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Periscope (December 13, 2018)

  • Alabama 9-Year-Old Dies by Suicide After Racist Taunts and Bullying, Her Family Says

    Assimilation does not work: if you join the majority, you are an Uncle Tom and they hate you; if you refuse to join the majority, you remain in the ghetto and have no power. Diversity presents an impossible position to minorities (and eventually, to the majority). Since there is no single cultural standard, people war it out, choosing those like them, which further reduces any inclination toward assimilation. This poor girl got bullied for being pro-white in her behavior, probably because she recognized that the West zoomed ahead of Africa by having better methods and fewer stupid people, and the rest of the herd pulled her down. That is normal herd behavior, which is to say suicidal but good-feeling sort of like that warm bath in which one slits the wrists, but also shows us the need for tribal identity and how damaged this is by diversity, with tragic results.

  • Jury recommends life, plus 419-year sentence for James Fields Jr.

    This entire trial has been an exercise in signaling. Goodwhites like diversity, and anyone who points out that diversity is both failing and also white genocide is an enemy. This means that the herd possesses a manic need to smash down symbols of non-diversity, mainly because it secretly knows that diversity is failing and that this means its civilization is failing, but it feels bad to have those thoughts so they want the warm bath of denial instead. The denialists convicted James Field of murder one despite an absence of evidence for this after being signaled by the judge that it was OK to do so, and then they announced that this was a Soviet-style political show trial by giving him an absurd sentence relative to the crime. He drove a car into another car while fleeing; there is no evidence to suggest that he wanted to cause mass murder. In fact, there is evidence that he was trying to find another way out before antifa started hitting his car. As usual, the Left causes a crisis and then blames someone else for it. Fields deserves a charge of vehicular manslaughter because he was incompetent, both mentally and in coordination, in how he tried to escape. He also made a stupid decision to get in his car in order to flee the city. However, he also has mental health problems and is part Jewish, which makes his participation here a sign of instability. We hear about how they had low IQs and poor childhoods every time some black ghetto dude rapes and slaughters a young white girl, so why shouldn’t we apply the same standard here? Give him his five to ten years in prison and be done with it. Instead, we have a show trial that would have the USSR, NSDAP, and Genghis Khan nodding together in beaming approval. R.I.P. U.S.A.

  • Trump says he is not concerned about being impeached, defends payments to women

    Trump points out that the Left is engaged in distraction behavior as a means of unifying their base, which means that they have no ideas which can oppose his successful ideas. Certainly the evidence seems to suggest that payouts are how he deals with grifters by forcing them to sign NDAs and then suing them if they break contract, which means that for a relatively tiny amount of money, he makes problems go away even if they are entirely spurious. In this case, he got snared by an old trap, which is that if you know a woman and associate with her, she may claim to have sex with you, even though that was entirely lies. He can either go public and deny it, giving her the benefit of his publicity, or pay her a relatively small amount to keep quiet, at which point she does not get the reward she seeks and therefore others will be less likely to do the same. This means that paying off bimbos was both (1) a regular practice, independent of his political activities, and (2) not an admission of guilt, which must hurt the Left who insisted that it was. All of this adds up to a simple fact: Donald Trump did not violate campaign finance laws and for that reason, the investigation of him is illegitimate and therefore should be seen revealed as merely political maneuvering by the Left, which suggests — big point here — that they are out of ideas, since they have had nearly uninterrupted power for a half-century (1968-2018) and during that time, all of their policies have failed by not ending the problems they claimed to end and introducing new problems as well. This is why, worldwide, faith in Leftism and faith in liberal democracy are declining.

  • Two intoxicated drivers seriously injured after crashing into each other, troopers say

    Dishonesty in a woman is a thing you never blame deeply — I was casually sorry, and then I forgot. It was on that same house party that we had a curious conversation about driving a car. It started because she passed so close to some workmen that our fender flicked a button on one man’s coat.

    “You’re a rotten driver,” I protested. “Either you ought to be more careful, or you oughtn’t to drive at all.”

    “I am careful.”

    “No, you’re not.”

    “Well, other people are,” she said lightly.

    “What’s that got to do with it?”

    “They’ll keep out of my way,” she insisted. “It takes two to make an accident.”

    “Suppose you met somebody just as careless as yourself.”

    “I hope I never will,” she answered. “I hate careless people. That’s why I like you.”

    Her gray, sun-strained eyes stared straight ahead, but she had deliberately shifted our relations, and for a moment I thought I loved her.

  • Two decades after his last deadly act of ecoterrorism, the Unabomber has become an unlikely prophet to a new generation of acolytes.

    People have figured out that there is a path to survival, and within that, a path to thriving, and that we are on neither path. Instead, we are on a path to destruction. Some agree with the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski that the problem is industrial society; others, like myself, see the problem as a lack of social order brought upon us by our shift to Asiatic, third-world style utilitarian systems instead of hierarchical, heroic, and localized traditional social orders. Regardless of the diagnosis, this shift to radicalism shows two things: that people are admitting that our current way is not working, and that they are realizing that it cannot work. We either change or we die. This means that people are ready to abandon what seem like the pillars of our modern life, such as capitalism, diversity, socialism, democracy, equality, bureaucracy, and even the idea of modern life itself. We know that doom lies ahead unless we change course, and so people are willing to throw open the Overton Window in all directions and consider previously-taboo “extreme” alternatives.

  • More than 3,000 illegals caught in one day: DHS

    This is not immigration in any functional sense, but an invasion by people who intend to force our political system into submission that they can keep coming here, sending money home, and taking wealth out of the country for their own use. These people are not migrants, refugees, or otherwise deserving people; their intent is criminal, and their actions reveal it. It is time to send them all, illegal or not, back home and to become reliant upon our own labor again. Among other things, it will restore our self-esteem, which is ruined by feeling like we are helpless bloated white blobs that depend on strong dusky people to do anything difficult for us. That mentality will kill us, which is why the Left loves it, even while mocking it. Diversity makes the majority hate itself and the minorities hate the majority and each other, guaranteeing genocide for all and the end result of yet another third world mixed race anarcho-tyranny — most of the world consists of failed empires, now third world wastelands — which will serve no one and in fact harm humanity greatly by removing one of its leading lights.

  • Julián Castro calls Latinos to action as he moves toward 2020 run

    Oh look, the Democrats found themselves a Hispanic Obama. That he is named “Castro” only further excites the Left, who are basically neurotic suicides just hoping to make someone else kill them so they do not have to do it themselves. He also has the support of the “We Are All Human Foundation,” which makes you realize that you would have to be mentally defective to vote for this guy, and that is exactly why half of America — deleterious mutations piled up by years of egalitarian tolerance, alcoholics, neurotics, sociopaths, parasites, schizoids, single women, LGBT++, and ethnic minorities including the Irish — will vote for him.

  • Jamaica resorts covered up sexual assaults, silenced victims for years

    We are going to see a lot more of this. During the 1980s, some developers found that there was great profit in the third world. Instead of going to expensive places like the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands, you could go to Jamaica or Mexico on the cheap, and it was hoped that you would not get robbed, raped, assaulted, jailed for ransom, or have your organs harvested but, in the classic method of egalitarian society, since you were equal and the developers were equal, it was assumed to be your equality problem if something bad happened to you. When someone did get mutilated, the developers bought off the local cops and journalists and paid the person a pittance to go back home and be silent about what happened, while threatening them with lawsuits. Your average person taking a cheap vacation does not have the money for legal fees to fight an army of corporate lawyers, which is why the people who get poisoned by cruise ships learn to keep their mouths shut. Now, in the wake of “Me Too” and other drama designed to rile up women to vote Leftist, the partial truth about many of these places comes out, which is that they were cheap for a reason, namely that their third world population had not been pacified by British law and order and therefore, might randomly rape or sodomize you in the night.

  • Mueller Team Can Be Disbarred For Clinton Conflicts In Trump Case

    This article is from a year ago, but for some reason, it is banned on Reddit, so it seemed worth posting here. Whatever they fear, must be relevant. If you post it, it goes into the spam filter. It seems that Reddit banned Big League Politics two months ago, which suggests that Reddit is either taking money for links or is blocking sites for having the wrong political alignment.

  • SA ‘infinitely better’ than 25 years ago‚ but more unequal – FW de Klerk

    Since adopting diversity of equal rights between races, South Africa has become more unequal. How is that possible? It turns out that having one group in charge means that there is institutional memory, consistent leadership, and a goal based in something other than constant infighting over power. As a result, the nation is more prosperous. When diversity kicks in, however, the agenda becomes tax-and-spend wealth transfer between groups and constant infighting over power by special interests, at which point the society turns inward and stops looking toward objectives, goals, and conquests. Not surprisingly, it generates no wealth at that point, and so the humans fall to bickering over how to divide up what remains while those who can get out flee. This reminds us all of the end of the Soviet Union and other Leftist idealistic egalitarian experiments.

  • How Loneliness Is Tearing America Apart (non-paywall)

    Short answer: no one has a sense of community anymore. This is a result of diversity, as Charles Putnam warned us and other sources confirm as a source of alienation and atomization that will end in genocide. Now that we no longer have a sense of community, because we have nothing in common, we exist only for jobs, shopping, and the ideology that we think binds us but in fact makes us hate each other. This began with ethnic diversity within European groups and got worse with racial diversity to the point that America has balkanized and civil war is inevitable. The start of that war will be that here, as in France, people feel a sense of great unease and lack of existential joy in modern existence, which was already alienating enough but made even worse by diversity, multiculturalism, internationalism, and globalism, which mean approximately the same thing in the end calculus: no place for the individual, only a generic culture where people are a fungible resource and not a manifestation of something transcendent like culture, heritage, or nationality.

  • China harvested organs from political prisoners on substantial scale, says tribunal

    The logic of yesterday: it is terrible that China harvested the organs of political prisoners, why do they lack such respect for human rights? We share this universal truth granted to us by Godegalitarianism which says that all people are important and no individual should suffer such a fate! #triggered

    The logic of tomorrow: “human rights” and “civil rights” are backdoors that the Left uses to hack our political systems. Every society will eliminate threats, since if that society is doing generally well it means that those who oppose it are malcontents and parasites not altruists, and you might as well harvest their organs in order to save healthy and useful people.

  • Talk of Alberta exit is out in the open again

    People want to flee the dying nation-states because the State always heads toward ideology as a means to justify its own expansion which allows it to pursue its own economic self-interest; governments are large corporations that, like Monsanto or Exxon, will do whatever gives them more customers, money, power, prestige, or influence. This is why governments become tyrannical. The theory of Crowdism says that this is caused by individualism, which in groups causes herd behavior, and that in turn drives people to lowest common denominator thinking, whether that occurs through an organized group or ideology or not. Governments are the Crowd empowered and far-thinking people are seeing that the smaller and more local the government, if not outright abolishing it for anarcho-monarchism, the better the outcome. The Confederates in America saw how the vast herds of workers and the factories that supported them together formed a mass movement toward total control, and wanted to escape before this group used ideology to bludgeon everyone into conformity. They were beaten back, and instead, we got the modern state in America in inversion of what its founders explicitly stated was its purpose. Since that time, civil/human rights have become the ideological justification that controls the modern West, and all of us who can see the writing on the wall want “out” of this situation, especially before the massive debts incurred by entitlement programs come due.

  • UK military chief warns global tensions ‘like those seen before First World War’

    They will always blame nationalism, but the real truth is that our great democracy agenda has failed, and the rise of nationalism is a response to that. The cause is democracy being paradoxical, and therefore failing; the symptoms which indicate that cause include nationalism, superpower challengers, political instability, terrorism, revolutions, riots, and falling faith in our institutions. Most people have forgotten that WW1 was “the war to end all wars” by spreading democracy to the world and therefore guaranteeing permanent peace. Instead, like the French Revolution before it, it kicked off a century of warfare which culminated in the Cold War, or the “are we Leftist enough?” ideological struggle, which resolved itself when America and Europe became Leftist enough to out-compete the Soviets; we offered socialist benefits with the additional advantage of a capitalism-driven consumer economy, and so the vast herds of thoughtless and individualistic people choose our system over theirs. Now we are seeing that this system, being fundamentally Leftist in nature, has failed just like the Soviet system did. Now what? We revert to realism, but the Left will attempt to use censorship and repression to keep its tyrannical control system operating over us; if we are intelligent, we will choose a way out of systems through a trade of autonomy for roles, but if we are merely clever we will wave flags and bloviate about “muh freedom,” and get exactly what we deserve, which is another version of the Leftist democracy/communism spectrum of systems.

  • Excess body weight responsible for nearly 4 percent of cancers worldwide

    Excess body weight — caused by the “energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods alongside reduced physical activity levels” that are convenient for the modern system — is responsible for four percent of cancers; so what causes the other ninety-six percent, or the vast majority of them? One solid guess is industrial pollution, especially air pollution, which can be rectified only by leaving more land available for nature, which will require fewer humans since even humans living in apartments require many acres for roads, parking lots, shopping, schools, hospitals, government, entertainment, and other needs.

  • Ann Coulter: Jews ‘Hate White Men’ Like Rest Of Democratic Base

    “I mean, you have the Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the black church ladies with the college queers. The only thing that keeps the Democratic base together is for them to keeping focusing on, ‘No, white men are the ones keeping you down. You must hate white men.’” she said on Laura Ingraham’s show. “It’s the one thing they have in common.”

    More accurately stated: diversity means that minority groups — sexual, ethnic, religious, racial, political — unite against the majority. Right-wing Jews understand this and oppose it, but they have been outvoted within their own people, which is why Coulter included Jews in the list along Muslims, blacks, and homosexuals.

  • Tribune, Tronc And Beyond: A Slur, A Secret Payout And A Looming Sale

    Man says that “a Jewish cabal” controls Los Angeles. Does this mean that we can mention the Irish cabal that controls Chicago?

  • Facebook fact-checking in disarray as journalists push to cut ties

    The Left is abandoning social media because it has become unpopular, aided by Facebook’s Jewish leadership deciding to be potentially anti-Semitic in their attacks on George Soros, who they argued was anti-Semitic. This reflects some maturity by Facebook in that it used the empty canards of the enemy against it, but also shows that the Left demands total obedience and will throw you under the bus for anything less. This ends Zuckerberg’s 2020-2040 presidential runs.

  • Why Aren’t Republicans More Vocal in Supporting Title IX Reform?

    Conservatives are too individualistic. They go to their jobs, amass their piles of wealth, then sit in their armchairs and criticize others for doing the “wrong” things, all while congratulating themselves for doing right and therefore, in theory, rising above in the Darwinian struggle of life. They ignore the fact that their future and that of their offspring is dependent on having a working civilization. This ends their legitimacy, to themselves most of all, and so they become inactive and basically consume news, books, movies, and so on but fail to act in a unified manner toward reforming society. The Left understands that the goal is changing society; the Right refuses to see this and shatters into as many special interests as there are individuals. For this reason, the Left always wins. The Right throws tomatoes at the Fox News screen, runs out to buy the latest stuff from O’Reilly or Coulter, and does absolutely nothing. Now is a good time for these fat armchair conservatives to quit being such crotchety impotent old men and start acting together. Title IX is how the Left hopes to drive masculine men from college campuses, namely by calling them into tribunals where evidence is optional and therefore an accusation equals a conviction, which in this case means having your name destroyed, your career abolished, and being expelled from school. They want to remove us. Do we want to survive? Then we must: fight for Title IX reform, fight to take over our society again, and physically remove Leftists to Venezuela where they will be happy with the diversity, anarchy, and socialism.

  • No, The Deficit Isn’t ‘Soaring,’ And Yes, Tax Revenues Are At Record Highs

    Tax cuts are not the cause of our huge debt; a budget that is 60% or more dedicated to entitlements that we obviously cannot afford is. Instead, what we are seeing is that Trump’s economy-boosting programs reduced the deficit more than Obama’s policy of slashing anything but socialist-style wealth redistribution programs. Obama will go down in history as our worst president, and Trump will be remembered as one of our best.

  • Confederate plaque removed from West Virginia courthouse

    The Left understand that people are sheep, and they weaponize this herd instinct. Make something trendy, and everyone imitates it in a desire to get their share of that sweet, sweet public approval and the career boosts that it creates. Right now, the trend is removing any mention of the Confederacy, because one of the perpetual goals of the Left is to erase history so that it seems that we were always Leftist and there are no other options. If conservatives mobilize to delay these actions for a few months, the Left will move on to something else. Last month was transgenderism, before that it was gay marriage, next month is legal weed, and the list goes on ad infinitum. If you can stop the momentum that the Left uses to weaponize large groups of directionless losers, you can blunt their force and then whatever they were raving on about as the most important thing ever falls into the memory hole and they rush off to chase a new trend. If all Leftists died tomorrow, nothing of value would be lost, but you would wait longer for your sandwich, coffee, tech support, and worthless news articles about how equality is the greatest thing ever and anyone who disagrees should be shot.

  • China Involved in 90 Percent of Espionage and Industrial Secrets Theft, Department of Justice Reveals

    The new Cold War is the same as the old Mongol Wars: the Asiatics, realizing that they lack the spark of creative heroic realism that pervades the West, want to take over so that we stop making them look bad. Right now, they are attempting to steal all of our technology, subvert all of our institutions, and buy all of our Leftist politicians in order to foment chaos and make us weak so that we collapse and their subsequent invasions — history repeats itself, remember the Mongol invasions — can be more easily successful. After they dominate us, they will repeat their own cycle of failure, and end up with more third world territories that could easily be great if they had a spark of creative heroic realism, but since that is lacking, will remain forever in solipsistic individualism and the mute insect agony of that which is entirely unreflective toward its inner self or the wider world.

  • Venezuela jails German right-wing journalist for espionage

    Time magazine made journalists its person of the year and the Left is ranting on about how journalists defend our freedom. Somehow this one got forgotten, solely because the journalist is Right-wing and he has brought up a topic that current Leftists want to avoid, namely how Venezuela has joined Cuba, the Soviet Union, revolutionary France, and many other Leftist republics in failure by redistributed wealth, power, and prestige from the competent to the masses who promptly abuse and lose the society they inherited.

  • Hindu nationalists demand demolition of one of India’s biggest mosques during huge protest

    Diversity fails everywhere. In India, a Muslim minority left over from invasions of the past continues to clash with the Hindu majority. The Left blames the Hindus, but out here in RealityLand, people blame the diversity and suggest repatriating all of the Muslims to Pakistan. That would solve the problem, but it would not be in line with the all-consuming agenda of egalitarianism, so the Left rejects it and so we go round and round again, never solving the obvious problems and perpetually distracted by illusions instead.

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