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Why China Hates Amerika

Most people presume that the purpose of this site is “theory,” or find some facts to group together into an interesting explanation for the human process behind some aspect of our current reality.

On the contrary, here at Amerika we seek realism: since the universe is consistent above all else, we attempt to describe its consistent tendencies in full, which is the opposite of theory, which cherry-picks data to create patterns that humans find interesting or empowering.

The point of theory, in a democracy society, follows the point of everything else: make something that people like to consume. It does not have to be correct. It just has to seem to explain everything and make halfway-smart-but-not-smart people feel smart for having consumed it.

We can find the archetype of this in Hegel. He posited that history advanced through a thesis, antithesis, and synthesis; in reality, he was describing the process of negotiation and compromise as his merchant audience knew it, and pretending that this was the root of nature!

Realism takes another approach. We see that different things compete and whatever does not get destroyed lives on, for good or ill. Nature is not systematic in the human sense of lining things up alphabetically and testing each one. Over the ages, it tests everything, but takes its time.

For this reason, realists attempt to describe the world as it is, the minimum required to adapt to it as a human animal, and the different qualitative dimensions we can add to our experience. One can survive in a lean-to, but finds life more pleasurable in a big house with plumbing and heat.

This pursuit of realism leads to interesting places, none of which overlap with the mainstream. The mainstream Left finds us too anti-equality, and the mainstream Right finds us too anti-freedom. In reality, these are two dimensions of the same thing: anarchy, pacifism, and compromise.

In addition, realists argue that humans have never changed, so whatever we are seeing today probably mirrors the human bad behavior we have seen since the dawn of time.

For example, consider political correctness. Was this something new? No: it represents an old impulse, namely the tendency to limit mention of anything but what a group wants to believe is true, so that the group can believe it is true. Humans have done this since the dawn of time.

Or perhaps we should look at the DNC. What behavior should we expect? At some point, every nation falls to corruption and the kind of organized crime that could run political machines, or tyrannical organized crime control of democratic elections:

Political machine, in U.S. politics, a party organization, headed by a single boss or small autocratic group, that commands enough votes to maintain political and administrative control of a city, county, or state.

The rapid growth of American cities in the 19th century, a result of both immigration and migration from rural areas, created huge problems for city governments, which were often poorly structured and unable to provide services. In those conditions, political machines—such as Tammany Hall, run by boss William Magear Tweed (1823–73) in New York City—were able to build a loyal voter following, especially among immigrant groups, by performing such favours as providing jobs or housing.

Political machines are characterized by a disciplined and hierarchical organization, reaching down to neighbourhood and block organizers, that enables the machine to respond to the problems of individual neighbourhoods, or even families, in exchange for loyalty at the polls.

Organizers who “deliver” the votes are often rewarded with patronage jobs. However, patronage can result in poorer service to the citizens because appointees may be neither qualified for their jobs nor interested in performing them. Control of both elective and appointed posts also gives a machine control of government salaries and revenues, which can be used to enrich the party at the public’s expense. For example, the machine may accept donations or kickbacks from businesses in return for such favours as tax or zoning concessions or the award of lucrative public-works contracts.

In cities whose neighbourhoods are divided along ethnic or racial lines, machine patronage may aggravate hostilities by awarding most jobs and services to those people of the same background as the city’s power elite.

Ironically, Democrats argue for a return to political machines:

When Barack Obama came into power in 2008 with large majorities in both houses of Congress, it was hailed as the beginning of a new and lasting era of Democratic rule. Two years later, Democrats lost six U.S. Senate seats and 63 House seats—their worst beating in the House in 72 years. They also lost 680 seats in state legislatures, an all-time record, and six governorships. The 2014 midterms were no better: Democrats lost nine more Senate seats—their worst showing since the Reagan Massacre of 1980—plus another 13 House seats, and forfeited a net of two more governors’ mansions and eleven more legislative chambers. The party was reduced to its lowest standing on the state and national levels since 1900—and is now so feeble that it cannot even force the Senate to fulfill its constitutional mandate to hold hearings for an empty seat on the Supreme Court.

…Although they had been arriving in large numbers since the beginning of the nation, the 1845 Irish potato famine sped up the influx. By 1860, 200,000 people, nearly one-quarter of the city’s population, were Irish Catholics, many of them often illiterate and unable even to speak English, transforming what had been an overwhelmingly Protestant, Anglo-Saxon city. Other convulsions in Europe would bring waves of Italians, Eastern European Jews, Poles, Slavs, and others. Instead of renouncing or attacking them, Tammany recruited them.

Immigrants provided Tammany with an army. By the Civil War, most cities in the United States had at least one political machine. While some places, including Chicago, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati, boasted competing organizations from each party, the machine was primarily a Democratic institution. Republicans carried the taint of the anti-immigrant, Nativist, and Know-Nothing parties they had absorbed, and the GOP was made up largely of men who were geographically as well as temperamentally more difficult to pack into a machine: yeoman farmers, small businessmen, entrepreneurs.

Political machines have always functioned this way: adopt those who do not have a voice because they do not fit in, use them as a personal army, and maintain constant rule over every election, ideally by controlling candidates from both parties.

The “boss” of the machine often does not take office, but has politicians work for him, and handles the routing of kickback money into the machine so that it can keep buying votes, which it does by either handing out money directly or promising free stuff from government.

Despite attempts to limit political machines, they have returned by undoing the reforms made to stop them:

That tradition continues today in the way parties choose their candidates. During the Progressive Era, states began to adopt direct primary systems, in which citizens choose party candidates rather than political bosses. Today’s combination of primaries and caucuses that select U.S. presidential candidates is one legacy of this era.

With political bosses like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama now choosing which candidates appear on the Democratic ticket, the return of political machines seems ominously evident.

Political machines most likely steered us into our civil war with their support for abolitionists, since their membership was comprised of people who saw themselves as having a lot in common with other outsiders like enslaved Negroes.

After that time, they began to wane, and had to go underground after some political machines were revealed, like the downfall of Boss Tweed on November 23, 1876:

Tweed became a powerful figure in Tammany Hall—New York City’s Democratic political machine—in the late 1850s. By the mid 1860s, he had risen to the top position in the organization and formed the “Tweed Ring,” which openly bought votes, encouraged judicial corruption, extracted millions from city contracts, and dominated New York City politics. The Tweed Ring reached its peak of fraudulence in 1871 with the remodeling of the City Court House, a blatant embezzlement of city funds that was exposed by The New York Times. Tweed and his flunkies hoped the criticism would blow over, but thanks to the efforts of opponents such as Harper’s Weekly political cartoonist Thomas Nast, who conducted a crusade against Tweed, virtually every Tammany Hall member was swept from power in the elections of November 1871.

If you think that it is too far-fetched for American cities to be run by a political machine tied to organized crime, consider that all of this has happened before:

Tammany Hall, the outgrowth of an 18th-century political society, had ruled New York’s Democratic Party (and the city itself) for over a century. In a time before public welfare, Tammany’s political bosses helped their hangers-on with everything from heating to health care, negotiating with landlords and sometimes paying in exchange for constituents’ votes. Party members provided strength in numbers, voting their candidates into office over and over again.

By the 1930s, Tammany had woven its way into every level of city politics—and it was controlled by the New York Mob. Graft and cronyism ruled many facets of city government, including the judicial system and police department. Elected officials handed out appointments to their friends, providing them with access to bribes and power, and most institutions prioritized helping Democrats who had shown their loyalty to Tammany instead of serving all constituents equally.

The difference now is that the political machine operates nationwide as has ties to international finance, since that is the group which currently is supporting a Chinese takeover of the world, since that will unify all of humanity into one common market, something the West has rejected.

In this case, the Obama-Clinton gang play the role of the political machine; China is the organized crime, and the billionaires club (Buffet, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos) are the rich and powerful interests who buy favors from the mob.

The billionaires club realizes that every business runs a cycle from high-margin to low-margin, and at some point, dies out because its margin collapses too low to run a large company that can defend itself against others. This is why decades-old seemingly good products vanish all the time.

When you are a billionaire, and you want to stay a billionaire, you realize that your only safety from the market, which otherwise will eventually abolish you, is to control the market through a command economy like socialism offers.

You want to be made into a utility so that every citizen mails you $50 a month. That way, your business never dies, can never really collapse unless it kills a bunch of people all at once, and will always ensure your power. You also become a leader of this new society (you think, often wrongly).

Revolutionaries always tolerate and flatter such people. When the Revolution succeeds, they plan on taking everything anyway, and they can either pension off these losers to the countryside, or more likely, shoot them in the head and throw their bodies down an old mine shaft.

So what are we seeing now?

The political machine run by the Obama-Clinton-Biden crime gang seems to be allied with China, Big Tech, media, and some billionaires. Everyone else is me-tooing to be good Leftists because under the Obama regime, that was the only way to get ahead, by being a Good Diverse Communist.

This means that half of our population is conforming and obeying simply because in the past this was rewarded. The rest oppose this takeover, knowing that any system which is based in ideology and not realism will detonate sooner or later, destroying everything good in the process.

In this way, our political machine has done what such things typically do: they produce gutmensch denialists who say that everything is fine and defend the way it is, and polarized people who see that the whole world is on fire and needs to be stopped before it gets worse.

All of industry and the people who are not innately popular but want to be by following trends support this. China laughs as it buys favors, the billionaires hope to be part of the New USA, and Big Tech races against time as its own irrelevance comes over the horizon.

A cynical person would correctly see this power shift as being all about the markets. Big Tech was profitable when it was new, but now sees its margins shrink, same with the news media. Liberal democracy has run itself out of money. China hovers near collapse because its citizens will no longer work for pennies, and all of the free Western money that it counted on is going to even cheaper places. The Left has nothing new to give away, short of going to full Communism, so people are backing away from it. All of these things will go away unless they seize power now and make themselves into permanent utilities.

The Left hit their high-water mark with Obamacare: they finally got the socialized medicine that they had been talking about since the 1960s. It turned into an unqualified disaster that bankrupted the middle class in order to pay for illegals. That turned the voters against the Left.

These people have been cheating the vote for decades if not centuries, as the links above show. Usually they keep it to local races. Something scared them so much that they rolled the dice on stealing a national election. This tells us that they are not going to win; this theft was their Hail Mary pass.

After all, where else does the Left have to go? They achieved everything they wanted — civil rights, open borders, socialized medicine, welfare, social security, public education, school lunches, free housing — with socialist-style entitlements from the 1930s through the 1990s.

With Obama, they had their crowning achievement: the Black president! But even he had nothing more to give. Sure, there were Obamaphones, car trade-ins, gun buybacks, and other little scams. But there were no new, big ideas. The Left had come up dry.

The battle that Trump is fighting now, Amerika fights every day. We hold out for what is right instead of what is convenient, when 99% of our species wants to do what is convenient, which usually amounts to buying stuff and waiting for a race war or rapture that never will come.

If we are honest, we can see that most of humanity has run out of ideas because they were busy imitating what is popular instead of thinking analytically and in a realistic context. As a result, all of their ideas turn out to be variants on the same few things.

For example, China has simply recycled the idea of Genghis Khan, updated with the opium trade, with Communism grafted on. The point is to have central control of economy and society so that it can be ruled by warlords in perpetuity.

Back to basic human behaviors: people steal and crave power so that they can keep stealing, not so much that they need the money, but that they want to feel superior to others. At some point, they have to take total control because otherwise they will be exposed and killed.

China hates so much that they had Reddit hard-ban our links. Why else would Facebook go out of its way to take over our pages and accounts there? Why else would Twitter ban accounts that share links?

They fear what we are saying because it is not the usual Buckleyite “Christian libertarian” woo spread by the mainstream Right, nor the easily-rejected paranoid and violent Hollywood Nazi spiel that drives ordinary citizens toward the Left. (The Nazi is our misfortune.)

China hates Amerika because we show people what the Right can be: both theoretically adept and firmly realistic. This formula beats the airy theory of the Left and the theoryless politicking of the mainstream Right. It legitimizes and advances the Dissident Right.

This is why we are ignored by the far-Right, not talked about in the mainstream Right, and censored everywhere we go — years before everyone else — online. Amerika is the kiss of death because it is the key to undoing this mess.

I submit that instead, Amerika poses an actual threat to the system: we orient people toward realism instead of the symbolic struggle which the public versions of Right and Left embrace, even the underground far-Left and far-Right.

China wants us to stay in the world of symbols taken at face value that baffles intelligent groups like Westerners. They want us debating over which form of equality we want, not rejecting equality wholesale. They want us with our heads in the clouds, fascinated by tokens, oblivious to reality.

In reality, this is just a steal. The Chinese, accustomed to both stealing massive amounts of control and self-destruction, want to take over the world through its financial markets. They have found a rotted business edifice that needs them to do so before it collapses.

All of this has happened before. Then, like now, it had to go on for some time before people realized that if we cut free from the parasites — dying industries, international finance, China, bureaucrats, permanent poor, diversity — we could achieve a lot more with a lot less effort.

We could rise again. That is the future that Amerika promotes, and this is why China and the Left fear us.

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