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With the elevation of God Emperor Trump to President of the United States, there has been a spike in interest in what has been termed the 'Alt-Right.' While it is a term that is, arguably, not particularly well defined (nor should it be), a few key strands are consistent amongst adherents. Specifically, if we can say anything positive about the Alt-Right, we can say that it is, at its core, a reaction to modernity and post-Enlightenment Liberalism. That can, of course, manifest in many forms. The Identitarians of Europe and what might be called "the Right Reloaded" in the United States have inherited much of the intellectual legacy of the French New Right, including the thought of Guillame Faye and Alain de Benoist, among others. The neo-reactionaries (NRx) have inherited the thought of Hans-Herman Hoppe, Moldbug, and classic capitalists, while the primitivists and tribalists have looked to Jack Donovan and Pennti Linkola, among others, for their inspiration.

While we don't claim to know what the Alt-Right is -- nor do we want to define it -- we each have differing views on modernity and, while ideologically similar, have taken different forest paths and arrived at slightly different places. The question is how did you get here? Perhaps you found the Alt-Right through Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, or r/The_Donald. Perhaps you found the Alt-Right by way of your edgy cousin sharing "based dank memes" on Facebook. At the end of the day, however, most mainstream coverage and understanding of the Alt-Right has been focused on "sinister frogs" and anti-SJW rhetoric. The Alt-Right, on the internet at least, is as Lawrence Murray accurately noted, "Frog memes and hate speech."

While we’re not opposed to those things at Nationalist Public Radio -- everyone loves a good Pepe meme now and then --, we, as intellectuals want you to know there is more than that. We want to give you more. Indeed, by revolting against the modern world you are the inheritor of a long and rich tradition of thought, and Nationalist Public Radio is here to broaden your horizons. McDonalds is convenient, but filet mignon it’s not. Pepe is funny, but not intellectually engaging. Sometime you want to laugh, but eventually most people want to know the deeper answers to questions they've been forbidden to ask. So tune into Natoinalist Public Radio and learn how deep the rabbit hole goes. We invite you to think.

Who We Are