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Amerika approaches politics as philosophy and not a team sport. We intend to restore Western Civilization through a focus on realism and a drive toward excellence. In our view, human groups succumb to herd behavior when they focus on people (means-over-ends) instead of their purpose (ends-over-means). Western Civilization fell because it relied on a type of collectivized individualism known as Crowdism; the antidote to this can be found in our most ancient traditions, including reverence and aggression. We have no interest in the football game of Red team versus Blue team politics, but turn our minds toward the eternally practical: how to adapt to our world in the best way possible and rise above all that would thwart us.


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We approach politics as a form of philosophy because philosophy analyzes abstract structures in reality and thought and assesses how well they correspond. Humans face the same struggle as any other species, namely to adapt to our environment and maximize our prospects without growing too big and depleting our food supply. Politics in theory aims toward that goal, but in reality has become a football game of Red versus Blue teams where there is no objective except to “win.”

This occurs because it happens to all human groups unless they actively push back against it. Over time, human groups become inverted when the people involved start focusing on their own careers, interests, or advantage instead of the goal of the group. This is an example of herd behavior, and it deconstructs everything we attempt to do. This is why human groups, including civilizations, keep self-destructing, blowing up like test rockets on the launch pad.

Very few people see our future as a shared resource. A tragedy of the commons happens when individuals, acting in self-interest, exploit a resource until there is nothing left. The inversion of human groups fits the profile of a tragedy of the commons if we accept that the group and its prospects can be a commons because we depend on it for our future. If we do not have leadership which limits exploitation of this resource, it becomes depleted and we suffer.

For us to keep an eye on the goal, we have to discuss the balance between ends (also known as goals, purpose, and principles) and means (also called methods and procedures). Politics has become both an end and a means because people depend on it for their salaries. People “do politics” for personal gain, and its original goal has been forgotten.

In order to invert this inversion, our first task is to restore our focus on goals, which requires us to understand how to assess which are the best realistic goals to have.

The Unknown Right

Conservatives have no idea who they are. Since the mid-1700s, the West has been steadily moving Leftward in response to the fragmentation of authority produced by religious conflict, Mongol/Muslim wars, and increasing wealth. The Right, as named in the years after the French Revolution, consists of those who accept the Leftward direction without liking it, and hope to endure it through the personal freedom to avoid being compelled to follow the rest of the herd.

As we see several hundred years later, however, it is impossible to avoid being ruled by the herd, and the herd inevitably tends toward something like Communism. Western Europe and America, despite elaborate constitutions and systems of law to avoid this, have now become Leftist super-states of a “soft totalitarian” nature where control is enforced through ostracism of those who fail to be Leftist in their public viewpoints.

Our people have PTSD. Not only are they living in a civilization with obvious signs of collapse — insanity, corruption, vandalism, criminality, division — but they have zero faith in any aspect of our society being good. They have settled instead for a principled retreat where they flee the cities to suburban homes, work hard at their jobs, and try to escape notice by the Left. Our people have lost hope that things will ever change or become better.

In so doing, they have forgotten conservatism, which is not a political viewpoint so much as the philosophy that we should conserve what is best in life. This means that we remember what works, and choose from those the things that produce the best results. This is a qualitative viewpoint, meaning that we assess by quality of results, instead of quantitative, where we look for new options constantly in the hope that one of them will magically change life to be as the Left thinks it “should” be.

For most of history, our people have been conservative because conservatism is common sense. We settle on a goal, and apply ends-over-means analysis, which means that we choose whatever methods achieve that goal regardless of our perceptions of those methods; then, we discover how life is good, and applying that transcendental logic, choose the functional methods that produce the most excellence, beauty, goodness, realism, and health.

That approach scares many people because it means an end to the ideals advanced in The Renaissance™ and The Enlightenment,™ namely that the individual is the measure of all things. In conservatism, reality and excellence are higher goals than the individual, and the individual is a means to the end of achieving these. That disturbs Leftists, so they counter with a means-over-ends approach.

Staring Down Entropy

Many on the Right recognize the Left as our competition, but do not see the Left for what it is: entropy. The Left attempts to validate the inversion of human groups through egalitarianism, or the idea that all people should be equal. Egalitarianism start as meritocracy, but inevitably progresses to a demand that all people be of equal status, wealth, and power because otherwise egalitarianism inverts itself. To stay consistent, it must grow more extreme over time.

This is not a philosophy; it is a pathology, or a compensatory behavior that makes the individual feel better in the moment without fixing the long-term issue that causes them to feel bad in the first place. In this way, it joins drug addiction, over-eating, self-harm, and other pathologies in the list of human immaturities. People who need Leftism are those who inwardly feel like losers and want to tear down those above them, a behavior we also see in our simian relatives.

No one else needs equality or meritocracy but those who feel they are permanently of lower ability. Those who can do something find a way to do it and recognize inequality as one of the infinite forms of adversity that we face. Those who cannot do that thing demand subsidies of some kind, knowing that meritocracy reduces the task from a question of accomplishment to one of working within a human system, such as taking tests at school, which is easier than facing the complexity of the world.

This pathology begins with fear. People fear the world, and since fear is stronger than any other emotional response, become addicted to that feeling of intensity. This then orients them toward the negative, or looking at risks, and in response they react with a preemptive defensive posture against anything that could cause a loss of individual status, power, or wealth. This makes the individualists, or those who want “me first” before any order, logic, natural condition, or values system.

Individualists engage in a simple type of game theory. They know that selfishness is not popular, so they disguise it as altruism by offering the group anarchy, or everyone doing whatever they want without losing social status, no matter how unproductive or destructive their behavior is. This creates a group around them of collectivized individualists, called a crowd, which then defends their interests without meaning to.

Crowds operate by the same principle as gangs, mafias, unions, or cults. They threaten to act collectively if their demands are not met. This increases their power while transfering wealth from the group around them to the gang. Over time, they become large enough to take over, at which point they become unstable because their purpose is defined in opposition to the majority, and without that majority, they have no way of initiating activity. They destroy their host like a cancer.

Any institution, group, or idea can be subverted by a crowd. They invert it by altering its focus on ends-over-means to means-over-ends, specifically the people involved. All humanist, utilitarian, egalitarian, and pluralist views are of this nature. Crowdism is most clearly expressed in Leftism, which always manifests in bureaucracy because any society tending toward egalitarianism has abolished social order and requires a managerial-administrative state to keep people motivated.

These crowds appear through social interaction. In social groups, everyone must be included for the group to feel good, so ends are deprecated in favor of means. That method — including everyone — then substitutes for both means and ends. This allows the gang to form and engage in the pretense of being better than others, so when people reject its ideas, its members can act as if they were attacked, and retaliate without seeming to be initiating an attack. After all, they were “correct” and the others are “ignorant.”

Crowd-run societies, following the model of the French and Bolshevik Revolutions, have a cycle of their own known as “The Napoleonic Arc.” They take over, persecute or destroy dissidents, then their economies collapse, and to compensate, they become militaristic and totalitarian in order to keep people motivated enough so that the civilization keeps operating. After that, they embark on agendas of world conquest to spread the “good news” of Leftism, resulting in mass carnage.

What is Rightism?

Understanding Leftist pathology leads us back to wonder what we, as conservatives, should do. The answer to this question lies in understanding that the Leftist pathology is a universal temptation for human beings like most bad human behaviors, and that accepting any amount of it means that more will come. Different types of Leftists do not have different philosophies, but disagree only in terms of degree based on how confident they are, such that a moderate Democrat when given power over time becomes a full-blown Communist.

We call for an “ultra Right” whose founding principle is the idea of zero tolerance for Leftism and its associated ideas (feminism, egalitarianism, pluralism, diversity) as well as its root (individualism). We do this by asserting ends-over-means thinking where there must always be a purpose and principles to our existence, and we achieve those however we have to, which devalues our individualistic sentiments to the non sequitur they are.

For the Left, the goal is the individual and that individual having power over all else; for the Right, our goal is to create orders larger than the individual, such as civilization, heritage, culture, learning, customs, faith, values, genetic health, and spirit. Our quest to delve into the Right begins when we stop thinking about what we want and start thinking about what is required to achieve those things.

As part of our Ultra Right, we call for several general directions to be applied:

  • Elitism. Some people are better than others in terms of “force of intellect” and “force of (moral) character.” These aristocrats of the soul need to be our leaders and entrusted with all of the money, power, and social prestige/status, so that they can guide us with their greater ability. Please note that for them, this is a life sentence to duty; conservatism does not think in terms of “Rights,” but paired duties and privileges.
  • Hierarchy. Correspondingly, the rest of us fit into a hierarchy or pyramidal order where there are a few excellent ones on top and a great number of undistinguished ones at the bottom. This is a fact of life, and all attempts to change it have failed, so we accept it whether we like it or not. A caste system, where each person is one of three groups — leaders, independent workers, and workers — allows the best to influence the rest, producing more people of genius by encouraging society in that direction through opportunity to rise.
  • Reward. Following our ends-over-means analysis, we believe in rewarding people for productivity, instead of subsidizing them or giving them wealth, power, or status before they contribute; reward occurs solely after contribution. This means zero socialism, welfare state, government benefits, and relativism; in its place, we offer fairness that takes into account the past contributions and situation of the individual, and the possibility of charity for those facing temporary hard times.
  • Spirit. The future belongs to those who love life and, by realizing that life is good with the possibility of excellence, realize that its methods are in fact good even when they are bad. Good created evil so that the two might tussle, and that constant conflict produces increasing quality, if we allow it to work for us. By striving for transcendentals — the good, the beautiful, and the true — we work with the order of nature.

In 2012, Leftism experienced a “Berlin 1945 moment” when world faith in it declined. Simply, it promised to end some problems and not only failed, but made those problems worse while introducing others. People had gone along with the Leftist idea for most of its arc but once it achieved power as it did in 2008, it became clear that it had no plan except further decay, and so people lost faith in Leftism and its political arm, liberal democracy, which Francis Fukuyama defines as democracy with a focus on civil rights.

Our current society resembles a hybrid of consumerism and Communism, with a strong ruthless economy mated to a nanny state government that provides jobs and benefits to most citizens. This unstable form of living has run all of our countries into extreme bankruptcy and changed the psychology of our citizens to make them dependent on the state and highly selfish in their outlook toward life. This in turn has made people atomized, or isolated through an inability to form connection to others and a sense of purpose.

To fix Western Civilization, we need to start with its core and origin: Western European people and their descendants. Diversity causes internal conflict as each group competes to have its standards, values, and aesthetics dominate those of other groups; it does not matter which groups are involved, because with any form of diversity — cultural, racial, religious, ethnic — the effect of internal division is the same. Diversity destroys social trust, culture, and values systems.

For that reason, we must end diversity along with other failed Leftist policies. Our goal cannot be solely to remove their policies, but remove them and replace them with functional institutions of civilization that are informal and therefore less prone to centralized collapse, which happens when people learn to “play the game” and through the resulting careerism, invert the organization.

Our Goals

Amerika seeks to inform conservatives about what they believe and what that realization leads them to do, recognizing that almost all conservatives navigate by gut instinct about a few basic principles. Since they do not articulate what they believe, and ideology carefully does in a way that is easily understood by many, conservatives find themselves at a disadvantage in all debates with Leftists.

Our goal as a news and opinion site is to further accelerate the “cultural wave” theorized by European New Right thinkers and implemented by the American Alt Right. We want to change attitudes by changing philosophies toward what we value, how we choose to act, and why we see some things as better than others. Translating these highly abstract considerations into everyday examples and providing positive incentives constitute a large part of our set of goals.

We seek, above all else, to restore Western Civilization because we are not in denial and notice that it has collapsed. This presents a strong dividing line: most people are still in denial and hoping to patch up the current system at least until the hour of their deaths, but many of us realize that there is far greater opportunity in restoring civilization and making it sane, balanced, and powerful again.

Toward this end, we describe healthy ways of living in addition to more realistic and transcendental ways of thinking. We offer insights on culture, literature, lifestyles, science, and daily issues in addition to politics and philosophy so that people can think their way out of this failing time and seek a better, more fruitful future. Thank you for reading and we hope you will stay with us on this challenging and exciting journey.


Amerika continues the work of previous sites like the American Nihilist Underground (1988-2010) and CORRUPT (2008-2012) in addition to numerous BBS and USENET postings from 1988-1998. All of these have focused on radical realism mated with a transcendental, naturalistic vision.

Many of the writings on this site date back to the 1990s, with improved editing, re-writing, images, and formatting. The ideas on many of these originate in the two decades prior to that, when the original concept of nihilism — a type of extreme realism that rejected human notions in favor of more accurate understanding of patterns in nature, following the ideal of the Platonic forms or Germanic idealism — was invented and developed by our Editor.

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