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Nationalist Public Radio, Episode 5: Foreign Policy

This week the Nationalist Public Radio crew tackle a subject that will become more prevalent as war with China approaches. How would an Alt Right or nationalist government approach foreign policy? The subtopics of isolationism and imperialism are covered with the same aplomb with which we attack domestic issues. Expect to be shocked, horrified… and possibly intrigued.

0:00 – Introduction of the topic

1:50 – Everitt gives a brief overview of US-Russian relations

4:15 – What should our relationship with Russia be?

  • Brett notes that Russia is heading towards conservatism where we’ve drifted towards leftism and that ethnic differences between Russians and Europeans makes it hard to see a mutual goal
  • Does the U.S. have a Cold War hangover? – There seems to be a sentiment of anti-Russia because that is politically useful

9:15 – How will the Trump administration address the Putin administration?

  • Peter notes that realism is likely what states subscribe to and thus recognize that war is not in their best interest
  • Russian “hacking” will make things hard for Trump to get things done, however
  • According to Peter, people of his generation seem to view Russia as a totalitarian state and Europe as some monolith of Whiteness

14:45 – Are we still in the “Better Dead than Red” mindset?

17:05 – Could the U.S. have a positive energy relationship with Russia?

  • Peter notes that, despite contestation, natural gas from Russia is a key import to European countries and we might be able to operate similarly, we would just need to not impose Western values
  • Further, European states seem to take a Schmittian view whereby Russia is viewed not necessarily as a moral ‘foe,’ but as a political ‘enemy.’
  • 20:30 – The Concept of the Political by Carl Schmitt

22:00 – Brief history of the Arab world

24:00 – Should we push for energy independence?

  • Brett argues that, perhaps, we should invade the Middle East and take their oil (kick their ass and take their gas)
  • If this were to happen, it would have to be either a Roman style protectorate or a situation where we drive Middle Eastern nations into North Africa

28:55 – Do we have an obligation to secure peace in the Middle East?

  • Peter says no and rejects the ‘kick their ass and take their gas’ mentality
  • Peter notes that we can stabilize the Middle East via one of two ways: retrench or nuke it from orbit
  • Further, Peter argues that Iran would be a good balance to have in the Middle East

34:00 – What would happen to the Middle East if the U.S. withdrew?

42:40 – How ought the U.S. work as a leader in a nationalistic world?

50:00 – Do Nationalism and Isolationism go together?

  • Brett notes that we have to be carefully when we succeed so other rising powers don’t attack
  • Brett also thinks that we can’t be truly isolationist
  • 56:07 – The American Way of War by Russell F. Weigley
  • Peter thinks that we can be isolationist and that we should – leaving people alone promotes nationalism insofar as we respect total self-determination
  • 58:53 – All the Shah’s Men by Stephen Kinzer
  • Peter argues that even if we retrench, there will be localized spheres of influence and regional hegemons
  • Brett thinks we are entering an age of conquest

1:03:00 – What do we do in the case of genocide?

1:17:39 – Closing and outro and remember to email [email protected]

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