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The past lives with us. Events are effects of causes in the past, and over time that present becomes past, and a cause of the new present. We live in the future of the past and the past contains not just its causes, but the archetypes we see re-cur time and again as patterns.

For those who are relatively new to the history of this site and its writers, some backstory may help. Amerika is the latest of a series of online communities dedicated to the idea of abolishing the notion that human intention is more important than reality.

Its origin hides three decades ago when a kid, barely a teenager, chose nihilism as a personal philosophy. In his eyes, all of humanity was infested by self-deception, and the root was a lack of understanding of the logical structure of objects and events in reality, usually because it was glossed over with social feelings, personal emotions and deceptive simplifications designed to make other people accept it as real.

This manifested in an early series of writings distributed by a hacker group known as the American Nihilist Underground Society (ANUS); it was sometimes also spelled Amerikan Nihilist Underground Society. Run through a group of dial-up bulletin board systems (BBSs) and dedicated to public pranks, subversion of political ideograms, and telecommunications knowledge, the group was a bit of an anomaly.

For starters, while its members were in theory liberals, it embraced a Nietzschean elitism and a skepticism toward humanity, resulting in a tendency toward anti-social behavior as a means of rejecting the approval of the herd, which would result inevitably in its ideas being assimilated, which involved corruption through simplification and removal of controversial elements, thus denaturing them. The group had seen too many metal bands go down this path in a search for public approval and thus big mass culture dollars, and wanted no part of it.

Throughout the late 1980s, the group published a newsletter and text files — short blasts of information about technical and philosophical topics — through the bulletin boards of the day. You can read more about this era in the article “Hacker Metal” in longstanding music e-zine Perfect Sound Forever.

With the advent of the public internet in the late 80s and early 90s, ANUS took to the global bulletin board USENET with its screeds and members became active in metal and politics subs, abrading the dominant paradigms and socially acceptable political tropes with anti-humanistic and pro-atavism propaganda. In addition, other hijinks transpired which served to destabilize the sheep-herd areas of the early internet.

On USENET, members tackled difficult topics in groups including, the Ted Kaczynski fan group, and were active in numerous attacks on illusions in groups dedicated to them. This got ANUS an early reputation as a “troll group,” and confirmed for many members that public discourse had passed into mob rule, and therefore that logical discussion was impossible, and the only means of interacting with the audience was to deceive and mock them, forcing a re-evaluation of opinions by those observing.

Throughout this time, members of the groups were fans of dissident music. This began with synthpop like Kraftwerk and punk like the Cro-Mags, but evolved into thrash bands like Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (DRI), Cryptic Slaughter and Dead Horse, and eventually migrated to underground metal, a type of heavy metal that threw out the rock elements of usual heavy metal to become a new style, divided into “death metal” music with its emphasis on structure and phrase, and black metal which strove for atmosphere and melody which rejected the anthropocentric nature of rock.

As part of this, members of the group created a radio show in Southern California which reached millions of people and lived on from 1997-2001 as an early online podcast. Continuing the mission of publishing metal reviews that began on BBSs like The Metal AE during the 80s, the group published reviews of underground metal first to USENET, and then to a succession of web servers.

In the mid-90s, these moved to a web domain,, here captured in its second year of operation. This site combined social criticism, philosophy, an early ezine, death metal reviews and interviews, black metal articles and theory, gore pictures, blasphemy and many random exhibits centered on the topic of nihilism. This site frequently bounced between web hosts because of the taboo nature of its content, which back then was enough to get a site thrown off of its paid host, usually without refunds.

ANUS also operated one of the first free speech forum, which started in earlier versions — now lost — on other servers. This forum gave rise to the right-wing direction that was forced upon ANUS by its rejection by the Left, who demonized it at first for its elitism, and only later for its refusal to endorse class warfare and its rejection of the multicultural, pacifist, atheist, and socialist dream in which many Western citizens of the 90s were vesting their hopes. Such people, referred to by ANUS members as “tools” in the 90s slang and currently called “cucks,” found themselves alienated by the content on the site and were quick to call for boycotts and bans of mention of the site on other forums.

During the late 90s, our members contributed to a number of rising projects, including the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (LNSG) which contained the formative elements of the nascent dissident or alternative (90s slang for: “not mainstream”) right: a strong Nationalist awareness, an aversion to democracy and cruelty, but most importantly, a focus on resurrection Western Civilization not just Western politics. This controversial site operated one of the most active forums of the day, which attracted among others school shooter and all-around good guy Jeff Weise, who is remembered fondly by former members from there.

Starting in the year 2000, some of our members became active with a mail-order business, Evilmusic. This outlet sold black metal, death metal and related genres, and unlike the standard of the time, did so with shipping confirmation in professional packaging and used a reliable e-commerce system. Unfortunately, this venture jumped into a genre at the time when it was dying, which meant that the good bands had lapsed and were replaced by either sold-out versions of themselves or inferior copies, which drove away anyone intelligent from the fan base, replacing them with idiots who wanted the usual rock-n-roll jive with metal flavoring. This business was abandoned in 2005 for that reason.

As time went on, it became clear that the web had changed, and people wanted sites which focused on a single topic at a time. Following Jorn Barger’s invention of the blog (“web + log”) in the late 90s, the website format had changed from the archive to the news stream. As a result, ANUS split in two: the underground metal began migrating to Death Metal Underground, and the politics went to a new site, named CORRUPT (which is not an acronym, but was always spelled out in all caps, for reasons now lost to time). This site later blossomed into an organization and later, a zine named Exponentiation and a full-time blog with multiple contributors.

During this time, members also participated in troll groups including the Gay African-American Association of America (GNAA) which relentlessly trolled people in the grips of the modern dysfunction, including Apple users and multiculturalists. This further enhanced the reputation of ANUS as trolls which was used by its enemies to discredit its innovations in the early internet, including in site design, e-zine publishing and heavy metal journalism.

CORRUPT thrived because something was needed that would unite human biodiversity (HBD), the nascent nationalism of the West, a Nietzschean desire to end the decline and fall of Western Civilization, and anti-democratic feelings which did not fall into the National Socialist or fascist models but sought a way “out” of the American political system without waffling about “third ways.” CORRUPT recognized that one was either realist or humanist, and that there were no grey areas at this high level of abstraction about basic approach, and quickly published a number of articles overthrowing the dominant groups of the day and questing for a new path.

At some point, CORRUPT began to go on its own path more toward the third way. Some members wanted another outlet, so Amerika was resurrected from its nascent days and time as an Al-Qaeda fan site (for which it is still banned as a “hate site” by many services) and converted into a platform for non-mainstream Rightist writing. In early versions of its current form, it continued the CORRUPT mission in a more Nietzschean and environmentalist direction, but rejected the idea of any idea-sharing or compromise with the Left.

With that change, we arrive at the present era. The ANUS mission has matured and become the full raging realist manifestation that it always was, rejecting the idea of social morality and the necessary social control it creates in favor of a results-based view of humanity working from naturalistic principles. As such, it is within the Right, but often barely so, and continues to push the boundaries of what is accepted by thwarting human pretense and solipsism, rejecting the idea of human intentions as more important than reality, and demanding a higher standard of quality rising toward excellence from those who have every ability to achieve it.

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