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News (June 24, 2022)


Let us recap:

When a civilization achieves its primary goal, namely being self-sufficient, it stops striving because having attained its goal, it no longer has a goal.

Such is the nature of life. When you do a task well, you move it aside and, behold! there is another one right behind it. Fix the stove so you can find the problem in the gas line; replace a clogged pipe in the garden and watch the new stronger water pressure blow up a few corroded sprinkler heads.

As a society ages, it moves from a calling to a job. The calling consists of survival, and you get perhaps not immediate feedback, but at least concrete feedback. You are either cold, wet, and hungry surrounded by predators or warm, dry, and fed.

When a calling becomes a job, it moves from ends-over-means to means-over-ends. In a calling, you set up an objective and do it however you have to, based on the situation and what works. In a job, you stick to methods prescribed by those above you for the “optics” of working hard, obeying, and helping others.

With any job, we see the problem of success. If one person uses a certain method and succeeds, it becomes de facto obligatory for the rest of the group to emulate that. Therefore, you get an impassable groupthink, and that spurs on a contrarian, ironist, and novelty-based movement.

This group turns on the idea of success itself. They do not want to emulate what others have done, and they instead seek to declare reality unreal so that they can pursue what makes others around them feel good, which gives these anti-success people more social popularity and therefore power.

People of this nature aim to always be seen as the good guy in a social situation because they know it keeps others from attacking while building their own control over others. This makes them feel safe from attack, although since it is never certain this power is weak and like a dictator, they must constantly reinforce it.

The interesting thing here is that they no longer care about whether their ideas work in reality. The idea — the symbol, the feelings, the theory — replaces reality, since the symbol is being used to manipulate others by creating joyful feelings in them.

This mirrors how control-based civilizations work, namely that they exclude all methods which scare the group or debunk the dominant paradigm, and by choosing from among what is left, people unconsciously reinforce the system and therefore, feelings of safety, pacifism, and relevance.

In other words, people choose political opinions for the social benefit of having those opinions, and have become entirely disconnected from the effects of those opinions. This is a type of mandated narcissism which quickly influences all levels of the society and individual behavior.

Manipulation also forces you to scorn those you manipulate and see them as lesser even when saying to their faces how equal and good they are. The point is to benefit yourself by manipulating these marks and rubes, not to help them. They help you.

In this way, the late stage society becomes a pathological place where everyone lies to each other in the hopes of swaying enough others to have power. How do people enslave themselves? They adopt a system of manipulation, at which point no sanity will be tolerated.

Such a society breaks down into two mirror-image groups, the “do the stuff that always works” party and the “do anything but the stuff that always works” party. The latter has better symbols but no goal except not the other goal, so they have no consistency; forever rationalization, they seek reasons to justify what they want, and have no actual reasons for what they do.

Sure, some decent ones get caught up in it too, the true believers. They believe the message of pacifism, which is that if we remove the differences in situation, people can get along and actually like each other. It is a pleasant dream.

Saner people simply opt for fairness, but realize that it has nothing to do with redistribution wealth, status, and power. Instead it means accepting people as they are and rewarding the ones who do good so that the others know what they must do.

Roots conservatives such as your scribe here see things even more simply: reward only the good, and remove the bad each generation, so that the next season you have people who are inherently and inwardly better, instead of trying to force bad people to behave as if they are good.

Better than tolerance, this is acceptance. You recognize the good as what they are, and also recognize the bad as what they are, and you send the bad away because they are incompatible with what you want. You take them as what they are and do not pretend, which is more honorable than manipulation.

This process of decay has no masters; it occurs naturally in human groups because, unless guided by kings who push the group to new heights, every group falls back on dividing up the spoils and pursuing the individualistic as a moral good.

For this reason it proves hard to fight. You are not fighting against people, but their illusions. You defeat them only by revealing the emptiness of those illusions. Otherwise, you are just killing your own people for another pointless war over symbols.

Well, with that on to the way… where are we in Late Stage Democracy today?

It seems the Supreme Court has pushed back on abortion, the States are gaining power, and the federal government has doubled down on its Carter-style pursuit of ideologically-symbolic actions on environmentalism, diversity, poverty, and sexual liberation.

The bigger factor will probably be the global currency market. US dollars are in high demand when we drop interest rates because the dollar becomes like BitCoin, an easy way to acquire relatively untraceable cash in many countries for quick business deals.

As time goes on however it has become clear that the dollar is losing actual value because we have too many in circulation that are not backed by anything tangible. The markets realize that FAANG stocks are not worth nearly what the label says; there is distrust of the American economy because of our heavy debt public and private, our instability arising from diversity, and our complete political inconsistency.

In the meantime, all of the problems we have blown off for generations are coming home to roost. Climate change is nonsense, but the Ecocide is real. Water and food supplies are declining. Pollution is in everything. Affirmative action, unions, globalist treaties, a surplus of laws and regulations, and high taxes have killed quality of life.

This means that change is on the wind. The Left is fighting a rearguard action now, trying to make their retreat as devastating as possible while keeping their networks in place. However, they have lost the middle of the voting population, and as the Great Replacement becomes clear, they are going to lose many of the others.

When change comes it is first met with panic, then denial, then tantrums, and finally acceptance, after which point people start to see the potential bright side. We are somewhere in the first three steps as global democracy, worldwide Leftism, fiat currency, multicultural diversity, and international finance begin their graceful arc of descent, accelerating as they go until they reach ballistic conditions where steering is no longer possible and impact a certainty.


  • ‘Potato’ outrage over anti-discrimination agency pick

    In January 2020 she penned a column for Der Spiegel magazine discussing the fact that while the German language abounds with terms for people whose parents or grandparents immigrated to Germany — “people with a migration background” being the preferred, almost politically correct term in Germany today — there seems to be no universally agreed-upon name for those with only German ancestry.

    She argued that the term “Kartoffel” (potato) — which is sometimes used by immigrant communities to describe white Germans — is not discriminatory. It “is an internationally beloved vegetable,” she wrote, saying the term is “harmless” and “cute” and can not be compared to labels for non-hegemonic groups that have been soaked in decades or centuries of hatred and oppression.

    They keep finding these Leftists who are trying to patch up diversity by further penalizing the majority, hoping that this will make them popular among the blue checkmark goodthinkers and diversity alike. In reality, societies are becoming more segregated as the native population realizes that the newcomers are there for the free money, intend to replace the native population, and hate the native population which is why they commit constant crime to vandalize those societies. The idea of diversity as all of us living alongside each other has failed and died; now people, slowly snapping out of their stupor, simply want to escape it as painlessly as possible. No one has yet mentioned the obvious, which is that if you cut all entitlements and affirmative action programs, the diversity will leave on its own accord. If they had ten thousand dollars to get here via a coyote or swamp boat, they have two thousand dollars to get on a plane back home.

  • Man denied giving blood after refusing to answer if he was pregnant

    Sinclair, of Stirling in central Scotland, was told to complete a form asking whether he was with child or had been pregnant in the last six months, prompting him to reply that the question did not apply to a man in his late 60s.

    Sinclair told a staffer at the Albert Halls clinic in Stirling it was “impossible” for him to be pregnant, but soon learned that he needed to answer the query in order to give blood. He now has no plans on returning to the donation center.

    The secret to the West is careerism. Someone got promoted for writing that “stunning and brave” question into the script. This gave the bosses bragging rights at the club about how progressive they were and satisfied the insurers, politicians, and lawyers, who wanted to make sure that no one would be sued for discrimination. Only when those same people get their careers wrecked and end up working at Tesco will the insanity stop. In the meantime, institutions like this run on the goodwill of decent, normal people and more of them will stay away, so the voters (who have slept through all of this) will wake up when they find out that the only blood available at hospitals is being bought from teenage drug addicts who need the money.

  • Ethiopia: Hundreds of people killed in ethnic attack, witnesses say

    On Saturday, gunmen in the Gimbi district of Western Wollega Zone allegedly launched an attack on ethnic Amharas — a minority in the region.

    “The intention of all these attacks is to force us to leave,” one survivor told the AFP news agency said, adding that “our houses and properties have been destroyed,”

    “I want to leave this area, go to my ancestral region… that at least would allow me to live in peace,” he said.

    Diversity ends one of two ways. Either the minority groups drain and destroy the majority, or the majority fights back and the minorities go to their ancestral regions. Like South Africa, Ethiopia has sacrificed prosperity and stability for decades in the futile quest to make diversity work. No matter which groups are the ingredients, the diversity stew quickly becomes inedible and eventually toxic.

  • Texas Could Vote to Secede From U.S. in 2023 as GOP Pushes for Referendum

    Under a section titled “State Sovereignty,” the platform states: “Pursuant to Article 1, Section 1, of the Texas Constitution, the federal government has impaired our right of local self-government. Therefore, federally mandated legislation that infringes upon the 10th Amendment rights of Texas should be ignored, opposed, refused, and nullified.

    “Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto.”

    Texas has a solid argument for secession: the fraudulent 2020 election. If Texas is being manipulated by fraudulent votes, it can consider its agreement with the United States to provide fair and balanced elections to be in breach, and therefore make a solid legal argument — going back to English common law — for secession. If Texas were to break away and roll back its policies to 1980s America levels, it would quickly become a home for most of the business in North America if not the world. If it scrapped the majority of rules and entitlements, it would dominate the world economy. And, unlike Ukraine, it would most likely retain its nuclear weapons.

  • ‘Journalists should not become activists,’ Global Media Forum urges

    If we’ve entered an era of “anti-nuance,” as DW news anchor and panel host Philip Gayle asserted, does this mean subtle details, ambivalences and paradoxes are increasingly lost on audiences?

    “Journalism is complicated,” Limbourg said. “We have to show the full picture; and that means it is complicated.” Oversimplifying should best be left to politicians or populists, according to Limbourg. And to activists championing a cause, one might want to add, as their agenda is to agitate rather than inform.

    Indeed, this sentiment was echoed by all panelists, with Patricia Toledo de Campos Mello, an investigative reporter at Brazilian Folha de Sao Paulo daily, similarly warning journalists should avoid cherry-picking sources to corroborate their own narrative.

    They sense that they are about to lose the franchise. The bigger picture is this: Western media, in pursuit of popularity, has become as controlled as the Soviet media was. This tells us that our problem is not dictators but the tendency of the crowd toward mass conformity and therefore, tyranny-like conditions.

  • SA to introduce new quotas limiting hiring of foreign nationals

    The NLMP, together with proposed legislation, will introduce quotas on the total number of documented foreign nationals with work visas that can be employed in major economic sectors such as agriculture, hospitality and tourism, construction, and so on

    Everywhere diversity goes, it leaves behind wreckage, but also crushes unions, which is why your leaders were excited about it in the first place. Unions destroy competitiveness and cause labor to go offshore. The golden decade of the early 1990s in the US occurred because the unions were finally beaten back by so much manufacturing going offshore that union membership became a liability. Everyone gets paid exactly zero when the union raises costs above what the market can bear, and then the business in order to survive moves the plant to China, Vietnam, Mexico, or in the modern way, builds different assemblies in those places and retains ten percent of its US workforce to bolt the final product together.

  • An Ancient Killer Is Rapidly Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics, Scientists Warn

    While most XDR Typhi cases stem from south Asia, researchers have identified nearly 200 instances of international spread since 1990.

    Most strains have been exported to Southeast Asia, as well as East and Southern Africa, but typhoid superbugs have also been found in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

    If untreated, up to 20 percent of typhoid cases can be fatal, and today, there are 11 million cases of typhoid a year.

    Another modern miracle hits the dirt. We had a window of technology in which we could have gotten our act together, but instead decided to pursue the Eternal Human Dream of pacifism. As a result, we squandered everything, and now that window is closing.

  • Greater threat, greater syntony in fruit flies

    In their most recent paper, now published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, researchers from the laboratory reveal that, when faced with a threat, the reactions of a fruit fly within a group depend on the level of that threat. At the beginning of the study, opinions were divided: on the one hand, there were those who thought that in the presence of a greater threat, the fly would pay less attention to the group because it would focus its maximum attention on its perception of the threat; on the other hand, there were those who considered that, faced with a greater threat, the flies would pay more attention to their surroundings, including the behavior of other flies.

    The results were clear: For higher levels of threat, flies respond more to social evidence transmitted by the group.

    And yet we cannot connect that to how humans form exclusive groups in order to filter out those who would cause harm, manifesting social behavior as tribalism:

    From childhood, we are taught the benefits of forging ties and being empathetic as a strategy for survival and mental well-being—or at least that is the ideal.

    Sometimes, though, such ties morph into the fabric of tribalism, subjecting certain individuals to discriminatory behavior or attitudes.

    Now, a team of researchers at Kyoto University has comprehensively analyzed the way in which social ties may demonstrate a kind of bipolarity. On the positive side, interpersonal relationships are strengthened; on the negative side, social ties seem to be manifested in the form of empathic distress and stigma-related anxiety.

    These are the same behavior. We respond to groups because having many yardsticks gets a better result than using just one; in turn, this makes us see other identifiable groups as a threat, and so when we bond together, we naturally define ourselves as not being of the Other and work to exclude it so that we can survive on our own. Diversity is self-destruction.

  • US immigration: ‘They’d rather die than return to Nicaragua’

    The stories shared by Nicaraguans at the shelter have two common themes: a struggling economy and fear of the government of Daniel Ortega, the leader of Nicaragua’s 1979 Sandinista revolution who earlier this year was sworn into a fourth consecutive term as President.

    Yet another People’s Revolution fails. After all, Daniel Ortega is a Communist:

    Daniel Ortega, the son of a shoemaker, was still a teenager when he joined the left-wing Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN).

    The group was fighting against the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza, whose family had ruled the country since 1936.

    The Sandinistas took power in 1979, forcing President Somoza into exile. Mr Ortega was elected as his successor in 1984, after serving on the Sandinista’s five-member “national reconstruction” board.

    Not surprisingly, he took a third world country and made it even more impoverished by pursuing ideological concerns instead of a functional economy. Somoza was probably a typical corrupt warlord, but he brought in foreign investment by catering to their needs, which while it created an unequal bargaining position between the parties, also ensured that money came in to a country that has had difficulty producing value without first-world intervention. Now the problem is passed on to others as yet another Left-wing regime slowly collapses.

  • Why are young Japanese rejecting marriage?

    According to the Cabinet Office’s 2022 gender report, 25.4% of women in their 30s and 26.5% of men in the same age group say they do not want to get married. Slightly more than 19% of men in their 20s and 14% of women similarly have no plans to wed.

    Women taking part in the survey said they are shying away from marriage because they enjoy their freedom, have fulfilling careers and do not want the burdens of the traditional housewife, such as household chores, raising children and looking after elderly parents.

    Men said that they also enjoy personal freedoms, but many additionally said that other motivators for remaining single included concerns over job insecurity and not being able to earn enough money to sustain a family.

    Entitlements spending starts the circular Ponzi scheme whereby government taxes, distributes money, bumps up the GDP, and then taxes that. Over time the currency loses value and costs rise. When this happens, the taxes go up further. At some point, people can barely survive and stop caring about their society. In their few hours of free time a week, they want to be alive as themselves, and if society collapses, that suits them just fine too.

  • Fury at police force that looked the other way while 1,400 girls were abused by Asian gangs

    Despite ‘legitimate concerns’ of police and the council in Oldham of the far right capitalising on the issue of grooming by predominantly Pakistani men, the authorities in the town, which suffered race riots in 2001, did not shy away from tackling the issue, the report said.

    They were terrified of being called “racist” and did not want to end up like other White men accused of “racism” who ended up being unable to feed their families. Most likely police across the West are doing the same thing with other diversity crime: busting the obvious cases, but ignoring anything that requires an in-depth investigation that can be accused of targeting non-Whites.

  • London will be first to be bombed in World War Three, says Russian TV propagandist as he rails against West and claims ‘it’s clear the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons’

    The doomsday warnings come amid renewed fears of the Ukraine war escalating into a global conflict due to NATO member Lithuania blocking sanctioned goods to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

    Russians are Eurasians who have allied with their fellow Asiatics in China. They will always want to conquer the West because they see it as a threat and, since it is not separated from them by Siberia, they see it as the more likely threat. In the meantime, Putin has fallen into a trap: he can take territory in Ukraine, but unless Ukraine surrenders, it can then return at any time to retake that territory and expel Russian-speakers into Russia. He has locked himself into a forever war that now requires him to either take all of Ukraine or face a protracted conflict against an enemy who is only now starting to fully mobilize and be armed by the West, at which point Russian casualties will rise without a corresponding gain in wealth, prestige, or power.



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