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Periscope (December 24, 2018)

  • ‘Like a cancer:’ Rio militias grow, control swaths of city

    Under Leftist government — Jair Bolsonaro has not been in power long enough to have influence here — militias grew in response to official inaction. Combining smuggling of ordinary products alongside drugs, the militias offered what warlords always do, which is stability in exchange for a known cost in terms of authority and de facto taxes, but you also get cheaper cigarettes and better drugs. For the struggling favelas, that turns out to be enough.

  • It’s Cold, Dark and Lacks Parking. But Is This Finnish Town the World’s Happiest?

    It turns out that radical normalcy, or the pursuit of mundane but fulfilling activities in the absence of “big events” like those offered by cosmopolitan cities, makes people happier and a little bit bored, but they seem to care a bit less than they might have thought. Having a community where people do everyday things and learn to enjoy them works better than trying to hyperstimulate them. The Leftist The New York Times attributes much of this to state-funded healthcare and other gimmes, but those exist elsewhere in Finland, and elsewhere in the world, and somehow do not have the same magical effects, so we can eliminate those along with air, water, and toilets as sources of the happiness there. In fact, if you dig down, you can see that “the town’s municipal tax rates are fractionally lower than elsewhere in the country” which means that less socialism, less diversity, more wealth, and more isolation is the magic formula here.

  • Der Spiegel scandal: When the right hate is more important than the right facts

    People are slowly (slowly) starting to understand that media is a market. Out there, different groupings of people can be identified — this means we impose a category on people who have multiple category memberships — which will purchase entertaining information which supports a certain set of ideas. For example, there are people out there who get a great charge of excitement from reading about climate change, or others who just want to read about social justice, or even some who seem to enjoy foaming at the mouth with outrage over Desmond Is Amazing the transsexual pre-teen stripper. For most of media, since Leftists are the primary consumers and seem to have less to do with their time than more traditionally-oriented people, saying nasty things about rural America, white people, Christianity and/or traditional culture, conservatives, and men makes their audience get that happy feeling from the right neurotransmitters being released in their skulls and so, saying these things is a path to success. Equally important is finding new ways to champion the “wishful thinking” solutions that appeal to people in their moments of weakness, like wealth redistribution, class warfare, we-are-all-one, and so on. This especially applies to Europeans, who see see America as a refutation of the pan-European 1880s formula of state benefits, pacifism, neutered democracy, and rent-seeking behavior as a form of legal corruption. Now that someone finally got caught faking the news, maybe we will admit that the media is a product, not an institution.

  • Georgia cuts food stamps for thousands with new system tracking recipients (non-paywall)

    A stealth revolution is happening across the West: slowly, slowly governments are realizing that we cannot afford our entitlements state and that it is ending their ability to rule. At the same time, they notice that anyone who publicly opposes the entitlements state will be voted out of office because voters, especially the 47% who vote but pay nothing into the system thanks to our “progressive” taxes, love “free stuff” (even though in their moral cores they secretly suspect that this stuff is not actually free) and will vote out anyone who takes away muh medicare, social security, public education, healthcare, and the other many bennies that government has bestowed upon a clueless populace since the 1930s. This tells sharp-witted bureaucrats what they must do: sabotage the benefits system with more bureaucracy to the point that no one can rely on it, see if they can get their opposition — especially brick-stupid Republicans who have never found a failing program that they did not like — to inherit it, and then declare it failed and “reform” it in such a way that almost no one gets benefits. If they do this, they realize, they can potentially avoid crashing into full default, because voters it turns out may hate civilization crashes and economic shutdowns even more than they hate the free bennies going away. The same thing is happening in the UK, as governments attempt to re-arrange programs that cannot possibly afford in order to stay semi-solvent.

  • Indonesia’s tsunami buoy warning system not working since 2012

    Funny how just about everything in the third world is this way. It usually does not get maintained; when it does, the parts are stolen before they get be put in. If it is maintained, it gets vandalized by people attempting to steal parts or materials. If it is not maintained, someone still draws a salary to maintain it, and will proudly show you the many reports and documents proving that he would be maintaining it, if there were parts and people were not stealing them. Everything is fine until there is a disaster and then, suddenly, people notice that this thing had utility, after ignoring it for some time. There will be beating of chests, howling of misery, weeping mothers clutching coffins, and much uproar. After significant pomp and ceremony, the old maintainers will be fired or executed, and new people will be appointed. These will do exactly the same thing, i.e. very little, but draw nice fat salaries until the next time a wave hits. If the people tire of this and hire a private company, it will achieve good results until one a boat arrives with a little man in a uniform, who will tell them that their papers are out of order unless they come up with some cash, and then he will look the other way. Soon, the costs and results will be right back to where they were before. The me-firster third world is endlessly self-defeating and drives anyone intelligent to suicide out of the sheer futility of attempting to achieve anything but a subsistence existence.

  • Filipina immigrant who became hotshot Chicago judge sentenced to jail for $1.4m mortgage fraud

    Another diversity success story turned into a crime report. Well, who is surprised? Civilizations enforce natural selection, which means that in corrupt states, anyone who does not thrive in a corrupt state dies out. We refuse to accept this because of what it means for us more than them, namely that we are breeding out our best and replacing them with nasty little bourgeois-bureaucratic merchants of mixed heritage and no culture. Soon, the root of our greatness — our genius, our heroism — will be gone and replaced with third world style grubby grabbing greedy fingers that never contribute anything to institutions, art, or literature.

  • The year social networks were no longer social

    As I recommended some time ago, the future lies in independent, decentralized, and smaller communities instead of trying to cultivate mass audiences through social media. The larger the audience, the lower the common denominator that is rewarded is, so you will end up tailoring your message to the idiocy and this will mutate your message into the same old human “me first good, herd behavior good” dogma which destroys all of our organizations by turning them against themselves much as Leftism turns out societies against themselves through constant infighting over the power structure.

  • City plans homeless sweep on Christmas Eve

    Everywhere we have adopted individualism/egalitarianism — they are the same thing, if you think about it, namely “me first” which requires “no one can judge me for being me first, because look I altruistically offered the same right to everyone else” — we see the same sad and uninteresting cycle: individual rights allow people to be chaotic, but since at least 20% are bad and another 70% are not really good, a preponderance of bad behavior and waste accumulates. At some point, this begins to paralyze the remaining productive elements of society — a quantum made smaller by our labor-saving devices and digital computers — and so ¡something must be done! and the politicians enact a clean-up, which entails socializing the externalized damage so that the rest of the citizens must absorb it. The politicians become Daddy for a day, sweep up the mess, pass out checks to fund the cleanup, and then go back to sleep, since productivity can resume. The press, outraged at the single incident in a single moment that it sees, writes about how horrible it is that the homeless are suffering on Christmas eve, not recognizing that the real story here is that the waste and damage is being cleared away so that ordinary productive normal people can enjoy a Christmas eve without the blight and crime of the homeless, most of whom are simply insane people that we are too dishonest and too cheap to institutionalize or euthanize.

  • U.S. authorities must probe migrant girl’s death, stop child detentions: U.N.

    The UN serves its constituency, which is third world nations, since the impoverished and clueless are always more numerous than the thoughtful, responsible, forward-thinking, results-directed, heroic, wise, intelligent, and productive. In this case, some guy with a Spanish name demands free money for the Guatemalan migrant girl who died through the ineptitude of her parents, and that the US bow and genuflect by launching an investigation of its border security. Trump, who is more accustomed to the prison ethics of business than the optics ethics (fattish oxymoron there) of politics, will with any luck ignore this parasite, mainly because he knows that this demand is just an attempted cucking and has no relationship to reality.

  • China Cuts Tariffs on More Than 700 Goods Amid Open-Trade Drive

    Trump wins his trade war, which means that the US will be headed toward self-sufficiency again. If we make everything that we need, no other country can demand a quid pro quo from us with the threat of interrupting a necessity. This scares all of them. When Cadillacs are as good as BMWs, no one in America “needs” the approval of the German government for whatever we are doing; when we can make better versions of cheap Chinese junk here, no one in America “needs” to avoid offending the Chinese. Trump is bringing health and sanity back to a country wracked by the dysfunction of the Left, who in my view will be revealed by future investigations to have been taking Chinese bribes all along (one reason why they are so quick to talk about Russia all the time, although please do not mistake this for an anointment of the Russians as angels, for they are not). In retaliation, China imported zero US soybeans but had to stop its habit of forcing American companies to share technology so the Chinese could clone it more cheaply. All of this means that the US is going its own way, which will force its manufacturers to compete, and in turn, will shine some sunlight on our disreputable practices of unions, regulations, and high taxes that are choking our industry.

  • One year in, Trump’s tax law faces test with filing season

    We see now how the Democrats won in 2018: they used their lapdog media to hammer home the idea that Trump’s tax cuts went to corporations, instead of to both corporations and individuals, and their propaganda hit home before the tax filings did. This induced voters to have tantrums, as people always do when confronting authority that is both controlling and subsidizes them, instead of seeing the bigger picture. The voters self-defeated as usual because now the Left will obstruct the agenda of economic and social reform by acting according to sound business logic instead of Soviet-style ideology, meaning that voters will end up with less prosperity, less stability, and less peace and quiet than they would have had otherwise. When do we admit that the voters are an incompetent tyrant and dethrone them?

  • Donald Trump can fund the border wall without congressional approval

    Trump can use executive powers to transfer funds from existing agencies to the building of the wall. So far he has resisted this, mainly because something else will get savaged — probably infrastructure — if he does this. Then again, it would provide a great way of breaking the power of the Leftist Congress, and would kick off a political war that would have the Left spin up to great rage and thus alienate even more people from their increasingly progressive socialistCommunist-style agenda.

  • The Virtue Signalers Won’t Change the World

    Third wave anti-racism, namely the quest to “change minds” by finding “racism” everywhere, will not achieve what is actually needed, which is financial and political autonomy for minority groups. The Left discovers balkanization; next, they will realize that continental separation of racial and ethnic groups provides the best option. When they do, it would make sense for the Right to offer reparations-with-repatriation as a cheaper option to another decade of entitlements and racial conflict. If you add up the costs of affirmative action, civil rights lawsuits, race riots, white flight, and the entitlements state, the staggering amount wasted makes it clear that a quick severance with some foreign aid and reparations would be far less expensive and let us have our nation too. If we are actual realists, we will recognize that diversity — of any form: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial — does not work, and repatriate white ethnics (Southern, Eastern, and middle eastern Europeans) as well.

  • LeBron James apologises for ‘Jewish money’ Instagram post

    This one feels like media theater engineered by lobbying groups in response to Alice Walker demonstrating that African-Americans have a higher diversity privilege level than Jews. LeBron James, who made comments critical of white people owning the NFL and filling footballs with cotton or something of that nature, posted some relatively innocuous but incoherent lyrics which mentioned Jewish money in a positive context as something desirable in the ‘hood. This provokes the usual apologies, genuflecting, and weepy “discussion” about “racism,” with the end result being that everyone but the majority gets their diversity privilege kicked up a level. White man bad.

  • Anti-Semitic PA TV sermon: ‘Vile traits run in their genes’

    In the meantime, as an example of what not to do, the “Mexicans of the middle east” in Palestine issue forth a series of hysterical anti-Semitic statements that seem to function equally as humor and invective. Maybe the Jews are as awful as white nationalists and third world brown people allege, or maybe they are a mixed bag like the rest of humanity as I suggest, but either way, giving them their own nation, placing them all there, and protecting that nation both avoids future Holocausts and allows the rest of us to stop blaming the Jews every time the well goes dry or a child disappears in the forest. Diversity does not work for many reasons, but the biggest is that only a national group can have actual loyalty, and outsiders will always be suspect. For this reason, the diaspora must end along with other diversity, and then humanity can get on with the real task of discovering who we are, acquiring self-discipline and a sense of belief in the goodness of the world, and exploring the stars. Until that time, we self-destruct and hate ourselves.

  • Protesters in France call for closure of Generation Identity bar

    Apparently members of Generation Identity like to drink in a bar called “The Citadel,” and it has not thrown them out yet, so it must be boycotted and destroyed by the mass mobilized Leftist mob. It makes sense for Right-wingers to open a “The Citadel” in every city and town and allow anyone to talk about anything there so that some sanity and clarity can finally descend on our battered, neurotic, and existentially miserable species.

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