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  • 450 miles of border wall by next year? In Arizona, it starts

    Looks like we are getting the national symbol for “diversity did not work, we are full, go back home.”

  • World losing area of forest the size of the UK each year, report finds

    We have more trees but less forest. A forest is an ecosystem, or a working structure in which thousands of creatures and plants have niches, all of which both support and are supported by the trees. It is the definition of an architectonic or internally self-supporting system. We can plant trees all we want, but these will not be a replacement for forest unless left alone for decades to build back the type of natural complexity found in forest systems.

  • South Africa crime: Police figures show rising murder and sexual offences

    Diversity means that your society spends all of its time fighting over which special interest group has power, and in the meantime, everything falls apart, corruption takes over, and a third world lifestyle swallows up the group. The lack of order allows the worst in every ethnic group — they have different behaviors, tendencies, aesthetics, inclinations, and desires — to come to the surface, and then low-grade ethnic warfare destroys the rest of your society. Like democracy, diversity comes with a label above it reading, ABANDON ALL HOPE OF SURVIVAL YE WHO ENTER HERE. You would have to be a total moron to do it and yet it remains one of the most people human social/emotional ideas.

  • Fraudsters helped 900 migrants stay in UK in Britain’s biggest fake visa scam

    When we do our postmortem on diversity, we will find that scams like this were the norm, not the exception. We are giving out free stuff; that attracts (by definition) those who like to get something for nothing, namely criminals and grifters. They in turn form a market for other scammers to sell services that allow the great theft to continue. The politicians say something pleasant on the television, and the voters slumber on uninterrupted.

  • Paris, four other French cities ban use of pesticides

    The pendulum may have swung too far on this one, but the sentiment has not. Pesticides enable us to have more humans, but they destroy our environment. We would rather have fewer humans but of a higher quality and be able to have our environment, than to generate an endless flood of thoughtless proles at the expense of nature. We are going to have to decide in the future between quality and quantity.

  • Exclusive: Germany eyes massive windfall from plunging borrowing costs

    Here we go again. The Left loves demand-side economics, in which they make it easy to borrow money, stimulating quick economic growth that then crashes a decade later. Right now, Germany is desperate for any way that it can keep its opulent benefits and entitlements system despite the fact that it is out of money and has been for some time. Germans will not love their government when it tells them that it wage-enslaved them so the population dropped, and now the money they paid into the system will be vanishing. People might even develop a consciousness beyond their own lifetime and decide that there should be little Germans in the future, instead of worrying only about their money during their lifetime as modern people tend to do.

  • Finnish MPs criticize science magazine over cover image

    Finns point out the obvious about overpopulation, which is that it is not happening in Europe. In fact, our populations began to contract decades ago when people became existentially miserable in the context of modern society. Places that have not yet experienced the misery of tax-and-spend lifestyles and wars for democracy — like India, China, Africa, and South America — are adding all of the new people to our planet. Soon, modern society will exterminate first world people and leave only billions of subsistence-living people who will consume everything that moves or photosynthesizes. Naturally, this provides zero future for business or culture, so people are pushing back. Europeans need to have more children, or at least, the smart Europeans need to. The neurotics, Leftists, and other lunatics need to die out.

  • Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House

    Cell-phone interceptors mimic cell phone towers and use that man-in-the-middle attack to intercept all of your calls and internet. Most likely, Israel got a whole lot of Washington residents talking about the most inane stuff possible, which caused the listeners to kill themselves, and now the program is folding. One other good thing about Trump: a blunt president who speaks his mind has few secrets, which tells the rest of the world that it can go back to spying on Justin Trudeau and his weird sexual acrobatics involving a troupe of mimes, a dozen transgender dancers, a bucket of suet, and a trained seal.

  • US National Public Radio producer Furkan Khan resigns after her Hinduphobic tweet goes viral in India

    Khan — sounds just like what it is, a descendant of the Mongol warlord, living on in names like Kane and Cohen as well — decides to say some really nasty stuff about Hindus.

    “If Indians give up on Hinduism, they will also be solving most of their problems. What with all the piss drinking and dung worshipping,” she had tweeted on September 9.

    People named Khan tend to be Muslim. She calls for a secular state so that her tribe can take over the formerly Hindu people. Similarly, in America and Europe, Leftists religiously endorse atheism so that they can destroy our national cultures and replace them with Leftist political culture and multiculture. The resulting anti-culture of an artificial nature cannot fulfill the functions of regular culture, so in time people abandon it.

  • ‘Fake News’ Fears: 95% of Americans ‘Troubled’ by Current State of Media, Poll Finds

    They claim that this is about “fake news,” but in reality, the problem is that the regular news is fake. We are living in a media environment that is as controlled as the one in the Soviet Union was, except that in our world, the Leftist herd has found a way to insert itself in private industry. They point to this and say, “See, we are not State propaganda,” ignoring the fact that they are exclusively promoting Leftism and its replacement of family, religion, culture, heritage, and inner moral compass with an ideology and the state that supports it. Our 93% Leftist media preaches what Leftists want to hear, which is that anything traditional is bad and anything egalitarian is good. This soothes the population, which consists of two groups: useful idiots who want to believe in Leftism because their lives are empty, and don’t-rock-the-boat bourgeois who just want to hear that everything is fine and they have not been lied to all of their lives. Needless to say, they have been lied to all of their lives and nothing is fine. Leftism is in the late stages of destroying another great civilization.

  • America’s sweeping tide of diversity

    Since 2010, 96% of all U.S. counties saw declines in shares of white population and the white population has grown only 0.1%. This means that The Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory in the eyes of media, but a reality for white America. We should ask ourselves why so few of us are breeding. Maybe working to pay taxes, in a world where very few get ahead except the vicious, where relationships are shattered by sexual liberation and diversity has destroyed social trust, is not as fulfilling as people think. Happy populations have big families. Unhappy populations die out. Poor little rich kids of the first world, we are both doing better than everyone else and far from doing well.

  • Halfway through gun buyback and only 10 per cent of banned firearms collected

    From two months ago: “New Zealand’s first gun buyback event a success, police say.” It turns out that it was not, but they withheld that information long enough for it to go into the memory hole, so now what people remember is that there was a successful gun buyback. In the meantime, people are holding onto their guns because they expect a collapse of social order.

  • Transgenic Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Transfer Genes into a Natural Population

    GMO bugs escape the lab and mingle with the wild population. They always do. Humanity, never thinking about the consequences of its actions, just does what makes it feel more powerful, and then later on passes the buck on to someone else. One of these days it will come back to bite us (heh) when we create a killer epidemic or wipe out one of our food crops.

  • Netanyahu’s Facebook page suspended over hate speech

    Can we admit that social media is the fake news yet? They filter out anything but the inane, irrelevant, and Leftist.

  • India’s 1st Illegal Immigrant Detention Camp Size Of 7 Football Fields

    Everywhere, diversity is failing, and countries are trying to find ways to discourage and relocate the intruders.

  • Highest levels of mercury ever recorded are found in blubber of dolphins in English Channel

    It turns out that chemicals we banned four decades ago are still around and may be increasing in volume as old technology gets thrown out and isolated dumps of toxic material leak. Voters, who have an attention span between paychecks, wonder why they were not told. In reality, you can say all that you want to a sleeping person and they will not hear.

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