Furthest Right



Humanity finds itself at a crossroads. Civilization has fallen and we need it back. Otherwise overpopulation, pollution, and dysfunction will destroy us and our natural environment.

Our species grew to the point where it inverted its goal of adaptation to our environment by using symbols to manipulate one another.

This impulse naturally arises from herd behavior, which seeks to limit conflict, but that results in control structures which create bureaucracies and businesses that rule us for their benefit at our expense.

As part of the Ultra-Right, we advocate a simple plan: restore order through general principles and a case-by-case basis instead of one big symbolic ideal, and implement it through several pillars.

To become sane, humanity must pursue order, meaning the frameworks that unite us, nature, culture, and the divine. Conservatism is a folkway that orients us toward excellence.

You might describe us as culturally liberal, economically libertarian, politically conservative, and ecologically fascist. We care about results not individual feelings or peer pressure.

In doing so, we step back from the structures of human manipulation that are popular now but cause unintended effects like mob rule or dictatorship. These are types of entropy that erase civilizations and individuals alike.

Our goal is a world mostly like the present but with a few vital changes that make the experience better for everyone and all groups.