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  • Trump’s immigration crackdown starts to gain traction

    Trump denied Bahamian emergency immigration, got support from the Supreme Court on deportation policy and using military funds to build the wall, got Mexico on-board, deployed troops to the border, and is constructing 450 miles of wall. The Left was able to stage resistance, as usual, but ultimately it folded as it became clear that the arc of history is now following the Trump ideal instead of the Clinton-Obama one. If Trump achieves a reversal of the USA’s pro-diversity and pro-overpopulation immigration policy, especially the Hart-Celler Act, he will have surpassed Ronald Reagan and defeated the new Soviet Union, which is forced civil rights in defense of diversity, a.k.a. “white genocide.”

  • ‘Texodus’: Why the Lone Star State might turn blue for real this time

    At the same time, “suburban voters – in particular suburban women – have been moving left. That’s turning states with big suburban populations – states like Texas, states like Georgia, states like Arizona – much more purple.”

    The media keeps telling us this, but it sounds more like they have infested the suburbs with more people who vote Leftist, rather than the suburbs actually changing their views. This is what happens when urban dwellers — who tend to be solipsistic and selfish — move from NYC, LA, SF, and Chicago to sprawling decentralized cities as they have in the South.

  • New ‘SNL’ Cast Member Shane Gillis Uses Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Remarks in Resurfaced Material

    He uses racial language and stereotypes in a podcast about racism. So what? More people are asking the same thing, simply because we are exhausted by the constant quest for ideological purity by burning those who may be racist witches.

  • London protesters accuse Jews of ‘taking over the world’

    Random Africans show up claiming to be true Israelites, and promptly accuse Jews of being everything that Der Sturmer and Al-Rasalah characterize them as. In the meantime, Jews are reconsidering their previous support for diversity, yet are becoming aware that to really fix the situation, they will have to end the diaspora and return to Israel.

  • Associations Between Time Spent Using Social Media and Internalizing and Externalizing Problems Among US Youth

    People who spend too much time on social media have difficulty determining whether their impulses come from within or from their virtual social group. Next-level research will point out that social groups in physical life — including office water coolers, church committees, the regulars the pub, volunteer organizations, barber shop chat, and listening to radio personalities — also create this same crisis. The healthiest approach to socializing is that of the Finns, who consider a five-minute public discussion to be at the limit of social commitment.

  • Why the man Trump once called ‘my African American’ is leaving the GOP

    At the end of the day, no matter how much they intend well, every group reverts back to its own ethnic self-interest alone. This is a feature, not a bug, of diversity. Like other adversarial systems, diversity causes each group to be constantly fighting with all others, which prevents the development of a firm cultural consensus, something Leftists fear because they figure that they will be on the wrong side of it (Leftists have an inherently defensive, self-pitying, fatalistic, and resentful outlook). Minority groups will never vote for majority interests because minority groups would have to be silly to do so.

  • Human Rights Watch publishes report analyzing racial bias in the Tulsa Police Department

    The report shows a disparity between how white and black Tulsans are treated by police, with black citizens being arrested more than twice as often.

    Report finds no systemic racism but that Black citizens are being arrested twice as often. What does this tell us? Each ethnic group needs its own legal system because our behaviors are different. Stuff that would not fly in white communities, or especially upper-half-of-middle-class ethnic Western European (UHOMEWE) communities, is normal and necessary in Black communities. Diversity, which is another way of saying that we invent a universal One Right Way and force different ethnic groups to adopt it through assimilation and integration, denies this fundamental disparity in needs more even than treatment.

  • China to exempt US pork and soybeans from additional trade war duties, in response to Trump’s tariff delay

    China is slowly losing ground because it realizes that it needs the US more than the US needs China, after decades of the Leftist media — which is partially owned by China — telling us the opposite, and that the US actually wants to break free from its dependency relationship with China entirely in a process called “decoupling.” This scares China, because without the US and EU to lift it, China is an unsteady and unstable economy cobbled to a crypto-totalitarian Communist government, all of which indicates an unstable nation which might unleash 1.4bn starving Orientals on Asia and Eurasia in advent of collapse.

  • White Colorado State students won’t be punished over blackface photo, school says

    The years of massively dramatic public self-flagellation over racial incidents appear to be over as school points out that students have first amendment rights, its policies should not cover incidents which occur off-campus like posting photos to social media, and that the role of the school is at most to say how sad it is that this sort of thing happens. There have been more than a few racial incidents in the area recently, probably brought on by the fact that people living in Colorado are those who fled the coasts before the rest of the herd caught on, so they are a slight cut smarter than your average Murrican and therefore, more likely to be critical of diversity. As an interesting detail, media establishments have not named the students for the usual crucifixion-by-search-engine that the media has used to smash down dissent for two decades. Bonus: the blonde girl in the photo is Jewish.

  • South Africa xenophobic violence: Nigerians fly back to Lagos

    Diversity works nowhere, even ethnic diversity or religious diversity among members of the same race. Even more, diverse societies have low social trust and are driven by constant internal fighting over power by different special interest groups, which makes them both ineffective and chaotic.

  • ‘I Profoundly Regret Harvard’s Past Association With Him’: Bacow Announces Univ. Will Donate Unspent Epstein Gifts

    How to deal with an angry mob at your door: promise them what they want, and then as soon as they nod and go on about their lives, now satisfied that “The Problem” has been addressed, call it off knowing that the controversy is safely in the memory hole and no one is going to do anything. Crowds have one moment of power, which is when you turn on the porch light and come out to see them all there with torches, tar, and feathers, and they demand that you answer them about some problem — almost all of them symbolic, or in other words not real — in that very moment. If you delay, especially while saying something that sounds “profound” and “different” and even “iconoclastic” or “fearless,” then the crowd slinks away, knowing that it has been beaten.

  • New Zealand’s PM Ardern acts to tighten gun laws further, six months after attack

    They always do. Neurotic people-pleaser Jacinda Ardern — who always knows the “right” answer according to the textbooks, but is lost in real world situations not mediated by what other humans approve of — decides that the best way to handle the fallout of suicide by diversity is to keep banning guns, especially since not enough people turned in their guns when she clapped and demanded obedience. People like this are just tiresome, proles with too much power who want to tear down everyone that they correctly intuit is naturally above them. This woman should be a scullery maid, not a politician.

  • Paris paralysed by massive strike over pensions

    French transportation workers riot because universal pension plan — similar to Social Security — would force them to work until age 63, eight years longer than the situation at present. In reality, society cannot afford any of these plans, not just because they are bankrupting every place where they are tried, but because they cause people to become spendthrifts since they no longer have to save for tomorrow. We are turning ourselves into Idiocracy with entitlements and other in loco parentis acts of the Nanny State.

  • Gay ‘chemsex’ is fueling HIV epidemics in Europe, experts warn

    It turns out that taking crystal meth so that you can have sex with multiple partners all night long might lead to you getting a whole lot of pink foamy AIDS in your bloodstream. In my view, society should just keep trucking along toward what works — chaste heterosexual nuclear families of the founding ethnic group — and let everyone else tag along as they may. If they insist on giving themselves AIDS through chemsex, then let natural selection do its thing.

  • Budget deficit smashes $1 trillion mark, the highest in seven years

    We gave up on spending on everything else — infrastructure, military, future investment — over the past twenty-six years so that we could spend the money on civil rights and entitlements. Now, as always happens with Republicans, Trump is directing money toward necessary things, but the Left insists we drag along the civil rights and entitlements spending which comprises three-quarters of our budget and has created record debt at every level of government. As usual, the solution is to remove Leftism, government, and neurotics and stop the entitlements and civil rights spending, at which point we will be able to pay down our debt and live well.

  • Controversial insecticides shown to threaten survival of wild birds

    It turns out that insecticides, which are known to kill bugs quite well, also kill off other species. We have been living on the assumption for the past seventy-four years that this was not the case. Looks like we are going to have to revise our predictions and realize that Malthus was right: we cannot support a larger population, at least without committing ecocide.

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