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What is Periscope? We seek to build local communities both on and off the internet. Centralized virtual spaces, like social media, will be controlled by both powerful interests and the collective fear/wish response known as Crowdism. That means the news links go here. Currently banned on Twitter and Facebook for my opinions, I suggest that we build alternatives to these sites such as blogs, forums, email lists, and most of all, local community groups such as a pipe smoker’s club, church, pagan circle, charity, book club, and so on.

  • Obama Defends Assimilation, Says Immigrants Should ‘Learn The Language’

    With this, we see the assimilation myth die the death that it should. “Assimilation” requires people to stop being who they are, genetically and as a result culturally, so that they can obey our political, economic, and legal substitute culture since we have lost our own system of natural values, direction, purpose, goals, aesthetics, and behaviors, and have substituted bureaucratic management for those. In fact, the only group getting assimilated is us. Trump has pointed out the obvious, “Our country is full,” which echoes his campaign idea that immigration is strangling this country by transporting wealth out of it and reducing the value of each worker, while making us dependent on foreigners for our survival. The grim fact is that most of humanity lives in poverty, disorder, confusion, filth, corruption, and superstition, and that this provides a miserable life, so they want to come to the first world and if we do not stop them, they will overwhelm us and soon humanity will have zero examples of working societies. Instead, it will be one whole equal planet, everyone living in third world conditions except the political elites, sort of like how the Soviet Union and French Revolution ended up. No one knows what to do with all of these immigrants which are crushing our safety nets, stressing our housing, straining intermediate nations, and creating a potential surge in crime and disorder. The moron middle class wants more of them because they figure more warm bodies equals more customers, more business, more taxes, and higher home prices, which is important because since we raised taxes, no one can really afford to save for retirement and yet they do not trust social security, so they are counting on selling their homes for almost a million dollars and cashing out like the Baby Boomers did. Few have the political will to take on this issue since the cornerstone of modernity, egalitarianism, says that it is very bad to ever discriminate against someone on the basis of who they are, even if it kills you. The Left has doubled down on this — more realistically: they are such pathological ideology robots and moral zombies that they cannot see any other way — by calling everyone who notices the crisis a “racist.” The only solution is to tackle it head-on and exclude everyone who is not of the founding group of each country, which will force the third world to finally get responsible about organizing its societies. Everyone wins that way. Everyone loses with our present path.

  • The World Economy Is A Pyramid Scheme, Steven Chu Says

    Someone finally notes that, under Leftist governance, the world economy has become a pyramid scheme based on “growth” or adding more people, more sales, more business, more taxes, and more entitlements to the economy. You may have noticed that we write a lot here about the circular Ponzi scheme that involves generating demand for our currency by taxing the productive to give to the unproductive so they buy cheap consumer goods and services (imported from the third world or provided by third world origin immigrants) so that our economy grows and we can take on more debt, then begin the cycle again: tax-and-spend, consumerism, growth, and borrowing. High taxes have simultaneously created market consolidation leading to massive monopolies worldwide and decreased purchasing power leading to currency value loss and wage stagnation when we include buying power in the equation. As a result, we are far from out of the woods especially as exports decrease because China is now contracting, causing it to attack its trading partners and lower demand for consumer goods produced elsewhere. Instead of buying BMWs, Chinese are buying local because the flood of easy money from the USA has been cut off by Trump demanding fair trade, while trying to hold on to Western subsidies for the third world. In the end, his plan will make the USA self-sufficient, and so it will once again be the last man standing after world economies implode from the domino effect. Expect a massive worldwide recession with whoever has the fewest entitlements, immigrants, and imports to win.

  • Zimbabwe to start paying thousands of white farmers compensation

    Unlike many on the Right, I support the nationalist government in Zimbabwe because they are doing the right thing in the long term; Zimbabwe should be for ethnic Zimbabweans, just like Africa should be for Africans. The markets are going to spank them now because African production lags behind the rest of the world for reasons that have nothing to do with Europeans, but in the long term, Zimbabwe will own itself. If they can get production under control, they will step out of the world economy before it comes crashing down, and can avoid the insanity of Leftist multiculturalism and libertine social policy.

  • Fruit and vegetable prices ‘could double’ in a decade as power and energy costs grow

    What drives these price increases? Taxes are passed on to the consumer, doubly through labor costs and costs to businesses, including energy providers and the farms, processing plants, and stores. The voters seem to think that “free” things exist, but just as every effect has a single cause, everything produced has a cost, and making it “free” only passes that cost on to society at large, which then passes it on to consumers. The only people who win are those who get their money “free” in the first place, and they then replace those who made the societies which the free money people now inhabit. Doing the “right” thing always takes humanity into failure; doing the natural thing never does. The natural thing is to produce what you need, subsidize no one, and let natural selection kill off the free money people because they are useless.

  • France adopts Canada’s focus on gender equality as G7 summit host

    The Left wins power through class warfare, or mobilizing the people who do not have legitimate positions as contributors to civilization against those with position, overthrowing those, and then rule by lowest common denominator over a mob of starving, desperate, and stupid cultureless mixed-race mixed-ethnic people. Their first warfare was class warfare itself against the aristocrats; after that, they branched out to enfranchising the underclass, giving women power and money, then incorporating other ethnic groups and finally races. The Left needed a new civil rights crusade, since civil rights — equality enforced by government — is the mandate and justification that they use to create big government and thus have power, and they have selected LGBT+ as their new battleground. This helps them because it is insane, and therefore anyone who is not already indoctrinated resists it, which makes them easy to destroy. Some are marshaling resistance, but opposing LGBT is like opposing diversity, in that people (1) focus on the symptom, like other races or transgenders, instead of the process and (2) they never attack the root, which is the transforming of society into modernity through equality. You must oppose equality itself to win.

  • Right-wing, euroskeptic populist parties in Europe announced a new, expanded alliance Monday that aims to become the strongest faction in the European Parliament

    Along those lines, the Right is mobilizing its first real form since the great postwar cuckening caused by a desire to not appear to be like Hitler, and is now directly opposing not just the methods of the Left but the entire idea of Leftism itself. The Left has one idea which it turns into a cult-like pseudo-religion which we might call messianic egalitarian apocalyptic Utopianism (M.E.A.U.), and we win when we reject equality and therefore tear out its root, a justification, rationalization, and mandate to make everyone “equal.”

  • Canada says it may regulate social media firms ahead of elections

    Does anyone else notice the delicious irony? The West, which won the Cold War on the basis of being a free and open society, has turned itself into the exact opposite. It is censoring its new town square, social media, and jailing people for speech and destroying their livelihoods for political opinions while social status signaling hard in favor of diversity, even as evidence piles up that diversity is a giant failure that has turned our cities into open battlegrounds much as predicted by the Right, but the Left cannot admit this because it would refute egalitarianism, which is the idea behind the Left. Rivers of blood, indeed. If you share a video, you go to jail. If you have a controversial opinion, social media sites will be forced to remove it. No wonder people are sick of social media; you cannot even have a normal conversation there! The bigger problem is that diversity does not work, and instead of admitting that, we have decided to enforce diversity as the ideology that makes us or breaks us, and of course like the Soviet Union and French Revolution, we are going to break. We have turned our open societies into political indoctrination camps by adopting egalitarianism. The solution, not surprisingly, is to drop egalitarianism entirely. Then we can at least observe our world in a realistic manner again, instead of living in fear of saying the wrong thing and losing our jobs, going to jail, being fined, or getting stabbed to death by a rabid mob of soyboys, single catladies, minorities, LGBT+, Communists, Antifa, and NeverTrumpers.

  • Skyscrapers are killing up to 1bn birds a year in US, scientists estimate

    If the modern time could be described with an ancient idea, it is hubris, which is the same sin that Adam and Eve committed in the Garden of Eden: humans acting above their station, which includes the pretense that we are gods who can remake nature in our image and have it be better than before. In terms of tangibles, yes, we have the power; the intangibles, including the mathematical and logical order present throughout life, however, do not cooperate, and those spring up within us and our precious orders, causing them to self-destruct and come tumbling down like the Tower of Babel or Troy after the siege. We have no actual need for skyscrapers, but we like them as a big middle finger to nature and the gods telling them that we, the children, somehow beat out Daddy and Mommy and their tired old rules. Humanity consists of brats. Now, the brats are killing birds for the simple pretense of claiming that we are better than our origins. Grow up; the evil is within and it does not look like evil as we have been taught.

  • Slavery: What They Didn’t Teach in My High School

    In every human society, slavery has arisen; the gentler form of it is manorial feudalism which creates a caste system in which people are limited in scope of power appropriate to their intelligence and moral character, both of which are heritable. We need to stop our guilt over slavery. It was not as bad as was claimed and had many benefits, including keeping African-Americans out of the constant gang warfare, poverty, murder, drugs, abortion, suicide, and low self-esteem they suffer today. I oppose it because it was a form of diversity, but we have white proles who need to be enslaved. Bill Clinton should have spent his life mowing lawns for higher-caste Anglos, tipping his hat and saying “yassair” when told what to do. White is not right; white is many things, and among our groups, we all have some caste status. The rare few (probably a percent of a percent) should lead, the ones in the middle should follow the general idea, and those at the bottom (90%) should be told exactly what to do and whipped when the turnips are not picked on time. That is the natural order of life. Your only other option is that we abolish caste, and end up with a centralized system, in which anyone intelligent is oppressed so that the proles can continue to think that they are “equal.”

  • Record 20% of Russians Say They Would Like to Leave Russia

    It is time to admit that nations, once they become racially mixed, never prosper again. Russia consists mostly of castoff German serfs who ran away or were driven away, and they later mixed with Chinese, Turkic, Mongol, and Semitic elements to produce the modern Russian, who looks like he is roughly a quarter Asiatic because he is much as other groups were produced by mixing. Russia has never been stable since it overthrew its European aristocracy. The mixed-ethnic, mixed-race rabble model does not work anywhere.

  • The Cult of Homework

    We lost our culture, so now we worship methods like science, education, assimilation, incentives, law enforcement, patriotism, Christianity, diversity, equality, and capitalism or socialism. We think that education is a magic bullet which transforms idiots into geniuses, when in fact it is forced memorization of the irrelevant that drives away anyone with spirit or guts. This results in us churning out “experts” who are, in fact, incapable of analytical judgment or creative understanding despite their acumen for memorization, and they promptly bungle everything they touch. Since we are ruled by morons, every time education fails, they “make it harder” by piling on more busywork. It makes more sense to give kids no homework, have them spend more time becoming whole people, and select the ones that are of high IQ and good moral character to become our elites, instead of the ace memorizers who are by definition scheming toward material reward instead of doing the task well. The more we see of it, the more people want public education to end because it delivers low quality at high cost and has become a megaphone for Leftist propaganda. It is better to give people their property taxes back and let them contract with recent college graduates for tutoring for their bumbling spawn, since that way, people can throw in exactly as much as they want and, being active participants, will stop the process of making every issue with their children someone else’s problem, which results in kids who can’t adult trying to live in a world that is very much not a memorization contest.

  • Fires destroy three black churches in 10 days in Louisiana

    Most of these turn out to be insurance scams or designed to cover up thefts, but if anyone is still reading, burning black churches is ineffective activism. Breivik had it right: go after the Leftists, not their tools and the symptoms of failing Leftist rule. If every one of us went out and totted up 69 dead Leftists, it would be dangerous to be Leftist again, and the majority of people would flee from it. Harming black churches, or black people who go to church, works against everything we believe. Our goal is nationalism, not removal of black people; yes, as part of nationalism, everyone who is not of the founding group will go back home, but we are not making war on them. Our fight is with the Leftists among us who insist on insane policies like diversity, equality, and democracy (D.E.a.D.).

  • Which Side Would Prevent A Peaceful Separation?

    The Left needs us; we do not need them. While it would be a loss to the world if the American superpower went away, it will because the Leftists funded by China have eaten out its core. Here is how this will go down if we can avoid outright war like last time: the Left will have all the high-value stuff, and the rest of us will live normal lives in the middle of the country, resulting in a steady transfer of our outgoing wealth from the Left to the Right. At the same time, the Leftist policies will fail without the subsidy that the rest of us provide, and those Leftist areas will become favelas with gated communities rising above them. Eventually, they will lose the ability to conduct business, and will collapse just like other third world societies. Equality is a false god. It is not real, neither in the tangible sense or the intangible sense, since it clashes with the way this universe sets itself up on a logical level. Adopting equality turns society against itself like an autoimmune disease, and then it proceeds straight to final days of Soviet Union or French Revolution style third world disorder, kleptocracy, oikophobia, libertinism, chaos, corruption, filth, and disorganization. We can avoid this by avoiding socially popular ideas that serve as replacements for moral goodness because ideology turns people into remorseless, fanatical robots who then destroy society in order to “save” it. Our only solution is getting away from Leftism and modernity entirely, which requires rejecting equality, which is the biggest social taboo today. People get really scared when you say “no one is equal,” more than they do if you hate on Jews or Africans or talk about how the poor are the source of all of our crime or even blame the Christians for sodomy. No one is equal. Say it now, say it loud, and say it proudly. We must crush this beast or it will destroy us all.

  • This is a Culture Built by Morons for Morons

    In modern society, we stand for nothing. It is not that we are nihilists; we believe in our replacement gods, equality and the cult, gang, clique, mob, and herd known as The People who enforce that equality through terror. We believe in entitlements from the government and the market system, sometimes called “capitalism,” that funds them. We believe in diversity and helping the disadvantaged and world peace and maybe even eating vegan so that we can cram another ten billion people into our dying ecosystem. But we stand for nothing. We are here to do nothing other than study, work, earn, pay taxes, buy stuff, amuse ourselves, get some pointless fetishes, and die. Modern life is totally empty, and because of this emptiness, we cannot connect to the world enough to see nature, logic, or even gods/God. As a result we live in the grips of what Kant called “radical evil,” or everyday acceptance of what is wrong because we need to tolerate it in order to survive, and because it is based in hubris, we create and are ruled by an Ahrimanic evil in the form of bureaucratic management and distraction from the essential to focus on the human details. What we consider Good is in fact Evil and this leads us to become over-confident in ignoring actual good. In order to get back to good, we have to understand a cosmology that unites nature, logic, and the divine and the reason for it, namely that we aspire to excellence instead of mere tolerance and coexistence with this modern wasteland of a world. That, however, requires us to overcome the individualism which is at the heart of our big-brained solipsism and makes us blind to anything beyond our immediate material desires, judgments, feelings, sensations, and emotions.

  • Yes, Giant Technicolor Squirrels Actually Roam the Forests of Southern India

    Nature may exhibit brutality, but it also demonstrates excellence in design, and a playfulness which suggests that the whole thing may be alive. The cosmos, the heavens, the Earth, and everything in it, all part of a vast machine which constantly calculates how to make things better in the sense of more interesting, stronger, more resilient, more complex, and expanding into every possible variety. Look up at a starburst the next time you see fireworks, and imagine that, but in infinite dimensions. Maybe some technicolor squirrels will restore a bit of our childlike joy and faith in the immense beauty of our world.

  • Sir Walter Ralegh: The Alpha Smoker

    I mentioned Chuck Stanion as an example of a great folksy style columnist in the comments somewhere. Others of note are Leon Hale, John Derbyshire, Dave Barry, John Dvorak, and James Delingpole.

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