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Periscope (December 5, 2018)

  • Police ignore third of all crimes after a single call

    Install diversity and crime goes up so much that police stop investigating small crimes like regular theft and assaults. We have been at that point in parts of America for thirty years now.

  • No you Kant: Russians reject German thinker’s name for airport

    Blood is stronger than water. Kaliningrad was ceded to Russia after WW2, and was formerly German territory where the part-Scottish professor Immanuel Kant once lived. Now that its identity is Russian, and most of its people are Russian, they reject Kant even though he has more claim to the land than they do. Are Russians merely the Palestinians/Mexicans of Europe? Perhaps, but either way, blood is stronger than anything else, and by denying that, the West has painted itself into a corner.

  • Nigel Farage quits UKIP

    This one will not be clear to most: Farage wants a party focused on the UK and its independence from everything else, not a party which streamlines itself toward focusing on the issue of Islam. Farage realizes that Islamic immigrants may be more violent, but the problem is diversity itself, whether European ethnic diversity (the EU) or racial diversity (multiculturalism). Islam is one of many fronts in this struggle, and he wants not to fight the symptoms, but to go to the core, and to make the UK want to be good on its own again. We cannot fix ourselves by demonizing others; we can only fix ourselves by focusing on ourselves, and then removing bad policy like diversity. Robinson, while not a bad guy, has focused on Islam, which is legitimate on its own but misses the bigger question that Farage wants to tackle. UKIP is more than an anti-immigration party; it is a pro-UK party, and Farage is right to leave when it loses sight of that objective.

  • Nato accuses Russia of breaking nuclear missile treaty

    Russia knows that the Germans came very, very close to ending Russia last time. Russia has feared German invasions for centuries, only in part because Russia is an unstable mass of mixed-race peasants who cannot seem to produce an economy, which makes them ripe for takeover and exile. Russia has found a solution, which is the dreaded tactical nuke, or nuclear weapons that it would use against invading or defending armies as a means of achieving battlefield supremacy. These are different from strategic nukes, which are essentially used to erase the industrial capacity of your enemy by vaporizing his cities. The problem is that many experts believe that use a of a tactical nuke would automatically escalate to use of strategic nukes and whether you believe them or not, it is clear that this is a risk. Russia, by seizing parts of the Ukraine and opening warm water ports in Syria, is attempting to encircle Western Europe. Putin realizes that his people have zero hope of ever being prosperous, so they at least want to be important again, and he would like to be the Stalin 2.0 that they desire, because if he does not, the worsening economic and social prospects in Russia will doom his presidency. Democracy means that our leaders are held hostage by mass opinion, and it drives them to do unreasonable things.

  • Hundreds of UNC students protest plan to relocate toppled Confederate statue Silent Sam

    The truth comes out: those students object to Silent Sam being anywhere, not just in a prime location. To them, recognizing the Confederacy as anything other than Hitler-level evil is “white supremacy.” And they wonder why people see them as my-way-or-the-highway fanatics?

  • The Sneaky Fight to Give Cable Lines Free Speech Rights

    Here is the sneaky truth: either the cable companies get free speech, or the social media companies, or you do. If the cable companies have free speech, and you type something that they object to, they can censor it because otherwise they are being compelled to be your mouthpiece. Same applies to social media. We were better with the common carrier standard, where cable companies and social media had zero liability for anything posted on their sites, but Leftists used “think of the children” RINO activism to change that. Now companies are punished if they allow bad speech, so the law is shifting to defend their free speech which means an end to yours. This follows the bad law of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which by shifting the cost of infringing speech to the hosts, gave them an incentive to remove it in advance, since responding to DMCA requests requires a full-time staff for major hosts (and must be an exponentially larger burden for social media).

  • 2 attorneys general to subpoena Trump Organization, Treasury

    Leftists are social creatures, and they know how to make people feel good and to address their concerns. They are not those who plan for tomorrow and think about the long term, like conservatives. Leftists are interested solely in what other people are thinking right now. As a result, they are generating a steady stream of headlines, about every three days, of their fight against Trump. This energizes their base and makes them all feel self-righteous and warm together, which while toxic still represents a sort of good feeling, sort of like meth is really awesome until the binge ends four days later in a county jail. The latest assault on Trump consists of attorneys general who claim that he is being enriched through his hotels, and that this violates the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which actually says no such thing. If it did, no one who ran for president could own a hotel. What it says is that Trump cannot receive rewards for taking certain actions as president that benefit others; in other words, he cannot take bribes. Owning a hotel that government and foreign dignitaries use does not fall under this, but Leftists want it to, because they hate Trump and resent his successes.

  • Most adults living unhealthy lifestyles

    Please rid us of these naggers. They want you to believe that if you have more than seven pints of beer a week, you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. This benefits them as it gives them more power. However, it is also unrealistic. Since the dawn of time, humans have had at least one unhealthy habit each, and somehow survived. Even more, many prefer to live well for a shorter life than to outlast their brains and spend their last decades in a nursing home or hospital bed. It is time to calm down the panic about mortality in the West and start living well again, realizing that there is no such thing as a laboratory-designed Perfectly Healthy™ life!

  • Chinese Dumped $1 Billion of U.S. Real Estate in Third Quarter, Extending Recent Retreat (non-paywall)

    China had the US and Canada locked up when the Clinton-Obama gang was in power; history will probably reveal that this group took unprecedented bribes from the Chinese. Now that Trump has pushed back on their incursions, and cut off their ability to dump fentanyl into North America, the Chinese no longer need so much real estate here. They are focusing their money at home, as they should, and looking at other ways to get past our gates.

  • Doyel: What is justice for Center Grove incident?

    So you heard about how those cheerleaders screamed “have another seizure” at a basketball player with epilepsy? It didn’t happen that way, at all. It was just another cash-in on the victimhood mentality.

  • 9th Circuit Court strikes down federal law against encouraging illegal immigration

    The Left padded the judiciary with activist judges. Most lawyers lean Left, mainly because civil rights gives them no shortage of plaintiffs and the Leftist regulatory agenda generates millions of jobs for lawyers. The judge in this question claims that it infringes on free speech to encourage people to stay in the US if you know or have good reason to know that their staying here would be illegal. In some sense, it should be legal to tell people to steal, or shout fire in a theater, but then we need legal consequences for that speech, such as the person who did it being deported too.

  • Mueller recommends no jail time for Flynn, citing his ‘substantial assistance’

    It seems like the Left — Mueller joins this group because he works for them — is playing toward headlines and not reality. If they can convict enough people around Trump of something, they can wave a handkerchief over the upturned hat and mutter “abracadabra” and then claim that Trump, like Hillary Clinton, is surrounded by scandal and therefore by implication is a bad guy. This means that they found out early on that they had nothing real on him, so are settling for people around him who violated the letter of the law in some minor capacity or another.

  • Beef-eating ‘must fall drastically’ as world population grows

    Witness the Leftist begging-the-question fallacy in the wild: if we want to continue to have seven billion people, we have to start eating soy and beans instead of beef. However, this leads us to ask whether we actually want or need seven billion people, since unless they breed below replacement rate, the next stop is something like twelve billion people, at which point we will have used up almost all the land and crowded out nature, plus be unable to count on renewable resources like water, air, and seafood. Turning this article around so that it is sane, we cannot handle seven billion people, so eat beef in the hopes that the farms will crowd them out before they reproduce wantonly like a red tide and kill us all and nature to boot.

  • Australian researchers discover unique cancer biomarker

    Epigenetics is essentially Lamarckianism: how an organism through its experience re-codes its own genome. This does not mean that Darwinism is obsolete, only that we can look at how to shape ourselves to be better while avoiding damaging ourselves. Cancer represents a form of epigenetic change, and shows us the damage. Now researchers are beginning to pick up on the signals of epigenetic change, and so we will be able to detect who is rising (more order) and who is damaging (less order).

  • French govt to look at taxes on high-earners: spokesman

    Leftist governments worldwide are broke because the signature idea of Leftism, or making people equal by spreading the wealth and power, creates a high cost in both bureaucracy and money subtracted from the economy. First France taxed the rich too much, which caused an exodus of its most talented, and then it revoked that tax and strangled the middle class. Who will they tax next? It seems all that government does is to impose new taxes. If the yellow vests accept this nonsense, they will have been taken over by the Leftist idea instead of staying true to the populist idea, which is that we can chuck out the whole political establishment, its taxes, and its wealth-redistribution schemes and be much better off. It is a combination of anarchism, libertarianism, and conservatism, since conservatives favor local control and charity over centralization and redistribution. Let natural selection work for us: instead of trying to force everyone to obey a standard of what is “right,” reward those who do good and exclude those who do bad. Good to the good, bad to the bad. This ends the need for bureaucracy, the democracy required to create it, and the constant quest for mythical equality and diversity which simply harm us. Diversity delenda est!

  • Australians no longer trust their democracy, survey finds

    Only 41% of people think government is doing a halfway decent job, halving the rate of approval over the past decade. Mob rule means that instead of trying to make society healthy, democracy tries to satisfy the demands of people, which it measures through mass activity, which in turn means that democracy will always be chasing the latest trend instead of spending time on producing stability, sanity, and health.

  • Festive Satanic statue added to Illinois statehouse

    Twenty-four years ago, I satirized political correctness diversity culture with The Hessian Studies Center, a group which said basically that if we were going to have a black studies center and a Chicano studies center, we should have one for metalheads, too. Picking up on that idea, Satanic organizations have demanded religious equality and want their statue to stand next to the Nativity scenes at public buildings. This shows people, who generally — about 99% — lack imagination and so have trouble visualizing what they are told, what diversity, multiculturalism, and internationalism actually mean: with multiple cultures, either (1) they all get represented or (2) none of them get represented. Stick that statue of Satan next to Mohammed, Ah Pook, Moses, Zinsu, Buddha, Ahura Mazda, and Raiden. Then slowly — slowly! — the voters will start to see what is at the end of the fork in the meal they have been consuming, namely that diversity is paradoxical and will create nothing but enmity, chaos, dysfunction, and genocide.

  • Nearly 4,000 Migrants Have Died or Gone Missing Trying to Get to the U.S

    Let us review: people in a third world country are so individualistic that they never work on infrastructure or social order, preferring instead to pursue their own interests and achieve just enough so that they can survive. This is common across the whole of the third world, and gives them the most control over their own lives, since they need to spend very little if any time doing anything for anyone else that they do not want to. They live for themselves, not for any higher goal like civilization or heroism or even excellence, and all of their religion, government, and culture are self-serving after that fact, namely having the gods give them what they want or society recognize them as victims and beat up the person who wronged them. When the dummies of the first world invent things like medicine and technology, it trickles down to the third world and consequently results in overpopulation because too many people survive. Then, the new excess means that there is not enough food, which kicks off political intrigue and instability, so soon people start talking about fleeing the mess because to a self-serving individualist, there is no point spending your time on saving something that is not your own sweet shiny butt. Then they decide to go to the great bonanza to the north, where the same dummies who invented technology are living the good life, because there are easy jobs there and they can send money home where it goes a lot farther. In typical third world fashion, they decide to get there in the most sloppy and criminal ways possible, and so other third world people victimize them or let them die on the way. Now, they decide that somehow that is the fault of the one party not involved at all, namely the dummies who invented technology. They know that those dummies will let them in, because the party of evil dummies beat out the party of obedient dummies and made it legal to import third world people, so there are now lots of brown, black, tan, and yellow dummies in dummyland who will always vote for making it easier for immigration to happen. For this reason, the third world dummies blame the first world dummies for the incompetence of the third world and the attractiveness of the first world, without realizing that they are all feeding a cycle of stupidity that starts with individualism.

  • We’re No Longer in Smartphone Plateau. We’re in the Smartphone Decline.

    During the Clinton years, the first dot-com boom happened, and the Clintons took that one to the bank as proof of their economic miracle, mainly by making it easy to get loans so that speculation was rampant, under the idea that this would increase demand for our currency and therefore, the value of our economy. Eventually, all of that was revealed to be bunk, and the economy recaptured false value through a recession. Not content with doing that damage, in 2007 they kicked it off again, with a dot-com boom based on the rise of mobile devices. Instead of the regular internet, this was the mobile internet! Just like the dot-com boom sold a lot of computers, this sold a lot of mobile devices. However, again, once everyone had these devices, it became clear that they were of limited utility except for screwing around at work, and so the economy recaptured the false value. As Big Tech implodes in a shower of embers by losing 45% of its value at a $141 billion loss, we are seeing history repeat itself. The dream was fake — it always was fake — but the proles could not help themselves from chasing a lottery win, so we minted new billionaires who turned out to be even dumber than the last set of them, and now we all pay for their good fortune. No one is to blame but the voters.

  • What America Has Done To its Young People is Appalling

    We savaged the family and introduced Leftist government that taxes us to death so that two incomes are required to live, then shattered business with a bundle of regulations, making jobs really horrible. Now we live in a dystopian wasteland. He’s halfway there: since adopting Leftism, we have taken people from roles specific to them and turned them into factory products to keep the system going on its symbolic quest to achieve a equality Utopian. Leftism does not work; modernity is Leftism; we will continue to be miserable — and our civilization will remain dead — until we reverse this. Wake up, dummies!

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