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  • ‘South Park’ Scrubbed From Chinese Internet After Critical Episode

    When Socrates wanted to prove that democracy was hypocritical, he asked questions and democracy murdered him (we should never forgive it, and never forget). Like most brave people, he knew that the chances were good that they would destroy him, but in doing so, he would prove his point and establish that reality exists independent of human desires. Numerous literary figures have been based on Socrates: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jesus Christ, Dumbledore. The antithesis, the person who demands his own desires be more important than consequences, also exists: Captain Ahab, “Bud” from Repo Man, Martin Luther King Jr. In this case, the South Park team combined the two: they criticized Chinese influence in Hollywood, knowing that China would ban the show and confirm its intentions, while simultaneously cementing their role in resistance to the growing herd takeover of the West. China acted predictably, revealing their hand. This follows the Trump method of provoking the opposition into doing whatever shows that they were not doing what they said they were. He has revealed, for example, that the Left is more power-hungry than concerned about “helping people.” In the meantime, China shows itself to have the same pathology as the Left: a desire for power, concealed behind pleasant-sounding things like altruism, equality, and opportunity.

  • NBA Commissioner says league will support freedom of speech

    Thankfully, resistance to China is rising. The NBA says that it will not act as a censor for China, and hints that it is going to stay out of future ideological disputes. This shows a possible way forward for American business, although it will have trouble with a diverse audience, since supporting the free speech of one group is to offend another.

  • RealClear Media Has a Secret Facebook Page to Push Far-Right Memes

    In this case, “Far-Right” means “Pro-Trump,” but it is interesting how well this group of writers understands the modern conservative mindset. The Right gave in to the Left for almost eighty years simply because it seemed like the Left had a new idea and a better way, but then it turned out that the Left was wrong, and then they unveiled their tyrannical hand in the 1960s at the same time they set about destroying our civilization. In the 1990s, they finally got into full power during the Clinton years, and their “fundamental transformation” has wrecked America and Europe since that time, and so now people want a strong conservative backlash. We are about halfway to full National Socialism and about a quarter of the way to what we need, which is actually farther to the Right and involves caste systems, aristocracy, unified culture, and an absence of all egalitarian and socialist policies.

  • Incoming MK Yair Golan again compares right-wing to Nazis, drawing ire

    Israeli Jewish Leftist accuses Israeli Jewish Right of being Nazis. The bigger point is this: diversity does not work, and when the Left obstructs understanding of that situation, the backlash tends to target the diversity and not the policy of diversity. Israel knows, in its deepest heart, that it must exile the Arabs because it must exclude anyone but ethnic Jews. The same is true in the West; Germany should be for ethnic Germans only, with no Poles, Somalis, Turks, Jews, Orientals, or Arabs. Is it “intolerance” to say this, or is it intolerant not to say it, since that destroys the Germans?

  • Our groundwater use is destroying freshwater ecosystems

    The water wars are just beginning. Someone points out that when we drain water from below ground, we are also affecting the amount of water available for natural ecosystems. The policy of setting aside half of all land to remain in untouched condition for nature — a policy derived from originally the “hunting preserves” of aristocrats and later Russia and later Germany — as advocated by E.O. Wilson and now adopted by the cutting edge of conservationist and environmentalist thinkers, despite being daunting, provides the only functional model for humanity to coexist with nature without ecocide.

  • Income inequality in Germany on the rise: study

    This happens every time people implement egalitarian policies. Equality requires a bureaucracy, and that bureaucracy simply replaces the market as what people must manipulate in order to get rich. If the Left were serious about wanting equality in income, it would implement earnings caps. This means that it would be illegal (for example) to receive more than a half-million dollars in income from all sources, whether salary or stock or ownership of a small firm. They prefer simply to tax the rich, which the rich can afford but others cannot, so it effectively keeps the middle classes on the treadmill while those who own companies do quite well, even as they hand out token benefits like a 28-hour working week (hint: you still spend most of your time at work, doing stuff for other people whose judgment is bad, therefore most of it is unnecessary). Entitlements are always nothing but a scam, sort of like regulations. Remove government and you solve the problem.

  • Top Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Europe, Security Officials Say

    The Left discovers that the old Soviet apparatus remains functional. Next up: they will discover that Russia is heavily allied with China, Pakistan, and Iran, and that Trump has trolled all of them by treating Russia relatively even-handedly instead of playing the partisan game. Had he cracked down on Russia as the Left wanted, this would have overlooked China and provided a “bad guy” to unite the opposition.

  • Why Simone Biles is even better than her scores tell

    As usual, the Left coddles an athlete because she is Black in a white sport (so ironic! so different! so unique!). In reality, she is physically powerful but not particularly coordinated and misses out entirely on the aesthetic part of her field, which is what makes gymnastics difficult. The proles in the chattering classes seem to have failed to understand this however.

  • US blacklists China organisations over Xinjiang ‘Uighur abuse’

    No one really cares about the Uighurs, but Chinese come to America and use our affirmative action, so we demand they adopt the same policies. Better idea: we drop our affirmative action, diversity, and civil rights policies so that we can out-compete China.

  • U.S. Supreme Court begins hearing gay, transgender employment rights case

    We have lawyers deciding what businessmen should. Much as unions want collective reward, or benefits to go to all workers so that the incompetent are rewarded along with the competent, civil rights laws ensure that you must hire and cannot fire people from protected groups (sexual, religious, and ethnic minorities) without risk of lawsuit. This is basically a mandatory employment program. If the court has any wit, it will throw all of it out, since it creates a massive undertow on business and those costs are passed directly on to consumers.

  • White House fighting impeachment by stalling and attacking

    The matador waves the red cape, again. The bull cocks its head; perhaps this is subterfuge? No, it must not be; the red is too blood-vivid to ignore. The bull charges, the matador steps aside, another wound is made, and then the process begins again. Trump benefits from having the entire Left focused on impeachment, just like in Lord of the Rings the Gondor-Rohan alliance attacked Mordor just to draw the Eye of Sauron away from the two hobbits trying to destroy the One Ring. What is the One Ring in this case? Probably the Leftist takeover of the courts, Chinese bribing their way into control of America, and the civil rights agenda. We should all encourage Leftists to rave on about impeachment instead of suggesting functional policy. They are counting on the Hart-Celler vote, therefore do not need to be sensible, and this is why attacking the pro-diversity courts and civil rights agenda is necessary, but the Left is also alienating moderates and forming a heritage American alliance against them. Trump is building this alliance by trolling the Left into revealing what they are, which seems to be generally incompetent but clever people seeking power that they cannot wield. If this perception sends white moderates and conservatives to the polls in record numbers, Trump wins by a landslide. Democracy belongs to whoever gets the most votes, and for conservatives, who naturally distrust democracy and popularity, staying home and throwing fruit at the screen has seemed a better option in most elections over the past two centuries. By encouraging the Left to reveal their true nature — greedy, avaricious, and power-hungry — Trump is motivating this audience to pull the lever.

  • China wants nations to tackle climate change with ‘nature-based solu

    The West followed the siren call of carbon taxes, and now China has surged ahead with an actually realistic solution. On the plus side, this means that the Left, now facing a gap with China, will have to abandon their less-logical solutions and perhaps trade in their Priuses for small cars that run for forty years.

  • New Zealand divided over history on 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s arrival

    People in well-managed civilizations tend to become solipsistic and oblivious, especially since they no longer have any real challenges in life except attending jobs, doing rote tasks, and paying taxes. This causes them to drift into navel-gazing unless restricted by sensible aristocrats. However, citizens in happy hugboxes tend to abolish real power first and replace it with figureheads, since no one feels they “need” good leaders anymore because all of the beasts are slain, forests leveled, and social inefficiencies banished. As a result, the people of New Zealand have fallen into a type of sleep in which they automatically vote for the “good” symbols and reject the “bad” symbols, and since these symbols do not correspond to reality but to human social preferences, this slowly sleepwalks them into disaster as it has across the West. Now they have to make a choice: is modern New Zealand a good thing and therefore Captain Cook’s arrival was a good thing, or is Captain Cook’s arrival bad and therefore, by extension, modern New Zealand is bad? The answer is probably halfway between the two: Cook should have relocated the Maori, and modern New Zealand is mostly bad because nice orderly and prosperous societies accumulate a large group of neurotics, schizoids, revengeful narcissists, oblivious solipsists, criminals, manipulators, and con men, and subsidizes them, causing it to poison itself with its own waste product. Leftists are like digested food; they no longer serve a purpose, and need to be excreted (preferably with one-way tickets to Venezuela as their passports are burned in large heaps).

  • Brexit: Deal essentially impossible, No 10 source says after PM-Merkel call

    This was not obvious from the beginning? The EU suffers a loss of power if the UK leaves and gains a competitor. If you give them the power to obstruct Brexit by insisting on a “deal,” which requires both parties to assent, they will demand something so unreasonable that no deal will be achieved, simply because any kind of deal is not in their interests. The UK will have to withdraw from its treaties with the EU, and will have to restructure itself and make trade deals with individual nations, which is what it should have been doing during this interim instead of the endless, pointless, and tedious bickering which is the norm in democracy.

  • Income gains for US households and workers are much more upbeat than what’s being reported by the media

    Trump addresses an actual problem instead of offering people more free stuff, taken from their own income, that ultimately causes salaries to drop and prices to rise, just as the “yellow vests” noticed happening in France. Not surprisingly, the media — which conned a credulous and inept American electorate into thinking that the Obama economy was “strong” — under-reports this one.

  • California, New Jersey well represented on list of ‘miserable’ US cities

    Egalitarian programs — tolerance of unproductive behavior and subsidies for people regardless of their usefulness — make miserable places, where seemingly dispassionate (sort of like the Buddhist doctrine of non-attachment) conservative policies make places where the sane and moral rise, which therefore have better people in them, and therefore are happier. If you want to place a face on sea change, it is the fatalistic grimace behind the welcoming smile of California.

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