Why the usual suspects are going after anti-vaxxers

You may have noticed that comedy acts, newspapers, talk shows, magazines and internet pundits have all been talking about anti-vaxxers a lot lately, even before the measles outbreak in California. If you wonder why, backtrack to last year. A number of issues arose in which religious people said NO to progressive policies. Hobby Lobby objected...Read more

Soft censorship

Back in the 1980s, a number of suburban political wives wanted to protect their special snowflakes from the bad content in rap, rock and heavy metal. They formed a group, the Parents Music Resouce Center (PMRC), which attempted first to get legislation passed to require warning stickers on album covers. Then the PMRC-heads discovered another...Read more

Hitler won and the Holocaust is about to happen

WWII ended in 1945 but we fight it every few years in metaphorical form. Like the archetypes upon which it was built, the French Revolution in Europe and the Civil War in the USA, it was the well-intentioned inclusionists versus the evil not so sociable people and this message united the “free world” to truck...Read more

Reflections on MLK day

Mondays deserve their reputation as frenetic, disorganized days. I spent one Monday bewildered. The stock market was closed and when I called the DMV, no one answered. I turned to the internet and found threads in online forums where people were talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy. At that moment I realized...Read more

Conservatives should not use Wikipedia

To use a resource book implies trust in it. To trust it implies a belief that it is factual. When you use a bad source, you are validating its lies as truth. Such is the case with Wikipedia. Many of us have observed for years that this feel-good social project, arising from a failed porn...Read more

The Wump World by Bill Peet

The Wump World (1970) by Bill Peet Houghton Mifflin, 44 pages. $9 On the surface, this serves as a parable for children about the environmental damage that humans can do. Underneath however as in most of Bill Peet’s work another agenda is at play, which is a confrontation between humanity and the doubt, emptiness and...Read more

Martin Luther King, Jr., Hero of the Suburbs

Why would anyone ever say, especially in a pained voice, “Can’t we all just get along?” All of us getting along means acceptance of whatever. It means that there is no evolution, no searching for a better answer. In practice, it means that we all retreat to our homes and ignore each other as well...Read more

What is the Zombie Ritual?

Out of the gathering fog, they assemble without knowing why. Brainless, they move impulsively like insects, repeating actions autonomically. They consume the living and replace them with the living dead. The few survivors resist but are hopelessly outnumbered and are excluded to the point of living in constant fear, hiding in remote areas and maintaining...Read more

Anti-culture against (unpatriotic) organic culture

For our own convenience, we like to think of the past as a foreign land. That way the present can be a blank slate, like ourselves, just waiting for whatever drama we brew up in our own minds to imprint upon it. In reality, past dictates present because history shows us the problems that arose...Read more

The hive mind rages

The insidious nature of Crowdism reveals itself through the latest ecstasy of outrage provoked by the Charlie Hebdo shootings. Across Europe, people declare “I am Charlie” and “Not Afraid.” This behavior shows an instinct for drama and social activity, not a political response, and its real purpose is to conceal what we fear: that our...Read more

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