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Irish Advocate Immigration, Showing Again How Ethnic Diversity Leads To Racial Diversity

Ethnic diversity leads to racial diversity because once one group establishes itself as an outsider, it finds reason to have commonality with other outsider groups. This creates a cycle where society looks for new outsiders in order to justify its existing outsiders and make them appear closer to the majority.

We have seen this with the various European ethnic groups who branched out from the Western European founding group to include Southern and Eastern Europeans, as well as Mediterranean groups. Like most minority groups, these were imported first as labor, and then became pawns in the political process.

Diversity denies this, but every group needs to assert itself and act in its interests so that it is dominant, which leads to conflict within ethnic diversity. Even among “white” groups, this tension exists. We can see this by how Irish immigrants, 150 years later, identify with racially diverse immigrants and reject the majority.

This orientation continues to this day, where Irish-Canadians support third world immigration by analogizing to their own experience:

O’Regan, the MP for St. John’s South-Mount Pearl, rose in the House of Commons last week with a moving tribute to those who immigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1847, crossing the Atlantic ocean in fever-ridden “coffin ships,” only to be met with blatant prejudice by some.

“In 1847, the Irish were treated with the same contempt and vitriol that is levied at other immigrants today,” he said, pointing to newspapers of the day describing the newcomers as “ignorant,” “lazy,” as “vicious as they are poor.” As Fenians and Papists set to impose their own religious laws.

…Trinity-Spadina MP Adam Vaughan also rose with a member’s statement last Friday marking the influx of Irish immigrants that turned Toronto into a “sanctuary city,” welcoming desperate souls that temporarily doubled the city’s population without notice.

Those who identify as being not of the majority will always work against that majority. The Irish will never see themselves as being the same people who peopled Western Europe because they are not; the ethnic roots of the Irish are found in the Mediterranean area and Basque country, not Western Europe.

We know this is true because we see the same thing in America, with Ted Kennedy being the primary backer of the 1965 immigration act that changed the makeup of America. The Irish perceive themselves as an underdog because they are not of the majority, but are different and special, and so they oppose that majority.

Leftists always mobilize the perceived underdog against the majority. In turn, that encourages that underdog to summon even lesser underdogs, so that it has someone to boss around and simultaneously to use as a weapon against the majority. For this reason, ethnic diversity imports racial diversity to move itself up the hierarchy.

As the modern era winds down in a garbage heap of failed promises and negative consequences, our only enemy comes through underthinking this issue. We need to get to the root of what has gone wrong and change our thinking so that we do not, as in the century before us, simply repeat it in new forms.

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