Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness and Eternity, by Brett Stevens


My first book, Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness and Eternity, has been published by Manticore Press and is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Hell’s Headbangers. This allows you to receive a copy printed in your home country and avoid expensive international shipping, which otherwise would exceed the price of the book.

The publisher and I worked together to keep the price reasonable at $16.95 for the paperback version, which is the lowest we can go without cutting out publisher rewards entirely. It was exceptionally good of Manticore Press and its staff to invest so much time, caring and good will in this book. I hope you all enjoy it.

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27 Responses to “Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness and Eternity, by Brett Stevens”

  1. Paul Warkin says:

    Congratulations, I’ve been looking forward to it! Ordered myself a copy.

  2. Pavol Horvath says:

    Ordered it just now.

  3. Alf says:


  4. Russian individual says:

    I would buy a book by you on modern culture, criticism of democracy and leftism. Will you do it? Troubles finding a publisher for that? I would self publish in that case. Is it going to happen? Why not a book on those crucial topics?

    • Exilarch says:

      If our gracious host stayed true to his roots, this IS a book on those topics.

      Politics and science are just logical outgrowths of philosophy and mathematics.

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        Those that do not… move on.

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        My goal is to spare those who read from mental spam, of any type.

        I know this is not a familiar concept… nor flattering. I ask you to trust me.

        • Russian individual says:

          All censorship on the internet is bad. There is no “mental spam”, in facts, al ost all comments here are irrelevant and add nothing to the conversation, You’re lying, YOU SIMOLY CENSOR COMMENTS THAT DON’T FIT WITH YOUR OUTLOOK. You simply dont post comments you disagree with ideologically, which is ridiculous and hinders the potential of the site. You have to grow a thicker skin and post most critical commenta even if YOU think they are wrong. You are a also a bigot, Brett. You are right on many things but still, you are bigoted and solipsistic sometimes like most humans, And you should try to change that.

          • All censorship on the internet is bad.

            That raises an interesting issue, because the above was my starting point. However, a contrary need quickly arose: without some censorship, the internet would be overrun in spam. For example, our anti-spam system automatically removes three to six thousand comments daily.

            In the same way, I filter out material regardless of ideological viewpoint that does not contribute to the discussion. I have no problem with critical comments, as long as they are written in the right form and not redundant. But the usual drive-by KILL THE JEWS and KILL THE CONSERVATIVES style commentary offers… well, what, exactly?

            This is part of being a realist. Not every comment is important. Someone must decide, or we suffer from a lowered-quality comments section. ROK’s comments section is more active because that site has a huge and very active userbase, where people here are more likely to mull a new idea over for some time. My goal is to make their reading time worthwhile.

          • crow says:

            You mean Brett’s human? Most of us already know that, though it may be news to you.

    • You make some wonderful points.

      That book does exist, and I am seeking a publisher for it.

      This book is only on the topic of Nihilism, which needs a fair amount of introduction before it is coherent…

    • Dick Wagner says:

      Nihilism is a higher problem than anything political; glad to see a Nietzschean on the new right.

  5. Cynical Optimist says:

    Hi Brett, sounds great, I will be ordering it too. I think this title and concept is beautiful and profoundly true. Even in mathematics, at the root is an assumption that “the empty set exists,” upon which all else derives. In other words, we have to at least believe in the void…but the void actually allows us to construct much more.

    Taken in another direction, consider evil. I think the value of a lot of metal music and its imagery is in acknowledging that evil exists. This is a “nihilistic” (using that term colloquially) focus but ultimately necessary for the existence of anything good. I think a bit of emphasis on the darker elements is ultimately incredibly uplifting…not because we should worship Satan, but because there can be no good or morality without the existence of evil. And that is something worth respecting (not evil itself, but its existence), and maybe even practicing this acknowledgment in some sense.

    I don’t know if the above sounds completely incoherent or snobbish or f*cked up or what, but it’s something I’ve been circling around lately in thought.

  6. Dualist says:

    I had been hoping you would write a book like this for some time now. Having fully explored your old ANUS many years ago, it will be especially interesting to see how you have developed some of your earlier notions after having decades more social decay to witness and think about.

    My hope is that many of the other bloggers on the Alt-Right/NRx will read it, as it should provide them with the necessary ‘subtext’ to understand better your Amerika writings. I get the impression that totally new readers often misunderstand where you are ‘coming from’ with your posts, unlike the regular readers who will have all read your older, more overtly philosophical, articles.

    If these essays are written in the same quality of prose found in your early writings, this book could be a truly great work. I very much look forward to reading it. My reading list is pretty daunting at present but this will jump right to the top when it arrives. I’ll write you a review when I’ve finished it – and post it on Amazon if you like what I write!

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