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Sealed Indictments

Come with me now on a journey of imagination that may turn into reality.

We know that President Trump, by personality a hybrid of Marcus Aurelius and W.C. Fields, claimed that Democrats enacted vote fraud in the 2012, 2016, and possibly 2018 elections.

We know that his legal team now claim to have evidence, not just in the form of afidavits from people who cheated at the polls, but something else which may tie it all together.

We know that Dominion voting machines, China, Obama-Clinton, and George Soros may be working together as part of a political machine in service to the cabal of the Deep State, or permanent bureaucracy that protects itself between administrations by running the rank-and-file of Washington, D.C.

Let us first dispense with something: George Soros may not be involved, depending on how seriously we take his statements about Barack Obama:

Soros was an early backer of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. In Paris, Soros told me that Obama was “actually my greatest disappointment.” Prompted by an aide, he immediately qualified himself, saying that he hadn’t been disappointed by Obama’s presidency but felt let down on a professional level. While he had no desire for a formal role in the administration, he had hoped that Obama would seek his counsel, especially on financial and economic matters. Instead, he was frozen out.

During the 2016 election cycle, Soros contributed more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes.

If you ask me his role in this, my answer would be that he runs interference for Warren Buffett, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and other e-celebrities who are contributing money behind the scenes. He serves to obscure not just them, but another organizing force.

Soros’ relationship to Obama shows us what he remains: a source of funding who supports the best candidates, but probably not the ringleader, since people can shut him out. That means that someone else is higher in command than Obama, and that person does not value Soros because they do not need him.

We know that China has funded the Clintons in the past and that, under the Bill Clinton administration, China gained unprecedented access to America, while with Hillary Clinton at State and Obama in the presidency, our policy on China was notoriously soft.

This points to an Obama-Clinton gang running a political machine based in D.C. that targets not voters directly, but bureaucrats. If you want to advance in that town, you need to be tight with Hillary, which means that you have to do her favors (and/or hand her kompromat, possibly of the PizzaGate variety, although I think that is more metaphor than real).

If you do not gain her favor, you do not rise in the hierarchy and never get to the point where you can participate in the Great Steal, which consists of implementing programs to help the poor/racism that then pay out lots of money to non-profits, much of which comes back to you. Stick with Hillary and you get rich; piss Hillary off, and you get Seth Riched.

That these two adversaries could come together points to someone else calling the shots, probably Xi Jinping. He tells them who he will fund to make it to the presidency of the United States, and that person then fires everyone who is not in on the scam.

If you ever read the Dashiell Hammett short story “Nightmare Town,” you know how this plays out. The private investigator arrives in a small town to try to ferret out a mystery, only to find that everyone in the town, down to the last busboy, is a criminal on the make.

This means that when you come to Washington, even the little people are most likely those picked by those selected by Obama or Hillary. Everyone is in on the scam, except for the “extras” wandering by in the background, and so nothing is trustworthy.

Somewhere in a backroom is the Big Boss. This figure exists only in shadow because he gives only very high level commands. He makes a phone call, says five words, and a new scam is on the way. He tells other people what they must achieve.

Trump, being a showman, knows that he only really wins this election if he manages to not only prove his case, but prove it with a spectacle, including something big enough to scare the rest of the Swamp into submission. That means he must take down the Big Boss, or at least identify that shadowy figure.

Now we must revisit the case of the sealed indictments:

In November, shortly after the #QAnon conspiracy theory first broke, the number of sealed criminal indictments handed down in just the first few weeks of November was reported as 4,289. Then, on New Year’s Day, that number had jumped to over 9,000. By March 4, it was 18,500. And by early April the number stood at 24,500 – all apparently filed since October 30th.

This was in 2018, about the time of the midterm rout that cost Trump the ability to do a great many things in his first term. What could this possibly mean?

A sealed indictment can be a number of things. It can contain a name, or be a “John Doe” written to indict the person who is doing something. It can be filed against an object or location. Most of all, it enables any law enforcement agency in America with jurisdiction to enforce the indictment to conduct an investigation, including getting warrants for locations, vehicles, subpoenas, and wiretaps.

Used extensively in organized crime cases, these indictments allow the government to investigate for years after the event, laying in wait until they get the right information on paper, photo, or tape for use in bringing charges that will go before a judge.

Funny thing, about the same time, organized crime prosecutor Rudy Giuliani joined the Trump Team.

These sealed indictments allowed Team Trump to get SIGINT — signals intelligence, or wiretaps — that can tie together the participants in this little drama. That was probably not one phone call, but a series of them, including some communications from agents of the Chinese government.

Trump will probably peel this one like an onion:

  1. Procedural: first, he will attack the procedural errors, exclusion of poll observers, miscounted ballots, Sharpies given to Trump voters, discarded ballots, and the like. The Left thinks that this is all that he can prove, so they are not sweating quite yet.
  2. Independent: next, he will look into the local cheaters and independent actors who, because they were Leftists, decided to forge, destroy, and scan multiple times the various ballots. This will pick up a lot of Leftist activists.
  3. Methods: this is where Dominion comes in. Trump will establish that these machines were insecure, approved despite that, and open to manipulation by the independents. He will also look into the chain of who approved these and oversaw their installation.
  4. Coordination: at this point, he knows what was done, and some of the who, but not how it all links together. Here he searches for the primary actors behind the scenes and the communications that link them.

The Left does not believe that he can prove the final step. After all, the Swamp controlled all the three-letter agencies, and so made sure that no SIGINT was trapped that could harm the Deep State. Per the Clinton modus operandi, all evidence was destroyed systematically as the crime progressed (this is how the Clintons have escaped justice for so long: always act as if you are guilty and remove or obfuscate evidence while routinely destroying records and inserting third parties who can get Seth Riched if someone comes knocking). However, they did not count on someone else who might be watching.

Likely, as is the case in organized crime investigations where local law enforcement is suspected of being compromised, Trump assembled a scratch team of people from other investigations and set them up with an HQ in an area unknown to the Deep State. They worked in silence and camouflage.

Probably somewhere there is a warehouse rented by the NOAA Department of Penguin Guano that actually contains a lot of high-tech gear.

Trump will first clear all the procedural stuff out of the way. This is easy, misdirects the Left, and lets him pick up a few thousand votes here and there.

Next he will look into Dominion, expose how badly this works, and use that to provide a basis for invalidating the vote. At this point, he is president for another term, since any court is going to throw out this madhouse of deliberately insecure voting.

However, he will go further. His team will start turning the lower people against their higherups. When federal agents show up at your door and ask how you want to spend your twenty-five years in prison, or if you want to testify and then go into Witness Protection, you take the latter if you can.

His team will then go to the people those people have fingered, show them the evidence, and make them the same deal. Up the pyramid of authority he will go, until he reaches the top. At that point, he will have the principals of the Obama-Clinton gang identified.

But here the sealed indictments come in. Unbeknownst to these people, who are accustomed to organized crime but not Mafia life, he will have wiretapped them. He will have caught the call from China, as well as the meddling of various billionaires.

Now he can flip all of these to find the kingpins. For those in the United States, he has the handy RICO act at his disposal, which identifies “criminal conspiracies” and allows charges for any act in that conspiracy to be leveled at the person who ordered it.

Those kingpins are going down, and like all criminals, to save themselves, they will sing. This will reveal the Big Boss, possibly the complete list of participants, and the different scams in which they are all involved.

From that come more indictments. If you get caught rigging an election, and someone else knows your other crimes, all of those can show up in court too.

At that point, they start to sweat. Not only here in the US, but in China, where they know that their interference will be seen as an act of war. That gives Trump an additional power.

If he goes out onto the world stage and says that China has attacked us, other nations now have a choice: stay with the Axis of bad guys, or join the Allies who oppose them. Many of the former Allies of the Chinese are going to withdraw from their agreements, now having solid legal ground to do so.

This is all the long game, true, but thanks to it being related to an election for the highest office in the land, it will be fast-tracked more than most cases. Trump will leave his enemies revealed, since their crimes will become public, and fighting in court for the next two decades.

Team Trump will also demonstrate that SpyGate — Barack Obama spying on candidate Trump — was not only a scandal bigger than Watergate, but was the archetype for the theft of Election 2020. Using the NSA, or perhaps CIA, and Patriot Act powers, the Deep State had turned into a full-blown organized crime political machine that used government against its competition. He will also show that RussiaGate, including the ludicrous “pee dossier,” was an invention of this Deep State and its ringmasters.

He will also show us the puppetmaster behind the scenes, and turn the international community against them, which guarantees war in the pacific as China flails while its economy implodes.

Europe will back away from China, as will many of the Asian nations, strengthening a first world trade loop which will enable Trump to make America self-sufficient and to detach entirely from Chinese labor and technology.

We are looking at the birth of a new world order here.

Not only that, but Trump will have made his point to the voters as well. He can point to the Deep State, show how it operated through diversity and anti-poverty programs, and finally start demanding cuts on those. When you cut them below a certain point, they become useless and the voters will OK 86’ing them.

If he pulls all of this off, he separates China from the civilized world and drives it into collapse, crushes Leftism and replaces it with 1980s moderate conservatism or even 1960s moderate Democrat positions, and sets this country on a path away from the Communist-lite ideology of “critical race theory” and socialism toward a healthier and more traditional American view, which is a society where good deeds are rewarded, bad deeds are punished, and those in the middle get ignored.

As I have said before: Trump knows the prize after which he is going, and it is the number one spot among American presidents. If he pulls this off, and it looks like he has the legal knowhow to do so, he will seize that prize and be lauded in the history books.

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