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No One Is Equal

We have a new campaign running as some of our readers saw last night. Following up on the “It’s Okay To White” idea, it is time to strike at the throat of the Hydra and not its many heads. We target the core idea of modernity, equality.

Modern people feared the hierarchy inherent in nature because it meant that you could not step out of line and be degenerate, parasitic, criminal, or just incompetent and useless. If you do, you were ranked down and had to serve below others.

Once our society become wealthy enough to have bourgeois middle classes, they joined with the proles to overthrow the aristocrats, and since that time have run our society into the ground. Most of them are destroyed themselves, having been unable to wield the power of the kings.

The root of this came from human hubris which is an inherent tendency of the dumber, but also affects the more intelligent when they become disconnected from their world. The rigors of running an agricultural civilization in which proles had become numerous, effectively making the more intelligent into babysitters, appears to have triggered this inward-looking, negative, and world-rejecting outlook.

As a result, we have come through a thousand years of history with a steady increase in worship of the human individual as a generic entity, and a corresponding depletion culture, heritage, social order, integrity, honor, intelligence, family, faith, and wisdom.

Strike at the root with our handy signs. If you print these out and put them up somewhere, especially alongside “It’s Okay To Be White” (PDF version, 27k) posters, you are guaranteed to attract some attention and provoke controversy.

Our template of the “No One Is Equal” poster (PDF version, 900k) provides all that you need. Standard printer paper should easily fit this, and you can just print them out and glue or tape them around to stir up impotent rage and spur on the revolt against equality and diversity.

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