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  • Supreme Court allows Trump to deny asylum to many Central Americans

    Trump does many important things, but most of them are invisible and inscrutable to most of his audience. He has been packing the courts with originalists, who are not just conservatives but those who believe that we should interpret the Constitution as it was intended in its time, meaning that we no longer read into it Leftist concepts like equality, civil rights, and entitlements/socialism. The Left realizes that they can do nothing about this after Obama’s blitz of appointing judges, which means that Trump is going to take advantage of the retiring Boomers and replace them with Generation X conservatives of the most diligent variety, that is those who grew up under Leftism and came to realize why it was nuts sometime during college (this is a typical Generation X experience, plus having your divorced parents forget you at the mall for 48 hours because they were each dating someone new, that and watching your hometown become diverse until it resembled any typical urban wasteland). We are seeing the early fruit of this action as American jurisprudence, sensing a trend, swings toward a stricter reading of the Constitution, which naturally displaces the Leftism that followed. Four more years of Trump will get us much farther than any other option.

  • The number of minimum wage workers has doubled since 1998

    Canada has been importing quite a bit of diversity and now it finds that, like the USA, it has become a country of fast food joints because its new workforce lives a transient lifestyle and cannot handle complex tasks. Instead of getting the people who flee troubled places, they need people who go to troubled places and make them better. Its original settler stock are the best candidates, but maybe they could bring over South African whites.

  • Netanyahu vows to annex part of West Bank after Israel election

    Israel keeps expanding because it is succeeding, mainly by following the model of encouraging productivity. The Islamic world, which values allegiance to Islam over any kind of realistic measurement, encourages enthusiastic conformity and has been inbreeding itself into oblivion for centuries. History tells us that Israel will soon dominate the region as a result. This is not a repeat from three thousand years ago although it sure feels like it.

  • Chinese-born Australian lawmaker under fire over past links

    With diversity, suspicion of dual/divided loyalties becomes the norm. As a result, those who are from the new diverse groups find themselves distrusted. In this case, there is good reason for that; after a few more cases like this, no one will care what the truth actually is, but will simply want all of the foreigners gone. This is natural and sensible. Benevolent xenophobia works; altruistic xenophilia destroys nations.

  • Man convicted of soliciting sex from vigilante posing as 15-year-old girl

    As American law enforcement breaks down under an onslaught of diversity hires, lack of social order, and a chaotic citizenry committing lots of weird crimes, vigilantes are stepping up to fill the void. This one did it sensibly by capturing text messages and then filming a video of the suspect when he came to meet his intended child sex partner. That approach works better than the old school method of beating up the violator, since that simply results in assault charges in our “perpetrators are victims too!” egalitarian system.

  • Number of super-rich in Spain grows 74% since reintroduction of wealth tax

    The Left is using this to argue, as they always do, that taxing the wealth makes more people wealthy, despite this being obvious nonsense. However, read further:

    Part of the reason why the super-rich population has grown so much is the fact that in 2012, the government of Mariano Rajoy, of the Popular Party (PP), introduced a tax amnesty that uncovered €40 billion that had been going undeclared until then.

    In other words, as usual in a Leftist society, the story means the opposite of the headline: tax reduction made more people wealthy.

  • Turkey’s Radical Plan: Send a Million Refugees Back to Syria

    In the 1990s, all of the official talking heads told us that ethnic relocation was “genocide.” Now we are seeing that it is essential to avoid genocide, because when you bring in another population, you displace and breed out the old. Countries across the world are adopting ethnic relocation as a means of saving themselves from diversity, and we will see even more of this, culminating in the USA repatriating all of its racial and ethnic outsiders (those who are not ethnic Western Europeans).

  • Ms Monopoly board game sees women players get paid more

    Not everyone has received the memo that points out that Leftism is failing, and companies — who are run by super-obedient people who are good at school and credentials but have zero real life experience — are still trying to appeal to Hippies 3.0, which they see as the SJW subculture. In reality, the new cutting edge consists of the traditionalists, nationalists, and realists who want nothing to do with the neurotic Left.

  • What is a softboi? You might be dating one – and you don’t even know it

    Even the precious luxury apartment Left has realized that soyboys have a dark side. They make a crucial mistake: the female equivalent of a softboi — a non-assertive, Leftist, navel-gazing, perpetual adolescent male — is an overly masculinized woman. As soyboys are the inversion of man, butch hetero chicks are the inversion of woman. They are equally prized by industry, government, academia, and media because like soyboys, they are ultimately very obedient underneath all the posturing, grandstanding, attention-whoring, and personal self-expression drama.

  • ‘Racist’ decision bans Chinese students from running in university election

    Is it “racist” to want to remain what you are? University blocks international students from working enough hours to be part of student government, sensing that if it does not, these students will take over because the other international students will vote for them as a bloc. If you want to keep your universities — or your nations — you need to exclude diversity. Interestingly, the science industry is doing the same thing in order to avoid takeover and loss of what has made it successful so far.

  • 51 tech CEOs send open letter to Congress asking for a federal data privacy law

    Business likes centralized control. One rule is easier than fifty. If you want to know one of the background forces behind the Civil War, this provides an example. Business wanted to end the ability of the South to charge its own prices and standards, since the money was in the North. In order to get a uniform privacy regulation, tech heads will have to mail a bunch of money to the right people. In order to get uniform textile regulations, business had to sponsor a war between the states.

  • Update: Tenn. lawmaker clarifies call to “get rid of higher education”

    Who dislikes education? It really depends on who is being educated. When government gets involved, it wants to educate everyone, because voters like to hear that every person is important and full of potential, when really your potential is written in your genes. Since government has written out tons of loans and scholarships, now we have lots of people going through education who have no business being there, and this has caused people to distrust education. Would you send your kid to a high-end school these days so that they can engage in casual sex and Marxist indoctrination? Heck no. Middle America is pulling away from the corrupted industry of academia.

  • A 28-Day Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet Improves Markers of Cardiometabolic Health and Performance in Professional Firefighters.

    It turns out that there are health advantages to a ketogenic (higher fat, lower carbs and sugar) diet.

  • Girls’ comparative advantage in reading can largely explain the gender gap in math-related fields

    Girls who are good at math are even better at reading, which explains why the sexes drift toward different fields.

  • Trio of Nova Scotia groups roll out new campaign highlighting positives of immigration

    “We are an aging population and we need more people,” [[[ Sullivan ]]] told Global News on Wednesday, saying that immigration helps Nova Scotia grow and thrive.

    If your population is aging, what does that tell you? Mostly that whatever you did while that population was young was error and that you should reverse it. However, entitlements and civil rights are popular, so no one will touch them, which means that the “solution” our good conformist politicians come up with is to bring in outsiders to use as tax slaves.

  • UK faces Victorian age of inequality, says TUC general secretary

    Inequality results from differences in IQ. When you subsidize the lower IQ, and import others, you get more lower IQ people relative to higher-IQ, which means that soon you have a few very rich smart people and absolute masses of low-IQ proles who do nothing but destroy. We should, if we are intelligent, seek to reduce the number of proles to the number of jobs we need, but instead we keep creating more proles and wondering why everything gets dumbed-down and our economy consists of people working at fast food joints and big box stores selling stuff to each other.

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