The East

You can already guess how this movie ends simply by reading the premise: A young woman who works for a giant soulless corporation is tasked with infiltrating an anarchist network of ecoterrorists. The writers thus have about 120 minutes to convince us why she would want to give up a bland but reliable boyfriend and...Read more


Western Europeans — both those in Europe and in the USA — do not realize that we are bizarre to most of the world. And every now and then our complete lack of guile reveals how out of touch we are with every other corner on earth. In the image above, a CNN headline screams...Read more

Signals to send to young women

With the collapse of the narrative in the UVA rape case, the prime sin of modern time — noticing — has become unavoidable and has momentarily broken through the media embargo on uncomfortable truths about personal responsibility. For at least a few moments, we have an opportunity to observe a truism about life itself. The...Read more

We all bleed red

The herd hates it when people break away. If it has a single idea, hidden behind the rationalizations it gives for its power, the herd follows one code above all else: everyone must be included. Everyone must get along. All are part of the group. A common argument made against any dissidence from this totalitarian...Read more

Life stinks

It is a scientific fact that 99.9999% of all life forms will be eaten alive, or will eat someone alive…Life is a struggle for survival. — Ren Höek, “Life Sucks,” unpublished episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show Despite the unorthodox nature and complete lack of scientific rigor to the quote above, it provides a...Read more

The court of public opinion will decide your fate

Liberalism seeded itself with the Renaissance, grew with the Enlightenment, and took over with the French Revolution. It has slowly fanned outward through the tissues of Western society, finally reaching the USA which has now been veering hard left for seven decades. In the new social climate engineered by our nu-Soviet elites, rape is a...Read more

The illusions on which conservatives rely

There is, I believe, in every disposition a tendency to some particular evil, a natural defect, which not even the best education can overcome. – Fitzwilliam Darcy Our greatest strengths prove also our greatest weakness for, having found a way to explain our world, we then rely on it and by that nature exclude that...Read more

Some clarity on racial crime statistics

Our conservative media keeps trying to push past taboo barriers one inch at a time, knowing that if you get an inch and take another inch, you are in a more defensible position than if you had taken a mile. Fox News — our mostly-RINO but sometimes conservative media as hybridized with a tabloid where...Read more

Legalize rape

When rape first became a crime, we lived in a different world. Among the middle and upper echelons of society, women expected to be virgins at marriage and to be respectable in public thereafter. These expectations arose from common knowledge which has been forgotten. Without the bonding that sexual inexperience provided, couples lacked the trust...Read more

Shut down the government

The last time Republicans forced a shutdown of the government of the United States, life improved. Those who depend on entitlements for their existence tended to stay away, leaving society to those who are fully participating. Many of us have a simple rule: if I must go to work, and pay taxes, so must you....Read more

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