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Periscope (January 4, 2019)

  • Lines for salads out of control after ‘eat healthy’ resolutions

    People live cities for the anonymity. Move to a city, get a job, and you can do whatever you want in your off time as long as you do not get caught, and even if you do get caught, unless you are blatantly stealing from, killing, or assaulting another, you will have people support your individualistic freedom. That collective group that resembles a cult, gang, or lynch mob is called a Crowd and it is a form of dark organization that arises whenever societies become prosperous and lose site of their initial goal to become prosperous. Once you are in the anonymity, however, it is a hive. Your only value is your income. Your only distinctions are on the surface, like how you dress or do your hair or what ironic selection of music you like. You share nothing in common with everyone else except that they, too, are belly up to the trough of easy money and interested in hiding their own secrets and pursuing their own weird interests. It is as if everyone becomes a serial killer, furtively hiding their inner life which is more of an obsession in lieu of having a sense of purpose in existence, except that they do not kill directly, only indirectly, by sabotaging everything good. Cities make people into brats because the treadmill demands all of your time and so, when the salad line is long, you become rather irate. However, was it not obvious that this would be the inevitable conclusion of others leading the same lifestyle you have chosen? Somehow, these people never think that far ahead, making me believe that they are the result of caste-mixing and the peasant soul won out over the middle class and aristocratic ingredients.

  • Trump makes ‘historic progress’ in crackdown on deportation deadbeats

    Under Leftist rule, we had a simple view: we do what the ideology commands. This meant that if we had more than someone else, we just absorbed the loss caused by their bad behavior. Under Trump, he sees that self-interest is the only realistic principle, even if it needs to be tempered by a sense of transcendental goal such as “greatness.” With his enforcement of quid pro quo, he has a simple rule: do what we need or we will not do anything for you. When certain nations refused to take back their illegal immigrants, he simply shut off the supply of visas to their citizens. The Left would balk at this; it is collective punishment, and not fair to an individual from one of those countries who wants to come visit or go to school here. The Trump response is to shrug and say that then those individuals need to put pressure on their nations to fix those, instead of simply relying on American largesse.

  • Nearly all of America’s top defense contractors are run by women now

    The “girl power” narrative of feminism includes the idea that if women ran the world, there would be no more war. Instead we see that women love war as much as anyone else, mainly because the alternative to war is allowing crazy people to have their way at your expense, which ultimately leads to crazy people ruling all of us, and then we all fail together.

  • Florida man, 39, is arrested after ‘shooting his wife and in-laws on New Year’s Day in front of his crying kids after learning that she cheated on him with his best friend’

    Something is wrong with people who marry outside of their background, which like all things identity is a mosaic of religion, race, culture, ethnicity, and caste/class (it might make sense to add general philosophy or even politics here as well). It turns out that the daughter of a faithless race-mixer grows up to be faithless herself, makes a sex tape with a good friend of her husband, and then leaves it out to be discovered because faithless women love making men fight over them. The husband promptly self-destructs, shooting the wife and her parents without inflicting fatal wounds or hiding the bodies. He now goes to jail for the rest of his productive life, and the faithless recover on the taxpayer dime and then go about destroying more people. Then again, if he married someone outside of his identity background group, how good of a person could he be? As a friend here in Texas says, “bullets for all!”

  • A new species is evolving right before our eyes — an ultra-successful mix of wolves, coyotes and dogs

    It turns out that wolves, coyotes, and dogs are all all subspecies of the same species and can interbreed. This means that subspecies differentiation, even with small amounts of DNA, is more important than people thought, but somehow Science Incorporated, has not picked up on the broader implications of this knowledge for human breeding.

  • Gov. Greg Abbott advocates for state takeover of Houston ISD’s school board in scathing tweet

    HISD is 92% non-white. While its leadership is inept, it is worth noting that HISD is exclusively staffed by Leftists of the female variety and minorities. Abbott will be out of his mind if he takes over administering a school system with an average IQ in the low 90s, because it will never be a success according to Western educational standards. At best, they will teach to the test and get moderate scores, but the students will still not be ready for anything other than that which their genetics optimize them for, which conveniently will be the type of labor found in Houston: construction, food service, sales clerks, lawn mowing, house cleaning, and other low-paid low-standards jobs.

  • Minneapolis’ ‘Little Mogadishu’ Sees 56 Percent Increase in Violent Crimes Caused by Somali Gangs

    Today in the Diversity Follies: SWPL city imports third world citizens, throws them in ghettos, and then is amazed that they form violent gangs just like they had back at home. Now what?

  • ‘Gun-toting hippies’ greet Boulder ‘assault weapons’ ban with mass noncompliance

    Democracy should take heed of this hint: its citizens no longer have faith in democracy. They realize that this system gave the vote to the herd, the herd promptly voted for stuff that would fail in the long term, and now that failure has finally arrived. As social order declines and low-IQ people take over key positions, we cannot count on government to save us, so we want to keep our guns, our solar panels, our backyard gardens, rainwater cisterns, and other implements of survival outside of depending on the bureaucratic social order set up by the well-meaning voters.

  • Explosion outside AfD office in eastern Germany

    As it becomes clear that yet again we have run ourselves into a crisis in DemocracyLand — after the Cold War, WW1, WW2, and the Great Depression — the façade of civility melts away and we see that we are, again, at war. Currently, we have bombs in the streets as we did with anarchists from the late 1800s to 1930s, or even in the 1960s, but soon, we will have full-on war. Democracy is not a method that we can rely upon in order to rule ourselves. Like Communism and National Socialism, it relies on creating a powerful state to transform us into what our ideology says is right, even though ideology is conjectural and based on individualistic human desires and not actual functioning behaviors as shown to work in reality. Since we have decided that illusions are popular and therefore we will chase them, we find what is at the end of the rainbow: a bucket of feces, chaos, and death. Good work, voters!

  • The Loneliest Generation: Americans, More Than Ever, Are Aging Alone

    The “Me Generation” discovers that living for oneself, and not an order larger than the self like tradition or culture, leads to total isolation, because everyone else is living for their individualistic pleasure alone as well, and so they leave you behind when you become inconvenient. While we can laugh at them for their stupidity, as we should laugh at our society for its stupidity in taking on individualism as a value, it makes more sense to realize that we are seeing the ultimate outcome of The Enlightenment.™ When you decide that the form of the individual human is more important than the order of nature, logic, and the divine which is larger than the individual, you end up with a type of privileged isolation which destroys your society and leaves you alone in your apartment-cubicle with all the television you can watch, too old to enjoy the licentious pleasures which were used to sell you this crock. Now there is nothing left to do but tick down the long years until the blissful escape of death, slowly becoming aware that in the name of your own possession of power, you were dispossessed of everything that matters, and by your own hand, too! Keep voting, buying, and going to work. Surely this is the best of all outcomes!

  • Trump has a point – the world should start solving its own problems

    If you solve problems for other people, they lose the ability to solve those problems for themselves. For this reason, the best authority avoids control and instead favors positive feedback reward-based systems. With control, you force everyone to use the right methodology so that results turn out uniform; with positive feedback, you set up a transcendental (or ongoing, never-fully-realized, but abstract and yet realistic enough to apply in all situations) goal and reward those who, after acting, have seen the world return positive results. You reward achievement instead of forcing compliance. This goes against the inbuilt human tendency toward wanting power and applying a bureaucracy to enforce it, which itself reflects the desire of the individual to externalize the scary parts of life to some other authority so that he can pursue his own desires, feelings, wishes, impulses, urges, and judgments. First this system took over our nations through democracy and subsidies, and later took over the world through globalism, and now we are seeing that it made everyone weak but also made humanity grow to an absurd size. With the Trump reign, we move from control to positive feedback mechanisms, and so the world shrinks down to normal size — slowly — while the best rise. This is a first step, and only a first step, toward sanity. We know we will have reached peak sanity when anyone who talks about “equality” is frogmarched onto a boat and exiled to Venezuela with nothing more than an ounce of quality weed, a pack of condoms, and a copy of the Bible.

  • The ‘Green New Deal’: A Radical Mandate for Government Control of American Society

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez presents to us the face of minority-majority rule: as in their home nations, they want socialist societies ruled by warlords. In a third world society, everyone is individualistic and incompetent, so strong warlords are needed in order to protect the society from takeover by others, and these warlords own everything and gift little gifts to those who are obedient, conformist, and compliant to the warlord. This is a form of control. Third world people, or those who were able to do well under this regime, are wired for this type of life; everyone else died out, and those genes are gone baby gone as of many generations ago. As a result, the minority-majority America will demand socialism, bleed the original population dry, and then collapse into third-world status without even noticing. Ocasio-Cortez wants to make unions strong again, which should tell any realist that if you support unions, you are working to backdoor socialism into your country. She also wants to use climate change and civil rights as blank checks to entirely remake American life. Statistically, the people you imported since 1965 — black, brown, yellow, red, and even “white” of the mixed-white variety like Southern and Eastern Europeans, and Mediterraneans/Levantines — will all support this change. We either go back to heritage America, the Western Europeans known as “WASPs,” or we commit suicide. Diversity is death. Death by socialism, social standards abolished so that everyone can be included, and a mass culture of infinite vapidity. Diversity delenda est!

  • Lawsuit Claims SPLC Abetted Theft, Spread Lies to Destroy Lawyer for ‘Thought Crime’

    People do not understand that non-profits (and not-for-profits) are businesses. The only restriction on them is that they cannot distribute income, such as paying out a percentage share to each partner. However, they can pay people million-dollar salaries, buy them equipment and travel, and pay consulting fees to anyone who does extra work. This cloaks distributions as work, and enables quite a few people who would not otherwise have become wealthy to become rather wealthy. Their business model involves finding incidents that will make their audience outraged so that the audience sends in money, the media reports on the incident, and the organization rises in stature because it “won” over whatever evil it is dedicated to fighting. The SPLC may have finally stepped on the wrong toes after ruining lives for generations through the goodwill of voters and donors who are too simple-minded and simple-hearted to notice that they are supporting intolerant parasites.

  • Germans happiest to pay taxes to fund infrastructure

    High IQ societies with strong national attachment turn out to be most susceptible to misplaced trust, mainly because your average middle class or working class person is smart enough to understand short-term benefit but not intelligent enough to understand long-term implications including feedback from reality. This is why democracy rotted the West from its most promising societies — Germany, Sweden, England — downward. This is also why highly paranoid and disorganized societies like those of Southern and Eastern Europe are the first to resist it, after a brief flirtation with its most obvious “free stuff army” form.

  • Progressives are unrealistic

    The Left argues that they are “realistic” because they believe in centralized authority applying the latest scientific standards. However, reality is more complex than a laboratory, and central control introduces all sorts of chaos as it attempts to standardize a diverse hierarchy of very unique human beings. Essentially, this fellow is restating Thomas Pynchon’s thesis: the more we try to enforce one-size-fits-all, the more imprecise we become, leading to accelerating entropy and ultimately, the collapse of everything not through violence but through apathy, energylessness, and obliviousness.

  • Homosexuality at fault for sex abuse not Catholic Church, says German cardinal

    I hate to be the one to say it but, if these pedophiles are mostly molesting young boys, they are probably gay. At least the Catholics proved that they are not homophobes.

  • China’s population shrinks for first time in 70 years despite two-child policy: experts

    In modern societies, individuals are cut free from social order so that they may become economic, political, and social justice style actors. This in turn makes them isolated and miserable, and their society crumbles, starting with its best people who refuse to reproduce as they see what kind of sublime existential Hell into which they would be birthing children. As we see this hit China and Japan, we realize slowly that it is not industrialization that did us in, but democracy, much as Plato predicted 2400 years ago. We fell into ourselves and stopped living for the good that can be in the world. Now we are miserable and dying. Good work, voters!

  • Breakthrough in plant engineering could boost productivity, feed millions more

    Modern society rewards nitwits with enough ability to get in trouble. Now that we can feed millions more, billions more will be born. Instead of solving our overpopulation problem, this new “breakthrough” made it much worse, and more will have to die. Tired of self-defeating yet, humanity?

  • Gov. Bevin says pension problem too big for marijuana legalization to solve

    We had a baby boom. As is typical in overpopulated civilizations, we then panicked because we could not be certain that we could employ and feed all these people, so The Voters — people made into idiots by a desire to compromise with other humans, instead of find balance with reality — decided that we needed lots of social welfare programs. Now we are seeing that we could never afford these and, because populations tend to reduce after a boom, we have fewer people to pay into them, and most of those are dropping out of a society that has been made hellish by tax-and-spend wealth transfer backdoor socialism. Bankruptcy is on the horizon, not just for the states, but for the nations silly enough to adopt these “and it’s all free!” types of idiocy.

  • The same flu virus that caused the 1918 pandemic is back this year

    Perhaps nature has found a way to thin the herd after all. The bloated, obese, lazy, and personally disorganized citizens of the first world and the chaotic citizens of the third world will be ripe for the picking by any sufficiently motivated virus. Perhaps H1N1 senses that this is its moment in the spotlight.

  • U.S. activists helped migrants in Mexico during border clash

    It turns out that all of those Right-wing “conspiracy sites” and “fake news” were correct and that Leftist NGOs were responsible for the migrant caravans. We have just found the tip of the iceberg, as usual, and all of the really proficient actors will hide themselves completely. Leftists care about nothing other than winning. It is their strength, and also what explains why they destroy any society in which they are able to seize power. We should treat them like schizophrenics: cool drinks, warm food, and padded cells.

  • Brazil’s Bolsonaro begins firing ‘left-wing’ public servants

    The Leftist press reports that Bolsonaro has effected the “dismissal of civil servants who don’t share his government’s far-right ideology” but in reality, all he has done is to fire the Leftists, leaving moderates and all shades of conservatives intact. This is how you drain the swamp: big government depends upon egalitarian ideology to justify itself, since only ideology commands that we re-make society into how it “should” be and egalitarianism justifies taking from the rich to give to the poor, which makes powerful government necessary and permanent. Remove these lunatics, and you have people who are more likely than not concerned with simply making things work.

  • Renewal of Swiss residence permits now depends on good behaviour and integration

    Slamming the barn door as the horse crests the horizon, the Swiss are trying for a genteel version of the burka bans and other silliness creeping across Europe. Now, those who are foreign must not get arrested for crimes and must show “integration,” which seems to mean being able to speak the language and going to a job. This filters out the most criminal, but leaves the fundamental problem of diversity intact, which is that when you expand the envelope of your values to include multiple groups, you end up agreeing to standards of no-standards, at which point your society loses any sense of unity or purpose.

  • Nationalism Is America’s Comeback Kid

    Nationalism takes us from civil rights — a quest to use government to make everyone equal — to the natural rights, natural law, and natural order notion upon which this country was founded. Under natural law, you are “created equal” and therefore, government cannot improve upon that. Life consists of a chance to make of it what you will and nothing more. This gets us out of the Soviet state of being a civilization used as a means to the end of advancing the malignant ideology of egalitarianism.

  • The US economy has been exposed for what it is — a complete facade (non-paywall)

    We have overestimated the value of our economy. This is typical of what happens with demand-based economics, which produce a temporary burst of economic activity and then, a collapse as the markets re-adjust the value of demand to the value of production. During the Clinton years, we had easy living, and then ten years later, the economy crashed. Obama attempted to do the same, and produced a catastrophic recession in the last years of his presidency mostly by obliterating the middle class with Obamacare much as Clinton wrecked the economy with socialist style programs, picking up on the last vestiges of the Clinton hangover that G.W. Bush had deferred more than challenged. Our commitment to the Keynesian social welfare state enables us to borrow money, stimulate the economy, tax that, and then claim that the value of our economy has increased in order to keep the system going despite knowing that this will destroy us in the long term. Right now, we are seeing the reclamation of false value produced by the third dot-com boom which is falling because all of its metrics are fake and its advertising is practically worthless. Trump is trying to head off this collapse by inducing American self-sufficiency, but it is unclear whether he can clear the hurdles imposed by Leftist pro-union, civil rights, regulatory, and environmental law.

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