presidency will be a very bad thing. It will end the prosperity that they parasitically leech as part of their daily existence. They are also slowly realizing with cold dread that China will never, ever let them go. They have made a devil’s bargain.

Of course, the Left specializes in such luciferian pacts. The original demonic contract is the old “I demand freedom for myself, so I will demand it for everyone else,” which sounds good until you realize that you have created anarchy with one rule, which is that the most anarchic wins.

American government failed under Barack Obama. He packed the ranks of the bureaucracy with people who think that COMMUNISM WILL WIN is not just a witty slogan but a historical truth, with that whole “arc of history” thing. They want to profit from third world votes and purchases here and in China.

This means that American government is now not only ideologically turned 180° from its origins — thank Abraham Lincoln for that! — but staffed with incompetent ideologues. They serve one goal, “more equality,” and to them, anything which serves that goal is moral and good, even if immoral.

Did you think that the people who executed whole families, engaged in “struggle sessions,” created secret police, shot people for hearsay, starved whole nations into submissions, managed the killing fields, and sent intellectuals to gulags have any morality? For them, equality is the only good.

They will kill anyone that they can in order to make this point. They will even sacrifice each other; they frequently cannibalize fellow travelers for not being extreme egalitarian enough, or even just being in the way. Innocence is no defense.

In fact, they aim to crush the innocent. They dream of a world united by a symbol (“=”) in which all exists to serve that end. They want a militarized, secularized, and cultureless society. Culture competes with them, so they want to remove it, and they want to genocide us in order to do so.

For them, organic life — normal families, self-discovery, spirituality, wisdom, and productivity — is a vile and terrible thing because it competes with their ideology. Even more, by succeeding without their ideology, it reveals that equality is not just unnecessary but unstable.

Over the past dozen decades, they have done their best to destroy the normal WASP families that created this nation and replace them with third world people, starting with miscegenated formerly White groups like the Eastern, Southern, Irish, and Mediterranean Europeans.

Now they want to go full third world, and have nothing but Asians, Africans, and mixed-race people here. They want a quasi-Semitic population who are, like the tower of Babel, composed of a cacophony of the world’s races, mostly Asian and White with some African thrown in there. They want the grey race.

After Obama, the American people balked at the idea of going further down this path. We know from history that socialism is death, diversity is failure, and mob rule destroys a civilization. We opted to survive, so we chose Donald J. Trump.

Despite consummate vote fraud by the Democrats — why else do you think the polls were so confident? the fix was in, as they say — he managed to get elected for his first term on unprecedented support and immediately start fixing government.

That scares the careerist politicians and others who depend on the Establishment. They look like fools when an outsider comes in and starts fixing the problems they swore were permanent. They look like amateurs, which they are, being chosen for their race and politics instead of abilities.

They determined they would get Trump out. They impeached him with a fake dossier, cheated in the 2018 elections, and tried a series of fake scandals — Stormy Daniels, RussiaGate, income taxes, emoluments, incompetence — to get him out of office.

They ignored the ill deeds by Obama’s cronies, including SpyGate and their tendency to ignore orders from Trump despite working for him. They formed a “Deep State” of a permanent entrenched bureaucracy that needs Leftism in order to rationalize its own existence, therefore leans hard Left.

Trump gave them every chance to work with him and they did nothing but stage tantrums at every turn. Consequently, he decided to trap them with this election, and created a small team of experts to obtain the evidence of the voter fraud and use contract-tracing to capture the actors.

At that point, he had several options. Again, he chose the merciful path, presenting the information in good faith to media, courts, and fellow politicians. All of them opted to ignore him and go with what the Deep State wants, itself funded in part by China, unions, organized crime, and the Obama-Clinton gang.

That large ceremony they had in Congress was the signing in blood of the contract with the devil. Trump went on the record with his speech, presenting many instances of vote fraud, knowing that even the direst cynic would not believe that all of them were wrong.

He ended with the ultimate accusation: there are more votes than voters. This is an obvious fraud. No one will hear it. They are using their current power to avoid informing themselves about the reality of the situation.

This is not a functional government; it is a parasitic one, which is the type of leadership that our Framers referred to as tyranny, following the model used by Plato. This group does not aim to serve Americans, but to exploit them and destroy them so that it may rule in perpetuity.

He let them do it. They had to sign in blood in order to officially end American government 1776-2021. They had to show that they had no goodwill toward the American people, and therefore have violated the social contract upon which this society has been made, which is the prosperity of the American nation.

He gave them every chance to not destroy American government, and not a one of them had the brains to hit the stop button. Crazed with powerlust and greed, they destroyed America as it was that night, and committed the final step in the biggest fraud of all time.

At this point, all that remains is using the evidence that he has gathered to make a case against these people, and in doing so, to disqualify them from office. Not just Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but most of Congress and the majority of government employees qualify under this.

These people have wrecked everything in America. We cannot trust its institutions. Its media feeds us non-stop lies. Its industry wants to serve China and the third world, not us. No one of competence and moral goodness remains in business or government. Our society has fallen and chosen collaborators instead.

They have also wrecked America. Once upon a time we were the leader of the free world, with the only system of government that had not collapsed in ruin since the time of the Kings. We were the sole superpower, a trusted brand, an entity that most aspired to and wanted to experience.

No more. Now we are another failed state, a banana republic, a third world kleptocracy living on the glories of the past. No one wants to be us. The ripples across international politics are going to be vast: liberal democracy and constitutions are on their way out, soft totalitarianism is in.

We even showed them the model to follow, since it took over here. Soft totalitarianism means a perpetual color revolution. The media replaces the role government took in the last century, and controls mass opinion through the clueless and greedy proles, who always seek to revolt in order to find a scapegoat for their own failed lives.

Americans are starting to realize this, but slowly. Trump gave the “concession” speech to cool everyone down and introduce doubt. He stole the initiative from the Left, and gave Americans a solid 48 hours to contemplate their life choices. Now we see: no one feels good.

The Left, other than the fanatics, which means those who realize that Leftism is a scam and simply a means to power and through that, wealth, have figured out that something is wrong. They should be happy; they are not. They are starting to think that they traded their country away and are self-destructing.

Big business has slowly figured out that a Biden regime means more of the moribund economy that Obama, Carter, and second-term Clinton (once the Reagan boom faded) brought to us. They wanted to open up the Chinese market, but now it will take over what they had, since that will fall in value.

Speaking of value, everyone is getting the sneaky feeling that things are bad. People are not hiring. No one is spending anymore. We have seen the future, and it consists of hoarding everything that we have and keeping all wealth that we earn off the books. Our markets will be replaced by black markets.

This, then, is the ceremony of the end. Remember that tweet?

Human societies suffer from the Human Problem, which is our tendency toward solipsism which we validate through social contact and then make anathema of reality through that. Only a few are resistant to it, and the herd hates them and wants them dead, like they hate Western Civilization for the same reason.

Trump wanted to stop the crisis, but in order to do that, we have to hit rock bottom. We have to see that everything is ruined, and the only way out is to go back to our origins and start with that, tossing aside a century and a half of Leftism entirely, and firing all but a few in our government.

No one would accept him making such radical fixes, so he had to bring the American people to a point of despair and recognition that our government, industry, and society are irreparable broken. We must see the decline for ourselves, and realize that almost all of our politicians and business leaders are incompetent criminals.

Only then will we accept what Trump has to do, which is basically fire everyone except for those who worked with him, and restart everything on a minimal — we could even call it “less democracy” — basis. We are starting to see his point.

Only when we realize that all is lost will we accept the mass arrests, tanks in DC, and other things that must be done. This is not a correction; it is a purge of a failed system of government, and its replacement with a new one, hopefully not including laws past 1790 from the old.

America is over. The nation has fallen. Thank the gods! We are now free from it. It was falling for decades, obviously so since 1866, and now it has finally collapsed. That dramatic electoral college vote was not the end itself, simply a commemorative ceremony acknowledging the end.

Trump has done more good in four years than the last century of American presidents, and he is the only one suited for leading us out of this disaster into a functional and balanced future. He had to let the other side show us that it was time, however, and now even they are starting to see it.

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