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“Kill The Boer” Comes to the USA

Back when South Africa was first transitioning from apartheid, the song “Kill the Boer” became a political trope especially as various Black leaders lied about having sung it in public, the content of the lyrics, the translation and so on.

The lyrics, on the other hand, provide no doubt as to what the song is about:

Ayasab’ amagwala (cowards are scared)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot )
ayasab ‘a magwala (cowards are scared)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
awu yoh
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
aw dubul’ibhunu (shoot the Boer)

No matter where you look, across the world and throughout history, diversity has always ended this way.

By creating a diverse society, you put the racial, cultural, religious, and ethnic groups involved into a competition. Only one can win. They mean to kill each other.

Bad leaders — those who rule to perpetuate their own power, instead of for the good of their civilizations — always adopt diversity as a control tactic because it destabilizes and subjugates the former majority.

They then rule through guilt as all egalitarians do: since the goal is equality, those who have less are given everything and it is taken from those who have more, which conveniently removes any challenge to the rule of the tyrants.

Humans in groups make terrible decisions. Put any random group of them in a room and the morons will come up with equality and democracy on their own. No, it’s not The Eternal Jew™ doing it, nor is it “Satan.”

When that egalitarianism starts to fail, they will tend toward micromanagement and coercion. Part of that is bribes (socialism) and part of it is threat (mass mobilization). Those who do not conform will be destroyed.

In this way, all of the things that humans think are “good” — open societies, freedom, liberty, equality, democracy, pluralism, utilitarianism, individualism, egoism — naturally lead to the worst case scenario, i.e. being ruled by criminals.

Tyrants always turn toward diversity.

Diversity is never something good. It can only destroy, not create.

They sell it to you with projected guilt, that is, the social attitude that if you reject this thing, you stand against the good thing that it is. In their mind, to reject diversity is to be a “racist” and that is the worst ever.

But they do not care about minorities. They only want to grab power. Since the days of Tammany Hall and before, American politicians have been seizing perpetual power through this method, starting with the Irish diversity (which we need to repatriate immediately).

In South Africa, the diversity came in because a tiny group of Whites came to an uninhabited part of Africa and built a prosperous mining, agricultural, and seafaring power there. Then from the north came the impoverished looking for jobs.

The Whites had quickly figured out that the twenty-point average IQ gap between themselves and the Blacks meant that Whites had to rule. Over time, as enough Blacks accumulated, there arose a “market” for attitudes of equality.

The guilt went to work. You can’t deny them the vote, can you, because everyone is equal. You can’t say you want Whites-only areas, can you, because that’s exclusionary and not tolerant. And so on.

The last-ditch attempt by the Whites was “apartheid,” a somewhat moronic system that tried to maintain a two-tier caste system. It failed by sheer demographics: Blacks (and “coloreds,” or mixed and non-Black but non-White people) were pouring into the country. They had the power of the vote and even more, of the purse, since they would pay for media, books, movies, and music that portrayed them as innocent victims of White oppression, instead of carnies who fled their own failing societies for a place nearby with more money.

Since the Hart-Celler Act of 1965, as championed by Irishman Ted Kennedy, America has gone down the same path as South Africa, but with even more types of diversity.

As research points out time and again, diversity destroys culture. It also creates political conflict between the different tribes, which appears as low-grade covert racial warfare, and eventually leads to genocide by outbreeding.

What just happened in Waukesha, WI is a typical diversity event: the minority waging war on the majority in an attempt to bully that majority into going along with its own destruction.

Don’t take it from me; listen to the diversity tell the tale of race warfare:

Activist Vaun Mayes speculated that the attack which saw suspect Darrell Brooks Jr, 39, drive a car into a crowd of parade goers in Wisconsin on Sunday was the ‘start of a revolution’.

Mayes claimed that the horror that unfolded during the Christmas parade was linked to growing anger over the verdict in the Rittenhouse trial, which saw the teenager acquitted on charges stemming from killing two men and wounding another during the unrest that followed the shooting of a Black man by a white police officer.

Detectives will not confirm whether it was a deliberate act of terror or if Brooks accidentally ran into the crowds after losing control of his car while fleeing a knife crime.

Of course they will not. “Hate crimes” and “terrorism” laws exist for Leftists to selectively enforce them, since Leftists took over the DOJ back in the 1990s and have it used it to rule this country since that time.

The Rittenhouse trial ended as it did because Rittenhouse had a clear self-defense case: the police were not enforcing the law, rioters were burning down cities, and they attacked him after he stopped them from pushing a burning dumpster into a building to tear it down.

Even more, we saw that the Black Lives Matter movement was founded entirely on lies. George Floyd died of a drug overdose because he worked himself up into a state of panic while resisting police, just like Rodney King attacked the police who pulled him over after a 100mph chase during a DUI arrest, Mike Brown attacked a police officer in the course of a multi-felony crime spree, Jacob Blake was a wife-beater, and Trayvon Martin attacked the “neighborhood watch officer” who noticed he was drinking Lean and scouting unlocked houses.

If we look far back enough, we will find that Martin Luther King, Jr. and Emmett Till were also criminals. Spoiler: in democracy, almost everyone celebrated in public is a criminal. Abraham Lincoln was a criminal and so was William Jefferson Clinton, just as surely as our modern Tammany Hall gang in the White House today must be.

The history of race riots in America is of minorities doing wrongs, then blaming Whites for retaliation. This even goes back to the Ku Klux Klan, which was an anti-rape organization that hung more “whites” (usually Northern carpetbaggers of Southern, Eastern, Irish, or Mediterranean European persuasions) than Blacks.

Now, we cannot let the Whites off the hook for their moronic response. Slavery was pretty stupid, most of all because it was diversity but also because it was low-quality labor, but was just about necessitated by the end of feudalism. The diversity-at-gunpoint of the 1950s was stupid, as was the flower power of the 1960s, and the libertarianism of the 1980s was just a stop-gap. The only solution is to end diversity like gentlemen with reparations-with-repatriation for all non-WASPs.

Our current response is stupid and cruel, just like the past, because what makes cruelty is ignorance of the actual reality of the situation, and that arises through moral and intellectual laziness. Guess what? Democracy is known for being the reign of the retards because it encourages moral and intellectual laziness through a total lack of responsibility. Watch the voters blame the politicians, The Rich,™ The Jews,™ the Whites, the Blacks, Satan, Islam, and anything else they can think of to avoid the bare truth: you morons voted for this, and if you didn’t, you failed to vote it out. Democracy is an idiot amplifier, a form of collective irresponsibility that allows us to blame “the vote” for how things went and then turn off our brains and go back to being browbeaten, low self-esteem cogs in the machine.

Kyle Rittenhouse enraged people because he fought back against the decay. The Left wants to use the decay to bully us. The riots will continue until we just accept whatever they want us to, which will always mean more diversity and more government taking more money from the middle class while letting internationalist billionaires own more of the country. The game plan has never changed, not since the dawn of humanity, and the tyrants will always replace social order with centralization in order to promote the bureaucracy and its total control. Genghis Khan loved diversity too, as did the Soviets.

No wonder he irritated the powers that be and their diversity pets. He threatened to upend their bullying and awaken a population to the fact that it has a choice. When asked if it is “anti-racist,” it can answer one of three ways:

  1. Yes, of course, I am goodthinker!
  2. No, of course not, I am a Klansman of low IQ who lives in poverty and alcoholism!
  3. Neither, this isn’t a real issue.

After all, “racism” does not exist. People notice biological/genetic differences between groups and prefer their own groups. Without diversity, this creates no problem (resource wars are a separate issue).

You mean… this whole political system is based upon an illusion? Yes, it is. Diversity is not a friend. Racism is not a problem. No society survives diversity, so we have to end it, and can do so easily by changing our laws.

That is what they fear: that we may stop their plans for takeover and get real men and women back into power instead of these grifting Irish-descended scam artists.

Now the comedy unfolds as the lying intensifies. First, the official forces have used official definitions, interpreted creatively, to decide that this is not terrorism:

At a press conference this afternoon, Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said police believe the suspect acted alone, and that there is no evidence of terrorism.

Notice the sleight-of-hand: if they act alone, they cannot be terrorists, by definition. Glad to know that Anders Breivik — who attacked Leftists, not the diversity, in his attempt to stave off the coming race war and collapse of the West — is off the hook.

It turns out, however, that Darrell Brooks was clearly motivated by racial hatred in his attack:

One post features a black man whipping white men who are enslaved in a cotton field.

Another post from during the George Floyd riots encourages black to commit random violence against white people.

Another post referred to white people as “the enemy.”

Another post expressed anti-police sentiment.

A leopard does not change its spots, and someone with a long history of anti-White hatred who drives a car through a crowd of White people is trying to kill them for reasons of racial hatred.

Many have noticed that Leftist politicians let this suspect walk free on the streets with low bail:

The suspect in a Christmas parade crash in suburban Milwaukee that killed five people was free on $1,000 bail posted just two days before the deadly event, a fact that is leading to a review of what happened and renewed calls for giving judges more power to set higher bails.

The great burst of racial guilt that caused Whites everywhere to be tolerant toward Black people manifested in calls for less police, fewer laws, legalization of former crimes, and an end to presumed “discrimination” by pardoning Black criminals.

The Waukesha Massacre was a direct result of that impulse, since normally a guy with multiple felonies on his record would not receive any bail near that low.

Brooks has been charged with crimes 16 times since 1999 and had two outstanding cases against him at the time of the parade disaster. That included resisting or obstructing an officer, reckless endangering, disorderly conduct, bail jumping and battery for the Nov. 2 incident.

Including, like Joseph Rosenbaum, being a sex offender:

Darrell Brooks Jr., the man suspected of being the driver, was convicted in November 2006 of statutory sexual seduction after impregnating a 15-year-old girl, according to police.

On June 23, 2016, Sparks Police arrested him for failing to obey sex offender laws. He posted bail, but failed to appear in court, according to court records. A warrant was issued for his arrest in Nevada and remains active.

One of the clowns Kyle Rittenhouse shot, Rosenbaum was a habitual sex offender:

Rosenbaum was raised in Texas and Arizona, according to The Washington Post. The paper reported that Rosenbaum said he was molested by a stepfather and had spent most of his adult life in prison starting at age 18 for sexual conduct with five preteen boys.

His mother was sent to prison when he was 13 and Rosenbaum began using heroin and methamphetamine at a group home where he was sent, the Post reported.

Leftists thought that the Waukesha Massacre was a fair response to Rittenhouse being acquitted of first-degree murder charges:

Liberals and conservatives spoke out after the fatal attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, with some on the Left saying it might be karma for the Rittenhouse verdict.

“Kyle Rittenhouse flashed white supremacist hand signals, while hanging out with an infamous white supremacist group ( & LE connected) The Proud Boys. So we understand his motivation,” said Tariq Nasheed, a journalist and outspoken figure on social media. “But can anyone show proof that the #Waukesha suspect was a member of BLM, or if it was racial?”

“You reap what you sow, Wisconsin,” one user tweeted, referencing the verdict in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. “Living in Wisconsin, he probably felt threatened.”

Clearly they agree with Brooks on his hatred of White people.

In the meantime, our press did its best to gaslight us about the Waukesha Massacre yesterday by claiming that it was in fact our fault that we were causing Brooks to panic with a police chase:

The suspect was fleeing another crime scene, possibly a knife fight, a law enforcement official familiar with the early findings of the investigation told CBS News.

Notice the “law enforcement official” — this could be a janitor, if he even exists — bought them twenty-four hours with this declaration.

Just like in South Africa, they bully us, then hide the evidence, and depend on keeping us broken, humiliated, baffled, distracted, and powerless so that they can take over and steal everything, using diversity as a weapon.

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