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Human Self-Destruction


What is the greatest myth of our time?

Some would mention Leftism, and that could well be true, but there is another interesting myth. This myth states that no one knows how to make a successful civilization.

This requires us to overlook historical successes and fall back on the callow excuses made indirectly by denigrating those times. There were good years among the humans, but every time good arrives, it saves the fools along with the deserving, and the fools — being more numerous, fanatical and dedicated to nothing else — agitate until they take over and ruin it.

We know of the successful civilization model, which can be identified by its use of the four pillars of civilization survival. This design, or structural blueprint, for civilization works in any age and at any technological level.

That offends people who are threatened by this order, which are (1) the bad and (2) the underconfident, neurotic, weak and people who are otherwise uncertain of their ability to perform when anything is asked of them. These two groups combine to agree, in the renowned wisdom of crowds, that society without standards is a better idea.

No standards is the origin of equality. Equality means equal inclusion, or that one does not have to be competent or want to contribute in order to be part of the society, and that because inclusion is equal, there cannot be a hierarchy which places some above others. Consider it a formula for mediocrity.

All of the gyrations and peregrinations of the intellect involved in finally bringing about The Enlightenment, and before it the cosmopolitan culture of Athens, involves hiding the fact that we know how to make the best civilization possible. Like a Volkswagen bug, the blueprint is there before us. We just have to make it.

When you read the constant flow of babble from the Establishment, which is always Leftist even when it hides in “conservatism” of the neoconservative type, all of it is designed to conceal this fact. They must keep luring you with a “the grass is greener on the other side” illusion, like a good salesman, and inject fear, uncertainty and doubt about anything outside of the current system wherever they can.

They are fanatics because they are afraid. They are afraid of a world where they would have to assert themselves and perform in order to survive. Jobs, school and socializing… that is easy. Taking on unknown tasks and making them work out right, that is both hard and risky. They fear it and you can smell the nervousness on their sweat.

Anything outside of the successful civilization model is essentially Communism. Individualism starts to justify non-performance, then it becomes collectivized, and that turns into some variant of Leftism, which then needs subsidies in order to operate, and then becomes totalitarian Communism to hide its lack of function. The pattern repeats.

This process then conveys societies into third-world status. Third world societies are the most individualistic on earth. People exist in their own little bubbles, and pursue their own desires, which is why the shared infrastructure and institutions are dysfunctional, which is why the society never achieves more than subsistence.

Think of how much we have to lie just to hide this simple fact.

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