It’s only rape

Maybe you’ve heard by now about the recent report detailing how over the last 16 years more than 1,400 children have been abused and gang raped, and how they were ignored by police, in fact viewed with contempt by police, and how their parents were arrested when they tried to rescue them. I know the situation...Read more

American Spirit Cigarettes

Why is it that the greatest industrial power on earth cannot produce a decent cigarette? Most of us are aware that the big brands are 90% advertising and 10% highly efficient operations converting cheap tobacco into a uniform taste, much like fast food joints turn horse anus into a burger that has that same great...Read more

Esoteric Social Darwinism

Conventional wisdom, science and ancient religion seem to agree on the necessity for humans to overcome their lower impulses and discipline their minds in order to become functional as human beings. Our lowest impulses are formed of innate motivations to point us toward activities we need to do, like eating, fighting, fleeing and reproduction. Once...Read more

A green case against liberalism

Thanks to a five decade association between the two in the West, environmentalism and liberalism seem to be joined at the hip. This was not always so, and the original “green” movement would never have approved of what liberalism has converted it into. Green criticisms of liberalism start with the realization that liberal policies create...Read more

The separation of Conservatives from Christianity

This quotation from Christian popular music artist Rich Mullins put a finger on what some of us have noticed recently: a quiet exodus of conservatives from involving religion with politics, and a retreat by many from Christianity altogether. Christianity is not about building an absolutely secure little niche in the world where you can live...Read more

Democracy reveals its end result: a weepy mob looting in anger

Like many major events, the riots in Ferguson MO have roots in a thoroughly messy human situation. Drunk on victimhood, weeping with self-pity, and yet willing to blame others and so lash out in rage, the protestors first complained and then accelerated to full retribution. Steal – ruin – destroy. 99% of media and commentators...Read more

The end result of democracy

In the modern United States, we see the end result of democracy: a society based on desire voting itself pleasures while ignoring the accumulation of debt and decay. Democracy distinguishes itself from other forms of government by being based on human preference alone. When the group decides it wants something, it votes for it, aided...Read more

Ferguson burns for our pretense

Something burned in Ferguson. It was bigger than the riots, the arson and the violence. It was an American myth that we can keep brushing the chronic problems of diversity under the rug and bribe rioters to go home by being nice to them. It was the myth that diversity works at all. The Ferguson...Read more

Guilt transfers from Crowd to individual

“There’s strength in numbers.” Among humans, the belief that membership in a group conveys lesser culpability finds great popularity from age to age. People like to believe that when the teacher leaves the room, and children revert to the ways of their simian ancestors, guilt attaches to no one. Similarly when adults bind together into...Read more

The currency of our time

We are our minds. Or rather, we perceive ourselves and our world through our minds, so what we see of reality is composed of thought-objects. The sensible among us try to get as close to approximating reality with those as possible. In our minds, a force greater than gravity exists and holds sway. That force...Read more

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