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Periscope (December 22, 2018)

  • Boy, 17, pleads guilty to terror offences

    Polish-Irish “English” person is arrested for using to encourage others to “post material that would encourage others to prepare or engage in acts of terrorism.” You can file pretty much anything under preparation for acts of terrorism (PFAT), so even telling others how to tie their boots can be grounds for arrest in modern “free” Britain.

  • Sweden’s Parallel Society

    The National Review is a Buckleyite publication, meaning that it is libertarian with a social conservative flavoring, and this means that it fundamentally accepts egalitarianism and diversity as good, which is why they fired John Derbyshire for race realism about African-Americans. Now, it gets complicated: Amerika is not a race realist site, but a diversity realist site, which means that we recognize that there are genetic and thus behavior, intelligence, etc. differences between groups, but that we are fundamentally concerned with the fact that diversity never works no matter who the groups are, how nice they are, how smart they are, etc. You can get away with some diversity within the same racial group and closely related ethnic groups, like how Germans, Scots, English, Dutch, and Scandinavians formed America, but that does not extend to groups which are too different like the Irish or Italians. It is not accurate to label Derbyshire a “racist”; he has an Asian wife, after all. He is too much of a realistic not to notice certain things about certain groups, and he sees those as important, where we at Amerika would simply point out that no form of diversity will work, even Asian-white diversity. Oops, that makes us more “racist” than racist, one might suppose. Anyway, the National Review will argue its civic nationalism, specifically (1) that something called assimilation must happen, and (2) that these refugees who are burning, raping, killing, and beheading their way through Sweden are different because of culture. Both of these are wrong: culture is genetic, and assimilation is impossible because it requires that we use Leftist-style ideology to indoctrinate people into losing their native cultures. This means that, at the very least, to make diversity seem to work at all, we must adopt totalitarian structures. Not surprisingly, that is what Sweden has done, which is why there are lots of voices in public who are denying the existence of “no-go zones,” and yet we see no one of ethnic Swedish descent going there without private security.

  • Jury’s award to transgender woman after rejection by football team is a Minnesota first (non-paywall)

    If you wondered why Republicans were passing all those bathroom bills a couple years ago, this is why: transgenderism is the latest shakedown. A shakedown takes the classic form of some guy sneaking into the back room of your grocery store, finding a puddle of water, and then falling down next to it and claiming he slipped and fell. The juries, who are generally saps with nothing better to do, then award him thousands of dollars. Transgenders do the same thing: they go into your business and ask to use the bathroom. The business owner, realizing that he will have many fewer customers if he allows this bearded man in a dress into the ladies’ room, will refuse, and then the transgender grifter sues him. Bathroom laws said that you go to the bathroom that corresponds to the sex on your birth certificate, which means that you cannot sue the well-meaning business owner for turning you out of a bathroom where your presence will potentially disturb or offend his customers. Places with low self-esteem like Minnesota and Iowa turn toward Leftism as a way of defying the stereotype that they are rural Americans clinging to their guns and religion; this probably has to do with too much education of proles, too much television, and too little going on in these places. In other words, if you want to prove that you are a backwater, act like a backwater by virtue signaling hard, because everyone else has no time for that nonsense since there are actual activities going on. To prove that it is a backwater, Minnesota voted for some rather strong language in a human rights bill and now, under the terms of that law, transgender people are suing football teams. The end result will be same-sex football teams, which was what the Left wanted all along, namely to erase the differences between the sexes so that it could strip away anything but money and the state from its citizens. With those, it can control them; any allegiances to orders higher than the individual, such as culture or family, must be erased.

  • Twitter plunges on Citron report calling it ‘toxic’ and ‘uninvestable’

    Moron investment advisor group thinks that treatment of women on a site somehow reflects its value; double moron Twitter management however accepted this analysis years ago when it began trying to censor its way to respectability. The markets need Twitter to fall, since social media and Big Tech are all overvalued, and luckily clueless hipster Jack Dorsey gave the opposition an opening by following the SJW agenda and doing his absolute best to remove any threats to the idea that all sexes, races, cultures, religions, ethnic groups, and social classes are absolutely identical at the individual level — other than cool novelties like skin color and mammaries — so that no one can feel that others are getting ahead simply because of who or what they are. However, people are still using Twitter by the hundreds of millions; most likely, we are seeing a market correction here where people accept that the internet is a viable industry, just that it is a mature one with narrow profit margins, so companies like Twitter should be worth maybe $10m instead of nearly $10bn as it once was. The same devaluation is happening to Facebook which suggests that these pundits are adjusting their figures to what they think the market is already doing, not coming up with independent valuations of their own that represent trends in the future. This means that the great re-valuation of Big Tech and the end of the “service economy” is already underway, so now is a time to look toward growth in actual productivity instead of repackaging, paper shuffling, and attracting eyeballs.

  • Births in Japan Hit New Low, Miss 1 Million for Third Year

    Leftists, always wanting to slam any place that does not immediately start importing as many third world people as possible, love to talk about how Japan is in decline because its population is falling, and to imply that thus, nationalism = inbreeding = decline. In reality, Japan’s population is in decline because modern society is so alienating that the young men have gone into total isolation rather than enter a world of horrible time-eating jobs, faithless hypergamous women, ugly advertising-covered cities, bad air, neurotic democratic leadership, and a world order teetering on the brink of collapse. It is better to simply drop out, and so breeding has been less, but this reflects the extraordinary sensitivity of the Japanese people to how toxic modern life is rather than some defect of nationalism. The youth simply are not having sex because society is so alienating that they are terminally lonely and have given up on life, much as many American teenagers did during the 1980s. As usual, liberalizing a society brings about its decline in uncountable ways, but it proves very popular up until the crash.

  • Barcelona Clashes Are Flashpoint in Detente With Separatists

    Originally, diversity meant including related ethnic groups into the same “nation-state,” which following on the idea of a “city-state” was an organized defensive compound with a single national identity, instead of the previous idea of nation which meant the most specific ethnic group that one could claim. Bavarians became Germans and Alsatians became French, and the world spent the next two centuries fighting over this development in order to remove ethnic identity and stamp the equality necessary for democracy to work across all of these groups, despite this meaning that smaller groups would be obliterated. As people tend to do, groups hung on and waited for a good time to object, and that time is now. Faith in democracy is falling across the globe and with it, faith in the idea of the “nation-state” as opposed to the “nation” is also falling. Expect more protests as small groups try to break free and then form NATO-style defensive unions with their former fellow citizens. This model is less centrally organized but allows each group to retain its own values instead of trying to find one values system for the whole nation-state, or worse, the whole region or international community. Every group has its own behaviors so that it can choose its own future, and these relate to genetics, which the Left understands which is why it is trying to mix us all into one big grey race with zero genetic tendencies. As the pushback increases, expect more counter-reaction from governments desperate to hang onto the power provided by having large groups of people, even as it strangles them by imposing standardization upon them.

  • W.Va. mom says her daughter was bullied after they balked at Bible classes in public school

    As time goes on, the illusion that we can have one standard for all people falls even further. Instead of recognizing the importance of the Bible in recent Western history, this agnostic woman pulled her daughter out of the class. Then, since the school has relatively few resources, the daughter ended up in an ad hoc study hall. Now people complain, but something interesting is going on here. First, people are strongly asserting their culture, including religion (culture includes religion, but not the other way around), in order to conserve some definition of community against the onslaught of anti-culture from the cosmopolitan, consumerist mainstream. Second, it becomes clear that public school, in trying to be right for everyone, is right for no one. Finally, it becomes clear how much the media wants us to form a lynch mob against the school, since any form of cultural expression is competition with ideology for the guiding principle of our life, and the Leftist media — overeducated baristas and call center workers who think that society would be great if we forced “enlightened” principles on everyone — delights in smashing down any culture which obstructs total Leftist indoctrination. At the end of the day, it seems appropriate that local communities choose their own values, but the desire for standardization by the Left conflicts with this. If you are afraid of being judged, you want the whole world standardized, but a realist sees how variation drives creativity.

  • Student Targeted by ‘Troll Storm’ Hopes Settlement Will Send Message to White Supremacists (non-paywall)

    Leftists figure out that if they identify random pro-majority conservatives out there, they can sue them with the help of civil rights organizations, and since these lone individuals do not have much money or legal experience, they will quickly fold, even if the lawsuit could never be won in an actual court. If that happens, the Left can get the headlines it wants, and eventually build up enough momentum to steamroll the rest. This court case should have been easily handled; people who claim that they had physical symptoms based on online activity are usually viewed with skepticism, since nothing has been physically done to them and the only confrontation was communications online. Now this “white nationalist” will be helping to testify against others, taking four years of political correctness education, undergoing a year of counseling, and doing two hundred hours of community service as part of his arrangement with the other side. If he is smart, he will delay for a year and then do none of it. The Left does this for the headlines and the free money and has no extended follow-through. Without publicity, nothing is worth anything to them.

  • Facebook Responds to Global Coalition’s Demand That Users Get a Say in Content Removal Decisions

    The push to make social media into a utility continues. Like phone lines in the 1980s, when AT&T was divided up into local Bell authorities, the internet requires open communication; within that open public space, social media firms function much like the local Bell companies did, in that they need to accept communications from anywhere else and pass them along. Social media is not like a publisher, which curates all of its content, but like a common carrier, through which content passes in order to eventually take a final form through publication or to remain private because it was never intended to be public. In addition, the internet now serves as a replacement for physical world public spaces like parks, pubs, and churches where people once gathered, and so from a social standpoint, it needs to support the same ability to speak and reason that people had in those places. Trying to stop people from thinking bad thoughts because they might do bad things has not worked, and some evidence suggests that it will backfire because when you censor someone, you legitimize their grievances and their paranoid worldview that they are the victims of society. By the same token, open communication encourages people to see hope in the world, but of course the Left fears it because after fifty years of Leftist rule, people are noticing that none of the promises came true and not only did existing promises get worse, but we got exciting new ones too!

  • Juncker says World War 2 could have been AVOIDED if EU had been formed in time

    Let us review history: the French overthrew their kings based on the promise of more food and ended up starving instead, so they embarked on wars to spread the “good news” of democracy to the rest of Europe, destabilizing many nations and in turn, kicking off Leftist revolutions in those nations. This created an unsteady arrangement which collapsed just in time to trigger the first world war, during which the Leftists reprised their Napoleonic role and attempted to conquer mainland Europe for democracy yet again. The “war to end all wars” did not succeed, and the response to it guaranteed that a second round would be needed, after which point democracy was victorious and so we have not had a repeat of the war, instead experience the slow wrecking of civilization at which democracy excels. Slow suicide or fast suicide, which do you prefer? Juncker describes the WW1 dream again, which is a retelling of the Napoleonic dream, and tells us why globalism is so popular: once Leftism conquers everything, there can be no more conflict, simply because we will all be marching to the same ideology and therefore, want the same things. All money will be redistributed, all power evenly divided, and everyone will be accepted. Peace will reign and no one will want for anything. In theory, it seems to make sense, except that we realize that humans in large groups become geared toward generic solutions which become increasingly inaccurate as they are localized, and that spreading the wealth simply subsidizes non-performance and creates a group of unrealistic people. In other words, the dream turns only to death, and now the EU is the latest incarnation of that death, as its leaders tell it to us, at least.

  • Postal Service Prayer: Deliver Us From Fiscal Doom

    The postal service shows us what the pension bomb will be like in the West: all of our bureaucracy and affirmative action policies created vast armies of government workers who, if they put in their twenty years, get a salary for the rest of their lives. Now instead of dying at age sixty-five or seventy-six as was the average, they are going to be living for a century or close to it, and so the cost of fifty years of pensions (or more) will fall upon us. Since affirmative action was in force, and government workers are not really all that productive anyway, we hired armies of these people… and no one seems to have fully funded them, or perhaps anticipated how many of these would live for as long as they are. Eventually, they are going to come to the voters, cap in hand, and the voters will look at the amount and turn absolutely white. They have no idea how huge it is, or how easily this could have been avoided, but they listened to and trusted the voices on their televisions who talked about free things. Cities, states, and countries will all fall through the default they will be forced to undertake in the face of these massive debt bombs.

  • LeBron James: ‘Old White’ NFL Owners Have ‘Slave Mentality’

    NFL is toxic to the health of Americans anyway, because like Fox News it encourages you to spend all of your time screaming at screens instead of doing something in the real world. However, we see the crisis facing minorities: they will never feel good about life until they are ruled by those of their own group, but they also profit greatly off of the majority, who has given them opportunities they never would have had elsewhere. Right now, we keep trying to find ways to give them enough control that they will be happy, but in the future, it will become clear that the only future involves total separation and for Africans, in Africa, to own their own football league and make profit off of their fellow Africans. White people can go back home and watch football by white people and for white people on their own white people television networks, profiting off of fellow white people, with nary a minority face or name in sight.

  • Bernie Sanders top choice of progressives in 2020

    The Left ran out of room to expand. Their movement arises during thriving civilizations to appeal to those who have not found a way to succeed, and tells them that their lack of success was caused by oppression, that equality will make them a success, and that everyone else is in denial of this because they are simply greedy. This leaves a clear imperative: destroy society and replace it with equality Utopia. This message will always appeal to humans in their moments of weakness, when it seems like the world is against them, and they want a reason that someone should take care of them. The more that society unravels, the more people feel weak and persecuted and want someone to help them out. This leads to the appearance of Bernie Sanders, the college professor type of rumpled person who seems to have far out solutions that are actually real, like really real, man. Children flock to him because he has a single answer for all problems; this is the same appeal that anti-Semitism has, or anti-white racial bigotry, or even blaming “the corporations” for all of our ills. His solution, like that of Emmanuel Macron, is to offer more deez. “Deez” is short for subsidies, and Leftists always offer deez, which require taxing the population, pump priming economic activity, selling debt or loans in something like quantitative easing, and then assembling a huge amount of debt. One extreme of deez, the Soviet Union, ran itself bankrupt in only 70 years despite having massive oil reserves; another, Venezuela, did the same in a much shorter period of time. In denial of that, many young Americans seem to find socialism appealing. Good: let us get this conflict out in the open. It is the herd that wants to be parasitic versus those of us who want to build a civilization. These people are as delusional as Republicans who think that minorities will ever vote conservative, mainly because they believe in systems and this is what their system tells them, and the sooner we get this idiocy exposed and debunked, the better.

  • License-to-Kill Policing to Get a Trial Run in Rio de Janeiro

    The Enlightenment kicked off the idea of human form, not divine order, as the basis of our lives. Centuries later, we have seen the end result of worship of humanity — sometimes called humanism, civil rights, human rights, equality, and utilitarianism — which is a complete lack of social order, culture, heritage, faith, wisdom, or understanding of reality. We have become bigots against adaptation to reality, and we exist in “idea bubbles” formed of our reactions to what other people tell us and the categories that they use, and this enables us to embrace the outright insane as if it were wisdom. The backlash against this comes in the form of results-oriented thinking, including “license-to-kill” policing. Instead of worrying about human rights, we figure that we allow cops to shoot people who are in the midst of committing crimes, and that this incentivizes everyone else to demonstrate clearly that they were not committing crimes. Namely, they will go home, clear out all the illegal substances, and when something is going down, hide in their domiciles and wait for the chaos to pass. They now have a financial interest in demonstrating that they are not criminals, since failing to survive is expensive. The American version of this seems to be police who are more willing to open fire on people who ignore commands and still make threatening or ambiguous gestures.

  • ‘You Have Been in Afghanistan, I Perceive’

    We fought two worlds wars to force the world to adopt our liberal democracy and market-based economic system. Since this strategy seemed to work, we doubled down and used it against the Soviets. We got our warning in Vietnam when a third world country preferred Communism to our “freedom” mainly because it was incapable of self rule, and it still suffers for this. Now we have embarked on grand wars in the middle east, first to smash terrorism and later, to impose democracy and the usual stew of justice, independence, gay rights, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and the like. However, it has increasingly become clear that Spengler was right and “every country gets the government it deserves.” The third world is not ready for democracy; democracy is failing here, albeit more slowly as we have more wealth and higher average IQs that enable us to make just about anything work for long enough that it can destroy us from within. It is time to reserve the right to bomb terrorists, but bring the boys home from these nation-building projects. The Bush era is officially over.

  • Polish prime minister tells Poles living in UK to return to Poland after Brexit

    It is a sign of health to live among your own people. If you live elsewhere, you are either conquered, a slave, or an economic slave, and what you earn in money will not make up for what you lose in self-respect. As Poland casts aside destructive Leftism, it can re-dedicate itself to having a thriving economy, which will draw its people back home from the UK and US where they languish in foreign cultures. Then, the renewed population can make Poland even more vital, especially with the knowledge that they take home from the West. The same applies to all minority groups, whether ethnic or racial, under our current failing state of diversity. Nationalism works; diversity can only destroy.

  • Manufacturers to pay full recycling costs in bid to stop waste

    We all want to do better for the environment, but if we do not do so in a way that works with business, we merely impose costs via government and those are passed on to the consumers. Watch what happens here: government makes new rules, business implements those rules, and costs have gone up, so business pays its workers less and charges more for its products. Consumers find other alternatives, specifically imported ones, appealing, and so domestic industry in this area goes away or at least is massively restricted. This whole process takes seven to fifteen years, so by the time it happens, “no one knows” why it did. Everything goes into the memory hole. The imported products are more environmentally destructive. Many more bureaucrats are already hired, so taxes must go up even further. No one wins.

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