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“No One Is Equal” Goes International

As part of an attempt to land on punch on what has actually gone with the West — the collectivized individualism of a society gripped by hubris and a lack of faith in existence itself — Rightists are targeting equality.

We need to abolish the idea that equality is good, and replace it with the (accurate) idea that equality is a tool of salespeople who want to manipulate us and destroy us. This applies both to those within our society and outsiders.

However, the blame game is tedious… and pointless. What concerns the red-blooded is restoration of civilization, since we now clearly exist in a fallen and degraded form of what was once excellent but now has little to boast but its wealth.

Our No One Is Equal campaign directly attacks the illusion of our time. Equality is for mathematics, but does not apply to the real world, because it is not comprised of symbols or abstractions but actual things, including people.

Thankfully, others have heard the call and translated our poster into Norwegian (PDF version, 1.3mb) and Spanish (PDF version, 1.3mb). These posters make a handy addition to any wall, column, or sign in our ruined modern world.

Much appreciation to our volunteer team that has enabled this to happen!

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