The Paradox of Neoreaction


Reactionary Future has a response to “Why The Alternative Right Will Absorb Neoreaction”. It raises some questions worth poking into:

Monarchism is non-nationalist, so how you can have monarchical nationalism is beyond me.

We are on the Right now, or at least, we have left Leftist-land. In Leftist-land, all is thought about the System: a labyrinth of rules and institutions designed to enforce order so that equality can tenuously exist.

On the Right, we think about choices.

Monarchism is more than a method or institution; it is a philosophy: “let the best rule the rest, so the rest do not oppress the best.” It recognizes the primacy of individuals — in moral quality, intelligence and character — over any kind of System.

It is the anti-System.

Therefore, monarchism and Nationalism are not competing Systems, but philosophies. Nationalism says that the healthiest nations are comprised of a single ethnic group united by language, culture, customs and values. This can co-exist with Monarchism, and in fact, is compatible with it in that Nationalism is the type of anti-individualist philosophy that only the best are going to implement.

I remind us all that all of our human problems originate in human choices. You can take the human out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the human (I am speaking of my own race here). Most people spend most of their time chasing after illusions, distractions and pleasant fictions. It is not that reality is so bad or awful, but that most people are delusional because they are fascinated by themselves and their power over others. There is no Satan; evil comes from within us and our poor choices which we make because we pick what we want to believe instead of what we have realistic reason to believe is true. This is why evil, decay, democracy, promiscuity, vandalism, civilization collapse, crime, filth, etc. are recurring problems that spring up wherever there are humans: we have a bad nature within us, both animal and neurotic, that we must beat down through discipline or it wins out and civilization collapses.

Systems are denial of this fact because Systems are inherently predicated on equality.

One is based on authority flowing down, the other is based on imperium in imperio.

Imperium in imperio usually refers to an unofficial source of power within an official one, such as an unofficial institution within a state. We might look at the Cathedral, the Ku Klux Klan, the Masons and so on as examples of this. In theory, culture (derived from nationalism) could apply here, which is his point. But again: we have left Leftist-land. Our vision is that culture, not government, is what makes the nation.

This is made even more strange in the second of the quotes in which it is claimed that government should be like a business, but limited.

If we must have government at all, or some analogue of it, it makes sense to understand that it will behave like a business. It will act in self-interest. No matter how many “checks and balances” we put into the equation, government will always act for its own increase in power, growth and wealth. Unless its goals are strictly necessary, then, it becomes a parasite.

For this reason, government (and analogues thereof) should be limited. It is difficult to imagine a modern state without a professional military or some entity for making roads. There will be something like a government even in private enterprise, when it must hold territory and administer it. As the Open Source movement found out, government-like behavior even occurs among volunteers when they must hold a virtual territory and manage it. So there is not a clear dividing line between government, business and any other power structure…

The point of this is that much as humans have a vast tendency toward dark organization as our writer Johann Theron describes, groups also have a tendency toward dark organization in the form of self-interested power. Individualism is self-interest, and it becomes easily parasitic when disconnected from reality and goals limited to the strictly necessary; government is group self-interest, not unlike Crowdism, and in order to advance the careers of all the people in government, it expands not through a grand plan but through the failure to make concrete decisions.

Well, by who is it limited? And if they can limit it, then they are the government are they not? Or is this the shareholders? in which case why the “we should”? There is an evasiveness here that is typical, and I have mentioned that the concept of a constitutional sov corp is inherently retarded before.

If we are proposing a monarchy, by the aristocrats, one would think.

As you can see above, my faith is not in Systems — such as the Constitution — but in quality of individuals.

The final paragraph is the icing on the cake, in that it is clearly outlining anti-government libertarianism, which is impossible to square with monarchism except in the overall spirit of obtaining liberty.

This seems to assume that monarchism creates a government. It does not; it creates a hierarchy and power structure, within which there are some functions like that of government.

I find zero value in liberty, freedom, equality and other popular terms because they are clearly manipulative. Like the term “free will,” they create an unbounded (and thus attractive) definition out of a simple thing.

Do you want liberty and freedom? No: you want non-interference when you are engaged in activities that are not destructive. We can put activities in three camps: helping the goals of civilization, working against those goals, or not helping or hurting (the widest category, which includes both innocuous activity and useless activity, which technically is closer to hurting than helping). An intelligent civilization encourages the first category, exiles anyone engaged in the second, and ignores — neither rewards nor censures — the third. That is what we unconsciously desire when we say “liberty,” but the term liberty is a begging-the-question argument in itself. It demands we address a question — that of liberty — without any necessity of doing so, and by that mechanism, imports itself into the political discourse. But if it is unnecessary? Then it, too, is parasitic.

It is fairly simple, either you support imperium in imperio, or you don’t. Neoreaction as it stands supports it, which places the likes of Moldbug out of the fold, which is something that should really be discussed, and something I have been pointing out for a while.

There is a third category: reject Systems entirely. Moldbug’s primary contribution to this part of the debate was insisting that we recognize government for what it is. “Exit” is a thought experiment, not literal. These are ways of getting people to see that formalized systems do not work well for human governance.

As with any theoretical school, the founder is the person who introduces a new vocabulary which generally consists of a series of arguments that open up possibilities. After that, others take this further. You will find that in any non-Leftist thought movement, “Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny,” or: thought develops much as human history did, from primitive to present, which takes on a circular form because human history is circular, or the rising and falling of empires as they discovered realism and then forgot it.

This is why all non-Leftist movements have some different types of people in them:

  • Burkeans/Nietzscheans: want strictly organically-occurring things, focus most on spirit.
  • God will save us types: want an informal theocracy and reject all other questions.
  • Central power aficionados: want a streamlined force to impose sanity, order and sorting good from bad.
  • Monarchists: we are basically anarchists who recognize that a power hierarchy is needed.
  • Anti-Industrialists: believe that humanity’s technology and Progress have led it astray.
  • Libertarians: basically anarchists who want to let culture shape itself through capitalism.
  • Race is all types: give us 130 IQ Nords and we can make any system work.

Each of these viewpoints has something to offer, although when taken outside the scope where its ideas are successful, it becomes parasitic. My libertarian-style pro-capitalism stance is not popular on much of the internet, but everything other than capitalism fails, so we should stick with it. However there are no Systems which magically make things work, so capitalism needs balance from (say) monarchism, rule by culture created by Nationalism, and a society with purpose or a transcendental goal.

When you see debate within Neoreaction, you are watching these different perspectives war it out much as they did in history.

Land, the neoreaction blogsphere, the alt-right, WN, identarians etc. etc. all veer into imperium in imperio, whilst Moldbug and about half a dozen people (myself included) veer away from it.

I think this merits more focus. Land makes a good point that this society is heading into the toilet and cannot be as a whole saved. For him, the point of exit is twofold: escape the madness, and put pressure on it that induces collapse — “what is falling, push” — by demonstrating an alternative that is superior, much as Moldbug did in thought form.

The Alternative Right is more traditional conservative than libertarian. They recognize that without civilization, man is nothing, and without a group of the same ethnicity having sovereignty over some territory, the race dies out and the prospect of civilization coming back in any meaningful form goes away. In their view, we are not looking for personal solutions but trying to escape self-extermination as a race and possibly species.

The stakes are high these days because humanity occupies most of the world, and there are more impoverished angry people with AK-47s than good people.

In his book The Possibility of an Island, French writer Michel Houellebecq offers a thought experiment about exit: a cult-like group invests in technology and finds a way to achieve total exit. Its members live on autonomous islands, defended by massively powerful computers and weapons, and clone themselves to achieve a type of limited immortality. The book illustrates how this future may be just as miserable as our present time.

The point a conservative might make is that civilization is a product of evolution like anything else. Humans need groups. Groups need standards. You can either do that through all-powerful government, or organically — the best “imperium in imperio” — through culture, which requires nationalism and monarchism.

This leads us to what we might call “The Stevens Assertion”: our problem is bad leadership. We have chosen poor options because most people usually choose illusions, which are always poor options. If we stop doing the wrong and stupid things we are currently doing, we can restore ourselves to health. That will require getting rid of leadership by mob rule, which requires dethroning the idea of equality, another poisonous and illusory notion like “freedom” and “liberty” that gives us brain-freeze with its wide scope, which makes it seem powerful, when really it has substituted for more precise expression with a generic category.

It is why articles that cover the whole Alt-right/ neoreaction fiasco have such a hard time making sense of it all.

Is it really hard? Neoreaction is a variant of Reaction, which means that it is Conservative. The Alt-Right is realist Nietzschean and Darwinistic conservatism.

Much of the confusion in Neoreaction consists in not separating thought-experiments from realistic plans. (People reading The Republic frequently have the same confusion).

What unites us is that we recognize our society is failing, that Leftism is at least the proximate cause, and that making war on Leftism (“equality”) is necessary if we wish to survive.

Like Neoreaction, the Alt-Right is a big tent. If you go halfway to the right, you become a white nationalist; if you go all the way, you end up as a monarchist and nationalist. Libertarianism is closer to the white nationalist idea in that it relies on Systems every bit as much as a Constitutional Republic, and so it is still fundamentally Leftist. As Neoreaction grows out of the Libertarian illusion, it will keep its best attributes (capitalism) and pick up some others from the Alt-Right.

Where the Alt-Right has taken the lead, replacing the New Right, is that it is not in favor of European socialism. Realists recognizes that to have bennies, you must have big government, and big government will always act in self-interest to increase its power by adopting an ideological outlook. Not everyone has gotten that message, and some are still caught up in class warfare fantasies, as well as the usual “blame the Negroes and Jews for everything” types.

When you look at convergence on the Right, it is these various disparate tributaries of Realist thought merging and converging on something like a set of new ideas:

  • We must act together to save civilization, although we should not try to save all of its members and in fact should send a fair number of them away.
  • We want neither Systems nor Governments; these lead to tyranny and ineptitude. We need strong leaders of quality and rule by organic culture, which requires strict nationalism.
  • Leftism is incompatible with Realism and those who are Leftist must not be compromised with, but defeated and sent away.
  • The West is worth saving, but to do that we must stop engaging in illusions, destroy the current ruling institutions and people within them, and then remove the failures and reboot with the healthy people.

In another few months, this will probably be more formalized, I think.

“Late Empire” Western Civilization: Fake On Every Level


This morning’s new brought this entertaining item about how our “energy efficient” washing machines fail fully clean clothing, hence it smells bad. Based on a whiff of people around here, the solution has been to use detergent and fabric softener that is more heavily scented.

Hiding the problem has worked for many years. In fact, some could say that hiding the problem is all that we do in the modern West: push the disaster under the rug, then bring out a dance team to perform a musical named Diversity Is Our Strength or The Recovery Is Right Around the Corner. Certainly in Barack Obama and Angela Merkel the West has found itself leaders who specialize in making the right noises and then creating a distraction, an “anti-problem” if you will, to deflect our attention while quietly removing notice of the actual problem.

And then there is the Austrian election. Most people who could not afford luxury housing wanted the far-right candidate, but those who are good little tools of the system and could move away from the multi-ethnic disaster zones were more concerned by public image. To them, it is more important that Austria be able to sell goods to other Leftist idiots than that its policies work. This is typical of dying regimes.

Now the EU tells us that it is going to block far-right “populists” from power. This, coupled with apparent anomalies in the election in Austria suggest that Leftists are doing what they normally do: filter out anything which does not agree with The Narrative, whether that means forging votes and losing or invalidating contrary ones, or even as the EU seems to want, outright banning anything but Leftist candidates.

As with all ideological regimes — or, those which replace truth and realistic thinking with pleasant thoughts about how equal we all are — we are living in a Potemkin village. Ideology is more important than reality to these people. As a result, they filter out any data that does not fit the narrative that they are telling us is truth. Then, when effects in reality do not match the promise, they fake it. They fudge the data, delete the non-conforming votes, or outright lie.

The best part is that this is not done through a coordinated and centralized campaign. Instead, it is effected through a swarm: many individuals, each doing crazy things, because each one needs to believe that the illusion is true so that they feel better about themselves.

This leads to a mathematical postulate: in groups, the weakness of humans is cumulative, where strengths remain at the level to which they are shared between members of the group. This occurs because weakness always involves denial of reality, and this creates a feedback loop where the denial becomes popular or in other words becomes denied a second time.

People cluster around illusions that make them feel good by denying reality, so that they can distract themselves and escape from their real-world problems for a few moments. This puts denial in the same camp as alcoholism, over-eating, sex addiction, drugs, and watching too much television. It is a weakness of the human design, and also an in-built limit on our quest for power.

There is no escape from this situation until we end the mechanism that puts illusion in charge: the notion of human equality. Some people are better than others in every area, and in the area of leadership/morality, there are a few who stand out above the rest. If you put those in charge, you do not need the maze of rules and regulations that both do not achieve their goals and waste everyone’s time with tedious, frustrating and mindless activity.

Our path has two branches. If we follow our present direction, we become Brazil 2.0: a mixed-race, impoverished, disorganized, neurotic, self-indulgent, chaotic and filthy third-world wasteland. There is no sudden collapse (although bubbles be poppin’ yo) but a long, slow decline to irrelevance.

Think of the ancient Greeks. Once the leading human civilization on earth, they became more civilized — and it killed them. Within a few centuries their former empire evaporated into ruins, leaving an ethnically-replaced population that more resembles Turks or Armenians than Greeks, whose capabilities seem to peak at gigolo and food service occupations. That is our future, unless we turn from what is popular toward what is real.

Let’s Hope Robots Take All of Our Jobs

typical modern jobs

The media, which thrives by panic, and lately to their discredit certain Republicans have been bemoaning the future of automation. They think that robots will quickly displace all of our jobs, including fairly high-level ones, and there is some evidence that they are correct.

I have a different take on this issue: I hope robots take all of our jobs, every last one. First, because since robots are not as flaky as human beings, they will do a cleaner, more reliable job. Second, because we should abolish jobs since they are one of the worst things to ever visit humanity.

Jobs are jails. Most people spend almost all of their waking hours during the week either preparing for or attending their job, at which they do very little of actual import. Most of it consists in performance for the sake of appearance so that others keep the flow of money coming. When bungled, the average job has zero consequences in store for the bungler. It is clear that jobs are obsolete even without robots because if most people stayed home, life would keep right on truckin’.

The modern addiction to jobs spreads misery, achieves terrible results because there is no responsibility to results for salaried employees, and ensures that people never get to relax. Jobs keep us manic and disturbed, living in fear and debt, slouching toward something worse than serfdom.

A tale of modern jobs present a parable:

A story I came back with is essentially the same one that’s been told a fair number of times over the past few years, but is worth repeating. It concerns Stanwell and its remove from Denmark to Italy.

From its earliest days, apparently, the Stanwell workers were paid by the piece. This method rewarded the better, faster worker and all workers kept their heads down and worked. They did not idle. I saw this myself when visiting the factory with Bjarne Nielsen years ago, and not understanding the reason for the rare lack of congeniality, thought that the Stanwell crowd was simply lacking in affability. No, they simply did not want to be distracted from the income-earning activity in front of them.

When international cigarette/tobacco conglomerate Rothman’s bought Stanwell, they decided to give salaries. They probably thought this would allow them to more accurately predict payments to the workers, as opposed to having to tally up individual production each day or week.

Nonetheless, with a secure income, the workers slowed up and production decreased. Orlick, the pipe tobacco company (among other things they own, I suspect) then bought Stanwell, but profitability didn’t increase. When the initial change from piece work to salary was instituted, the old line managers retired and were replaced by new, less knowledgeable people. This switch proved to be just as costly, if not more so, than the change to a salary system.

With the old guard, the factory was visited on a regular basis by the likes of Tom Eltang, the Bang boys and others. It was visited, in short, by the very best pipe makers in the world. The best of the best. These guys came for various reasons. They could hand pick the best briar from the stacks of wood Stanwell warehoused; they would pick up repairs to do for Stanwell (especially Eltang, who did their repairs for a number of years); they would use the Stanwell blaster to sand blast their imperfect bowls. Sandblasting machines are typically too expensive for a single pipe maker to buy. Then, they would sit down with the workers and have a free lunch on the factory. This was not unimportant to a bunch of less-than-rich pipe makers.

Guess what happened at these lunches? Right…people talked and ideas were exchanged. From Stanwell’s point of view, they got design and production ideas from the greatest pipe makers in the world. We all know how beautiful some of those relatively inexpensive pipes were. This exchange of thought was a boon to Stanwell that was invaluable to the brand, but was lost when modern corporate methods were employed. If the new design cost Stanwell $500 or $2000, big money to a poor pipe maker, it might earn Stanwell 10 or 100 times that expenditure. It was a true symbiotic relationship.

Soon, with slower production and no new ideas or energy, the Danish factory proved to be unprofitable and was closed down, with production moved to a large Italian factory. Good-bye symbiosis. I can’t say that the factory in Italy is making bad pipes, but I can say, with the applied knowledge of a European insider, that the refined shapes Stanwell produced in the past can not be executed by the mass maker in Italy. The designs of Tom Eltang, Ivarsson, Anne Julie and others requires a bit of expert, experienced hand work. That expertise and experience is not in a large factory dedicated almost solely to creating big numbers. The above explains the boost in prices on good, used Stanwells. I always thought they were undervalued, anyway. — Marty Pulvers

Jobs replace the free exchange of labor with a collective subsidy not different than unions and somewhat like socialism. Instead of being paid for results, workers are paid for attendance and obedience. This means that the foolish thrive and the useful are ignored. Bosses value those that they can control and easily replace more than those who exceed norms.

This makes life in a job miserable and destructive to the soul. But for machines, no such problem exists. If a pipe-maker creates a quality design, and then a robot manufactures ten thousand of those, the difference to the end consumer is minimal.

Let us hope robots take all of our jerbs. This will produce an immediate catastrophic effect on the human psyche: people will be forced to spend at least eight more hours a day getting to know themselves. They will be forced to ask what makes their lives meaningful, since products will be much cheaper with robot labor.

Across the land, people will get up in the morning and be forced to do… nothing. For the first year, loafing will predominate. They will drink to excess, play the buttons off their video game controllers, watch television endlessly, take drugs and fornicate with other carnies like themselves. But then, something will happen that will terrify them.

They will become bored. None of these stimulations by themselves make a good life. And with the passage of time, mortality sets in. Suddenly they will have decades ahead of them that they must fill. They will not have fancy titles and “important” job responsibilities, or an excuse to boss others around, giving themselves a sense of purpose by being In Control.

People will have to actually spend time with their family members. They will get to know their children, neighbors and friends in detail. They will also come to know themselves, since even in the most television- and alcohol-blasted moments, they will still have thoughts and desires.

They will begin to dream. When everything is easily possible, they have no excuse for not challenging themselves with something that might not earn money, but could make a difference. A barn made of hand-carved wood, intricately etched in designs retelling the tale of an epic battle? A great symphony? Hand-to-hand combat for dominion of a local area? The possibilities will actually be endless.

As far as the economics go, some form of universal basic income in exchange for non-profitable labor will come to pass. Every park will have a guardian, every building a doorman-guardian, every patch a forest a forester. There will be no litter on the streets and no unsupervised areas. People could work for four hours a day on these pursuits and still have plenty of time to get to know themselves.

It could be that in the end of Fahrenheit 451, individuals will become masters of books. They will memorize a single volume, study it in depth and retell it, possibly with improvements much as the ancient Greek singer-poets did. They may, as the European aristocracy did, adopt small scientific pursuits and attempt to explore them in ultimate detail.

People will quickly fall into two camps: those who can handle the existential burden of having nothing to do, and those who so need to be distracted that existence will become hell for them. Perhaps those will turn to roller derby full time; who really cares? Those are the people who clog our current existence with misery.

Now, this is no Utopian vision. It mainly fixes the void of meaning in modern life. There will be consequences as well.

For example, robot pipe-makers replace human pipe-makers, and humans will lose the ability to perform that task because it is no longer needed. Unless he is living by intellectual property alone, through licensing his design, a pipe-maker has no purpose unless he is making luxury objects for those who fetishize “handmade.” This will produce designers who make impractical but distinctive designs.

Another disadvantage is that robot quality will mean uniform service, and will take Social Darwinism out of the equation. If it does not matter how you work, or where you buy food, because you will thrive the same with any option, people will survive no matter how bad their decisions are. Equal survivability obsoletes our facility for making critical decisions.

There will be solutions for those as well. Perhaps a return to public dueling, or robots that move through the streets very slowly looking for victims to consume, or an ideological movement based on buying hand-made items only. But in the meantime, it will be very silent in the human soul for the first time in a long time, and actually difficult mental decisions will have to be made.

Leftists Forge Another Election

Ever wonder why Leftists are so active in getting felons to vote, busing the homeless to voting booths, and stirring up those on unemployment to go vote?

Elections are often quite close. Most people stay home because they have (selfishly) thrown in the towel on the whole process. When they do get inspired to come out, it is usually for strong candidates as recently happened in Austria.

But there, the tactics of the Left reveal the reasons for their existence: about half of the population are committed lunatics who vote Leftist for the benefits, out of fear or neurosis, and to revenge themselves on those above them. This is the group to beat, and when an election is close, trust the Left to use every trick possible.

In the end there was just a 0.6 percent difference, with Van der Bellen receiving 50.3 percent and Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer receiving 49.7 percent.

…In the end it came down to some 750,000 valid postal votes which were counted on Monday and added to the total. Early reports suggest it came down to just a matter of a thousand votes in the end.

A thousand votes in a country of eight million. All it takes is the Leftists — most of whom are on benefits, so are not distracted with jobs, families and real-life activities — to go round up a thousand felons, elderly, unemployed, insane, homeless, and immigrants to displace the voice of the people.

In any sane society, this would be seen as an appalling result. But in any sane society, there would not be voting, because it inherently displaces responsibility for choice, and even with a representative system, the voice of an insane/criminal/neurotic would not be “equal” to that of a normal/healthy/intelligent.

Winter Is Coming III – What To Do When SHTF Events Happen


There are groups of people who have sensed what I have sensed in the current overdetermining Zeitgeist. They, like I, believe that winter is coming. One example of this is the Lifeboat Foundation. Another group consists of realtors who acquire, refurbish and sell old Cold War Era missile silos. Various other groups and individuals are taking similar steps to prepare for some tough history that seems destined to overtake our halcyon days in the Good Old US of A. An extremely formal example of this is the mission statement from the Lifeboat Foundation.

The Lifeboat Foundation is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards the Singularity. Lifeboat Foundation is pursuing a variety of options, including helping to accelerate the development of technologies to defend humanity such as new methods to combat viruses, effective nanotechnological defensive strategies, and even self-sustaining space colonies in case the other defensive strategies fail.

Now most of us aren’t endowed foundations of survivalist-minded Ph. D Scientists. I, myself haven’t had the foresight to inherit several million dollars to acquire my very own used (hopefully not too often) thermonuclear missile silo. So just what can a simple, but thoughtful individual do to safeguard those she or he loves from the phantasmagoric gallimaufry of possible SHTF events I outlined in Winter is Coming II?

When actual excrement makes verifiable contact with the oscillating rotary device, there are two basic actions we can take upon contact. We can Shelter In Place (SIP) or we can Get Out of Dodge (GOOD). If you genuinely intend to survive WW III like the cockroaches, you have to be prepared, if necessary, to at least partially execute each strategy. We describe each strategy and how to prepare in advance to execute that plan below.

When planning on sheltering in place, the first step is to figure out what you are sheltering from. As I wrote in Winter is Coming I, SHTF events can occur on different time and length scales. The bigger and longer the event, the stronger and more fully stocked a shelter you will need to SIP without having to GOOD. The longer and more vast an SHTF tragedy you intend to escape, the further you may travel and the longer you will be away from home (if it still exists) after an effective GOOD.

So if you choose to SIP, the questions become, “Who all is sheltering?”, “How long are they staying?” Where are they staying?” and “What will they have to withstand?” The “who” question involves knowing how many people you have to feed and shelter and what characteristics of these people will create unique requirements. It helps determine how large of a shelter will be involved. The “how long” question determines how much and what sort of materials you should store.

Short-term SHTF events can easily be ridden out in place with a few basic staples. A Mossberg Special should handle untrustworthy neighbors. It will enable you to throw lots of lead with minimal skill or preparation. It’s the old-school version of point and click. Two cases of bottled water and a box of MREs will keep your standard family of four fed and hydrated for a week. A propane stove will allow you to eat your leftover meat from the refrigerator until that is no longer advisable. If you have a large enough kettle and good stock of propane, you can use it to boil some water for bathing and sanitation purposes. A good first aid kit may help. Use the Boy Scout Field Book as a guide for what to include therein.

Riding out a couple of weeks to a month may require a fuel store and a generator to rewire your place of shelter if the power is down. You can pay an electrician a reasonable amount of money to show you how to safely and effectively take your home of the local utility grid and put it on the generator instead if you are not the most blue-collar handy guy in the world. When you SIP this long, commo and transportation become issues. Make sure you have good spares for your car and a 5-gallon gas can in case none of the local fuel stations are functioning. A set of walkie-talkies with a charging station will allow you some short range commo ability. HAM or CB radios would be preferable if you are networking with people over distance during the SHTF Event or want the capability to at least try a distress call to the authorities under dire necessity.

Really prolonged disasters require a much larger scale plan. You can’t survive as just a small group unless one of you is Robinson Crusoe. Even he needed his man Friday. Long term SHTF Event survival requires a significant investment in recruiting the right people, buying some infrastructure* that can function off grid, and training yourself and others to perform tasks that most Americans haven’t needed to know how to do for at least 100 years. Canadian Prepper, Wesley Rawles, and William Forstchen know enough about this to give you some inclination of what you will be getting yourself into if you spend 10 or so years in SIP after a civilizational doomsday.

While being able to SIP is a luxury during most SHTF-like trauma, you may also have to prepare to make like horse manure and hit the road. The first part of an effective GOOD plan is a destination. Know where you are going and how you intend to occupy the place before you have to put the GOOD plan into effect. One thing Cormac McCarthy describes well in his apocalyptic novel The Road is the impossibility of living about sustenance level if you are constantly running. It’s like putting Tom Brady behind a crappy offensive line. He can’t throw you touchdowns while running for his life. You have to have a pre-arranged place to go.

Knowing how to actually reach your destination isn’t a bad call either. Have at least two routes in mind (and on paper map if the GPS system is Tango Uniform during the SHTF show). Drive all of your routes at least once. The map is not the territory. Have your back-up driver drive these routes as well. Plan on rest stops and rally points if you are travelling there in convoy. Don’t forget to have commo at least at the level of walkie-talkies. Don’t bet on your cell phone during an SHTF event of any magnitude or length greater than one.

Effective travel requires effective vehicles. If you can, get all your cars to the shop and at maximum repair prior to executing the GOOD. Keep them maintained and keep at least some spares such as batteries, and tires in case you can’t get to a repair facility during the SHTF event, while you are executing the GOOD. There is also something to be said for having a SIP location you can hike or ride a bike to as well. It’s a thought if you don’t have reliable cars and are not blue-collar handy.

Packing lists are a pain to put together. This is especially true if you don’t own a lot of the stuff you should be packing and wonder whether your Visa Card will melt. They are also a godsend in a panicky situation. So GOOD can be summed up in four steps: pick a destination, learn and practice at least two ways to get there, have a working car and know what to take along with you.

To wrap things up, SHTF events are almost impossible to prepare for completely or react to well. You have two primary strategies to deal with an SHTF Event. You can Shelter In Place (SIP) or you can Get Out of Dodge (GOOD). You will probably have to do some of each. Be proactive in preparing to do either. I hope that you have learned at least something from my efforts to write comprehensively and calmly on prepping and a greater respect for those who choose this as a hobby or a lifestyle.

*-Land, Farm Capital, Food Storage, Underground Fuel Storage and appropriate weaponry, maintenance, medical supplies and logistics.

Outliers (#6)


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Faceberg Gives Google Nudge to Crack Cocaine Chef, Human Trafficker And The Rest of Black Lives Matter As Well


Virginia Postrel carved an intellectual niche for herself by examining the power of glamour to shape events independently of money and force alone. She defined glamour as a calculated image crafted to impress and persuade. But in order to accomplish this task, glamour must be visible and audible. It must be amplified and prominently displayed. It needs a nudge. In the case of Black Lives Matter, it received a Google Nudge from the Zuckerberg Facebook Empire.

Facezucker made sure #BLM trended as Baltimore and Ferguson burned. Zuckerbook gave it the good old Google Nudge while Missouri University lost $32 Million dollars, had to close two dorms, saw new enrollment drop by %25 and lost the loyalty of multiple, wealthy lifetime donor alumni. But none of this was Faceberg’s fault you see.

They are blameless in their swell and terrific virtue signaling. You can never hold a champion of equality accountable for the negative externalities inflicted upon the rest of us. You also can’t really judge them by the company they trend. They got a lot of pressure. They had no choice. Poor little billionaires.

Well, ok, I’m fibbing a bit. You can judge the crap out of these people. In the face of weaponized glamour in the service of knaves, judgement and discrimination are the honest man’s defense against rampant and cynical iniquity. We’ll start with hunger strike hero, Jonathan Butler. As he rides himself over the fields on his speaking tour across the nation, he is held up as icon amongst the SJW virtue-signalers. But more and more truth comes to light as to what sort of person Faceberg and others are nudging to the top amongst the current trends.

Now just how glamorous is crack? I’d say no more so than meth or heroin, but Jonathan Butler would dare to differ. He composed a nine-minute rap song about how he pays his bills cooking it up with his girlfriend. It’s his ticket up from slavery. The slavery of having an intact family with a net worth over $20 Million (almost as much as he cost the school he attends through his thuggish behavior).

And Sweet Little Johnnie is an absolute prize of a human being compared to his BLM Wingman from Prince George’s County, MD; Charles Wade. Charles is a regular Jack-of-all-Trades. He has worked as a hairstylist for Solange Knowles, an activist for BLM, and he even seems to have larped the video game Grand Theft Auto down in Miami, FL (But only in the Third Degree — he was just kidding). But it was his roughest trade of them all that may well earn him free room, board and victuals in a US Gubbermint Motel for a nice, long, comfy stretch. He seems to cater to those who have a fetish for the spring chickens.

On April 25, he really got himself in a fix. He was arrested and charged with human trafficking and several prostitution-related charges. The police report notes, that as part of the charges, he is accused of allegedly pimping out a 17 year old girl in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

So that brings us back to even bigger pimp. The glamour pimp. The guy who controls who trends and who doesn’t get to trend. Perhaps a guy that controls a star-maker machine like Zuckerface could show a little better discretion on who hits the trending news section. Is it too much to ask for these people to perform some basic fvcking due diligence before they virtue signal on behalf of human traffickers? Maybe the Cuck Pilgrimage led by The Right Reverend Beck could take a whiff of the wind that comes out of the butt they are all kissing.

Yet Silicon Valley has shown us its true colors. When Google honors a blithering Maoist who once took time out of one of her busy days to tell us of her admiration for Osama Bin Laden, those colors all involve mostly red pigments. You may want to Google just how much her political idol did to help with the awful overpopulation problems faced in post-revolutionary China.

We know who these people are. We know what they’ve done after successfully effecting their own Upward Exit. It’s at altitude and distance that they tells us about the virtues of Black Lives Matter. They do so safe in the knowledge that no Charles Wades or Jonathan Butlers would ever make it within ten miles of their palatial estates. Lending glamour to the sorts of people who traffic in underage prostitutes and salute the entrepreneurial virtues of crack cocaine is their joke on the rest of us. I predict the trend will be for these Silicon Valley Oligarchical Collectivists to continue to piss on the rest of Amerika. It’s what the glamorous people do these days.

Ann Coulter Says What White People Worldwide Are Feeling

Ann Coulter, who went red pill in 2009 or earlier and headed straight to the black pill — which says that biology and demographics trump all else — spoke the truth that white people worldwide are feeling but not saying:

“Americans don’t want immigration.” Coulter said. “They don’t want anymore. Why can’t we have a home? You see on National Geographic, ‘Oh, the indigenous people, they have a home.’ Everyone else can have a home. We are the only people on Earth not allowed to have a home.”

Most of planet Earth is occupied by third world people. They live in squalor, cannot organize governments or institutions, suffer constant crime and poverty. This is not a change; they have been this way since the dawn of time. Our ancestors called them “savages” and treated them like human-monkey hybrids in recognition of their inability to govern themselves.

Since the advent of Leftism in the West, it has been mandatory to consider all people equal. First, all people of each tribe must be made equal, so that class, caste and natural distinctions between ability are abolished; next, the races, sexes and sexual proclivities must be made equal. This obsessive brain-virus turns people into fanatical zombies chanting “equal, equal”!

And yet, what this means in practical terms is the best subsidize the rest. The normal state of humanity is failure; those who broke away from this by thinking correctly must be humbled, broken and made to support the rest. This way, we can feel the warm glow of pacifism; since we are all equal, none can resent us and we can live in peace, amirite? No: instead it makes the lower feel doubly low, and drives them to enraged resentment, and destroys the best, which submerges everyone in mass incompetence.

The world’s war against white people is not for practical reasons. It exists to make others feel better about their own lack of accomplishment. When it is won, no one will actually feel better, in part because they will immediately forget. Instead, they will merely notice the lack of any hope but the life which they live, and keep on doing what they have done since the dawn of time, which is to repeat old mediocre methods that enable survival — but forestall rising to the level that white civilization once reached.

Why The Alternative Right Will Absorb Neoreaction


There seems to be some confusion in the media about Neoreaction and how it differs from the alternative right, as well as confusion by neoreactionaries about this is so.

Let us tackle these in reverse order. First, the media: they are cartoon makers. They make comics and call it news. They do this to fit the cognitive profile of their audience. Most people are not analytical and also, are not inclined to spend time researching and understanding political and social issues. As a result, they want bright simple colors and stories of good versus evil.

That means the media must invent “good” (human interest stories based in pity, irony and bittersweet eucatastrophe) and “evil” (anything which denies the good feelings of the audience, especially by failing to be egalitarian).

You can understand any media story in these terms. Your instinct is to believe the story is about its topic; that is wrong and dangerous to think that. What is actually true: the story is always about the audience, because newspapers are there to sell ads and never have done anything else. That is their profit model. What you pay for a newspaper is tiny compared to the cost of ads, and they mainly keep you paying for it so you do not realize that it is essentially an advertisement cloaked in the altruistic pretense of being fact-based.

As Fred says, “There are no facts, only interpretations.” This doubly applies when it comes to the news. They choose what stories to report on, and then, they choose which facts to mention, and what order to mention them in and how to present them. Hint: any activity, no matter how degenerate, can be made to seem innocent by portraying those involved as victims of some other superior force. People fear superior forces and demonize them.

Next, we move on to the question of Neoreaction and the Alternative Right: one and the same?

Perception of political theories is relative, although the theories themselves are not because they are based in method. Someone who is on the far-left will perceive the moderate left to be far-right, but it is still based in the Leftist theory, which is equality, and not the rightist theory, which is replicable results.

To your average modern citizen, because the West has been growing steadily more Leftist since the Peasant Revolts, anything to the right of a moderate Republican is “far-right,” and that area includes the following philosophies:

  • Neoreaction
  • Reaction
  • Traditionalism
  • White Nationalism
  • Pan-Nationalism
  • Alternative Right
  • New Right
  • Paleoconservative
  • Social Conservative
  • Monarchist
  • Identitarian

You will note that all of these overlap. For example, all favor Nationalism and strong hierarchy. Many favor aristocracy, such as monarchists, reactionaries and traditionalists. Some are nearly indistinguishable from one another, except for a fundamental idea or two, such as reactionaries and traditionalists. And so on. A complete definition of these is beyond this article.

What unites them is that they recognize that the “equality” method does not work and will lead — or has led — our society into ruin.

They then take different responses to this. The dissident right — you might use that as an umbrella term for the above, since “far right” implies the mix of neo-Nazi, paleoconservative, libertarian and liberal that comprises white nationalism — differs in degree and method only. Once we realize that Leftism is a dead evolutionary pathway, we must find (1) another way to take and (2) a method of getting there, which is complicated by the fact that Leftism is popular because it is illusion, especially during Leftist eras and the warm bath of their propaganda.

Within this realm, we might see Neoreaction as a response by the middle classes to the degeneration of their countries. The basic idea of Neoreaction is that we should treat government like a business, expect it to act like a business and limit it, and allow the dual forces of capitalism and free association to fix everything else. This is not far removed from the original American ideas of Thomas Jefferson, or even Jared Taylor’s notion that if we removed anti-discrimination law, this country might have a chance at survival.

These bourgeois roots of Neoreaction place it in the hybrid camp along with libertarians, which is fitting because Neoreaction is a discussion filter for getting to the next step, not the next step defined where it can then be attacked by stronger Leftist forces. I suggest re-reading that paragraph again, as it is essential to understand Neoreaction. It is a salon, not a revolution.

Your average Neoreactionary, like the middle class, wants to escape two things: the icky people who have now infested his society, and the government which has become so parasitic that it is difficult not to notice the daily blood drainage. He believes that a System can work, that the good bourgeois can form gated communities and get away from the icky people, and then the good life will return.

Your average Alt-Righter does not have this illusion. He knows that society has taken a wrong turn and that any steps down this path lead to the same place, which is a third world warlord-cum-socialist society of mixed-race people, low but “exotic” culture, and total dysfunction plus commerce. From this state, nothing important comes again as happened with the fallen Greek, Roman, Maya and Aztec empires.

The reason that Neoreaction will be absorbed into the Alt-Right, and not just by the media, is that Neoreaction is simply a discussion filter. It exists to make people feel justified in actual self-interest and saying, “No, I don’t want to go down the path to ignominious death with the rest of you fools.” Like Donald Trump, it is a pry-bar that separates those still capable of some thought from the rest who are lock-step trope-worshipers fully ensconced in the warm bath of the propaganda from the Left.

If you want a metaphor, imagine a city of utter chaos and dysfunction. On the very edge of the city, at the city wall, is a hotel. Neoreaction is the foyer; it is the reason that one steps inside. This shuts out the noise of the city and the constant propaganda broadcast by petit tyrants over its PA system. Once you are in the silence, you can start to think. Conservatism is the library; national socialism and neo-Nazism the gym; traditionalism the chapel; and paleoconservatism/social conservatism the bar area.

As you go deeper into the hotel, you will notice something: every room leads to a second hallway that connects them all. This leads to the garden beyond, which you can see through ornate glass doors… counting your steps, you realize that the garden is outside of the city. You only head down that path once you have been to all the rooms, taken the part of the puzzle from each, and assembled it in the hallway to realize that escape is the only option.

But the real journey, alas, is not in the feet but in the mind. “Escape” means that you are finally awakened from the Leftist dream. You realize that everything you have been taught since day one of your life has been tinged with a lie, and that lie is human equality. This lie is both a way of feeling better about having a civilization in decline, and a way of making you feel important for having nothing. It assuages your fears. Without it, you feel naked at first.

The basic idea of Neoreaction may be summarized as anti-ideologism. Neoreaction insists that our theory and reality be aligned, so that if some method is more successful than others, it gets the power instead of those others. This terrifies the ideology-minds, who know that their theories are not only unprovable, but not designed to be proven. They are social theories that make people feel good about themselves for believing them.

Beyond that, it is foolishness to take it literally, because it leads to more interesting places…

The Alt-Right is concerned with a singular task, possibly inherited from black metal: how to stop civilization decline and restore Europeans to greatness. Once you have separated from ideology, do you want an OK society or an A+ one?

Tradition shows us that there is a world beyond the physical and pragmatic. We need our spirits filled with transcendental beauty, and to believe in a good universe where the excellent can happen, in order to truly reach greatness. This is another step down the path.

Finally, there is monarchism: the realization that most people are obedient, foolish sheep who always choose whatever option flatters them, and that people in groups — even smart people — make infinitely stupid decisions. You either put the best in charge to rule over the rest, or the rest rule the best, and then social standards collapse to third world levels.

Beyond that, you can rediscover the wisdom that you were born having in your mind. That without someone intelligent and noble in charge, every venture from a lemonade stand to a civilization is prone to failure. That jails are not hospitals and that bad people do not go away, but need to be sent away or they destroy everything they can. That every day should be magic, filled with discovery and joy, not obedience and obsequy to those of lesser smarts.

The roots of Western decline go deep, and to really rip them out, we must go back to the founding assumptions in a cascade of bad decisions that cause us to live in illusion. Leftism is illusion like its parent philosophy Crowdism. That in turn is caused by human individualism, which legitimizes hubris and raises the idiotic above the genuine.

You will note that this decline even touches Neoreaction, the Alt-Right and traditionalism. There are those whose wisdom is authentic and those who are merely participating and attention whoring like everyone else in this society, just in a different field. “No enemies on the Right” is a tempting phrase, but really it means: no quality control. The war begins at home, first in your own mind as you figure all of this out.

This is why the Alternative Right will absorb Neoreaction: it is broader in scope and application. That suggests that something in turn will absorb the Alternative Right, which I suggest is conservatism itself, or the idea of using proven, organic methodology instead of ideology. From that point, all that is left to be decided are questions of degree, and at that point, they are evident.

The Carnies Take Over


We all know how to make a party of people happy: say something that makes everyone feel good, like “we are all equal, every one.” This makes them feel even better than saying something true, because implicitly you have denied truth and reality, so they feel less threatened by the non-complimentary versions of those.

The problem is that then you have entered a non-reality zone. You have just said that the deciding standard for what is important in life is not that it is true, but that people like it. This means that whatever people like goes to the top of the heap, and anything they would prefer not to notice is forgotten. It is a prescription for oblivion.

At this point, the carnies take over. Carnies are people who work as entertainers in the circus and are known for their low standards of behavior. Sexually, they are omnivorous; they tend toward hedonism in other forms as well. They tend to live in slovenly ways, behave crassly, and use every moment as a chance to whore for attention. They are masters of appearance and being entertaining, and nothing else.

The West is now dominated by carnies. When Ted Cruz takes the microphone, we are witnessing a man who knows exactly what to say, and what he should say does not vary with the facts of the situation. He says the right thing based on the entertainment demands of the moment. He knows the right words to make himself look presidential or authoritative. His job is audience manipulation, not results. Who cares about those anymore?

When President Obama makes a speech or goes to visit a foreign land, the entire process is theater. He is the carny who knows what the circus audience wants: pacifism, equality, and the feeling that what is evidently true is not true because it might be disturbing. In his hands, tyrants become heroes and real threats become imaginary threats, all while he keeps up the show under the circus tent of the good clowns fighting the bad clowns.

In the same way, Bill Nye the Science Clown knows what his audience wants: they want science that makes reality seem to be not what it is. They love irony and inversion. They want to hear that what we think of as true is in fact nonsense, so they can project into the void that nonsense is true, and Bill Nye will validate their vision with the stamp of Official Science™ in exchange for their ducats and shekels.

Hollywood has become the same way. What does the audience want? Simplistic fairy tales, so here come the superhero movies and romantic comedies. Never mind that these are so brick-stupid that if the audience were even halfway paying attention, they would throw up at how callously and easily they are manipulated. But they do not care. They simply want the sensation of being distracted, much like the audience at the circus watches with half a brain.

And what about academia? Appearance over function triumphs there as well. The science and criticism writers know that what is popular wins, so they write about topics that are popular and ensure their results match. That is easily engineered by changing the question from “what is true” to “what part of the data contradicts the obvious conclusion of the whole.” They nibble away at details, then make broad announcements and the crowd cheers.

The carnies won the minute we selected feelings over reality. We did that by putting power in the hands of groups and not individuals. Individuals can be responsible for the results of their acts, but groups never are. And groups break down because the decision is made based on internal factors, such as what the members will think of each other. Group decisions are by nature reality-optional.

At the end of the day, for carnies, it is all about a paycheck. They make the audience happy, and then the money goes into their grubby little hands, and then the party can continue with the wine flowing freely and the clothes hitting the floor. Somewhere in the back of their minds they know that it must end. Someday.