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  • Episcopalian Hate Mail Is Rolling In

    Posting bum fights gets you put in the YouTube Gulag Weaintpayingyou. Attending or organizing cockfights will get you imprisoned in most jurisdictions. Cuckfighting, on the other hand; still remains a permitted form of lowbrow amusement. These charming ripostes were directed to Cuck of The Walk, Erick Erickson.

    Some people are really outraged I pointed out the Episcopal Church is no longer really Christian. Here’s a sampling: This first one came from a “David Burns” who gave it the subject line “CNN interview request” undoubtedly to make sure my assistant saw it.

    “Hey Erick –
    You are as loathsome a figure as exists in political media, and deserve nothing but terrible things in your life.
    Eat my entire ass.”

    And this gem.

    “Erick Erickson is morally irredeemable dogsh*t, and Jesus would want nothing to do with any of you idiots.”

    Such love.

    You see, Erick Erickson’s reaction to Mayor Buttplug of South Bent, Indiana and his attempts to question the theology of VP Mike Pence via public vituperation involved examining where Pete Buttigieg went to church and what they were teaching him. This led him to understand well why there are probably more former Jailhouse Nazis loose on the streets these days than there are believing Episcopalians. The church has become no more legitimately Christian than Antipope Francis.

    He discovered a survey where 18% of Episcopalians believed that religion taught you right and wrong. At that point, you have a religion that teaches young people less about the facts of life than sitting around watching Mine Craft commentaries on an I-Pad. There literally is no point in burning the gas necessary to get your family to an Episcopal Church next Sunday. Their terminally declining membership rolls suggest that I am not alone in issuing this particular critique. If that’s The Church of England, it’s not too difficult to understand how London got Mayor Sadiq Khan.

  • Fleeing Baltimore: The Documentary

    Kurt Russell was unavailable for the cast call. They didn’t even get the name right. It should have been Escape From Baltimore. Hollywood these days.

    The Tilldeer on this one is that nobody in Baltimore’s municipal government has felt interested in enforcing any of the city ordinances against drug dealing or youth violence for a good decade or so. Therefore, civilized people leave. Regrettably, these are civilized Leftists who spread the infection to new electoral districts so that these places can become just as charming as Charm City.

  • Libya Is Our Regime Change Nightmare

    Whatever the outcome of the latest battle, the continuation of the war is certain to deepen the misery of Libya’s civilian population. Eight years later, Libya is still living with the instability and violence that resulted from U.S.-backed regime change made possible by Western intervention. Like many other such interventions, the Libyan war has left behind a legacy of upheaval and destruction. The civilians that supposedly benefited will be living with the consequences for years and probably decades to come.

    But we gave them Democracy! Everything should be happy now…. We gave them Democracy. It would have been less sadistic to have given them all chlamydia.

  • Portland Police Quitting En Masse, But City Leaders Can’t Face Reality | Antifa’s Cop Attrition

    The Mayor of Portland, Oregon has told his police force they are the bad guys. They’ve said “OK, we’ll remove our odious presence.” Portland will soon descend to the level of Baltiless. DeRay McKesson is advising them on how to recruit new officers. 58 out of their last 61 applicants couldn’t be sworn in because of their weed use. Other than that, it’s all going smoothly.

  • This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

    Assuming that ecocide makes the entire world go Solyent Green, it would behoove us to all get properly ready. The ultra modern tiny house is just the ticket. You could park about 10 of them in the parking lot near Mickey D’s. Just so you can have a less crowded Crowdism. Your own ultra modern tiny house.

  • New York Times Declares ‘Setback’ for Netanyahu as He Wins Israeli Election

    So Netanyahu is still in charge of Israel. I suppose this is better than handing it to a bunch of Leftists. Remarkably, Israel is Conservative about what it really cares about. Israel. They seem to send the destructive (((Leftists))) to other countries instead. I wish we could as well.

  • World IQ 82

    As a rule of thumb we can say that in the US the average male at IQ 82 would be earning very roughly $43,000 (in 2011 dollars) as compared with $ 63,500 for men of average intelligence. Naturally, this would be far more than in other countries of the world, but shows the nature of the market penalty for low ability.

    So an average Amerikan has an IQ of 96. (For the nonce.) If the economic premium here is $20,500 per 14 IQ points, we can also say stupidity costs you -$1,540 (give or take) per reduced IQ point. I don’t think the linearity holds once you get smarter than average, but let’s just say it does on the way down from the norm.

    Let’s extend further without loss of generality and assume a correlation between these earnings and both individual ability and social contribution. As Global IQ goes down, so does the ability of people to do anything well. They may be decent people, and they may have good intentions, but a rifleman firing blanks will not take down the 400M target. It really doesn’t matter how long that shooter practices. Has humanity grows more dumb on average, everybody’s life becomes increasingly hard. Perhaps it is the eugenic decline in humanity, more than the coruscating brilliance of new technology that is leading to the replacement of the human workforce.

  • The House’s White Nationalist Hearing Farcical—But Disturbing

    Amazing how you always need an excuse to hold an inquisition. White Nationalists are (((Goldstein))) to Jarred Nadler’s INGSOC. Fat Brother makes a fairly laughable Oligarchical Collectivist, but let’s be honest. Most tyrannical, bureaucratic despots are laughable human beings. They grab all that power to assuage their own uselessness and protect them from people who can effectively engage reality and cope with life. These losers are well on their way to being just as ineffectual as The Roman Senate had become by 27 B.C. That was the year Augustus declared himself Primus Inter Pares.

  • FIREWORKS! Candace Owens Torches Dem Congressman Ted Lieu in House Testimony (VIDEO)

    In the event that you know a leftist in need of a bitch-slapping, don’t forget to dial 1-800-Candace. Ted Leiu was exposed in all of his sorry virtue-signalling. Jarred Nadler was advised that he could go pick his nose and not look any more disgusting. It was a glorious thrashing. Am I the only one wondering why the panty-wastes of the GOP had to import Candace Owens to advertise that it really is #OKToBeWhite? I guess all the real skinheads were too busy pestering people over at Perhaps a recovering Leftist like Candace knows their language and customs. Her former presence in their in-group gives her an understanding of their malice.

  • House Dems cancel vote on budget plan amid internal revolt

    Nancy Pelosi cannot even lead a non-binding vote on a budget resolution. About 3 or 4 months from now, we will begin to encounter the consequences of low IQ leadership. I see a probablity P(s)=0.000 that the Dems will successfully pass a budget. This will cause their malfunction to be everyone else’s problem. Trump should veto their continuing resolutions until at least one EBT Card refill cannot be processed by the UST. Just to show people the contempt that they deserve for voting in leftists.

  • Lurid Details Unfold Behind NXIVM Scandal, Actress Allison Mack Pleads Guilty To All Counts

    Pizza time.

    Mack and Raniere were both charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, racketeering, and forced labor conspiracy. Although Raniere’s trial has just begun, Allison Mack has already pled guilty to her charges. In court on Monday, Mack admitted to luring women in NXIVM where they were then blackmailed and coerced into following Raniere’s orders. Mack said she “must take full responsibility for her conduct” and that she “was lost” when she joined the cult and “was looking for purpose” despite her successful acting career.

    If Amerika ever does become a theocratic dictatorship, worthy of a third rate Margaret Atwood novel, that is overhyped by the genocidiers and Tissue McNugget peddlers at Planned Parenthood, then the downfall can be explained by Newton’s 3rd Law. It will be an equal and opposite reaction to crap like this. The poor dear, she was upset over her career. Nice excuse. This is what you did to those children, you evil, insane woman.

  • Venezuela reports collapse in oil supply, tightening global market: OPEC

    Put these guys in charge of Great Britain and we really would have to haul a train of coals up to Newcastle.

    In a monthly report released on Wednesday, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries said Venezuela told the group that it pumped 960,000 barrels per day (bpd) in March, a drop of almost 500,000 bpd from February. The figures could add to a debate within the so-called OPEC+ group of producers on whether to maintain oil supply cuts beyond June. A Russian official indicated this week Moscow wanted to pump more, although OPEC has been saying the curbs must remain.

    Let Venezuela just be. Let it be the shining beacon of everything that you can have in life if you just adopt Socialism. One of these days a curious child will ask their parents what people used to read by at night in Caracas before the Russian Army brought them candles. It would be too heartbreaking to explain to the poor dear that they used electricity.

  • BREAKING: White House To TARGET Illegal Alien Money Transfers Out of U.S.

    The White House is planning on targeting the tens of billions of dollars in “remittance payments” sent by illegal immigrants back to their home countries, in the wake of an ongoing migrant flood at the U.S. Southern border, a senior administration official told reporters Tuesday. The plans to target remittance payments come amid a broader shakeup at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and future executive actions designed to curb illegal immigration. The situation at the southern border has escalated in recent weeks, with thousands of migrants arriving daily to claim asylum.

    Better late than never. Removing the incentive to come here is just as important as wall construction. The highest wall in the world is one that nobody has any reason to breach or climb. Make these caravans no longer pay off for the members.

  • Aleister Crowley’s IQ

    Life would be simpler if evil people were simple as well. People don’t get too much more evil or hygene-challenged than this…

    Dubbed the wickedest man in the world by the British press, Crowley practiced “every form of sexual deviancy known to man”, in addition to “eating feces, cannibalism and promoting human and animal sacrifice” according to blogger Matt Frohlich. Crowley also had a very sadistic side. According to historian Gary Lachman, when on a mountain climbing trip, Crowley would whip the South Asian servants to remind them the white man was in charge. When his fellow climbers got tired of this sadistic racism and decided to dump him, Crowley warned that they could never survive the trip down without him, and then sat in his tent drinking tea, as he listened to them die.

    But no, sometimes the universe just has to do it the hard way. Crowley was the son of a female canine, but it was apparently one smart dog.

    So if writing samples gives an IQ of 120, and a drawing sample gives an IQ of 131, it’s tempting to average these to an IQ of 126 (top 5%). However it’s much more rare to average in the top 5% on multiple tests than it is to score in the top 5% on any one test. On the WISC-R IQ test for example, people who average in the top 5% on all subtests, score above the top 1% (IQ 137) on the composite score. Thus I tentatively assign Crowley an IQ of 137. This is 4 points higher than the 133 I predicted from bio-demographic data above, but both suggest an IQ in the mid 130s. Such an IQ is above the average at even the most prestigious universities in the World, and may help explain why a young Crowley beat the President of the Cambridge chess club at chess.

    Impressive as he was malignant. Chuck Norris should tell Aleister Crowley jokes. He was not only bad, but also a bad-ass.

  • College promotes men’s cuddling group to ‘redefine masculinity’

    A Pennsylvania university is promoting the concept of men cuddling as a way to help them deal with stress and “redefine masculinity.” Dr. Christopher Liang, a counseling psychology professor at Lehigh University’s College of Education, recently came out in support of a Philadelphia area “Men‘s Therapeutic Cuddle Group,” a function advertised by Lehigh University in a news release. The page for the group currently has 69 members and the group has held 46 events so far. The meetups are held once every other week.

    See. Joe Biden only meant to be nice. He spent his time in college learning how to hug. He hugs to redefine masculinity. These guys are competitive freaks. Each university now has to go one step further. They’ll eventually be behaving pretty much like Aleister Crowley. Somewhere dark and evil laughter filters in from above.

As part of Operation Just Cuz, I present Meatloaf. Just ‘cuz Aleister Craowley inspired it.

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