‘Stop immigration. Start repatriation.’

This is colossal:

A Muslim businesswoman born in Wales was told to ‘pack your bags’ after saying online that the Brexit result left her feeling alienated.

Meanwhile, social media users nationwide reported incidents on the street and public transport in which Eastern Europeans and Muslims were told to leave the country.

This — that both Muslims and Eastern Europeans were targeted — is more evidence that the issue is the right of England to be England, or Britain to be Britain, by excluding all others, not that these others are being attacked for who they are, i.e. “racism.”

The Brexit vote has established an idea that Benjamin Netanyahu would find familiar: each ethnic group must act in self-interest. It is no longer the responsibility or burden of the UK to be the world’s immigration destination; instead, English and British people can act toward their own self-interest, which means excluding everyone else.

Just because someone is born in the UK, they are not British. They are occupants, not natives. And now, the natives want their country back. The backlash has begun, against not just the EU, but democracy and its inherent Leftist tendencies and the idea of multiculturalism itself.

The elites have no one to blame but themselves. They could have avoided illusory and controlling policies, but it was more important to them that everyone be forced to obey (control) than that the goals were sensible. And now, they are being overthrown.

Civilian Society Hates Masculine Men


Raging realist insight:

I must agree that civilian society certainly has no love for a self sufficient male. A example from my experience to here in the civilian world. At work there is that guy, you all have met him, likes to be funny. Maybe snags something off your desk, or wants to give you a smack on the shoulder or whatever maybe the case. Now in civilian society I am supposed to go whine to my manager and let them handle it. I was taught being a pussy assed tattletale was not something to admire instead a tattletale is to be despised. I can handle the problem easily, first be nice and talk with them, then if they do not listen, well now it is time to not be nice and simply solve the problem. Of course in civilian society everyone will freak out and condemn me for fixing the problem, in the Military that will not happen instead you are looked at as someone who can handle issues successfully.

Or another example from my life to show how men are expected to be pussies in civilian society. Right after I was medically discharged from the service and was attending university. I lived in some apartments by the university. One night the civilian and his girlfriend downstairs below me had been screaming and fighting for about 3 hours. I go downstairs and ring the doorbell. High speed answers the door and I kindly ask that they stop fighting. Mr. Civilian then says something about my sexual status with my mother. I tell civilian boy something rude in return. He does something stupid, I fix the problem. Some civilian, of course, calls the police. They show up and by this time I am back in my apartment. They actually come up and read me the riot act for handling the situation. No, they say I acted incorrectly I am supposed to just call them and that is all. The fact hero boy was going to jail for domestic abuse that night is probably the only reason I did not get in trouble. Bah!!

So now days everyone is scared, ohhhh don’t confront someone for being screwed up they might get offended. Don’t actually stand up for anything or the other civilians will not like you and the laughable authorities will come read you the riot act and maybe take you to jail. Do not be a man about things these days or you will find the civilians will make life hard on you…civilian society wants nice pacified little boys and not men. Which is one of the reasons things are rather messed up today. A nark or tattletale is rewarded. No idea how that came about, a snitch is to be despised period.

The contrast between “civilian” and “military” reveals a more important underlying different: civilian society is based in social results, where the military is based in results in reality.

To succeed in civilian society, you make other people like you or think you are unique, interesting, different, compassionate, visionary, benevolent, etc.

To succeed in the military, or in the state of nature before civilization, or even in any sensible civilization, you achieve results. You set a goal, and that must be realistic, and then you make it happen. Or not.

Civilian society fears the Darwinism of real-life struggle and replaces it with symbolic contests like sports, politics, commerce and celebrity.

But really, actual life is found in the struggle to enact one’s Will on reality, and to have that Will be congruent with that of the universe. Some call this religion; others, common sense.

Brexit: The Failure of Democracy (As Usual)


As soon as the Left recovered from their shock over the “Leave” vote, the tongues started wagging with a clever and canny strategy: Brexit, they said, was the “triumph of our democracy.” It showed the process working, you see. Even if all of us clever people hated the result, look, the system is great!

What Brexit actually shows, to anyone with a consciousness beyond “what do others think of me,” is the usual pattern of democracy: while the sensible people are busy living their lives, democracy creates crises that then require mass mobilization and massive losses to fix. There is a good reason that democracy is the graveyard of empires; unless carefully counteracted, it destroys society bit-by-bit with the seemingly gravitational movement of a moth drawn toward flame.

Humans find it hard to accept this, but what we think we need is rarely what we actually need, and usually represents a dangerous illusion. Thinking minds tend toward rationalization, as this selects a truth that is easier for the mind to comprehend than the ambiguity, seeming disorder and risk inherent to life. When our minds look at a patch of forest, we see chaos and possible Darwinian terror, and refuse to realize that in fact we are looking at something with a higher degree of organization and efficiency that our grid-layout cities and boxy suburban rows.

The human mind looks at square, uniform, and evenly-spaced objects as “orderly” when in reality this is an inefficient method of organization which is prone to sudden failure when one of its objects gets bumped out of place. In nature, bumps and chaos are anticipated and incorporated, then improved upon. The human mind fears nature and the potential insufficiency of the individual human, and so all of these natural orders terrify us at a subconscious level.

Democracy is merely an extension of the tyrannical ego. We need to feel In Charge, so we separate the task of leadership from the questions it addresses and create a System that then replaces reality as the target of all of our actions. To succeed in human civilization, you must address what people think is real, not what is real, and focus more on “getting along with” others in the group, not fixing the problem.

To succeed in formalized human groups, you must deny reality and focus on human pretense. The same is true in social settings: what makes you popular is not reality, but how much you can distract from it. Working within the system means paying more attention to how to manipulate others than how to achieve results in physical reality; working with a social group means telling people what they want to hear, not what is true. This is the root of all human dysfunction.

Do you ever stop to wonder why there is a zero percent survival rate for civilizations? None last… they all self-exterminate. The clever chatterers twist Plato’s cycle of civilizations into a type of fatalism that says every civilization has a certain expiration date, and so there is nothing you can but shrug, pour yourself another glass of wine and watch the decline from the porch of your downtown condominium. More sensible observers realize that every civilization has perished because they all made the same mistake.

When a mistake is widely made, it has some cause which is inherent to people and not to the circumstances under which they find themselves. Civilizations across the globe, rich and poor, from every racial group, have all fallen by the same mechanism. This means that it is likely a cognitive gap in our understanding, which like many of these consists of a separation between appearance and structure. Many things appear to be true, but looking beneath the surface, one finds that what “seems” like it would be right is in fact not right at all.

On this topic I always think of the merry-go-round at our local playground when we were kids. If you are standing next to it, and it is in rotation, you think that you can just step on and be part of it. But in actuality, contrary to appearance, you have to get a running start to match it in speed or you will effect a momentum transfer that could well send you flying. Cognitive pitfalls like this are not human per se so much as they are products of the separation between visual reality — which we can share between people — and structural or actual reality.

Democracy is one of these pitfalls. On the surface, if something bad happens, it must have been the king’s fault. In reality, there was often nothing anyone could do about a misfortune — famine, invading Mongols or Sea People, plagues and floods — but the human tendency is to assert our Authority and demand that someone address the situation. A smart king will do nothing but clean up as best as possible, knowing that it is beyond human ability to stop misfortune. But the ego wants to be enthroned, and wants to feel “safe,” so it smashes down that king and declares the real problem in our society was that we gave too much power to kings.

And so we get a compromise. We have no leaders, but we make choices in groups, and in theory, we always choose correctly. In reality, the complexities of governing even a small community are more complicated than can be communicated to a group and vastly more so than what can be understood by that group. That creates a new group of leaders who have less power than kings, but also less oversight by the capable, and this group sets about “civilizing” the rest of us. Worse, it does so under the aegis of the voters, because it has the pretense of being the will of We The People.

If you wonder why we have bureaucrats in the EU who like to pass down petty little rules on everything from what toaster you can use to how thick your toilet paper can be, this is why: they enjoy the sensation of power because it removes ambiguity from life, and they have no oversight from the voters except in periodic elections when many thousands of little acts are summarized by a few token issues. It is like when the teacher leaves the room and gives that annoying teacher’s pet kid the authority to punish, discipline and command others. Of course you get abusive nerds! It is Lord of the Flies writ in documents, speeches and Nordic-style positive policing instead of a pig head, but the psychology is the same.

But the open-mouthed nodding heads of the “sensible” people are always there to tell us how great democracy is. “Oh, no, we could not have a king, that would be uncivilized, like cavemen,” they say. “We need process. And laws, and rules, and procedures, to protect all of us.” They are convinced that they are smarter than the rest of us, smarter than nature and wiser than God. Nevermind that they are basically nerds… masters of a narrow domain, oblivious to the wider picture, like the computer programmer who writes compilers but cannot boil an egg, mow his lawn or make conversation with a lady.

The grim fact is that the feral, atavistic doubters called this one correctly. Our notion of being “civilized” is mere pretense that allows us to put our egos in the drivers seat, arranging every piece of our lives into neat blocks so we feel in control of it and therefore, powerful. When we do this in groups, we get democracy, which produces tyrant-nerds who promptly miss the point on every issue, ruin quality of life and make us all hate each other, at which point civilization fragments.

Think of how massive this realization is:

  • Machiavelli, Hitler, Aurelius, Ian Stuart Donaldson, Jack London, Fred Nietzsche, Mussolini and the rattlesnake which lives out back and delights in eating frogs were right.
  • The Marxists, psychologists, priests, teachers, social workers, MBAs, lawyers, sociologists, scientists and revolutionaries were wrong.

We write a lot about unintended consequences here, including dark organization arising within our well-intentioned human social organizations. Humans are still in denial of the fact that what we think is right is usually wrong, and the more we insist on getting what we want, the closer we come to destroying ourselves. When we trust nature, and accept its order as sensible, we are operating on the level of structure; otherwise, we float on the level of appearance — which we can communicate to others visually and through tokens and language — but never engage the actual issues.

Brexit was a revolution against democracy. The good intentions people — and we all know the old saw about a road to Hell — said the right things, and the open-mouthed nodding heads voted for them and declared how this was the civilized, intelligent and mature way to behave. Not like those horrible cavemen and fascists! Then, as always happens, the cleverness gains momentum. The people in power need to keep demonstrating their relevance, so government grows and rules bloom like mold on bread left in a humid barn… the chattering classes keep signaling how intelligent and mature they are by even more fervently supporting crazy illusions like diversity even as Muslim rape gangs, Eastern European organized crime, and Chinese investors subvert their society. No one can stop the democracy train once it gets rolling. Its momentum carries it forward, and since it started in a crazy place, it has nowhere to go but even crazier, reality-denying places.

Human history could be written this way: most people are always wrong. They get together and agree that their wrongness should be right, and so they declare equality and rule by the people. This appoints tyrannical nerds to power who quickly make too many rules in an effort to make themselves seem important. Then, everyone is afraid to mention that the Emperor’s new clothes are in fact made of air. The momentum builds, and the crazy train runs off the rails. Then, someone like Nigel Farage, Jesus Christ or Arjuna comes along to sacrifice himself (or at least 25 years of his life) to clean up the mess that everyone else made. The crowd, momentarily humbled by seeing how its actions have failed, starts mumbling justifications… and then the process begins again, until finally someday civilization exhausts itself and dissipates — poof! — like so many illusory notions in the wind.

The True Terror of Minorities: We Do Not Need You


At Trump rallies around the country, we see desperation. Not — for a change, which is why they are voting for Trump — from the white people, but from the non-whites and white hipsters who have no claim on life if “Facebook Consultant” is not a viable job title. They are in denial of something big, and it scares them to death.

This big something is as follows: we do not need them. If all minorities perished tomorrow, and all white hipsters died in fire and brimstone, white America would experience a brief hiccup — but nothing more. More competent people would take over those publicist jobs, food service and construction as we did in years past, and do a better job.

Diversity requires that we take the lower and accept them as equal to the higher so that everyone “can just get along.” This pleases white suburban housewives immensely, much as it flatters white women hired in the tall spires of the city, and white men who wish to go through life without the risk of warfare. But like most exceptionally pleasant things — heroin, infatuation, obesity — it is denial and not reality. It is a compensation for the reality we are afraid to face.

In the past, Europe arose from a relatively small number of people. Some were promoted to aristocratic levels because they were more competent than the rest. They managed to instruct the peasants in agriculture, organized the military, got basic practices of hygiene in order. This is how Europe surged ahead of the rest despite having fewer natural resources and people.

Those are the people we need. The ones they instruct are disposable. Their leaders do not treat them as such, but recognize this truth: the brains and good moral character people are what makes society run. Laborers? You can always find more laborers. This society was not built on slaves, because the slaves by themselves could not have created it. It took those brains and big souls to get everyone else in line — in contrast to their usual superstition, loafing and hedonism — so that something more than subsistence can be made.

Despite seventy years of Leftist propaganda, minorities are aware that if they all died tomorrow, life would not only proceed without a major hiccup, but perhaps be better. This makes them unstable and puts them in a horrible position. Nationalists would end the trauma by sending them to their home continents to help their own people, where they would have better options for partners and friends.

Democracy however resents this. It exists for one principle: assert that all people are equal, so that we need a Power to enforce equality and are afraid of anything but that Power. Ask yourself: does this Power need any of us? The answer is no: all of us are means to its ends, and we are as disposable as napkins at a New York hot dog stand.

Make Humanity Great Again


A popular trope among cucks goes this way:

The past that people romanticize never existed! Now, everything has changed, and it will never return. The best thing to do is give up and move to Costa Rica, so that you can at least live cheaply and watch it all collapse. There is no point trying to save it.

Wonder what disguised ideological theory we have here? Oh, right: progress. See, it’s $currentyear and so nothing is ever like any other time in history, and our problems are the result of us changing through progress, so the only solution is to abandon everything and go with new unproven theory!

Cucks love any excuse to duck out on the obvious: our problems exist because of poor leadership and are easily fixed by removing that poor leadership. At that point, we are in a state like the past, and much as that was the result of natural growth and evolution, we will naturally grow and evolve to greatness.

But what if Plato was right, and many civilizations have gone through a “civilization life cycle” where they choose poorly and ended up destroyed? And by implication, what if we could either avoid going down the death-path or, finding ourselves on it, reverse course not by “going back” but by “choosing differently”?


When one makes choices in life, and they are wrong, those choices can often be reversed. When the question is one of a difficult situation, but to fail to reverse those choices means death, then the difficult must be tackled as it was in the various seemingly insurmountable wars and depressions previously. And as we find out with the various panics that did not kill us, the hype is usually far greater than the actual threat.

With that in mind, I present several tiers of solutions:


  • End democracy. Elect representatives to change constitutions, collapse government, engage in rebellion or subvert from within. Any will work, and all are relatively frequent methods of regime change. Instead of choosing those who have the most and deciding they are our best, we should choose our best and give them the wealth and power so they will not abuse it and use it to increase our joy in life.
  • End diversity. Revoke all affirmative action, civil rights and anti-discrimination law. Restore freedom of contract. Recognize that immigration is illegal and arrange for the deportation of all who do not belong here. Resume using strong ethnic identities of the people features in movies, advertising, books and public life.
  • End overpopulation. Cease all welfare states and any laws which protect people from their own actions. End immigration, foreign aid and other aid programs. End mandatory and subsidized medical care. Form a union of Western Europeans among whom we trade and share technology, and exclude the rest of the world.
  • End government. Reduce taxes to the bare minimum required for defense and roads. Sell off all other divisions of government on the open market. Invalidate all regulations and laws made since 1790. End public education and health programs.


  • Strengthen culture. Build institutions like libraries, schools, churches, volunteer groups and local governments in the mold of the classical education our great-grandparents knew. Eliminate all triviality. Create the notion of the “cultured person” which is available only to the above-125 IQ people who come from the descendants of our First Families. Everyone else goes to the undistinguished levels of hierarchy. Promote the good as being above the rest in all ways.
  • Restore religion. Religious leaders today follow the example of commerce: offer something convenient to the herd. This however drives away anyone who wants actual religion, and attracts people who will find the same thrill at a rock concert… and after a time, depart for that easier and more convenient option. A general retirement plan for all the panderers, and promotion of those who take religion for what it is, will drive away the fly-by-night people and create a solid core. This core will then expand as its relative happiness shocks the triviality-dedicated people.
  • Renew racial consciousness. A generation ago, heroes like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone were considered normal and healthy, but under the stern gaze of “racism” they become demons. Using the power of mass consciousness, these heroes can be restored to their position as role models. This will drive away the neurotic, and affirm the masculine and assertive aspects of our culture.


  • Reduce promiscuity. Bring back shame and guilt as a means of public order. Set an example, use scorn as a weapon, and allow people to freely associate so that deviants get sidelined.
  • Undo anonymity. Create tax incentives for smaller cities and moderately sized towns instead of mega-cities and emphasize personal connections over C.V. in hiring.
  • Reduce media. Remove the protections granted media against piracy and tax the living heck out of them. Allow the movie industry to die. Remove any protections for promises or assertions made in advertising.

Civilization is only as good as its social order. However, like many classic designs, these work whenever applied. We need a spiritual revolution, yes, but it needs support from the behaviors created by the choices we make in designing our civilization. The past is not dead; it is not even past.

Removing The Parasites And Their Justifications

A commenter writes:

Universal Education.
Human rights.
Women’s rights.
Gay rights.

All these things are entirely destructive, and none of them can be criticized.
Their removal, over time, would go a long way towards the restoration of a functional civilization.

Most people view the task of restoring civilization as this long and burdensome road to some new and ambiguous system, forgetting (apparently) that we had a more functional society as little as eighty years ago, and we can return to it by ceasing to do the stupid stuff we have made mandatory since then.

When one understands Crowdism as a pathology and not a political philosophy, it becomes clear that most people are unnecessary and therefore parasitic. They cannot achieve civilization on their own nor will they support it if given power. This is why in the past, we put them in lower castes and ignored their opinions entirely.

Our society still does the same thing, incidentally, but instead of picking good people to lead us, we choose people who are good at making themselves rich using government and the vast population of useless people as consumers. These are naturally manipulative, corrupt and reality-denying obliviots like Barack 0bama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and François Hollande.

Through equality, and the vote to legitimize parasitism as equal to contribution and therefore to justify both government power and all these great “free” benefits programs, societies destroy themselves. Equality is the opposite of quality, and without quality, you get third-world levels of social function, and eventually third-world people show up to displace you since you are not doing any better than they are, but have more wealth.

A healthy future can begin for us by simply removing the many justifications of the parasites and the laws that support them, including the list above. If that were done, society would naturally head toward an equilibrium where quality rose above the quantity-obsessed herd.

Breaking The Golden Straight-Jacket


In voting to invoke (((The BREXIT))) Great Britain has broken the chains and wraps of the golden straight-jacket. They have panicked the electronic herd. The true, blue, diaspora sent the iniquitous orc tribes of Londinistan as well as the niggling Kobold Scots to the woodshed for a right and proper hiding. The have decapitated their Cuckservative PM – thereby telling the establishment Tories to go bugger the very horses they have stolen. Bully for Old John Bull.

To understand the evil of such globalizing organizations as the EU is to understand the worldview and goals of people like Thomas Friedman. Thomas Friedman is important and smart. He is SARCASM so smart and important that he writes for the (((Gnu Yawk Times.))) SARCASM He wasn’t always a joke. At one point, in the Mid-00’s, he was perspicacious and honest in his diabolism. Thomas Friedman, you see was the champion of Globalization. He wrote a manual for enslaving the masses entitled The Lexus and The Olive Tree.

In this particular satanic text, Friedman set forth the economic mechanism by which globalism would succeed where Genghis Khan came up a few horses and arrows short. The mechanism of tyranny is economic and consists of two key components. There is the golden straight-jacket and the electronic herd. The golden straight-jacket is a set of constraining rules that forces a society to behave in a way that the Davos Man finds pleasing and amenable. The electronic herd is a large consortium of investors that can flood a country with hot cash or short them leading to an economic drought. To take the money of the electronic herd is to sign up for all the constraints and humiliations of the golden straight-jacket. An addiction to the OxyContin cash flow of from the electronic herd enslaves a nation and confines them to the golden straight-jacket.

Great Britain broke free. Like Christ dispelling the demons who called themselves Legion, they have sent the pigs of the electronic herd over the cliff of their own delusional arrogance. With the golden straight-jacket broken and the electronic herd swept to sea, men of true virtue will realize the emptiness of the threats and the deceit contained in the promises from organizations such as the UN, the EU and all other such organizations. The international capital may gleam like gold, but the impact of taking on the organic cultures of nations is forever Faustian.

So Morgan Stanley warns us about a possible Brexit (((contagion.))) Oh, please don’t throw us in that briar-patch. Morgan Stanley tells us why we should be very scared…

In the event of a Brexit, its implications would reach well beyond the UK to the rest of Europe. Some countries look more exposed than others, but the overall impact would be negative for growth, negative for the euro, and negative for European equity markets.

So do tell us, Morgan Stanley, what is your economic outlook for the TEXIT? Or let’s have another go from the SNP. Socialism sure would look funny in a kilt. Wouldn’t it just break your heart if the EU were to take a dirt nap?

‘The EU cannot survive. It is too undemocratic, corruption is too high, the Eurocrats’ ambition is too much, there is too much money in the gravy train. ‘It makes ordinary people raving mad.

And that, is what happens when empires fall. They no longer represent the needs of their people. They only represent the corrupt and puerile whims of a debauched and cynical elite. It’s amazing how much Modern Amerika is similar to the EU.

Why The Far Right Never Took Off

Expressed succinctly by a former member of Evil Skins:

The game was that we would be the craziest, everyone was zealous. We jumped on the heads of our enemies. Such violence was present, blood constantly stained our clothes. It was such an urban guerilla atmosphere where the streets had to belong to skinheads. That was the 80’s spirit. We had to do all you can do to not lose. The honour to be a skinhead was in us even in our dreams. I was just like this at this time.

The truth is that we did not love anything and we didn’t care for others. We were not interested in being rock stars, we were simply street skinheads. So no one came to see us and we did’nt have any contact with the larger scene as a whole, just with some skins of Tolbiac, Bonsergent, and “des Halles” who were real street skinheads.

Evil Skins is difficult to understand, because at this time we were skinheads whom were not really intelligent. We cultivated rather stupidity and wickedness. As the song says, “We are stupid and nasty skinheads and the worst of all is that we are happy.” We were a little bit like people who enjoyed being without brain. We were close to being pit bulls, ready to bite people. That was roughly the level of the band. All this washed it down with beer and that does not help. In short, it was difficult for guys like us at that time to think about change. Everyone was trained in this brainwashing.

…There was a time of contact with real fascists who wanted us recruited, but it is not possible. We were guys from the streets, politics is derided. We just loved to brawl. After you get provoked, you have a natural opposition and enemies that increased your provocation.

The Far Right has not succeeded in separating mere resentment from the desire for a better world. Instead, we get people who want to beat the other team, but have no idea what positive changes they desire to make. This just strengthens the existing political narrative, with two groups of monkey clowns running around and beating on each other while everyone else just shrugs and writes it off, letting the farce go on ad infinitum or until society collapses, whichever comes first.

The South Rises Again


One of the bedrock principles of conservatism is localism, or having a solution as close to and specific to the situation as possible. This contrasts the ideal of those I will call City People, who want one rule to apply to everything, so that they can argue from this rule about what “ought” to be instead of what is. In the city, one succeeds by forcing others to do your bidding; in the country, more realism is required.

The City People are always the same: not producers so much as those who are taking advantage of opportunities, they thrive when a task is narrowly defined through rules and laws, but would not survive a night in the open forest. Thus they are ruled by both a desire for opportunism, and a pervasive fear. This drives them to demand more laws, more standardization, and more government power wherever they go.

The ultimate goal of the City People is to produce something like East Germany: a place where everyone is guaranteed employment, so all are safe from crime, and the government takes care of everything, but individuals can succeed by operating within those narrow definitions of laws, rules and ideology. They will deny this if you tell it to them, but then they end up there.

Consider modern hellish environments like New York City. To live there, one must have either a fair amount of money or choose housing in a ghetto. Social services are abundant but mediocre. Jobs are easily acquired by jumping through the right hoops, and there are few consequences for getting it wrong unless one is foolish enough to take a risk, which every candidate for a job knows is a bad idea. Go with the flow. Keep the opportunistic gravy train flowing and beat back the endless problems caused by this approach with more laws.

In another twenty years, New York will resemble East Berlin. The government will have expanded radically through the votes of the urban poor, who never met a benefits program they did not like… the rich will be taxed to absurdity, and will respond by moving away or moving their income away. This will leave government squeezing the middle class, as has happened under Obama to the USA as a whole, and this will put the city in a death spiral: tax less wealth more to fund an ever-growing parasite pool.

The same thing destroyed Communism. The Soviets created what they saw as an ideal state, but it had a fatal flaw: it was unproductive because it squeezed its most productive people the most, encouraging them to drop out and do the minimum. In the meantime, it kept promoting people who made careers out of not taking risks and saying the right thing to make the audience happy. This made it incompetent, arrogant and unresponsive.

Rome went out the same way. In an effort to maintain power, its leaders employed mercenaries and imported labor. This group then became their biggest supporter and also, a parasite pool because it was funded with money extracted from ordinary Romans. At some point, those stopped trying, and the system hit the pavement.

In the American South, people recognized that the City People are like drunken children. They are so concerned with what they want being forced on other people that they have no time to consider what its actual effects will be. They live in a world where if you can con the waiter into giving you a free appetizer, or snow your boss with praise and then suggest something that worked at another company, you win. To them, the question is not “what will happen” but “what do other people think of this.” It is all appearance.

The South suggested two types of localism: first, that rule in the South should occur in its individual communities, and second, that the virtual locality of people who were not infected with the City People disease should be able to escape that mentality by creating an entirely different society nearby. In other words, rules from New York were no good in Alabama, and City People ethics were not either, because in Alabama they were trying to get away from that corrupt and infectious mentality.

Of course, that could not be allowed by the City People. Competition of this sort would make the city lifestyle look as disgusting as it is. So the City People found a victimhood-equality narrative involving slavery to pick a fight with the South; we know it was not from caring for African-Americans because the City People were perfectly content for those to live in ghettos and company towns in virtual slavery. It was a desire to crush the people who escaped the city.

Brexit shows a similar desire for localism: the people of the UK do not want to follow the opportunistic but sheeplike bureaucrats of the EU into a multicultural East Germany (from which Angela Merkel originated). They cannot articulate what they actually want, which is natural because very few people are good at getting to the core of any issue, but they know they do not want the vision of hell that has become apparent.

And in the UK and Europe, the City People — who we might identify as Crowdists — have been gnashing their teeth and rending their clothes. They want the easy opportunism back where if you call someone a racist, they give you money and power. Those days are ending and with it, the only relevance the City People have is fading. They produce nothing and take no risks. They are the bureaucratic calcification which destroys human societies, and when exposed by the light of actual competition on the basis of real-world results, they fail every time.


How dare white people act in self-interest, in a world where every other group does so? How dare the UK refuse its wealth and power to the bigger group, which wants nothing more than to expand itself at the expense of others? Indeed, in this egalitarian age, refusing a parasite its imagined due payment is seen as a crime!

And yet, the South rises again. People want to step off the train to East Germany with BMWs that the EU represents. They can finally visualize that this is the destination of the train. In the US, people are seeing that the 0bama train leads to a national Detroit or Baltimore. We want off too. Let us rule ourselves, and let us break away from the rest of humanity and its failures, because they are parasitic and will destroy us.

The South did not want war and white people do not want a race war. But this is what they are going to get. It always ends this way, when societies go down the path of egalitarianism as Rome and Greece did before us. We were warned, but too arrogant to listen. Now, we are listening, and ready for the final battle.

What Nature Designates As Desirable

Humans offer many, many justifications for their broken lives, but underneath the surface of “face value” assertions, we see what is desired.

Women desire men who are strong, racially and nationally oriented, personally conservative and yet able to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Men desire women who are chaste, sensible, loving and kind.

This has never changed, despite a barrage of liberal propaganda that states that those who fail these conditions are “equal” to those who fulfill them.

Nature has told us what is right; we need only look past the human lies to see what is real and not merely “wishful thinking” by life’s failures, who are equal only in that they get the same vote and voice as someone who is not insane.