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Periscope (December 18, 2018)

  • Standoff over Trump border wall puts Congress in budget ‘pickle’

    Advantage: Trump. His constituency are the ones who pay into the system, not those taking paychecks, entitlements, or fees from it. When government shuts down, life for us is grand. There are fewer obvious welfare candidates on the road in recent-model SUVs, buying up thousands of dollars of luxury consumer goods at the big stores. Government employees actually go to their jobs, instead of raging around the world on extensive and interminable personal missions that usually involve home remodeling or the installation of home entertainment systems. All of the parasitic nerd bureaucrats, told-ya-so proles in positions of authority, and yes-men who live through paperwork seem to shut down and stay home as well. You see more upper-half-of-middle-class Western European people around, doing what they always do, which is conduct life with minimum fanfare, make stuff work, and try to improve the aesthetics and comfort of existence. Please shut the government down. Life is better that way.

  • Death of The Weekly Standard Signals Rebirth of the Right

    Neoconservatives were the conservative wing of the deep state, which fits since they emerged from the Bush clan who had been deeply entrenched with the CIA (although by rumor they shot JFK, which puts them up there with John Wilkes Booth in the list of heroic American assassins). The CIA learned its “color revolution” trick long ago, in that it could subvert any person or nation by offering them the seductive products of the West, including sex, consumer goods, alcohol, and “freedom,” which ties closely with “sex.” We learned to break down standards, cultures, and values, which allowed us to inject our own propaganda into those minds. One might say that the neoconservatives then wanted to do the same to the American people and the world, and they found their acolyte in William F. Buckley, an Irishman pretending to be an Anglo so that he could preach a mixture of libertarianism, democracy, and watered-down social conservatism. This allowed the Right to have a control system as powerful as Communism but without the suicidal idealism of national socialism or fascism, which were clearly in spirit opposed to modernity even if they made the fatal mistake of attempting to use its methods. Unfortunately, as we all learn, crowdism does not care what form the human herd takes, only that human group behavior always and without exception converges on something bureaucratic, control-oriented, and most of all, against higher standards and therefore dystopian and dysgenic. Once it was clear how popular neoconservatism was, it also became clear that its popularity came from its armchair nature that avoided motivating Right-wingers to actually combat the decay of modernity, instead encouraging them to be self-righteous judges of the rest of us while accumulating their pile of money, guns, and bibles. Neoconservatism will not be missed by anyone with a soul.

  • As US life expectancy falls, West Virginia offers lessons

    People are dying from suicide, but also poor health brought on by lack of economic opportunity. A sane person would scroll back to see what we have done during the past five decades that has brought about this condition. We see: immigration, women in the workforce, sexual liberation, diversity, the “Great Society” socialist-style entitlements state, the modern managerial job, unions, and of course, a regulations-based economy. If we want to survive, we could start by peeling back those to see if the situation gets better, which is what Trump is doing as a moderate. Did he say “moderate”? Yes: other than to those who accept the far-Left status quo as our new direction, what Trump is doing is moderate, like a less conservative and more libertarian Ronald Reagan. He focuses on what works, instead of what is “ideologically correct” like our presidents since Bush I.

  • UK couple who named baby after Hitler jailed for terror group membership

    These seem like “people with problems,” and there is no way to get around that, but they are a useful case to demonstrate that we do not have “freedom.” What we have is freedom to act toward the agenda of freedom, which is narrowly interpreted as promotion of liberal democracy and the ideological tools used to sustain it, namely civil rights and equality. Our system is thus paradoxical, which is a nice word for hypocritical, since it claims to deliver freedom but in fact demands obedience. We should then either re-state our goals or re-interpret them and apply those, since right now, we are incoherent.

  • Rock Hudson’s stardom, closeted love life subject of new biography

    I have said in the past that there are three ways that people become gay:

    1. Nature. They are born gay, probably because of something that occurs during genetic recombination. Nature senses that reproduction for these kids would be a bad thing and neuters them.
    2. Nurture. Whether through abuse or reaction to the world, the kids turn out gay to avoid reproducing.
    3. Fatigue. Dating is hell, so many people opt into homosexuality as a means of not having to deal with long-term partners.

    This book on Rock Hudson shows one method of ending up at the second way: “Escaping reality at the Winnetka movie theater was a must for the boy with an overprotective and domineering mother, a father who walked out on the family, and a stepfather who beat him.” In my personal experience, many gay men especially have had absent or overly-false-masculine fathers, such as violently abusive ones. If you force a boy to submit, whether with your penis or the belt, you create someone who is more likely to become homosexual.

  • Statistic of the year: 90.5 percent of plastic is not recycled (non-paywall)

    Our modern technique is to be “objective” but to fail to sample all of the relevant options, zooming in on what we want to “prove” and then making a case that since we cannot disprove it, it must be universally and absolutely true. In reality, you have to look at all relevant facts, and this “step zero” is the one that most modern authorities skip. For step zero, we should ask: what percentage of the plastics that we manufacture do we actually need? Most of this gunk, under capitalism or socialism, exists to keep people happy by giving them new stuff to play with. This means that we are acting in Enlightenment™-style preference for individual human desires instead of necessary results. Perhaps the modern state is not a substitute for traditional life, where people had other things to focus on like cultural events and practices, including the use of aristocrats to separate wants from needs. As far as modern solutions, neither side can help us. The Left will make recycling mandatory and shoot a bunch of people in order to show us that they are serious; the right will waffle on about “muh free market solutions” and do nothing of consequence, while in reality most of our plastic waste these days comes from food and electronics packaging discarded by the rising third world populations who make up 90% of humanity and have an average IQ in the 80s (this means that nothing important will come from them).

  • Alice Walker under fire for praise of ‘antisemitic’ David Icke book

    I thought David Icke (pronounced like Eisenhower and not “icky,” although Eisenhower was icky) wrote about how reptilians control us all, in They Live style? No matter: this story establishes that brown people are more pitiable than Jews and therefore have more rights in an egalitarian diverse society. This will be proven because nothing is going to happen of any import in this case. To brown people, Jews and other mixed-race whites (Irish, Italians, Slavs, Greeks, Massachusetts) are just white people, and the fact that they are wealthy makes them super-white. Therefore, the class warfare agenda of racial diversity continues unabated through this story.

  • Social media is turning a generation of children into liars, leading headmistress warns

    “On the internet, no one knows that you are a dog,” and therefore, you can project yourself into being whoever you want to be. If you can fake it, you can make it. However, the reaction to that becomes a necessity to, in order to compete, create a fake online persona that is you as you wish that you were, not as you are. Sort of like equality itself, where peasants pretend to be kings, we project ourselves as social roles, and gain importance from that. This headmistress is correct but she does not go far enough: projection makes us narcissists, and narcissism is a lie. We all exist within a hierarchy of humanity and nature, whether we like it or not. Acceptance of that is part of maturation; once we mature, or as part of maturation at least, we can become self-actualized or accepting of reality and therefore, able to find out what we can do to adapt to it and maximize the enjoyment of life in the context in which we find ourselves, both inner traits (immutable) and outer reality, which can be improved through gradual qualitative change a.k.a. evolution.

  • Get Used to It, America: We’re No Longer No. 1

    “In purchasing-power-parity terms, China’s economy became the world’s largest in about 2013.” Thus we must ask: how did the Chinese rise and the Americans fall? The answer is that America sacrificed its wealth and power on the altar of diversity, much as it did in 1861, since for it to maintain its egalitarian belief system, it had to incorporate everyone and reject the natural hierarchy of human individuals as well as the need for national unity, which is genetic more than ideological (including “cultural” as libertarians, mainstream conservatives, and other denialists argue). We threw it all away for a symbolic victory, which is what happens when you put a committee in charge, and in this case the committee is the fungible mass of our voters, which includes vulnerable groups like women, children, homosexuals, and minorities.

  • Christopher Steele: I Was Hired to Help Hillary Clinton Challenge the 2016 Election Results

    Clinton wanted to mount a legal challenge to the election results, so she came up with a form of plausible doubt, mainly that if she could prove any interference, she could demand a do-over. This denies the fact that every election has some interference, especially when a country is so dumb as to allow “free speech” to be a shield for companies like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Apple who censor conservative perspectives in order to promote Leftist ones. In this case, the Leftists are complaining that their censorship and propaganda were not enough because someone else got to inject propaganda too. The only realistic solution here is to exile all Leftists to Venezuela and be done with the mess.

  • Thunder Bay police services board dissolved after scathing ‘racism’ report

    Police notice that third-world, Mongolian-descended Amerinds (“Native Americans,” “Indians,” “First Nations”) are in fact third-world people and so are prone to violence, drunkenness, laziness, rape, and theft. As a result, they enforce more severely on these groups and treat them like dangerous animals, because every cop wants to be able to actually go home alive at the end of his shift. Egalitarians panic, and Amerinds use this as an excuse to demand less enforcement, because this way they can keep raping and robbing their way through life as they did to the settlers, provoking the Indian Wars… Leftists like this because it gives Leftists more power… the only people who hate it are the victims, and they do not know yet that they are going to be victims, because this police department will be replaced by one that makes Rule #1 “do not offend the Amerinds” and so crime will occur unabated and never be solved, all for ideological reasons. This outcome is typical of Leftism and diversity.

  • Couple meeting with Mattel to push for same-sex Barbie wedding set

    You say that I am a hippie because I say that NAxALT, or “not all [ethnic/racial/social group members] are like that,” and point out that only the Leftist ones are. Same is true of gays: the Leftists want to force gay marriage into every corner of life, but the saner ones recognize that gay marriage has always been an oxymoron. Marriage is for reproduction and family and, outside of political pressure, gay people recognize that they are on another path entirely. That is what it is to be gay. Some refuse to accept this, but for the most part, gay people recognize that they cannot both be “different” and live the same lifestyles as the normal heterosexual types (98.6% of the population) do. As someone who is a bit eccentric and by virtue of my philosophical beliefs outside of the mainstream, I have no tears for these whiners. What a bunch of pan– err, moral wimps.

  • Women’s March Washington state chapter disbands over anti-Semitism concerns

    Not every group shares white suburban Leftist values. If we are to declare that we live in a diverse society, it means accepting that diverse groups like Muslims and Africans will have different views than “we” do, and therefore that you are going to have to find a way to accept that diversity means constants values clashes and outright ethnic warfare. Since that is unacceptable, the Left is trying to patch up diversity with ideological enforcement, but this in turn foretells the death of diversity as every group sees that no group will get what it wants. Balkanization inbound!

  • New JSO unit tasked with seizing guns from those deemed threat

    2016: “They’re not coming to take your guns, you bigots clinging to your guns and religion!”

    2018: “We are going to seize guns from potential school shooters”

    2020: “Anyone who posts anything but pro-diversity, pro-pluralism, pro-peace, and pro-homosexual propaganda on Facebook is a potential school shooter, and we’re going to take their guns and then arrest them for having guns, so that all dissenters end up in jail. Any questions?”

  • Dollar Stores Planning for Permanent American Underclass, Sell More Groceries Than Whole Foods

    The theory of Crowdism states that in large groups, humans converge on the same approximate behaviors, including control, conformity, and bureaucratic administrative-managerial regulation. These inevitably create a central authority which then becomes the primary industry, in order to further control its constituency. This group can only justify itself through the eternal human desire for equality, so as egalitarians, its members redistribute wealth by taking from the successful to give to the unsuccessful. This simply raises costs across the board, reduces supply, and lowers wages. That in turn obliterates the middle class and replaces it with a vast permanent underclass who live off government until government bankrupts itself, as happened in the Soviet Union and is about to happen in the West. Summary: human wishful thinking leads to us dominating ourselves and self-destructing.

  • Google isn’t the company that we should have handed the Web over to

    Google fooled us all because they were hip. Surely, we assumed, this group of young and dynamic people could not end up stodgy and corporate like Microsoft or IBM before it. As it turns out, Crowdism wins: every large human group ends up thinking like a committee, and that means that it turns into the same stodgy corporate stuff, even if it was founded by hippies or white nationalists. Without some sort of leadership caste, all groups turn into internal competitions for attention by their members, which makes them act against the interests of the group, creating a dark organization which then preys upon its audience by taking advantage of its monopolist status. Now we see that Google are in fact worse than Microsoft, because at least Microsoft does not have a messianic complex that demands it reform the world into a new vision provided by the internet. Expect more corrupt anti-competitive behavior from Google, since it has now grown to the point where it needs to maintain all those people it hired, and they and its shareholders will not accept anything except constant growth, which since it has outgrown its industry, requires constant conquest, assimilation, and digestion of anything promising around it. This is the classic cash cow monopoly “black hole” death spiral.

  • ‘Generations at Risk’: Paraguay Study Links Agrotoxins to DNA Damage

    Any technology gets rolled out until we figure out its disadvantages, and then we backpedal furiously. The twentieth century showed us the promise of unlimited humanity as we conquered the world with antibiotics, the internal combustion engine, pesticides, fertilizers, digital computers, plastics, and immunizations. These are all slowing or reversing in efficacy. In particular, we are finding out that internal combustion engine exhaust and pesticides are not just wrecking our health but mutating us in the process. The future involves more expensive food and fewer people.

  • Gender equality at work could take ‘more than 200 years’

    Every government loves a perpetual war that it can never fully win, because that way, it always has an excuse to control you, take your money, and keep you terrified of falling out of line. The war for equality will never end. If they ever achieve equality, natural variation will make someone or (better) some group unequal, and so until everyone has Down’s Syndrome and lives in the same state of dire poverty, government will have an excuse to mobilize all of us for war. It is like WW2 never ended.

  • Trump Foundation agrees to dissolve under court supervision

    Leftists claim that this agreement asserts “one set of rules for everyone,” but in fact, it means that Leftist charities can get away with anything. The Trump Foundation folded because it is probably irrelevant now anyway, since anything it does will be over-scrutinized, while the Clinton Foundation will continue its pattern of consistent corruption to zero fanfare from the media, courts, or Congress.

  • Xi Jinping says China ‘will not seek to dominate’

    Trump beats China: the nation that formerly claimed it wanted to rule the world has now dialed back those plans, mainly because it predicated its future domination on America continuing its Obama-era policies of allowing China to block our trade while selling us cheap goods, bribing out politicians, spying on our industry, and buying up our real estate. In the meantime, the rest of us are out here wondering why a nation with such a history of empire and collapse as China, which ended up in a third-world condition as a radical Communist regime, would make a good candidate for superpower. That, and their having fought two wars against us — Korea, directly and as a proxy war, and Vietnam as a proxy war — suggests that these are not the good guys, or at least, not competent enough to be a superpower that rules for the benefit of humanity, nature, and wisdom.

  • Illegal aliens charged in murder of Garden City whistleblower

    One illegal alien points out that other illegal aliens are hiring groups of illegal aliens at slave wages in order to make huge profits, which most likely are sent home to the third world where the money is worth quite a bit more than here. Murder results, but the bigger point is that illegal immigration is a racket at every level, with the most vicious winning out through human trafficking, which is probably also what happens as a consequence of migration into Europe, which has created a new slave class and those who own them in Africa.

  • South Africa’s ‘toxic’ race relations

    Before apartheid, African workers in South Africa — who migrated there from the north because the European-created farms offered jobs and functional social institutions — had no voice. With apartheid, they were given “separate but equal” style living. After apartheid, they rule South Africa through their greater numbers at the polling stations. Now, we must ask, how did all this equality and diversity (ethnic/racial equality) work out? As it turns out, it worked out just as badly as it did in the USA. Most people will blame whites, or blacks, but really, we should take this as further proof that diversity is simply an unworkable policy because it makes ethnic groups into special interests fighting each other for dominance of the nation-state.

  • Corruption investigators have raided Australia’s Labor Party offices in Sydney and it’s reportedly over links to Chinese influence (non-paywall)

    Few in the West are talking about it, but starting the 1950s the Chinese began buying up American politicians. They focused on the Left since the Left seeks to destroy unified power and replace it with a mob, so tends to hate its host country and ally with its enemies. It worked for the Soviets, too. The Chinese, their politicians, and useful idiots sought to influence Western policy in order to make our countries weaker and more divided. Perhaps someday we will find out that diversity was one of their most sacred pet projects.

  • Poland reinstates Supreme Court judges following EU ruling

    Did you need more proof that the EU = the new USSR? Poland retired a passel of Leftist judges; the EU demanded they be re-instated, and threatened Poland with an inability to export workers and therefore receive funds from the first world. Poland had to back down. Like the USSR, the EU uses an egalitarian ideology to control its people and mobilize them as masses, mainly because egalitarianism justifies strong government and constant wealth transfer. This will penalize the successful, marginalize them and cause them to stop reproducing, and make all of Europe into a third world ruin, but at least the bureaucrats, lawyers, consultants, and politicians will get paid quite handsomely.

  • If you want to understand what’s behind the demonstrations in Budapest, keep your eyes peeled for the Soros network and see who’s doing all the talking

    These protests in Hungary are as fake as the “color revolutions”: agitators have spread around money in order to create events which the compliant media can then report upon as if most people in Hungary support them, when in fact most people are neutral or opposed to what is going on. Never trust the media, because they are Leftists first and therefore, do whatever benefits international Leftism, the force behind globalism, diversity, internationalism, the New World Order, and multiculturalism. They are as dogmatic as the Soviets and will do whatever they have to in order to control all of us. Their ultimate goal is world domination as a permanent superpower with unlimited capacity to manipulate its citizens, including removal of those who do not conform. Avoid Leftism, problem solved.

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