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More musings on nihilism

I don’t see the point in not jumping into the void. That’s pure nihilism: nothing has any inherent value.

After that, you reconstruct values around the good/bad that makes the good that is life. I guess you have to believe in the good that is life.

It’s like a journey. Suppose several members of your family die, you’re broke and unloved… you reach the point where you could just off yourself (nihilism; total motherfucking nihilism).

Then you build back, this time with none of the illusions. That building back is also nihilism; nihilism is a cycle that returns to itself, clearing your brain so you can (a) see clearly reality with a scientific method and (b) create new conjectures, ideas, playthings of the mind, hypotheses and ideals. Then you apply the same nihilism to them and destroy the ones that don’t fit, then restart the cycle again.

It is liberating. Of course, when you’re on the other side, society seems like a giant fuckup and most people seem to be seeking truth in irrelevancies, but at the same time, you are freed from the drama. Finally free of the drama of karmic attachment.

At this stage, you have opened the doors of perception. You can see the structure of life, the bones beneath the skin, the hidden order of design which pervades all life. You are closer to God and farther into atheism than ever before. You are able to navigate the universe as an independent particle, but only because you understand that independence and freedom are simply lies. You can step over the bodies of what did not thrive and wish them well on the return cycle.

People spend so much time trying to cut themselves free of the process of life because they are afraid to die. But when death is understand, and life is understood, the task becomes plain and so do the joys. And without the mental drama, it is all simply a joy to fulfill.


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