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What is the role for women in the movement and society?

Our movement, such as it is, and society run in parallel: both have an interest in creating a thriving civilization. That cannot be measured by economics alone, but incorporates many threads, including a sense of well-being, achievement of excellence in culture, honesty, something worth living for, social order, the family, and infrastructure. On all of these points, our society is falling down, mainly because modernism being based in Leftism has abandoned any sense of reality in its symbolic pursuit of Utopia through equality at all costs.

This will shock many of us, but women are people, too, and they form an important part of Western Civilization as well as the dissident Right (including the Alt Right, New Right, and Old Right). In our view as conservatives, or those who conserve the best of civilization from the past because history like natural selection is our own real proof of what is actually good, women and men serve complementary roles. Neither thrives without the other, and both are required for us to have balance.

Traditional civilization — best seen in the ancients, but known through folk wisdom because history does not record most of our past — saw the goal of our acts as being a drive to establish order, balance, and harmony within the context of nature, including the divine. That statement is more complex than the “muh equality” or “muh meritocracy” of the modern public Left and Right respectively, so most people cannot understand it. We emphasize hierarchy because those who understand it and can apply it are needed in leadership roles. They are rare.

However, the rest of us can get an inkling of what it is all about by thinking of this: nature consists of concentric circles, with a core idea radiating outward in progressively more complex combinations. If we see the core of nature as a balance between creation and destruction, then it makes sense that seeming opposites attract and balance each other. If we are to live in any kind of sane way, we have to at least understand if not emulate the patterns of nature, and those revolve around balance.

For this reason, we can dispense with the modern notion of people as equal bodies that we herd into a mass and send them charging toward the objective like WW1 soldiers. We need a hierarchy on the Right or we will end up with nothing but armchair dictators and Fox News watchers who howl at the screen and then do nothing but go back to their jobs and pile up their own wad of “me first” cash. In addition to hierarchy, we need internal balance based on our differences, such as class and sex.

We do not need women marching at the front of our movement. We need them doing something more important, which is making a core from which sanity can radiate: the home. This is not to say that they cannot participate elsewhere, or endorse silliness like “white sharia,” but to say that their immutable role, where they will always be supreme, is in organizing the house and making the family harmonious, lovely, and enduring. Ask any traditional man out there, and you will find a guy who gives his wife her own areas of supremacy and supports her in those.

We also do not need incels or other women-hating movements. Yes, many women are thots, whores, dupes, fools, sociopaths, manipulators, and harridans. Then again, many people are bad, too, especially after several centuries of dysgenics in the West. Saying “not all women are like that” is a way to affirm that equality is nonsense, because women have an internal hierarchy. The good ones marry young, start healthy families, and end up nurturing several generations of people who respect heritage, culture, values, beliefs, and family.

Our movement suffers from many young men who have seen their prospects diminish. They are not motivated to be obedient to education and jobs, most of the women that they know are low quality, their cities are ravaged by diversity, and their future is destroyed by our quasi-socialist government having wrecked a once prosperous economy. They possess a great deal of rage toward women, but it makes more sense to direct that anger at a failing system and the ideas behind it, like democracy, equality, and diversity (D.E.a.D.).

Since we want to leave this modern time behind, we need to stop acting like modernists. We can accept that women are different, not just as individuals but in social classes, and that the good ones behave in a way that is radically different from that of the low quality ones. We can acknowledge that we need to make ourselves better in order to merit good women. And we can see how we need to work together, unequally and in different roles, to realize the change that we want to be so that we will see it take over this failing world and make it something better.

Originally from Pendulum.

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