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Looking for a “Berlin 1945 moment” for liberalism


Hegel thinks human culture finds new ideas through dialectic synthesis; in my experience, the process takes a simpler form. We aggregate everything that has worked in the recent term, then drop out whatever we’re afraid of, and push the result onto the next generation. But we stop and re-assess any time a true apocalyptic tragedy strikes.

Such an event happened in Berlin in the year 1945. The Third Reich managed to unite most of the industrial nations of the West against it and went down in flames, buried in Russian bodies and Anglo-American firepower. As the flags came down and the occupation began, history it seemed sent up a signal: nothing further in this direction, turn back now.

Since then, no one of any prospects has attempted a national socialist government. Whether that is right or wrong is a question for someone else, somewhere else, some other time; however, the point we need to take away from this situation is that when “Berlin 1945 moments” occur, humanity abandons the philosophy that brought them on.

I will not be voting Republican in 2016. In American politics, the cycle of the two parties serves to ensure that nothing ever changes. The Democrats make a mess; in an outrage, the voters elect a Republican who fixes the mess but it takes ten years to show so he doesn’t get the credit. Then in outrage at the fact that he raises our standing through military and economic action, the voters panic and elect another socialist, who then restarts the cycle.

If I could, I’d elect Barack Obama for another term. As it is, I am hoping the Dems run someone more ideologically socialist (like Obama) instead of the probably-too-practical Hillary Clinton. I hope they find someone completely nutty and incompetent like Obama, who warned us all that his highest experience level was Community Organizer. I hope the next one is twice as rabid as the current President.

The last thing I want is for Mitt Romney to show up, sweep into office, and fix everything so that three years after he’s out of the White House our prospects “magically” restore themselves under the Democrat who will be in office at that time. I hope that instead, we get another Democrat who continues and expands upon Obama’s destructive and horrible policies. He will alienate the military, gut the economy, and turn government into an ineffectual politically correct organ.

This helps our future for two reasons. First, Obama has managed to destroy more of our government than Tim McVeigh could have with 10,000 Ryder trucks. He has done so in a relatively short time as well. Another eight years of this insanity and the federal government will be utterly useless, twice as expensive, and clearly different from the rest of us as all of its employees will be so PC they will be visibly removed from any reality the average American expects.

Not only will this basically usher government into ineffectiveness, but it will also make it a target. It will finally dawn on Joe and Jane American — who come from all walks of life, but are equal in obliviousness — that liberalism means nothing but to destroy everything good. That it promotes the incompetent for mouthing the same empty slogans. That it is soulless and destructive.

For people to snap out of the dream of modernity, it will require another Berlin 1945 moment. Cities in ruins, smoke obscuring the horizon, heaps of bodies smouldering. Weak leaders tend to stumble into wars by failing to signal clear boundaries and then provoking a panicked response when someone steps over an invisible line. An Obama II will drive everyone competent out of the US military, drive manufacturing abroad, and then sleepwalk into a major war.

I hope for it. As sad as Berlin 1945 moments are, it takes a tragedy to wake up humanity. Nothing else will do it. Let’s hope for another eight years of insane liberalism to finally knock some sense into our voters and put a sign up over liberalism for all time: This ended in total disaster. Go no further; turn back now.

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