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  • Trump again demands Sweden release rapper: ‘Give A$AP Rocky his freedom’

    Most do not understand what Trump is doing here. Sweden is covering up migrant crime; two migrants assaulted this guy, and the Swedes do what they always do, which is arrest whoever is not a migrant. Trump is calling them out on it. He may single-handedly uncuck the Swedes, eliminating another hostile voice in Europe. For those who think I am being hard on the Swedes, for whom I have a great affection, hear this: American, Canadian, and most European police forces do the same. If you get publicity for arresting a minority, things go badly, so the best thing to do is ignore their criminal activity, if you value your career, that is.

  • Public university provides exclusive housing for women, black, LGBT students

    The cucked conservative press is wailing about the return of segregation. So what? People want to live among and interact with people like themselves exclusively. We should encourage the different ethnic groups to balkanize and separate as they have been doing for some time.

  • How MS-13 gang’s bloody campaign spilled into a San Fernando Valley high school

    In the 1990s, ghetto crime stayed in the ghetto. The minorities that made it out wanted nothing to do with that behavior, so “acted white” at least in public. This made American voters of all races go quickly to sleep and assume that diversity would work out for the best in the end, so they supported Clinton, who promptly made Blacks the focus of his inauguration and encouraged minority participation in government. Now Hispanics and Asians are displacing Blacks, and we see that diversity means constant ethnic warfare, not just against the majority but between and within minority groups. Third world USA!

  • Active-duty U.S. troops are now just feet away from migrants in Texas

    The Left starved ICE and the Border Patrol for the funds it needs to cope with this border crisis, so US troops are present to ensure that if riot conditions occur they can be put down quickly. If you have to treat it like an invasion, it is an invasion, even if aided and abetted by the useful idiots and aspiring tyrants of the Left.

  • By the numbers: Migration to the US-Mexico border

    In eight months, the Border Patrol caught almost 700,000 migrants. They are fleeing Central America which was impoverished even before the Mayans got there, and remains impoverished because its leaders are corrupt and its people keep electing them. American financial aid, which this article conceals its advocacy of, serves as a pressure valve that subsidizes the dysfunctional and corrupt Central American system. It would be better for everyone if we cut off immigration and stopped sending funds so that Central American states either fix themselves or downgrade to subsistence living instead of trying to be modern states.

  • The day Earth had a near-miss with a ‘city-killer’ asteroid

    Did you notice that people were freaking the heck out on Thursday morning? I did: they could barely drive, were constantly scowling, and their behavior was chaotic. It turns out that an asteroid which could whack a civilization was cruising past at that time. No wonder people were scared; this is real accountability. We think an asteroid may have helped wipe out the dinosaurs. We know from the crater-pocked surfaces of most planets that meteors, asteroids, and comets whack into celestial objects on a regular basis. It is only a matter of time before one hits us, and it may be big enough to extinguish us and all of the flora and fauna that we know and love. Humanity has to get its act together, stop bickering and dickering over equality, and get itself and its ecosystem to the stars, or we are just waiting to become extinct.

  • Trump’s 3% Growth Feat in 2018 Undone by Annual Data Revisions

    We still have not escaped the Clinton-era program that caused the 2008 Great Recession, mainly because our government is doing the same thing in other areas. Imagine how much more prosperous we would be without the three-quarters of our budget dedicated to entitlements that is strangling every level of our government? We are taking a third or more of our economy out of circulation so that we can have a giant government that gives out free stuff so that our underclass buys consumer junk and increases demand for the dollar so that we can borrow more. This is not just unsustainable, but suicidal. Cut government back to roads and defense, and make We The People provide everything else — education, police, fire, charity — for ourselves, and we can get off the endless growth train and simply focus on living the good life. We cannot save everyone from themselves, and we need natural selection back.

  • White woman who called black women N-word on video says she’s not sorry and would do it again

    Well, fine; have your opinions. However, the big point is not “Black people are bad” but this:

    Diversity does not work. It does not work in any form because it pits different special interests — political, racial, cultural, ethnic, religious, local — against each other and in a competition for power through who defines the standards of behavior, which in turn removes social trust and makes people hunker down and community, which leaves only shopping, ideology, and flag-waving spreading of democracy to the world as what holds us together. That is a thin string, despite appearing to be strong. No one can assimilate; every group acts in its own interests, against those of the majority and the nation, because that is the logical thing to do if they want to have enough power to resist being subjugated. Diversity is a death spiral from which there is no escape. Send them back, with reparations to show our goodwill in ending the failed Leftist experiment in diversity and globalism.

  • Boris Johnson’s social media chief called far-right Tommy Robinson associate a ‘hero’

    It used to be that the Left could run headlines like this and end careers. Now, populism is rising because all of the Leftist programs — entitlements, diversity, unions, high taxes, wealth transfer, class warfare — have not just failed but left a wasteland in their place. People want out, and if they are going to be called “racists” anyway, they are less afraid of that label. The bigger point however is that we are not “racists” in the sense of bigots, but people who notice genetic/biological differences between groups and recognize that diversity cannot work.

  • 5 key takeaways about the state of the news media in 2018

    Fewer people than ever before are reading newspapers, watching local television, and going to news sites online. Taken together, those three show a massive distrust of media, rather than the simpler idea that it has been replaced by online sources. More likely, online sources showed us how controlled our media was by a small cabal of fanatical Leftists, and so people have started backing away from our consumerist Pravda much as they did from the earlier Communist version.

  • How China is influencing Hollywood movies (and Tom Cruise’s new Top Gun jacket)

    Most people do not know that the Vietnam War was fought against China, which supplied, trained, and financed the Communist insurgency in North Vietnam. The goal of that war was to stop Chinese expansion, since like the Soviets, China wanted a “buffer zone” of vassal states around it in order to keep it safe from possible assaults (for the same reason, they have always wanted to conquer Japan and Korea). During that war, China learned that it could manipulate American policy through “useful idiots” on the Left and a compliant, Left-leaning media. After the war, they wasted no time in buying Leftist politicians such as the Clintons, who came to power in part because of a Chinese war chest. China still operates on this strategy, and it is likely that they were responsible for the rise of Barack Obama and the near-lockstep ideological solidarity of our media. We are still fighting Communism, and it turns out that Russia while allied with China was only the tool, not the source, of our enemy. The real race war here consists of Asiatics — Asia, Eurasia, Turkey, and the middle east, all of whom have Asian blood — against the West. We will need to defeat them in order to have stability.

  • Mississippi students who posed with guns in front of Emmet Till memorial suspended from frat

    People are tired of racial guilt. What they do not realize is that, although we have spent trillions on racial reconciliation and wrecked our country due to it, we cannot “fix” diversity. It just does not work. Abraham Lincoln betrayed us by not having a relocation plan in place during the Civil War. More distant ancestors failed to heed Andrew Jackson and permanently relocate the Amerinds, who would be more at home with their ethnic ancestors in Mongolia. Others failed to heed the experience of Texas during the days of Pancho Villa, which tells us that our domesticated Hispanics aid their fellows if it looks like a takeover is going to occur. We can either have race war, or relocate all who are not ethnic Western Europeans back to their homelands. They do nothing but vote Leftist and work against us, mainly because that is the logical thing to do in their position, and we tolerate it because we have an ideological commitment to equality which expresses itself in ethnic and racial equality through the failed programs of diversity and globalism.

  • Public Citizen calls for FTC to probe Amazon over paid reviews

    Everything online is fake because there is no accountability. You can claim to be anyone on the internet, and companies have exploited this by having people write glowing reviews of junk so that they can sell more junk. This seems harmless until you realize that it has created a shadow economy which is fragile and when it crashes, will trash first-world economies at the same time all of our other failed programs like globalism come crashing down. Humanity is facing a decision point and a bottleneck.

  • US House passes bill on protected status for Venezuelans

    Every time there is a crisis, we take in the people who are displaced by it. This weakens us and their home countries, which in fact need those people back there working to fix whatever made it unstable.

  • LADWP General Manager Departs Early Following FBI Raid on Agency

    Wherever government goes, so goes corruption. Los Angeles possesses an Achilles Heel in its water supply, since it is basically built in a desert, and so the Department of Water and Power has always had great political sway. That attracts parasites who use it to advance their own careers at the expense of the people there. The Libertarians have a good point in that privatizing government makes it more accountable; of course, the aristocrats got there first, and did a better job than even anarcho-capitalism can.

  • Racist Rant Against Puerto Rican Woman Caught on Camera at Montgomery County Store

    “You shouldn’t be in this country,” she says, later adding, “I hope Trump deports you.” The woman then flashes a dollar bill at Santana and says that the money in her hands is legal and doesn’t come from drug sales.

    People are tired of America not looking like America anymore. When you make yourself a world bazaar, you lose your culture and whatever made you distinct.

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