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Restore White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) America


Sam Francis wrote an interesting piece once in which he spoke of the importance of having a founding group, and how in America, that group is the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs):

Mr. Huntington, author of the acclaimed Clash of Civilizations a few years back, has already raised ripples in the placid ponds of elite opinion with his article on how mass Hispanic immigration undermines what he calls the cultural integrity of the nation`s “Anglo-Protestant core.”

The placid ponds, you see, don`t think the nation has or should have any cultural core except what they permit and define, and “Anglo” anything is definitely not permitted, any more than Protestant, Catholic, or any other kind of Christian identity. When a world-famous Harvard professor opposes mass immigration and defends the Anglo-Protestant identity of his country, the pond knows he has to be muzzled before his ideas get out of Harvard Yard.

The Alt Right recognizes that genetics, not laws or economics, creates a nation and is responsible for its success. For this reason, whatever greatness America has achieved is owed to the WASPs who founded it, not those who came later, much as France owes its greatness to the French, and Germany to the Germans.

Right now, many of the changes that are inevitable in our future seem fantastical or impossible. However, a great change has already occurred. The division between the Left and the rest of us has splintered the West and there will be no re-uniting. The older order has fallen apart, and now we are struggling over the details of this fracture.

With the emergence of Brexit and the candidacy of Donald J. Trump, the old rules have changed. The order that sustained us since WWII, which to many seemed like the “end of history” or its ultimate state, has been proven to be transient and failure-prone, much like every other combination of modern society tried since 1789. The American Constitution, long a document revered around the world, has shown its own failure with the takeover of the American government by the very elements it was created to protect against. What we thought was true has been proven wrong.

On the flip side of that, much of what we have feared has been proven right. Society was better off under WASP rule in the USA and UK; xenophobia makes sense, if you want to avoid being interbred into a grey race and attacked by terrorists; sexual liberation was the disaster it was originally described to be, resulting in shattered families and promiscuous, miserable young people. All of the doubters — Know Nothings, the John Birch Society, Adolf Hitler, the Klan — have been shown to be more right than wrong even if some of their methods strike us as wrong.

In 1991, George H.W. Bush declared a “New World Order” (NWO) based on the principles of liberal democracy as enforced by conservative military strategy. This neoconservative order has been preserved since by our elites who find it expedient to apply conservative methods toward liberal goals, and as it has expanded to worldwide dominance, it has brought new prosperity — but also existential misery, doubt, alienation and fear. As its economic promise reveals itself to be based on debt spending, and its many failed policies collapse and collide at once, it has been debunked.

At this point, we are in a troubled space. We do not wish to return to the past, but nor do we want things as they were in the recent term or to be on the same path that led to them. And yet, many aspects of the past live on with us daily, reminding us that things were done better in the past, and that by returning to those methods, we can restore that promise. For America, this involves a restoration of our WASP past, including its rigorous attitudes toward social order:

Puritanism, on the other hand, was and is a sort of alt Protestantism—a Christian sect devoid of superficial, “feel good” messages and instead replete with rational intolerance. The Puritans saw life as nothing more than a painful existence totally dedicated to glorifying their covenant with God. More importantly for Hawthorne, the Puritans and their stern religion were native to New England, and as such their ideas and their descendants had rightful claims to American life, politics, and culture. America, in many ways, is an offshoot of the Puritan model.

While far from a Puritan and certainly not a believer in the Christian concept of original sin, Lovecraft similarly understood that New England and the United States were founded by Anglo-Saxon Protestants, and as such American culture is essentially English.

“It is the spirit of England, transplanted to a soil of vast extent and diversity, and nourished for a time under pioneer conditions calculated to increase its democratic aspects without impairing its fundamental virtues. It is the spirit, of truth, honour, justice, morality, moderation, individualism, conservative liberty, magnanimity, toleration, enterprise, industriousness, and progress—which is England—plus the element of equality and opportunity caused by the pioneer settlement.”

The Puritans get a bad rap for their excesses, but like many other things, this is an assumption that is a product of Leftist education and Leftist forgery of history. Under the Puritans, greatness arose; under the anti-Puritans, decay has arrived. We may even prove wiser than the recent past and take from the Puritans the knowledge they took from the past — notably the Greeks and the Bible — which tells us that living for the self is a spiritual horror, and that those in the grips of spiritual horror make ugly and terrifying cities, including their diversity.

As some of us are fond of saying, it takes a tragedy for humans to wake up and recognize a dead path. Only when the bodies are stacked so high that it embarrasses us do we spur ourselves into action. Usually we ignore the crisis for as long as we can, distracting ourselves with jobs, hobbies and social events. But now, the post-WASP order that arose with the anti-Establishment 60s has also fallen, and we can look to the WASPs for their guidance which was so useful in the past.

WASP populations represent approximately 40% of America at this point. We know that diversity has failed, and so much of our “new” population will be going on when affirmative action and civil rights law are removed because of their failure. At that point, it will be easiest to keep going, and to strip America back to its WASP roots and then restore WASP culture, sense of honor and decency, and methods, since everything since has been a nightmare.

Like most actual changes, as opposed to symbolic and trivial alterations to an otherwise unchanged path, this idea seems controversial or even laughable. But the facts of history speak to us: WASP America was sane, decent and competent. Post-WASP America is none of these things. If we wish to survive — do we? — the course for us is in discarding all of the post-WASP order, and resurrecting the methods that worked.

With that achieved, we will wish to keep going. WASP is a shorthand for “Western European,” and this worldwide minority population represents the greatness that Europe achieved. Once the Greeks and Romans were Western European; now they are hybrids, having suffered catastrophic collapse. That future awaits us unless we deviate. The glories of classical Europe came from the Western European population, and since genetics is destiny, to achieve that again we cannot use laws, ideology, propaganda, rules, or symbols, but most restore that Western European population.

The same is true in Europe. Our concern with Putin and what he does in his country to gays or other unwanted groups is not our concern. Ideology is a weapon of war, and we are fools if we make war in its name, as the past two World Wars attest. Instead, it makes more sense to recognize that Western Europe has a different destiny than Eastern or Southern Europe, and that we must pursue our destiny and let others do as they will in their own lands.

The days of the global (morality) policeman are over. With the election of Barack Obama, and the consequent disintegration of the United States as any type of unified population, opportunity arises. The old States are going away. The new Nations are rising, and unlike the old “nations” (read: nation-states) these will be composed of ethnically-united populations. For America, that population is the WASPs, and when we restore them to power, we will escape the grinding tragedy of chasing illusions to oblivion.

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